16 Drawing Ideas of Animals

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a soft spot for those furry, feathered, or scaly creatures that roam our planet. 

There’s just something about their unique personalities, expressive eyes, and the way they effortlessly blend with their natural habitats that simply begs to be captured on paper.

But maybe you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut, or perhaps you’re looking for some fresh inspiration to spark your artistic spirit

Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve put together a collection of some animal drawing ideas that are sure to get those creative juices flowing irrespective of whether you are an artist or just starting out.

So, without further ado, let’s get your imagination run wild. 

Drawing Ideas of Animals

1. A Lion Roaring on a Cliff at Sunset

How about drawing a super cool lion, roaring his head off on top of a cliff?

The sun is setting behind him, making the sky all orange and red, just like a movie poster.

Draw his mane blowing in the wind, and his muscles all flexed and strong.

Don’t forget to make his eyes look fierce, and the cliff he’s standing on should be super rocky and rough. It’s like he’s the king of the world, and he’s letting everyone know!

drawing of a lion

2. A Hummingbird Hovering Near a Flower

Let’s try a cute little hummingbird, right next to a giant flower!

He’s flapping his wings so fast, it almost looks like a blur. The flower should be full of colors, maybe even with a few dewdrops on it for sparkle.

Make sure to put some green leaves in the background, so it looks like the hummingbird is in a secret garden.

He’s so tiny, but he’s got so much energy, just like a superhero getting ready to fly!

drawing of a bird and flower

3. A Whale Breaching the Ocean Surface

This is going to be a giant whale jumping out of the ocean, water spraying everywhere like a broken fire hydrant! He’s so huge, he looks like a submarine shooting up from the depths.

Make his skin look bumpy and wet, and the waves should be splashing all over the place. Don’t forget to draw a few tiny droplets of water hanging in the air, like little diamonds.

And in the background, have a big blue sky, so it looks like the whale is jumping into space!

drawing of a whale

4. A Pair of Wolves Howling at the Moon

Imagine two wolves, standing on a hill with a giant full moon behind them. It’s nighttime, so everything is dark and spooky, but the moon makes the wolves look even cooler.

Make their fur look thick and fluffy, and their mouths open wide as they sing their wild song. You can draw some trees in the background, and maybe a few bats flying around for extra creepiness.

It’s like a scene from a scary movie, but with a touch of beauty!

drawing of 2 wolves

5. An Elephant Spraying Water with its Trunk

How about a giant elephant taking a shower in the middle of a hot savanna?

He’s spraying water all over the place with his trunk, and it looks like he’s having a blast!

Draw his wrinkled skin, and his eyes should be all crinkled up in a smile. Don’t forget to add some tall grass and maybe a few zebras or giraffes in the background, watching the elephant have so much fun.

It’s like a big water party in the middle of the wild!

drawing of an elephant

6. A Peacock Displaying Its Colorful Feathers

Let’s try a fancy peacock showing off all his amazing feathers!

He’s got them fanned out like a rainbow, with all sorts of blues, greens, and even gold. Draw each feather super detailed, with all those cool eye spots, and make the peacock look super proud and confident.

Put him in a beautiful garden, with lots of flowers and greenery. It’s like he’s a model on a runway, and everyone is watching him in amazement!

drawing of a peacock

7. A Cat Stretching in a Sunbeam

How about a fluffy cat stretching out in a sunny spot by a window?

The sunbeam is making its fur all warm and glowy, and you can almost feel how soft it is. Maybe the cat is yawning, or giving a cute little blink with its eyes.

Put a comfy chair or a houseplant nearby, so it looks like the cat is chilling out in a cozy living room.

This one is all about how relaxed and happy cats can be when they’re just soaking up the sun!

drawing of a cat

8. A Dolphin Leaping Through Waves

Let’s try a dolphin jumping super high out of the ocean, with water spraying all around it!

