30 October Writing Prompts

October Writing Prompts


The time when the leaves are going crazy with color, the air has that crisp feeling, and there’s a certain spooky vibe in the air.

Whether you write all the time or are just getting started, there are a ton of awesome things you can write about this month. Think ghost stories, adventures with friends in the fall leaves… the possibilities are endless!

So, if you’re ready for some creative fun, grab a notebook (or your laptop), get comfy, and let’s get those writing juices flowing with these prompts.

October Writing Prompts

  1. Falling Leaves: As October introduces the peak of autumn, write a story revolving around a single falling leaf. This leaf, insignificant as it may seem, can be a symbol, a catalyst for change, or an object of intrigue. What journeys or events does this leaf’s fall from its tree bring about? Capture the essence of change and transition that the leaf undergoes, paralleling it with a character’s personal development or a significant shift in their life.

  2. All Hallows’ Eve: Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy, it’s a rich tradition with roots in ancient festivals and beliefs. Delve deep into the origins and significance of Halloween. Research and write a historically accurate short story set in a time when Halloween was first being observed. Paint the atmosphere of the time and explore how this event might have shaped the people and society of that era.

  3. Autumn Romance: There’s a unique charm in the crisp October air that brings about a sense of intimacy and closeness. Write a love story that begins on a random October day. This should not be an ordinary romance but rather, a love that blossoms between two individuals who normally would not cross paths. Show how the magic of October brings these characters together and changes their lives forever.

  4. Harvest Season: October is a time of harvest in many cultures, a time of hard work and the rewarding results it brings. Create a tale centered around a farming family during the harvest season. Highlight their struggles, achievements, and the lessons they learn from the earth. Give readers a new perspective on the hard work that goes into the food we often take for granted.

  5. World Mental Health Day: Observed on October 10th, this day aims to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. Write a story about someone struggling with a mental health issue. Describe their journey toward understanding, accepting, and seeking help for their condition. Be sure to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect.

  6. Oktoberfest: Although traditionally a German festival, Oktoberfest has been celebrated all around the world. Write a humorous story set during Oktoberfest, where the protagonist, a staunch non-drinker, somehow ends up participating in an Oktoberfest beer-drinking contest. How do they handle this unfamiliar and challenging situation?

  7. Migration Story: October often marks the time of migration for many species. Choose an animal that migrates during this time and tell a story from their perspective. Describe the trials and triumphs of their annual journey. This can be a unique way to explore themes of perseverance, adaptability, and the raw struggle for survival.

  8. First Day of School: In many parts of the world, the academic year begins in October. Write about a student’s first day at a new school. However, there’s a twistthis student is much older than the typical entrant, returning to education after a long hiatus. Explore their fears, the challenges they face, and how they overcome any prejudices or obstacles.

  9. Twilight’s Embrace: October is a month that starts to hint at the coming winter, the days growing shorter and the nights longer. Write a story that unfolds during the longer October nights. The protagonist is an insomniac, and for them, these long nights present both a challenge and an opportunity. What adventures or self-discoveries do they experience during these elongated October nights?

  10. The Perfect Pumpkin: In the spirit of the pumpkin season, write a story about a character on a quest to find the perfect pumpkin for a carving competition. This character isn’t after the win but has a deeper, personal reason. Why is finding the perfect pumpkin so important to them? Let the journey toward finding the perfect pumpkin reveal the character’s motivation, past, and growth.

  11. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): October can also mark the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder for many people. Write a story centered around a character who experiences SAD. How does this character navigate their life and relationships while grappling with this condition? Ensure to handle this topic with empathy, showcasing the character’s resilience and methods of coping.

  12. Sweater Weather: There’s something undeniably cozy about the onset of cooler weather, a perfect time to bring out the sweaters and enjoy warm beverages. Write a heartwarming story that takes place in a small cafe known for its warm drinks and cozy ambiance. The protagonist is a stranger visiting the town, and this cafe becomes their sanctuary. Explore their interactions with the local patrons and how this warm, welcoming environment affects their life.

