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32 Dinosaur Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Dinosaur Writing Prompts

It’s no secret that dinosaurs are awesome.

They’re big, mysterious, and remind us of a time way back when things were seriously wild.

Want to write some cool stories but need a little inspiration?

We’ve got you covered!

Check out these dinosaur writing prompts – they’re perfect for time travel adventures, creating your own new dinos, and imagining crazy friendships between different species.

Get writing and bring those prehistoric worlds to life!

Dinosaur Writing Prompts

  1. A Day in the Life of a Pachycephalosaurus: What would the world look like from the perspective of a Pachycephalosaurus, known for its thick skull? Imagine the daily struggles and triumphs it might encounter. From finding food and fresh water to defending its territory from other dinosaurs, take your readers on an immersive journey of the Pachycephalosaurus. Write a story that vividly describes a typical day in the life of a Pachycephalosaurus.

  2. The Great Migration: Dinosaurs had to adapt to changing environments just as animals do today. Let’s take a herd of long-necked sauropods facing a drastic change in climate or landscape. They must decide to stay and adapt or undertake a long and perilous migration to a more hospitable location. Write a narrative of the trials, decisions, and ultimate journey of this dinosaur herd during a significant migration.

  3. Cretaceous Period Detective: Imagine you’re a detective in the late Cretaceous period. Your job is to solve a peculiar case: a massive dinosaur has inexplicably vanished from its herd. Using clues from the environment and your knowledge of dinosaur behavior, piece together the puzzle of this prehistoric mystery. Your task is to write a dinosaur detective story set in the late Cretaceous period.

  4. Dinosaur Civilization: Most people view dinosaurs as primitive creatures, but what if they had developed a rudimentary civilization? Suppose a certain species of dinosaur had evolved to the point of crafting simple tools, communicating through a basic language, and forming a societal structure. Write an intriguing story revolving around the rise and development of a dinosaur civilization.

  5. A Herbivore’s Defense: Dinosaurs weren’t all ferocious predators. Many were plant-eaters and had to develop unique defensive strategies to survive. Write from the perspective of a Triceratops, an herbivorous dinosaur well-known for its defensive capabilities against carnivores like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Describe the Triceratops’ experience during an encounter with a T-Rex, emphasizing its defensive strategies and survival instincts.

  6. The Dinosaur Egg: Dinosaur eggs are precious relics of the past. Now, picture a scenario where a well-preserved egg has been discovered, revealing an unknown species of dinosaur. The world’s top paleontologists are brought in to study this miraculous find. Write a detailed account of the scientific process and the surprises revealed as they delve into the mysteries of this unknown dinosaur egg.

  7. The Silent Witness: The great forests of the Jurassic period have stood as silent witnesses to the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Imagine these ancient trees as sentient beings narrating the epic tales of dinosaurs they’ve observed over millions of years. Write a story from the perspective of these ancient trees, recounting their observations of the dinosaur era.

  8. The Great Dinosaur Extinction: The extinction of the dinosaurs is one of history’s most intriguing mysteries. As a storyteller, imagine the final days leading to this mass extinction event. How would the dinosaurs have reacted to the changing environment? What struggles would they face as their world came to an end? Craft a narrative that explores the final days of the dinosaurs leading up to the catastrophic event that caused their extinction.

  9. The Velociraptor Pack: Velociraptors were known for their intelligence and teamwork. Picture yourself as a member of a Velociraptor pack. Your survival and success are contingent upon the collective skills and strategies of the group. Write an engaging story about the dynamics, challenges, and thrilling hunts of a Velociraptor pack.

  10. Majestic Flyers: Not all dinosaurs were land dwellers; some ruled the sky. Consider a Pterodactyl, a creature soaring above the earth, observing everything from a different vantage point. How would their experiences differ from ground-based dinosaurs? Craft a narrative that details the experiences of a Pterodactyl and its interaction with other sky and land dinosaurs.

  11. Ancient Dinosaur Rituals: Birds, modern-day descendants of dinosaurs, often have intricate mating rituals. What if their dinosaur ancestors had similar practices? Assume that the brightly colored Dilophosaurus has a unique courtship dance or display. Write a narrative about the complicated mating rituals of the Dilophosaurus and the competition among rivals.

  12. Jurassic-era Botanist: Imagine yourself as a botanist in the Jurassic era. Your mission is to study and document the vegetation that dinosaurs rely on for sustenance. The task is risky as you’d frequently encounter various dinosaur species in their natural habitat. Write an adventure-filled story about this botanist’s encounters with dinosaurs while studying Jurassic-era flora.

  13. The Dinosaur Symposium: If dinosaurs could communicate complex thoughts, what would a dinosaur conference look like? Choose different dinosaur species to represent and imagine them having a gathering to discuss mutual threats, territorial disputes, or migration routes. Write a unique tale about a dinosaur symposium and the discussions that take place there.

  14. The Protective Parent: A critical aspect of dinosaur life was caring for their young. Picture a mother T-Rex protecting her nest from predators. The primal instinct to safeguard her offspring ignites a fierce fight for survival. Write a dramatic story that highlights the lengths a mother T-Rex goes to protect her nest.

  15. A Theropod’s Transformation: Dinosaurs underwent numerous evolutionary changes throughout their reign. Take the theropods, for instance, which started as small, bipedal carnivores but evolved into various forms, including the mighty T-Rex and birds. Write a creative narrative that follows the life of a theropod and its evolutionary transformation over millions of years.

