30 Best Action Writing Prompts

Best Action Writing Prompts

Feeling a little need for speed?

Maybe your characters are stuck in a rut, devoid of daring escapes and thrilling showdowns?

Well, fret no more!

This list here is your one-stop shop for igniting an action frenzy in your writing.

We’ve got everything from high-octane chases to mind-bending heists, so grab your metaphorical cup of jet fuel and dive into these prompts!

Action Writing Prompts

  1. Deep within the vast Sahara, a coveted treasure thought to be lost for centuries is rumored to be found, with an ancient map as the only lead. As multiple treasure hunters converge on this mysterious location, they find that the desert isn’t just challenging because of its harsh conditions but also due to the mirages that play tricks on the mind, leading to both wonder and danger. Explore the relationships between the treasure hunters as they face the challenges of the desert and their own perceptions.

  2. In the heart of Vienna, during the grandest symphonic concert of the decade, a group of thieves plan to steal a priceless Stradivarius violin. The catch? The violinist is playing it during the concert. Detail the intricate heist plan that revolves around the symphony’s movements, making music the backdrop and timer for the entire operation.

  3. A renowned war journalist, always in pursuit of the next big story, finds herself trapped in a city under siege. While the world sees her as the beacon of truth, she grapples with her own past and decisions that led her to this moment. As she tries to escape the city, dive deep into her introspective journey amidst the external chaos.

  4. Two former spies, now aging and retired, receive information that their last mission was compromised, and a deadly enemy is seeking revenge. As they embark on a journey across Europe, they are not only racing against time but also revisiting their old haunts and contacts. Incorporate the rhythm of a dance as they sidestep threats, confront their past, and make peace with their life choices.

  5. After a plane crash, survivors find themselves on an uncharted island where memories fade rapidly. As days go by, they not only have to find a way to survive but also to remember who they are and why they were traveling in the first place. Craft a suspenseful tale of their struggles to hold onto their identities as they work together to escape.

  6. Aboard a sinking cruise ship, amidst the panic, an undercover agent is on a mission to protect a key witness in an international case. The agent must get the witness safely on a lifeboat without blowing their cover and without letting the assassins onboard get to them. Describe the high-stakes tension as the ship goes down, blending the natural disaster with espionage elements.

  7. In a quaint town where everyone respects the steady tick of time, the old clockmaker, regarded as the guardian of time, passes away. His apprentice discovers that the town’s central clock tower does more than just tell time; it holds a secret that can alter the course of history. Reveal the town’s mysteries as the apprentice unravels the clockmaker’s legacy and faces a moral dilemma.

  8. A former mobster, trying to turn over a new leaf, takes a midnight train journey to meet someone who promises evidence that can clear his name from past crimes. However, as the train speeds through the night, he realizes that many onboard have reasons to want him gone. Narrate his journey of redemption and confrontation as dawn approaches.

  9. An archivist at the world’s most secretive library discovers a hidden room where sounds are trapped within books. Curiously, when one of these books is opened, the captured sound—whether a whispered secret, a scream, or a song—echoes throughout the room. Delve into the mystery of who created this room and the power and danger the sounds within these books possess.

  10. In a city where deadly acid rain is forecasted to fall in just 24 hours, a scientist finds a solution that could neutralize the acidity. With the clock ticking, she must gather rare materials from various parts of the city while navigating societal chaos. Weave a thrilling tale of resilience, determination, and the fight to save a city on the brink of disaster.

  11. An opera house, closed for decades due to a mysterious tragedy, is reopened. However, during the rehearsals, performers hear ghostly whispers that influence them to act out scenes not in the script, revealing the tragic events of the past. Chronicle the unraveling secrets of the opera house and the specters seeking closure.

  12. Deep-sea divers find an underwater cave system that, when entered, transports them to a world where air is as valuable as gold. In this realm, breaths are traded, stolen, and gambled. Dive into a thrilling narrative where every breath counts, alliances are volatile, and survival is a high-stakes gamble.

  13. A tech prodigy develops augmented reality glasses that mistakenly breach the barrier between the living and the supernatural. Users begin to see spirits, mythical creatures, and lost echoes of history. Craft a story where characters navigate this blended world, confronting their fears and rewriting histories.

  14. In the bustling art districts of Paris, a master forger creates a painting so convincing that it fools not only art experts but also awakens the spirit of the original artist. Now, with the spirit guiding and challenging him, the forger must rectify his wrongs. Paint a vivid story of redemption, artistry, and the blurred lines between admiration and deception.

