24 Mythology Writing Prompts

Mythology Writing Prompts

Ever since forever, people have been obsessed with myths, legends, and fantastical stories.

These tales, passed down through time, don’t just shape cultures, they inspire tons of cool art, books, and ideas.

So, if you’re itching to write your own myth-inspired story, you’re in the right place!

Get ready to dive into these prompts and let the ancient myths spark your creativity!

Let’s craft something awesome!

Mythology Writing Prompts

  1. The Forgotten Deity of Dreams: In a world dominated by gods and goddesses of war, love, and nature, there exists a forgotten deity of dreams who once held immense power. Over time, people ceased believing in the significance of dreams, and thus, the deity’s power waned. Now, as the modern world faces unprecedented chaos, this deity seeks a mortal champion to restore the importance of dreams and bring balance to the pantheon.

  2. Reversed Roles: Mortal Turns God: Imagine a world where once in every millennium, a mortal is chosen to take on the role of a god or goddess. In this cycle, a humble farmer is selected, dramatically shifting the power dynamics. As this farmer grapples with their newfound divine responsibilities, other gods conspire to test, support, or dethrone the newcomer.

  3. The Lost City Beneath the Waves: Long ago, a city built in honor of the sea gods was swallowed by the ocean as punishment for its hubris. Now, modern explorers have discovered its ruins deep below, unearthing forbidden rituals and treasures. As they delve deeper, they unknowingly trigger events that might again awaken the wrath of the sea gods.

  4. The Celestial Tournament: Every five centuries, deities from various pantheons come together in a grand tournament to display their strengths and earn the title of the most powerful. This time, however, a lesser-known god/goddess enters with a secret weapon: a mortal champion. This mortal’s journey through the challenges not only decides the fate of their patron but also redefines the very nature of divine power.

  5. The God’s Forgotten Love: A mortal stumbles upon an old, dilapidated temple and inside discovers an ancient artifact: a locket containing a portrait of their exact likeness. This mortal learns they are the reincarnation of a deity’s long-lost love. Now, they must navigate a world of jealous gods, old grudges, and rekindled passions.

  6. The Cursed Constellation: Among the stars, there’s a constellation that has been hidden from human eyes for centuries due to a curse. Legend says this constellation holds the key to immense power. When a young astronomer accidentally breaks the seal and reveals the constellation, they set forth a chain of events involving deities, celestial beings, and a race to harness that power.

  7. The Oracle’s Last Prophecy: The most revered oracle in all the lands, known to have direct communication with the gods, is on their deathbed. Before passing, they give one final prophecy that speaks of the end of the gods themselves. This prophecy sets the world into a frenzy, as believers, skeptics, and even the gods race to decipher its meaning and determine their fates.

  8. The Mythical Beast’s Lament: In a forest untouched by mankind, mythical creatures live under the protection of a guardian beast. This beast, once a god who was transformed as punishment, seeks redemption and a return to their divine form. As encroaching human civilization threatens the sanctuary, the guardian must choose between saving the creatures they’ve grown to love or seeking their own salvation.

  9. Mortal’s Gift to the Gods: In a twist of fate, a simple mortal possesses a unique gift or talent that even the gods lack. This ability makes them the center of attention in the divine realm. As gods vie for the mortal’s allegiance or seek to claim the gift for themselves, the mortal is thrust into a dangerous game of cosmic politics and divine intrigue.

  10. The Divine Library Heist: Within the divine realms exists a library that holds the secrets of the universe, guarded by a deity of knowledge. A cunning demigod plans a heist to steal a forbidden scroll. Assembling a team of mythical creatures and divine beings, they must outwit the deity, navigate celestial traps, and deal with the consequences of knowledge unchecked.

  11. Echoes of Past Wars: The scars of a war fought eons ago between gods are beginning to manifest in the mortal realm. Ancient artifacts, long buried, rise to the surface, and with them, the spirits of fallen deities. As these spirits seek retribution, mortals are caught in a struggle to heal old wounds and prevent a cataclysmic repeat of history.

  12. The Muse’s Silence: All artistic inspiration on Earth is derived from a single, ancient muse who whispers creativity into the minds of humans. Suddenly, the muse falls silent. As the world grapples with a sudden dearth of creativity, a young artist is chosen for a celestial quest to find the muse and restore inspiration to the world.

  13. Twilight of the Trickster: The trickster god, loved by some and despised by others, suddenly loses their power of deceit and cunning. Stripped of their defining trait, they must navigate both the mortal and divine worlds with brutal honesty, leading to comedic situations, unexpected alliances, and profound revelations.

  14. Sacred Grounds Unearthed: In a bustling modern city, a construction crew stumbles upon the ruins of an ancient temple – ground once sacred to a forgotten deity. As the deity awakens from their slumber, they must navigate a world drastically different from what they remember, while the city grapples with the manifestations of old rituals and blessings.

  15. Eclipse of the Twin Deities: Twin deities, representing the sun and moon, maintain the balance of day and night. When they fall into a bitter feud, it throws the world into chaos, with unpredictable cycles of light and darkness. Mortals, demigods, and other divine beings must intervene to reconcile the twins and restore order.

  16. The Immortal’s Lullaby: An immortal being, weary from eons of existence, desires to experience the finality of mortal death. To do so, they must undertake a quest to find the mythical “Lullaby of Endings.” As they journey through realms unknown, they encounter challenges that test their perception of life, death, and the nature of existence.

  17. Guardian of the Lost Myths: In the vaults of time, there’s a guardian who watches over forgotten myths, ensuring they don’t fade into oblivion. When a critical myth goes missing, hinting at a theft, the guardian must journey into the mortal realm to retrieve it, unveiling deeper truths about the very fabric of reality.

  18. The Celestial Artisan’s Masterpiece: The gods commission an artifact of immense power from the celestial artisan, the craftsperson of the divine. But upon its creation, the artisan realizes its potential danger and hides it in the mortal realm. The gods, desperate for its power, and the artisan, seeking to protect both realms, engage in a cosmic game of cat and mouse.

  19. Shattered Divine Unity: Long ago, a singular, all-powerful deity chose to split into multiple gods for companionship. Now, a looming threat requires the gods to unite once more. They must navigate their egos, ancient grudges, and individual desires to reforge their original form and confront the menace.

  20. The Star-Crossed Deities: Two deities from different pantheons fall deeply in love, challenging the order of their respective realms. Their forbidden union threatens to merge worlds or tear them asunder. As celestial politics come into play, the two lovers must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for their love.

  21. The World Tree’s Last Seed: The World Tree, the source of all life and magic, is dying. Its last seed is the only hope for the continuation of existence. A group of unlikely heroes, both mortal and divine, must embark on a perilous journey to plant the seed, facing trials that challenge their beliefs, strengths, and very essence.

  22. Festival of the Fallen Stars: Every millennium, fallen stars transform into beings of sentience for a single night. During this night, a grand festival is held in the heavens, celebrating their transient life. This time, however, a mortal is inadvertently invited, witnessing the celestial wonders and unraveling a divine conspiracy.

  23. Odyssey of the Outcast God: After challenging the divine order, a god is stripped of their powers and cast into the mortal realm as punishment. They must embark on an odyssey of self-discovery, redemption, and defiance to reclaim their place in the pantheon, discovering the blurred lines between divinity and humanity along the way.

  24. Chronicles of the Divine Historian: The Divine Historian, a neutral deity, chronicles the events of the cosmos, unbiased and uninvolved. When they foresee a cataclysmic event that could end both the mortal and divine realms, they face a moral dilemma: to intervene and alter fate or remain an observer to the end of times.