30 Dragon Writing Prompts

Epic Dragon Writing Prompts

Dragons are amazing, aren’t they?

Those awesome giant flying lizards everyone loves. They’ve been around forever in stories all over the place, and they’re still super cool.

Whether you like them mean and scary or wise and old, we’ve got some prompts to get you writing epic dragon stories.

Let’s do this!

Dragon Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

1. The Memory Keeper’s Dragon

In a secluded village, there exists a tradition where memories are stored inside dragon eggs. 

These dragons, once hatched, become the keepers of these memories, reliving them with their chosen person. 

When a young girl’s dragon hatches, it reveals a memory that the village has tried to bury – the truth about the village’s founding and the darkness that resides within its leaders.

2. The Celestial Dance

Every millennia, a dragon descends from the stars, selecting a human to teach the ancient dance that maintains the balance between Earth and the cosmos. 

As meteors threaten Earth, a young, reluctant dancer named Liya is chosen. Together, they must perfect the celestial dance to save their world, learning that rhythm and trust are universal languages.

3. Scales of Justice

Dragons were once the judges of humanity. They would appear when societies became too corrupt and would pass their judgment. In a city ruled by a tyrant, the appearance of a dragon signals hope for the oppressed. 

The dragon’s choice of an unexpected ally, a thief named Corin, shocks the city, revealing that sometimes heroes are found in the unlikeliest places.

4. Echoes of the Past

In a post-apocalyptic world, dragons are believed to be mere myths. However, a young archaeologist stumbles upon a dragon fossil that resonates with energy. 

When the fossil awakens as a living, breathing dragon from the past, both of them embark on a journey to uncover what led to the world’s downfall and how to prevent history from repeating itself.

5. The Dragon’s Symphony

Music is forbidden in the city of Melodica. The rulers claim it attracts dragons, which they depict as monstrous beasts. 

When a forbidden instrument is played, a dragon indeed appears. But rather than bringing destruction, the dragon dances to the music and reveals that it is powered by harmony. 

Together with a band of musicians, the dragon sets out to free the city with the power of song.

6. Lost Among Flames

After a devastating fire, Ira discovers she has the ability to summon and communicate with fire dragons. 

She learns that these dragons are not responsible for the fire, but rather they help control and prevent wildfires. 

Ira must confront her traumatic past and team up with the dragons to prevent a bigger catastrophe planned by those wanting to harness the dragons’ power for destruction.

7. The Cursed Ink

Every tattoo crafted by the mysterious artist Alaric comes to life. When a man requests a dragon tattoo, he finds himself bonded to a mini, real-life dragon. 

The dragon shares a vision of an impending doom, and together they must decipher the tattoo’s meaning, navigate the world of magic ink, and prevent the foreseen disaster.

8. Beyond The Misty Peaks

Legends speak of a hidden valley beyond the misty peaks where dragons and humans coexist in harmony. 

Lana, a determined cartographer, sets out to map this uncharted territory. Upon reaching the valley, she discovers the symbiotic relationship between dragons and humans and learns that the harmony is being threatened by external invaders. 

Lana’s maps and the dragons’ might become the key to preserving the valley’s peace.

9. The Weaver’s Dream

In the city of Loomhaven, fabrics are woven with stories and emotions. Lila, a young weaver, accidentally entwines a dragon’s tale into her cloth. 

That night, the cloth shimmers to life, releasing a trapped dragon spirit. Together, they must mend broken stories and fight a force that wishes to unravel the tapestry of the world.

10. The Last Dragon Librarian

In a world where knowledge is hoarded and controlled, a secret library exists that’s maintained by a dragon. 

When the last known dragon librarian disappears, Alera, a bookish orphan, stumbles upon the library. 

Alera is chosen by the books to become the new guardian, learning that stories have the power to change destinies.

11. Shadows of Ember

Each dusk, shadows dance across the Ember Plains, signaling dragons’ flights in a parallel realm. 

As the barrier between the worlds weakens, Bryn, a shadow-catcher, is tasked with forging an alliance. 

Her own shadow morphs into a dragon companion, and they navigate both realms, seeking unity against an encroaching darkness.

12. The Glasswing Guild

In the crystalline city of Prism, dragons with transparent, glass-like wings reflect one’s truest desires. 

A con artist named Kale, looking to exploit these dragons, unexpectedly sees his own forgotten dreams in their wings. 

Torn between ambition and rediscovery, Kale becomes the catalyst for revolution in a city built on facades.

13. Whispering Willows

A rare phenomenon causes certain willow trees to bear fruit just once a lifetime. When eaten, they transform the consumer into a dragon. 

As these fruits begin to ripen, Elowen, a botanist, must decide whether the allure of dragonhood is worth the cost of her humanity, especially when an empire aims to harvest these fruits for power.

14. Frostfire’s Keeper

Set in a frozen frontier, a lone lighthouse keeper named Freya discovers a dragon encased in ice. As she thaws the creature, it’s revealed to be the ancient Frostfire Dragon, guardian of winter’s balance. 

As warmth threatens the world’s icy heart, they must restore the equilibrium before an eternal winter or scorching summer ensues.

