24 Disney-themed Writing Prompts

Disney-Themed Story Ideas

Let’s be real, Disney movies hold a special place in our hearts.

Whether it’s the timeless tales, the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head for weeks, or the characters we just adore, they spark something within us.

But what if that spark could ignite a writing marathon?

That’s right, folks! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Disney-themed writing prompts. So grab your favorite pen (or fire up your laptop), dust off your imagination, and get ready to craft some stories that are practically begging to be animated.

Disney Themed Writing Prompts

  1. Inspired by “The Lion King”: Imagine a world where animals have their own kingdom, similar to the Pride Lands in “The Lion King.” The protagonist, a young and adventurous animal, is next in line to lead the kingdom. However, they must learn valuable life lessons about responsibility, bravery, and leadership before they are ready to take on such an important role. Write a story about the protagonist’s journey to becoming a wise and just leader, detailing the challenges they face and the mentors they meet along the way.

  2. Drawing from “Toy Story”: Consider a scenario where toys have feelings and can interact with each other when humans are not around, just like in “Toy Story.” The protagonist, a toy that has been forgotten and left in a dusty corner, is determined to find its way back to its owner and prove that it is still valuable and loved. Write about the protagonist’s epic journey through the house, the friendships they form with other toys, and the lessons they learn about self-worth and perseverance.

  3. Based on “Moana”: Imagine a story set in a tropical paradise where the protagonist feels a deep connection to the ocean and is drawn to explore beyond the safety of their island, similar to Moana’s story. However, the community is fearful of what lies beyond and discourages such adventures. Write about the protagonist’s decision to set sail into the unknown, the challenges they face, and how they prove to themselves and their community that bravery and exploration can lead to great things.

  4. Inspired by “Frozen”: In a world where some individuals have magical powers that are misunderstood and feared by others, the protagonist has the ability to control a specific element. When their powers are accidentally revealed to the public, they must navigate the consequences and learn to embrace their true self, just like Elsa in “Frozen.” Write a story about the protagonist’s journey to self-acceptance, detailing the friendships they form, the challenges they overcome, and the impact they have on their community.

  5. Drawing from “Aladdin”: Envision a bustling city filled with vibrant colors, lively markets, and hidden treasures, similar to Agrabah in “Aladdin.” The protagonist, a kind-hearted but struggling individual, stumbles upon a magical item that has the power to grant them three wishes. Write about the protagonist’s internal struggle to choose the right wishes, the unexpected consequences of their choices, and the valuable lessons they learn about greed, power, and true happiness.

  6. Based on “Beauty and the Beast”: In a story inspired by the enchanted castle in “Beauty and the Beast,” the protagonist stumbles upon a hidden, magical place that is under a curse. The inhabitants of the place are trapped in their current forms, and the protagonist must break the curse to set them free. Write about the protagonist’s quest to uncover the truth behind the curse, the friendships they form, and how they discover that true beauty is found within.

  7. Inspired by “Mulan”: In a society with strict expectations and roles for individuals based on their gender, the protagonist feels confined and longs to break free and prove their worth, similar to Mulan’s story. When an opportunity arises for them to defy societal expectations and take on a role traditionally reserved for the opposite gender, they seize the chance. Write about the protagonist’s courageous journey, the challenges they face in concealing their true identity, and how they ultimately change their community’s perceptions and create a more inclusive society.

  8. Drawing from “The Little Mermaid”: Imagine a story where two worlds exist side by side – the human world and a magical underwater kingdom, like in “The Little Mermaid.” The protagonist, a curious and adventurous individual from the underwater kingdom, is fascinated by the human world and longs to explore it. Write about the protagonist’s daring adventures in the human world, the friendships they form, and the sacrifices they make to bridge the gap between the two worlds and foster understanding and unity.

  9. Inspired by “Up”: Think about an adventure where an elderly character decides to fulfill a lifelong dream, much like Carl from “Up.” Accompanied by an unlikely young companion, they embark on a journey that is both physically and emotionally challenging. Write a story detailing their adventures, the bond they form, and the lessons they learn about life and friendship along the way.

  10. Drawing from “Finding Nemo”: Imagine a world under the sea where a young and adventurous sea creature gets separated from its family. Along the journey back home, the creature meets various underwater inhabitants and faces numerous challenges. Describe the protagonist’s journey, the friends they make, and how this adventure helps them grow and learn the importance of family and perseverance.

  11. Based on “Cinderella”: Envision a story where a kind-hearted character is treated unfairly by their family. An unexpected magical intervention gives them a chance to experience a life of happiness, if only for a short time. Write about how this brief taste of a different life impacts the protagonist, inspiring them to pursue change and happiness in their own life, with or without magic.

