22 Demon Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Demon Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Okay, so demons have always been a super cool thing to write about. They’re mysterious, strong, and kind of messed up, which makes for awesome stories.

Writers have used demons for ages to explore all sorts of deep stuff, like what’s right and wrong, who has the power, and why we do the things we do. And with the lines between good and bad getting fuzzier all the time, demon stories are becoming even more interesting.

Up for a writing challenge?

We’ve got a bunch of demon prompts and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Get ready to tap into your dark side and write something super imaginative! Let’s do this!

Demon Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

  1. Eldritch Historian: Professor James finds an ancient diary that claims to be written by a demon named Lyr, who lived during the time of early civilization. As he deciphers its contents, he discovers that Lyr had a unique perspective, documenting human history with a sympathy and insight no human ever could. Through Lyr’s eyes, readers get a fresh look at human evolution, wars, triumphs, and downfalls.

  2. The Demon’s Pact: A young woman named Elara is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She is approached by a demon offering her health and a long life in exchange for carrying out a simple task every year. But as years pass, these tasks become morally challenging, making Elara question if her life’s extension is worth the moral decay she’s experiencing.

  3. Guardian Shadows: Every child is born with a guardian demon, an entity that protects them from the worst aspects of humanity. However, as the child grows and makes their own choices, this demon either grows stronger (with bad choices) or diminishes (with good choices). The story focuses on a rebellious teen, Alex, whose actions make his guardian demon powerful, and now he must find a way to reverse the chaos he’s unleashed.

  4. The Demon’s Counsel: In a bustling modern city, there’s a known therapist, Dr. Lorne, who’s the go-to for everyone, from the elite to the common man. Unknown to all, Dr. Lorne is an ancient demon feeding not on souls but on human emotions. Through his sessions, he helps heal traumas and pain, indirectly finding his own salvation by absorbing human grief and sorrow.

  5. Walled City of Purgatory: Deep in the mountains lies a city surrounded by impenetrable walls, where demons and humans coexist. The catch? No one can remember how they arrived. As they unravel the mysteries of the city, they discover that it’s a middle ground – a place where souls on the fence between good and evil get a second chance to choose their final destination.

  6. Infernal Muse: Adrian, a struggling artist, inadvertently summons a demon. But instead of destruction, this demon offers inspiration, turning Adrian into the talk of the art world. As his art grows darker and more abstract, the world becomes obsessed, not realizing that each masterpiece is a ritual that strengthens the demon’s grip on the mortal world.

  7. Two Sides of the Coin: In a small coastal town, two siblings, Hope and Despair, are born during a rare celestial event. Hope has the ability to exorcise demons effortlessly, while Despair can summon and command them. As they grow older, their powers mature, and the siblings realize that their true test isn’t about mastering their abilities but understanding that demons are a manifestation of human emotions, and balance is key.

  8. Echoes of Past Lives: In a world where every sin committed adds a mark to one’s soul, individuals who’ve been exceedingly sinful in their past lives are reborn with demons attached to them. These demons serve as both reminders and enforcers of past sins. Lila, marked by a dozen demons, must not only navigate her current life’s challenges but also right the wrongs of her previous lives to free herself.

  9. Library of the Damned: Beneath the oldest library in the world lies a forbidden section that houses the stories of demons. Each book tells the tale of a demon, and when read aloud, the demon is temporarily set free. A young scholar, out of curiosity, reads one and releases a demon who wishes not for chaos, but to rewrite its tragic tale.

  10. Demon’s Melody: A violin with a dark history surfaces in a small town. Anyone who plays it is infused with incredible talent but also gets haunted by a demon that feeds on artistic passion. The prodigious musician Elena, unaware of the curse, plays the violin and must then struggle between unparalleled success and the demon slowly consuming her soul.

  11. Twin Flames of Damnation: A celestial event leads to the birth of twins – one human and the other demon. Bound by an unbreakable bond, they can feel each other’s emotions and pain. As they grow, they grapple with their identities, their bond acting as both a curse and a blessing, teaching them that good and evil aren’t as clear-cut as the world believes.

  12. The Demon’s Dream: For millennia, Moros, a powerful demon, has haunted nightmares. But, for the first time, he dreams a dream of his own – a serene vision of a life he could’ve had. Driven by this newfound longing, Moros seeks to live a day as a mortal, discovering beauty in the very beings he once tormented.

  13. Lunar Eclipse Ritual: Every lunar eclipse, a portal opens that can trap or release demons. The town of Lunaris has been the guardian of this ritual for centuries. With the next eclipse imminent and a faction aiming to release an army of demons, young priestess Nyla must decipher an ancient riddle to keep the portal sealed.

  14. Demon’s Silence: In the bustling city of Eldoria, people suddenly lose their ability to speak. A muted demon, seeking to be heard, is absorbing voices. Amidst the chaos, mute librarian Aria realizes she can communicate with the demon. Together, they embark on a quest to find the demon’s lost voice and restore speech to Eldoria.

  15. Mirror of Shadows: An ancient mirror possesses the ability to reveal one’s inner demon. When gazed upon, it materializes this demon, allowing for a confrontation. When a series of unfortunate events plague Elmwood village, its desperate inhabitants turn to the mirror, leading to profound realizations about human nature and the demons we all battle within.

  16. Café at the Crossroads: Hidden within the maze-like streets of an old European city lies a café that exists at the juncture of our world and the demon realm. Here, humans and demons can negotiate and communicate. Eleanor stumbles into this café and forms an unlikely alliance with a demon named Thorne. Together, they must resolve an impending conflict that threatens both realms.

  17. The Artist’s Inkwell: An inkwell passed down through generations in the Varnelli family is said to be filled with demon’s ink. When used, the illustrations come to life. Young artist Clara, unaware of its history, uses it and unwittingly summons demons from her sketches, leading to a race against time to trap them back within the confines of the paper.

  18. Demonic Botanist: In the botanical gardens of Verdant Vale, a rare flower blooms once every century, and its nectar grants the ability to see demons hidden amongst humans. Scientist Dr. Elton, attempting to study the flower, accidentally consumes the nectar and gains this unwanted ability, pushing him into a world of secrets, betrayals, and hidden demonic agendas.

  19. Harmony’s Emissary: In a world where humans and demons have always been at odds, a prophecy speaks of a chosen one, Harmony, who will bridge the divide. Raised by monks in secrecy, Harmony must embark on a journey to unite two worlds, discovering that prejudice and understanding exist on both sides of the divide.

  20. The Demonic Masquerade: Once a decade, a grand ball is held where demons and humans mingle, their identities concealed behind masks. The pact is simple: No harm will come to attendees, and no questions will be asked the next day. Lucia attends out of curiosity and forms a bond with a mysterious stranger, only to realize he’s a demon prince. Their relationship could reshape the future dynamics of both realms.

  21. The Silent Plague: A mysterious ailment strikes the land, rendering its victims emotionless. Unbeknownst to all, a rogue demon is absorbing human emotions to feel something other than eternal emptiness. Healer Isolde, with her rare empathic abilities, is humanity’s last hope. She must confront the demon and find a balance between taking and giving emotions.

  22. The Ember’s Witness: Fire demon Ember, unlike her destructive kin, is an observer. She’s content watching human stories unfold, documenting them in her Book of Flames. But when she witnesses a conspiracy to start a war between kingdoms, Ember is torn. Choosing to intervene means revealing herself and defying her nature, but staying silent might ignite a destructive blaze neither realm can quell.