15. The Dragon’s Quill

Legendary tales mention a quill made from a dragon’s feather, with the power to write one’s fate. Aspiring writer Sylas finds this artifact, but with every story he crafts, reality begins to warp. 

Facing the consequences of unchecked imagination, Sylas must rewrite errors of the past while contending with those who seek the quill’s power.

16. The Draconian Clockworks

In a steampunk realm, machines powered by dragon steam keep cities floating. Nera, a mechanic, discovers a malfunctioning dragon at the heart of her city’s engine. 

Unraveling the conspiracy that led to the dragon’s sabotage, she spearheads a movement for ethical treatment of dragons and sustainable energy.

17. The Silken Labyrinth

Hidden deep within the heart of a mountain lies a maze spun from dragon silk, holding treasures beyond imagination. Daredevils who seek its riches never return.

Alia, a blind musician, hears the dragon’s mournful song and ventures in. Guided solely by the dragon’s music, she navigates the labyrinth, unearthing secrets not of gold but of the heart.

18. Driftwood Dragonlore

On coastal shores, dragons sculpted from driftwood come to life during high tide. Lorne, a recluse, bonds with one such dragon, uncovering a history of ancient battles and tidal magic. 

As sea levels rise threateningly, Lorne and his dragon must confront modern-day plunderers and awaken the dormant magic of the seas.

19. The Breathless Expanse

In a world devoid of air, enormous bellows operated by dragons supply cities with oxygen. When the main bellows starts failing, asthmatic inventor Rhea creates a device to communicate with the dragons. 

Discovering the dragons are enslaved, she ignites a revolution to free them and find a sustainable solution for their dying world.

20. Gardens of Glimmerstone

Dragons, once turned to stone, now serve as statues in a vast garden. At night, moonlight awakens their spirits. Luna, a night-guard, forms a bond with one. 

Together, they must restore the garden’s enchanted core before the dragons are petrified eternally, and the world loses its magic.

21. Inkblot Isles

On isolated islands, dragons birthed from ink protect ancient texts. 

When a malevolent force seeks to erase history, cartographer Elio, with an uncanny ability to read uncharted terrains, is drawn to the isles. 

Navigating through living stories and ink-drenched challenges, Elio and the dragons battle to preserve the world’s tales.

22. The Ethereal Apiary

High above the clouds, dragons with honey-gold scales produce an ethereal nectar granting brief omniscience. A beekeeper named Myra, seeking answers to a personal tragedy, braves the journey skyward. 

Mingling human beekeeping with dragon nectar rituals, she discovers truths larger than her own story and the cost of knowing everything.

23. Tempest’s Teardrop

Every storm is birthed from a dragon’s tear. Storm-chaser Arlen captures one such tear, gaining control over a tempest dragon. 

As droughts and floods ensue, Arlen grapples with the chaos of wielding nature, ultimately realizing that some powers are too vast for any one being to command.

24. Lanterns of the Luminous Lake

Each year, a mystical lake reflects constellations, revealing a path to a dragon’s lair. 

This year, orphaned siblings Kai and Lira, seeking their lost lineage, follow the stars. 

Amidst the dance of celestial dragons, they unearth a cosmic connection between their family’s disappearance and the stars’ stories.

25. The Vinebound Vale

In a rainforest, dragons are entwined within ancient vines, emerging only to protect the land. Mina, a botanist, discovers that these vines possess curative properties. 

As deforestation threatens the forest, Mina and the vinebound dragons must intertwine their strengths to protect both the mystical flora and the world’s health.

26. Ashen Echoes

Once every century, amidst volcanic eruptions, a phoenix-like dragon is reborn. Geologist Dr. Rowan accidentally awakens one prematurely, causing elemental imbalances. 

Facing a world of relentless quakes and eruptions, Rowan and the ash-winged dragon must decipher ancient prophecies and restore nature’s fiery rhythm.

27. The Draconic Compass

Legends speak of a compass guiding its holder to the realm’s edge where dragons birth new worlds. Young explorer Gale, ridiculed for believing in the “edge,” stumbles upon this compass. 

Chasing horizons with dragon-navigators, Gale learns that the journey’s true magic lies not in world creation, but in understanding the infinite expanses of the heart.

28. The Molten Maestro

In a subterranean city, a dragon forges stars using molten melodies. When the night sky dims, and stars fade, Maia, an underground violinist, is summoned by the dragon. 

Together, they craft a symphony of creation, realizing that collaboration, not isolation, ignites the brightest sparks in the universe.

29. The Cobalt Cavern Chronicles

Deep in ocean trenches, water dragons inscribe histories on sapphire slates. Coral, a mermaid historian, discovers these archives.

Thrust into tales of oceanic upheavals and dragon alliances, Coral must rewrite history to bridge rifts between underwater clans and ensure the survival of her realm.

30. The Wandering Wisp Woods

Enchanted forests drift on dragon’s breaths, appearing and vanishing whimsically. 

Ori, a nomadic bard, is trapped in one such wispwood. Guided by luminescent dragonflies and ancient dragon guardians, Ori embarks on a lyrical quest, realizing that home isn’t a place but a state of soulful resonance.