32 Epic Mockumentary Ideas

Epic Mockumentary Ideas

Imagine a world obsessed with reality shows and documentaries.

Everything’s gotta be “real,” right?

Well, there’s this other kind of show that sneaks in some fun – the mockumentary.

Think of it like a tightrope walk between truth and make-believe.

Mockumentaries take the real world we know and crank the humor up a notch. They might film the oh-so-dramatic (and frankly hilarious) daily grind of office workers, or follow a crew of ghost hunters who are, well, a little overzealous (and maybe haven’t seen a real ghost).

These fake documentaries hold up a mirror to our lives, but it’s a funhouse mirror – a little distorted, but still showing us something real.

Today, we’re gonna explore this awesome genre and give you some ideas to make your own mockumentary!

Let’s go.

Mockumentary Ideas

  1. The Missing Sock Chronicles: This mockumentary dives deep into the world of missing socks, exploring theories of why socks disappear from our laundry. Interviewing laundry experts, sock manufacturers, and sock enthusiasts, the film hilariously uncovers global sock conspiracies, underground sock markets, and even paranormal activities linked to socks. The entire narrative is taken with a degree of seriousness that adds to the comedy.

  2. Feline Film Stars: Chronicling the intense behind-the-scenes lives of famous internet cat celebrities, this mockumentary uncovers the ‘drama’ and rivalry between feline influencers. The camera follows agent cats, diva cats, and even ‘washed up’ old internet sensations, all while their human handlers navigate the high-pressure world of feline fame. The focus is on the absurdity of cat celebrity culture.

  3. Master of the Mundane: Dive into the world of Stanley, a man who believes he is the best in the world at incredibly mundane tasks. From boiling water to watching paint dry, Stanley trains as if he’s preparing for the Olympics. The mockumentary follows his rigorous routines, interviews with perplexed friends and family, and culminates in a grand “Mundane Task Championship”.

  4. Underground Houseplant Racing: In the quiet suburbs, a secret society meets weekly to race their houseplants in underground arenas. These competitors believe in the hidden mobility of their potted plants. The mockumentary captures dramatic race sequences, passionate trainers, and deep-seated rivalries, shining light on the intense world of houseplant racing.

  5. The Real Gnomes of Garden County: Playing off reality TV tropes, this mockumentary follows the lives of garden gnomes as if they were alive, detailing their romances, feuds, and adventures. Gnome “confessionals” and staged drama make it a hilarious take on both reality TV and garden decorations. The twist? The gnomes are hilariously unaware they’re inanimate objects.

  6. Flat Earth Pizza Society: The FEPS is a group of people who believe that pizzas are proof the Earth is flat. According to them, the circular, flat nature of pizza and its universal appeal point to a grand cosmic truth. This mockumentary offers interviews with the society’s fervent members, ridiculous scientific “experiments”, and a climactic journey to the “edge” of a pizza.

  7. Brewed Awakening: This film goes into the world of coffee snobs who believe that coffee beans from one specific hill (that doesn’t actually exist) produce a brew that gives temporary superpowers. Through ‘historical’ recounts, eccentric enthusiasts, and attempts to locate this fictional hill, the comedy unfolds as they try to achieve a supernatural coffee experience.

  8. DinoPark: In a world where people believe dinosaurs still exist in a hidden part of Central Park, NYC, groups of “dino hunters” gather every weekend to search. This mockumentary follows different factions with their unique theories – some believe the dinos are invisible, others think they’re just really good at hiding. The entire city watches in amusement as the hunters try to prove the existence of Central Park dinosaurs.

  9. Yeti Yacht Club: Deep within a posh coastal city, there’s a secret society that believes the abominable snowman, or Yeti, is an avid sailor. This mockumentary dives into their extravagant sea expeditions, interviews with members who claim they’ve sailed with the Yeti, and showcases their lavish “Yeti-themed” yacht parties. The film crescendos with the grand annual event, the “Yeti Regatta,” where members dress and act the part.

  10. Invisible Instrument Orchestra: In the heart of Prague, there’s an exclusive musical group that claims to play only invisible instruments. The mockumentary showcases their “rehearsals,” “concerts,” and passionate testimonials from “fans” who’ve been “moved” by their silent performances. The highlight? Their attempt to join a prestigious global music festival.

  11. The Great Beard-Off: Beard aficionados from around the world believe that their beards possess magical properties. The mockumentary chronicles the journey of competitors as they prepare for the world championship, where beards are judged not only on appearance but also their “supernatural” capabilities. Events include “beard levitation” and “mystical beard storytelling.”

  12. Moon Cheese Market: This mockumentary dives into a group that firmly believes the moon is made of cheese and that, every decade, a piece falls to Earth. Following cheese connoisseurs, space experts, and treasure hunters, the documentary showcases their efforts to locate the next “moon cheese” drop and their dream of establishing a lunar cheese monopoly.

  13. The Cult of Cabbage: In a remote town, residents venerate cabbages as divine entities. This mockumentary examines their daily rituals, festivals, and the conflicts that arise when an outsider introduces lettuce into their community. Tensions rise as they face the great cabbage versus lettuce debate.

  14. UFO (Unbelievable Footwear Organization): This organization believes that aliens have been sending messages through shoe designs for centuries. From Egyptian sandals to modern sneakers, the mockumentary delves into their interpretations of each shoe’s “extraterrestrial” meaning. The climax is their attempt to create a shoe that will communicate back to the cosmos.

