24 OC Character Drawing Prompts and Ideas

OC Character Drawing Prompts

Ever feel stuck staring at a blank piece of paper?

We’ve all been there. Artist block can be a real bummer, but fear not!

These character prompts are here to rescue you from the dreaded blank page.

Think of them as little creative whispers from the muses themselves. They’ll nudge you in the right direction to create awesome, one-of-a-kind characters that practically leap off the page.

So grab your pencils, crayons, or whatever you doodle with, because these prompts are about to unleash your inner artist.

Whether you’re a pro or just doodling in a notebook, get ready to create characters that are bursting with creativity!

This is your chance to bring something totally new to the world – so let’s get sketching!

OC Drawing Prompts and Ideas

  1. Childhood Memories Reimagined: Think back to one of your most vivid childhood memories. Perhaps it was a holiday celebration, a trip to an amusement park, or a simple day out in nature. Create a character that embodies the emotions and feelings of that day. Imagine how the environment, colors, and sensations would translate into their outfit, features, and expression.

  2. Guardian of the Lost Artifact: Deep within a forgotten forest lies a precious artifact. This item has been lost to time but is protected by an ethereal guardian. Design a character that represents this guardian. They should be a blend of the natural environment and hints of ancient culture, perhaps with foliage for hair or armor made from old stones. Blend the environment and culture into their look.

  3. Emotions Personified: Think of a strong emotion you’ve recently felt, like joy, sorrow, or anger. Craft a character that embodies this emotion. Their appearance, from their clothes to their posture, should immediately evoke this feeling in anyone who sees them. Translate the emotion into every detail of their design.

  4. Echoes of a Melody: Listen to a piece of instrumental music without lyrics, preferably something evocative and atmospheric. Let the melodies, rhythms, and instruments guide you in conceiving a character. Does the music suggest a graceful dancer, a fierce warrior, or perhaps a wise old sage? Let the music shape your character’s essence.

  5. Survivor of a Bygone Era: Imagine a world where one city has remained untouched by time, and its citizens still live as they did centuries ago. Your character is one of these citizens – an individual who has never known modern comforts or technology. Through their clothing, tools, and demeanor, showcase their life in this time-capsule city.

  6. Nature’s Advocate: The world is in dire need of healing, and nature sends forth a champion to remind humanity of its bond with the earth. Design a character draped in elements from all four seasons. They might have autumn leaves as hair, a winter snow cape, a spring flower crown, and summer sun-kissed skin. Their mission? To reconnect humans with nature.

  7. The Storyteller’s Muse: Every great storyteller has a muse, an inspiration that whispers tales into their ears. Visualize this muse as a character. Are they ethereal and ghost-like, or vibrant and full of life? Perhaps they carry a book where all unwritten stories reside or have tattoos that tell tales. Focus on crafting a character that embodies the very essence of inspiration.

  8. Dream Weaver: We all dream, but there’s a character whose sole purpose is to weave and craft these dreams. Envision this character, living in a realm filled with floating islands, strange creatures, and constellations that tell stories. The intricate patterns on their clothes, the tools they use, and even the aura they exude should represent the mysterious and unpredictable nature of dreams. Capture the whimsy and unpredictability of the dream world.

  9. The Alchemist of Forgotten Emotions: There’s an alchemist who has the unique ability to distill lost and forgotten emotions into tangible elixirs. Visualize a character surrounded by glass vials, each glowing with a different hue, representing emotions like nostalgia, melancholy, or fleeting joy. Their attire should be reminiscent of both a chemist and a magician, hinting at their mystical and scientific prowess.

  10. Warden of the Last Library: In a distant future where digital is everything, one last physical library exists. Design a character who guards and maintains this sanctuary of books. Their outfit, adorned with book page motifs, ink stains, and quill accessories, showcases their commitment. Their most valuable weapon? Knowledge itself.

  11. The Clockwork Ballerina: In an old, hidden toy shop, there’s a ballerina figurine that comes to life at midnight. This character, made of delicate porcelain and intricate clockwork mechanisms, dances a story of love, loss, and time. Focus on the contrast between fragility and mechanical precision in her design.

  12. Wanderer of Forgotten Roads: There are roads and paths that time and memory have forgotten. Imagine a character who wanders these paths, collecting stories and experiences. Their attire is a patchwork of cultures, eras, and journeys, and they carry a map that never seems to end. Highlight the melding of time and memory in their appearance.

  13. Harbinger of Silent Screams: There are silent cries that the world never hears – the pain of a wilted flower, the sigh of a dying star, or the whisper of a fleeting moment. Create a character that represents the voice of these unheard stories. With an aura of melancholy, their presence should evoke deep reflection and unspoken emotions.

  14. Maestro of Colorless Rainbows: In a world devoid of color, one individual sees the rainbow. Your character is a visionary artist who brings color to a monochrome world. Equipped with brushes, palettes, and a vivid imagination, they paint life into every corner. Their mission? To make the world see and believe in color once more.