The sun is shining on its back, making it look super shiny, and the whole scene is full of energy. Draw the waves crashing around the dolphin, and make sure it has a big smile on its face.

Don’t forget to add a blue sky and maybe a few seagulls flying in the background.

This one’s like a snapshot of a dolphin having a blast in its underwater playground!

drawing of a dolphin

9. A Butterfly Landing on a Blooming Flower

Check out this butterfly taking a break on a giant flower!

Its wings are so colorful, like a rainbow explosion.

Draw each wing with tons of patterns, maybe even sparkles, and don’t forget the little lines that look like veins. The flower is like a soft bed for the butterfly, with petals as big as pillows.

Put some fuzzy green leaves behind them, so it looks like a secret spot in a forest.

It’s like a tiny vacation for this beautiful butterfly!

sketch of a butterfly on a flower

10. A Polar Bear and Cub in a Snowy Landscape

How about a mama polar bear and her baby cub on a snowy journey?

They’re so fluffy, like giant marshmallows, but with super sharp claws.

Make the mama bear look big and strong, while the cub looks small and playful. Behind them, there’s nothing but snow, snow, snow, with a few icy mountains in the distance.

It’s freezing cold, but these two are snuggling close and ready for anything!

drawing of a polar bear and his cub

11. A Horse Galloping Through a Meadow

How about a wild horse running as fast as it can through a big, green field?

Its mane and tail are flying all over the place, like it’s just won a race. The horse’s muscles are popping, and it looks super strong, but also really graceful, like a dancer.

The field is full of grass, and there are even some hills in the background (if required).

It’s like the horse is so happy to be free, it could run forever!

sketch of a horse

12. A Chameleon Blending into its Environment

Let’s try a tricky chameleon, hiding on a branch in the jungle.

He’s changed his skin to match the leaves and bark around him, so you can barely see him!

Just like a super cool magic trick.

Make his skin look bumpy and scaly, and don’t forget his crazy eyes, that can look in two directions at once!

Put lots of plants and leaves in the background, and maybe even a few bugs for him to catch.

He’s a master of disguise, just like a secret CIA agent, lol!

sketch of a chameleon

13. A Pair of Owls Perched on a Branch at Dusk

Here comes two super smart owls chilling on a branch, just as the sun goes down.

They’ve got cool brown and gray feathers, and their eyes are like shiny yellow marbles. It’s getting dark, so the sky is a mix of purple, blue, and orange.

Make the tree look old and twisty, and maybe draw some leaves blowing in the wind.

It’s like the owls are whispering secrets about the forest!

sketch of two owls

14. A Fox Curled Up in a Winter Forest

Let’s draw a fluffy red fox, all curled up and asleep in the snow.

Its tail is super bushy, and it’s wrapped around its body like a blanket. The whole forest is white with snow, so everything looks calm and quiet.

Make sure to draw the fox’s fur looking super soft, and the snow all sparkly and smooth.

It should look like the fox is dreaming of catching rabbits with eyes wide open.

sketch of a fox

15. A Group of Penguins Sliding on Ice

Picture a whole bunch of penguins, sliding on their bellies across the ice like it’s a giant slip n’ slide!

They’re having so much fun, slipping and bumping into each other, with big smiles on their faces. Make sure to draw their tummies white, and their backs all sleek and black, just like in a cartoon.

In the background, there should be icebergs, a bright blue sky, and maybe even a few snowflakes falling down.

It’s a penguin party, and everyone’s invited!

drawing of penguins

16. A Tortoise Slowly Making Its Way Through Grass

This one’s a slowpoke, but he knows where he’s going!

Draw a tortoise, slowly walking through a field of tall grass. He’s got a super tough shell with all kinds of patterns on it, and his skin is all wrinkly and old.

Make the grass super green and tall, so it looks like a jungle to the tortoise.

In the background, put a bright sun and maybe some colorful flowers. The tortoise might be slow, but he’s not giving up until he reaches his destination!

drawing of tortoise

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