  16. The Nest Robber: A common peril for dinosaurs was the threat of nest robbers. Imagine a sneaky Compsognathus that has mastered the art of stealing eggs from unguarded nests. This daring thief’s life is filled with narrow escapes and relentless pursuits. Create a thrilling narrative around the life of this Compsognathus, the nest robber.

Dinosaur Story Ideas

  1. Paleontologist Dr. Mia Carlson discovers a secret underground cave filled with perfectly preserved dinosaur fossils and eggs. Upon close inspection, the eggs show signs of incubation. Unbeknownst to her, the cave’s unique ecosystem kept the eggs viable. As she inadvertently wakes these prehistoric creatures, she must balance the ethical dilemma of protecting her groundbreaking discovery while also ensuring the safety of the modern world.

  2. In a near-future society where genetic engineering has advanced tremendously, an ambitious scientist named Dr. Robert Haynes creates a dinosaur hybrid. These creatures were meant for a controlled environment showcasing a blend of modern and ancient life. However, when these hybrids break loose due to an unforeseen natural disaster, Robert must lead a team to safely recapture them without causing panic or harm to the civilian population.

  3. “The Last Dinosaurs” is a story about an alternate reality where dinosaurs survived and evolved. Humanity coexists with them, but a mysterious disease starts decimating the dinosaur population. Zoologist Anna Torres embarks on a race against time to find the cure and save the species from facing extinction once again.

  4. In a world where time travel has been perfected, eco-tourism to the Mesozoic Era has become the latest craze. However, when a group of tourists accidentally alters the timeline leading to the extinction event never occurring, they must fix their error to restore their present and ensure that mankind will continue to exist.

  5. An ancient tribal society worships a dinosaur, considering it as a deity. An anthropologist, Neil, stumbles upon this tribe and realizes the ‘deity’ is a living dinosaur, previously believed to be extinct. He navigates tribal politics and beliefs as he tries to protect this last specimen, prevent a cultural disruption, and handle the onslaught of greedy corporations wanting to exploit this discovery.

  6. In a parallel universe where dinosaurs became the dominant intelligent life form, an asteroid threatens to bring an end to their civilization. A group of dinosaur scientists must come together to create a plan that will save their planet from destruction, testing their intelligence, courage, and unity.

  7. During a deep-sea excavation, a team of scientists discovers a prehistoric underwater cave. Inside the cave, they find living aquatic dinosaurs previously thought extinct. The story unfolds as they try to study and understand these creatures without disturbing their habitat, all while dealing with their personal dramas and the dangerous wildlife.

  8. In a world where dinosaurs have been brought back to life to serve as biological weapons, young mechanic Ava stumbles upon a deserted and injured Tyrannosaurus Rex. Ava, who has a deep sympathy for these abused creatures, must rehabilitate the dinosaur and find a way to stop the militarized exploitation of these majestic creatures, while staying one step ahead of the ones who’d want her silenced.

  9. Dr. Helen Avery, a brilliant paleontologist, discovers a pattern in dinosaur fossil records that indicates a cyclical return of prehistoric species. She is laughed out of the scientific community until her predictions come true, and dinosaurs begin to appear. Helen must convince the skeptical world to rally together to protect humanity and coexist with these ancient beasts.

  10. In the not-so-distant future, a leading tech company creates a realistic, immersive virtual reality experience that lets users live amongst dinosaurs. A programming glitch inadvertently traps a group of players in the VR world, forced to survive against prehistoric predators while engineers race against the clock to fix the error.

  11. Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, an undiscovered ecosystem exists where dinosaurs have survived extinction. Adventurer and naturalist Sam Cartwright stumbles upon this prehistoric world during an expedition. Now, Sam must navigate through this dangerous land, fend off poachers who’d exploit this discovery, and bring back evidence to convince the world of his finding.

  12. An alien species introduces dinosaurs to earth as a means to terraform the planet for their needs. Dr. Leila Khoury, an astrobiologist, must decode alien technology and understand the dinosaur’s biology to prevent the earth’s impending doom while navigating complex international politics and rivalries.

  13. A multi-millionaire creates a Jurassic Park-like island of genetically engineered dinosaurs as a tourist attraction. When a hurricane hits the island causing a system failure, the dinosaurs are set free and the guests must survive until rescue arrives. The story follows a group of tourists and their journey of survival and camaraderie.

  14. An extraordinary event causes the spirits of dinosaurs to inhabit the bodies of random people across the globe. Samantha, a teenage girl, finds herself inhabited by a Tyrannosaurus Rex spirit. She must balance her new primal instincts while discovering why this is happening and how to return the spirits back to their rest.

  15. A group of college friends stumbles upon a buried alien artifact during a camping trip. The artifact has the power to materialize dinosaurs from thin air. As dinosaurs begin to appear randomly across the country, they must track down the scattered artifact pieces to reverse the effects and put the dinosaurs back before the world descends into chaos.

  16. In a world devastated by climate change, scientists hatch a plan to reintroduce dinosaurs to restore the balance. Dinosaurs, being excellent survivors, quickly adapt and start to thrive. However, this step leads to unforeseen consequences, causing the scientist who led the project, Dr. Emma Beckett, to question the ethics and implications of their actions.