  15. The Last Astral Nomad: Among the vast expanse of the cosmos, there’s a lone traveler who sails between stars and planets, recording celestial tales. This character’s attire is a blend of astronaut gear and cosmic magic, shimmering with starlight. Their eyes hold the depth of the universe, and they’re always in search of the next stellar story.

  16. Bard of Echoing Silences: There’s a place where all unheard songs and unspoken words gather. This character is the bard who sings these silent tunes, armed with an ethereal instrument that vibrates with emotions. Every string plucked, every note played, resonates with the heartbeats of countless unsung tales. Dive deep into capturing the resonance of unvoiced sentiments in their design.

  17. Custodian of Fading Shadows: As the world grows brighter, some shadows begin to fade and risk being lost forever. This character is tasked with guarding and nurturing these vanishing shadows. Adorned with a cloak made of twilight and carrying a lantern that casts darkness rather than light, they move silently, ensuring that the world retains its balance. Dive deep into the duality of light and dark.

  18. Harvest Spirit of Lost Dreams: When dreams are abandoned or forgotten, there’s a spirit who collects and nurtures them. Design a character with garments woven from dream threads, and carrying a basket filled with shimmering orbs, each representing a lost dream. The aura around them should be both melancholic and hopeful, emphasizing the value of unrealized aspirations.

  19. Mender of Fractured Skies: Sometimes, the sky itself can break, creating rifts in the fabric of the day. This character scales the heights to stitch the sky back together. Clad in cloud-like attire, with tools made from sunrays and moonbeams, their duty is to preserve the continuity of day and night.

  20. Warden of Whispering Winds: Winds carry secrets, tales, and whispers from every corner of the world. Envision a character with flowing, airy garments, holding a staff with wind chimes. Their ears, attuned to every gust, are responsible for listening and safeguarding the world’s most delicate secrets.

  21. Guardian of the Sunken Echo: Deep in the ocean lies a cavern where all unspoken echoes converge. This character, with scales, gills, and luminescent markings, is the guardian of this echoing abyss. Their responsibility? To ensure that these submerged voices maintain harmony and don’t disturb the ocean’s melody.

  22. Chronomancer of Moments Yet to Come: While many time-travelers visit the past, this character specializes in futures that haven’t occurred yet. Dressed in fluid, ever-changing garments representing potential timelines, they navigate the uncertain waters of events waiting to unfold. Their mission is to understand and, occasionally, guide the threads of potential futures.

  23. Cartographer of Invisible Boundaries: The world is full of boundaries that can’t be seen — barriers of emotion, culture, and understanding. Create a character tasked with mapping these invisible lines. Armed with unique instruments that resonate or react at boundary locations, their attire should be filled with symbolic representations of unity and division, signifying the complex web of human connections.

  24. Maestro of Unheard Symphonies: There are melodies that the world has never heard, either because they’re too soft, too distant, or simply out of our perception. This character is a conductor and composer for these phantom orchestras. Wearing a suit interwoven with musical notes and wielding a baton that can summon these elusive sounds, they are the bridge between silence and music that’s just beyond reach.

  25. Gardener of Time’s Sands: Imagine time as a vast desert, with each grain of sand representing a moment. This character tends to the dunes, ensuring the smooth flow of time. Clad in hourglass motifs and carrying tools that can sculpt or shift sands, they oversee the ephemeral landscape of moments.

  26. Guardian of Forgotten Names: In a hidden hall, names of entities and beings that the world has forgotten are etched. This character, with an ethereal quill, records and guards these names, ensuring that nothing is lost to oblivion. Their robe is inscribed with ancient scripts, symbolizing the weight of identities long past.

  27. Sentinel of Fading Echoes: In the quiet spaces between worlds, echoes of the last words uttered before silence took over linger. This character captures and cherishes these final whispers. Wearing armor crafted from silence itself and wielding a shield that captures these echoes, they are a testament to the power of final utterances.

  28. The Unseen Mosaic Artist: Think of the world as a vast mosaic, with each piece representing a story. This character is responsible for placing and rearranging these stories, ensuring the bigger picture always makes sense. Adorned with multicolored fragments, their presence should exude the diversity and intricacy of life.

  29. Caretaker of Cosmic Loneliness: Amidst the vastness of the cosmos, there’s an overwhelming sense of solitude. This character embodies the serenity and melancholy of the universe. Dressed in the fabric of the night sky and wearing a crown of solitary stars, they represent the profound solitude of the infinite.

  30. Curator of Intangible Museums: There’s a museum where feelings, thoughts, and abstract concepts are exhibits. This character is the curator, guiding visitors through galleries of nostalgia, rooms of hope, and corridors of creativity. Wearing attire that shifts and shimmers with different emotions, they are a reminder of the depth of the unseen and unfelt.