  15. Every evening, as the sun sets, a city’s shadowy alleys transform into a shifting labyrinth, leading to different times and places in history. A young historian, accidentally trapped, must navigate through events of the past, ensuring he doesn’t alter history. Craft a tale of adventure and intrigue as he seeks a way back to his time.

  16. A small-town farmer unearths an ancient stone tablet inscribed with an unfamiliar code. When deciphered, it offers knowledge that could revolutionize modern agriculture. But powerful interests stand to lose from this discovery. Sow a story of suspense and determination as the farmer battles against time and adversaries to share his revelation with the world.

  17. A renowned drummer, after suffering a personal tragedy, returns to his roots in a remote African village. There, he discovers that a particular drumming pattern can open portals to ancestral memories. As he journeys through these living memories, he confronts his own past and the collective history of his people. Craft a tale that beats with the heart of tradition, identity, and self-discovery.

  18. An investigative journalist stumbles upon an enigmatic society that has mastered the art of personal flight without the use of technology. As she delves deeper, she must grapple with a profound philosophical question: Is the freedom to soar worth sacrificing one’s ties to the earth? Explore the tension between liberation and groundedness in this airborne adventure.

  19. A radio enthusiast starts receiving eerie broadcasts from an old, supposedly abandoned railway station. The broadcasts hint at a sequence of events leading up to a major accident years ago. As he pieces together the clues, he realizes that solving this mystery might prevent a looming disaster. Dive into a suspenseful narrative where past and present signals intertwine.

  20. A brilliant cartographer is given a rare map that claims to lead to a forgotten city where time stands still. As she embarks on this expedition, she faces moral quandaries: Should such a place be unveiled to the world, or are some secrets best left undiscovered? Chart a journey of ethical exploration, ancient wonders, and human curiosity.

  21. On a remote coastal town, every full moon, a haunting melody emanates from the sea, drawing people to its depths. A marine biologist, new to the town, becomes obsessed with discovering the source. Weave a tale where myth and science dance together, pulling the protagonist deeper into the ocean’s enigmatic embrace.

  22. Deep within the icy territories of the Arctic, explorers find a forest entirely made of intricate glass structures. But as the sun sets, these structures come alive, reflecting tales of civilizations long gone. Embark on a crystalline journey of wonder, fragility, and the enduring stories that time encapsulates.

  23. In a bustling modern metropolis, sandstorms begin to unveil ancient structures and artifacts that contradict known history. A young archeologist is caught in a whirlwind of revelations, political intrigue, and a society grappling with its newfound identity. Dig deep into a tale where timelines clash and revelations reshape beliefs.

  24. A detective with an extraordinary palate can taste and decipher complex stories and emotions from the smallest food samples. When a series of high-profile chefs go missing, the only clues left behind are their signature dishes. Cook up a mystery where flavors hold the key to unraveling a devious plot.

  25. High above a mountain range, climbers are astounded to discover a floating staircase that extends upwards into the clouds. Each step reveals fleeting memories of those who tread before. An ambitious climber decides to ascend, uncovering tales of love, loss, and legacy with each step. Climb a narrative that bridges earthly desires with celestial mysteries.

  26. Within the heart of a bustling modern city lies an ancient walled enclave, untouched by time. Residents of this enclave are bound by a pact to never leave or reveal its secrets. However, when a journalist hears murmurs of the city’s enchantments, she’s determined to unveil the truth. Journey into a realm where tradition confronts modernity and secrets shape destinies.

  27. In a world where mirrors don’t just reflect appearances but also emotions and thoughts, a detective uses these “soul reflections” to solve intricate cases. But when he encounters a mirror that reflects a version of himself he’s never known, he embarks on his most personal case yet. Dive into a narrative where reflections challenge reality, and inner demons come to light.

  28. An old teapot at a countryside bed and breakfast has a peculiar feature: those who drink from it experience memories and stories of the previous drinkers. When a guest accidentally uncovers a tale of betrayal from decades ago, the tranquil B&B becomes the epicenter of a historical investigation. Stir a tale where sips of tea unlock webs of intrigue and reconciliation.

  29. Within the mesmerizing lights of the Northern Aurora hides a musical note sequence, waiting to be discovered. A deaf pianist, feeling the vibrations, becomes the unexpected decipherer of this cosmic symphony, leading her to a celestial revelation. Compose a narrative where the cosmos sings, and silent vibrations resonate with profound truths.

  30. An age-old garden exists where, instead of plants, people bury time capsules. A historian, digging through the garden’s vast expanse, finds a capsule that predicts future events with uncanny accuracy. Unearth a story of prophecies, the weight of foreknowledge, and the struggle to change or accept looming fates.
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