  12. Inspired by “Ratatouille”: Create a story set in a world-class kitchen where an unlikely character has a passion for cooking. Despite facing skepticism and challenges, the protagonist is determined to prove their culinary skills. Describe their journey in the culinary world, the allies they gain, and how they break stereotypes to follow their passion.

  13. Drawing from “Tangled”: Think of a story where a character has been kept sheltered from the world but longs to experience life beyond their confined space, similar to Rapunzel in “Tangled.” When the opportunity to escape arises, they seize it, learning about the world and themselves in the process. Write about the protagonist’s adventures, the people they meet, and how this journey of self-discovery changes their life.

  14. Based on “Frozen II”: Imagine a story where the protagonist must embark on a journey to uncover a hidden truth about their past, similar to Elsa’s journey in “Frozen II.” Along the way, they discover new aspects of themselves and learn valuable lessons about acceptance and understanding. Write about their quest for answers, the challenges they face, and how this journey helps them find a sense of belonging and purpose.

  15. Inspired by “Pocahontas”: Create a story set in a time of change and conflict between two different cultures or communities. The protagonist, belonging to one of the communities, strives to foster understanding and peace between the two groups. Describe their efforts to build bridges, the obstacles they face, and the impact their actions have on bringing about a harmonious coexistence.

  16. Drawing from “The Princess and the Frog”: Think about a story where the protagonist learns a valuable lesson about hard work and ambition, much like Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog.” After an unexpected magical mishap, they are forced to see the world from a different perspective, learning about the importance of balance between ambition and enjoying life. Write about their magical journey, the friends they make, and how this experience transforms their approach to life and success.

  17. Inspired by “Monsters, Inc.”: Imagine a parallel world where creatures thrive on the laughter and screams of children, similar to the setting in “Monsters, Inc.” The protagonist, a young monster, discovers that there’s more to life than just collecting screams and seeks to bring joy and laughter instead. Write about the challenges they face in changing old traditions, the allies they make, and how they transform their world for the better.

  18. Drawing from “Brave”: In a story inspired by the Scottish Highlands in “Brave,” the protagonist is a young and rebellious royal who wishes to carve their own path in life, defying societal expectations. They embark on an adventure that tests their strength and resolve, leading them to discover the true meaning of bravery. Describe their journey, the obstacles they overcome, and how they ultimately find a balance between their desires and their responsibilities.

  19. Based on “Zootopia”: Imagine a bustling metropolis like Zootopia, where various animal species coexist. The protagonist, a small but determined character, joins the city’s police force and is eager to make a difference. However, they quickly realize that they must overcome prejudices and prove their worth. Write about their adventures, the partnerships they form, and how they help bridge the gap between different communities in the city.

  20. Inspired by “The Incredibles”: In a world where superheroes are forced to hide their powers, the protagonist’s family is full of extraordinary individuals, much like “The Incredibles.” The protagonist, however, seems to be the only ‘ordinary’ member. They embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning that everyone has something unique to offer. Write about their experiences, the lessons they learn, and how they ultimately contribute to their superhero family’s legacy.

  21. Drawing from “Lilo & Stitch”: Set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, similar to “Lilo & Stitch,” the protagonist is a young child who befriends an unusual creature from another planet. Together, they learn about the power of ‘ohana’ (family) and how love can bridge any gap. Describe their adventures, the challenges they face as a unique pair, and how they teach those around them about acceptance and kindness.

  22. Based on “WALL-E”: In a futuristic world where Earth has been abandoned, much like the setting in “WALL-E,” the protagonist is a small robot left to clean up the mess. They hold onto the hope that life can return to the planet. One day, they discover a small sign of life. Write about their efforts to nurture this spark of life, the challenges they face in the harsh environment, and how their actions inspire change.

  23. Inspired by “Cars”: Imagine a world populated by sentient vehicles, similar to the town of Radiator Springs in “Cars.” The protagonist, a fast and flashy race car, finds themselves in a small, forgotten town and learns that there’s more to life than just speed and winning. Describe their transformation, the friendships they form, and how they discover the true meaning of community and belonging.

  24. Drawing from “Peter Pan”: In a tale inspired by the magical world of Neverland in “Peter Pan,” the protagonist is a child who is not ready to grow up. They find a way to travel to a place where children can be free and wild. However, they soon realize that growing up is a natural and important part of life. Write about their adventures, the lessons they learn about balance and responsibility, and how they find a way to embrace the journey of growing up.
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