  15. Vampire Vegetarians: Set in Transylvania, this mockumentary explores a community of vampires who’ve chosen the path of vegetarianism. Facing the challenges of “bloodless” living, these vampires hunt for the juiciest tomatoes and engage in “fang-free” cook-offs. Their ultimate goal? To host a “Veggie Vampire Convention” to inspire others of their kind.

  16. Bingo Battleground: In a world where bingo is the ultimate sport, this mockumentary captures the drama, strategies, and personalities of top bingo champions. Training montages, sabotage attempts, and heated “number-calling” duels build up to the most awaited event: the World Bingo Royale.

  17. Mystical Mop Masters: This mockumentary explores a hidden society that believes certain mops are enchanted artifacts. These “Mop Masters” train rigorously, perform dances to channel their mop’s energy, and participate in cleaning duels. The film’s climax centers around the legendary “Moplympics”, where competitors battle for the title of Grand Mopper.

  18. The Penguins of Silicon Valley: Set in the heart of tech industry, a group of entrepreneurs are convinced that penguins are the real tech geniuses. These birds, they believe, secretly code all major apps and technologies. From interviewing “ex-employees” who’ve supposedly seen penguins at work to showcasing startups that aim to “collaborate” with these birds, the highlight is their attempt to set up the first Penguin-Powered Tech Hub.

  19. Post-It Prophets: Delve into a world where a group swears by messages they find on Post-It notes, believing them to be divine prophecies. From dramatic readings of these notes to pilgrimages to office supply stores, witness the creation of a new “religion”. The mockumentary crescendos with the “Grand Post-It Pilgrimage” where followers seek the golden Post-It of legend.

  20. Rock, Paper, Wizard: A twist on the classic hand game, competitors believe that mastering Rock, Paper, Scissors can unlock real magical abilities. This film dives into “magical academies”, dramatic showdowns, and rivalries. All roads lead to the global championship: the “Mystical Hand-gesture Showdown”.

  21. Spoon Spelunkers: In the underbelly of major cities, there exists a group obsessed with finding the legendary “Golden Spoon” in cereal boxes. This mockumentary captures their extreme dives into cereal bowls, interviews with cereal historians, and their quest which culminates in a mass cereal excavation event.

  22. The Bubble Wrap Pop-off: Dive into a society that believes bubble wrap popping is a form of therapy, art, and competition. With bubble wrap artists, therapists, and athletes, the documentary takes a humorous look at this “phenomenon”. The narrative builds to the “Global Pop-off Championship”, where popping speed and style are judged.

  23. Whispers of the Whistle World: Set in a quaint town, residents believe that specific whistle tunes can control weather, emotions, and even time. Chronicling whistle maestros, dramatic rain-summoning events, and time-travel attempts, the mockumentary’s climax is the “Great Whistle Conclave”, where tunes of power are traded and showcased.

  24. The Knights of Night Lights: A society is convinced that night lights guard against more than just darkness—they’re a shield against supernatural forces. Following the tales of “Night Light Knights”, their quests to find legendary lights, and confrontations with “darkness entities”, the tale culminates in the “Luminary Luminance Festival”, a display of the world’s most powerful night lights.

  25. Carousel Crusaders: In a world where carousels are seen as inter-dimensional portals, a group of believers travels the globe seeking enchanted merry-go-rounds. Each episode unveils secrets of forgotten carnivals, dramatic rides on magical horses, and encounters with “carousel keepers”. The season ends with the attempt to unlock the “Grand Carousel Convergence”, where all portals align.

  26. Elevator Etherealists: This mockumentary follows a society convinced that certain elevators ascend to other realms or times. They study elevator designs, codes, and music, seeking that one lift which transcends space and time. Their ultimate endeavor? An expedition to the “Ever-Rising Elevator” rumored to reach the universe’s edge.

  27. Gargoylian Gatherers: Dive into the mysterious world of those who believe gargoyles are ancient protectors of secrets. This mockumentary traverses gothic cathedrals and structures, interviewing “gargoylian whisperers” and historians. The climax revolves around the “Gargoylian Gala”, where they attempt to awaken a gargoyle and learn its tales.

  28. Labyrinthine Lunchboxes: A peculiar group is persuaded that certain vintage lunchboxes contain maps to hidden realms. Chronicling their adventures in deciphering these tin treasures, from deep-sea dives to mountain treks, the highlight is the “Lunchbox Lunacy Expedition” to uncover a mythic world hinted at by a 1950’s sandwich container.

  29. Realm of the Recliner: A society is devoted to the idea that reclining chairs are thrones of power, granting the sitter incredible abilities. From seeking ancient recliners in ruins to modern day “recliner duels”, the tale unfolds with the epic “Throne-a-thon”, where the mightiest chair grants its owner a single wish.

  30. Sacred Sandwich Society: In a hidden corner of New York, sandwich enthusiasts believe that crafting the perfect sandwich can grant enlightenment. Tracking down rare ingredients, interviewing sandwich sages, and showcasing “sandwich ceremonies”, the mockumentary’s high point is the “Ultimate Umami Unveiling” where the divine sandwich is said to appear.

  31. Trampoline Time-Travelers: A whimsical group insists that with the right bounce on a trampoline, one can leap through time. Documenting their jumps through “decades”, encounters with “past” and “future” entities, and the physics of the perfect bounce, it all builds up to the “Temporal Trampoline Tournament” to find the ultimate time-traveler.

  32. Wizards of the WiFi: Set in Silicon Valley, techies are convinced certain WiFi signals connect to alternate digital universes. Navigating cyber realms, decoding router runes, and encountering digital deities, the mockumentary culminates in the “WiFi Witchcraft Summit”, aiming to stabilize a portal into the most sought-after digital dimension.