  13. Wildfire Awareness: With the threat of wildfires looming large in some areas, October is observed as Fire Prevention Month. Your protagonist is a firefighter battling the October wildfires. What personal conflicts and risks do they face, and how do they overcome them? This is a chance to highlight the heroic efforts of firefighters and the profound impact of wildfires on communities.

  14. Under the Harvest Moon: The Harvest Moon often falls in October, offering a unique lunar spectacle. Write a story revolving around an event that occurs under the Harvest Moon. The protagonist has always associated this lunar event with a significant life event. How does the appearance of the Harvest Moon this year affect their life and decisions?

  15. Changing Colors: October is known for the transformation of foliage into vibrant hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. Write a story about an artist who takes a trip every October to paint the changing landscapes. But this year, they’re faced with an unexpected challenge – they’ve lost their ability to see colors. How does this color-blind artist adapt and find new ways to express the beauty of October?

  16. Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Observed on the second Monday in October, this day celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. Write a historical fiction piece centered around a pivotal moment in Indigenous history. Highlight the courage, wisdom, and resilience of a chosen tribe or individual during this event. Be respectful and accurate, giving readers a profound appreciation for the richness and complexity of Indigenous cultures.

  17. October Rebellion: Historically, many revolutions and rebellions have occurred in October. Craft a fictional tale set in an oppressive society, and at its heart is a rebellion that comes to a head in October. How does the rebellion change the course of the society and the lives of its key players? Explore themes of bravery, sacrifice, and the quest for justice.

  18. Bountiful Harvest: Write a story about a community that comes together to help a struggling farm bring in its October harvest. This isn’t just a story about saving crops; it’s about building relationships, fostering a sense of community, and discovering the unanticipated rewards of hard work and cooperation.

  19. Mystery in the Mist: October often brings with it a misty, eerie ambiance perfect for mysteries. Write a detective story set in a small, mist-shrouded town in October. The protagonist, a detective, is there to solve an old mystery that resurfaces every October. How does the detective unravel the secrets hidden in the October mist?

  20. Columbus Day Controversy: Columbus Day, celebrated in October, is a subject of controversy due to the historical implications surrounding Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. Write an essay or argumentative piece addressing this controversy. Why should or shouldn’t Columbus Day be celebrated, and what are the possible alternatives?

  21. Comfort Food: With the arrival of cooler October weather, many find solace in warm, home-cooked meals. Write a story about a character who is renowned for their comfort food, but this October, they must create a new recipe to win a cooking competition. How does this culinary challenge bring about unexpected revelations and transformations?

  22. The Sound of October: October has a particular sound — the rustling of dried leaves, the soft whispers of cool winds, the early arrival of night creatures. Write a story about a musician who takes inspiration from these October sounds. What unique composition do they create, and how does it impact their career and personal life?

  23. Sports Season: October is a major month for sports, including the MLB playoffs and the NFL and NBA seasons. Write a story about a sportsperson gearing up for a significant event in October. The twist is, they’re not a player; they’re a coach, referee, or even a die-hard fan. How does this October event influence their life?

  24. The Unseen October: October is usually portrayed with images of autumn, but in some parts of the world, this month might look different. Write a story set in a location where October doesn’t follow the ‘typical’ autumn portrayal. Perhaps it’s spring in the Southern Hemisphere, or monsoon season in Asia. How does the character experience October in their unique setting?

  25. Day of the Dead: Celebrated at the end of October and into the start of November, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday where families welcome back the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief reunion. Write a story about a character who learns about their heritage through this tradition. How does the Day of the Dead celebration help them reconnect with their family and ancestral roots?

  26. Black Cat Folklore: Black cats are a classic symbol of October and Halloween, often associated with superstitions and folklore. Write a story from the perspective of a black cat living in a small superstitious town during October. How does this cat navigate through the town’s activities and prejudices? This could be a tale of adventure, comedy, or an examination of superstitions.

  27. Iconic October: October is known for its vibrant colors, Halloween festivities, and the anticipation of winter. Write a personal essay where the protagonist revisits their most memorable October from childhood. What made this particular October so unforgettable, and how does it continue to shape their present?

  28. The October Silence: October is often a time of quiet and stillness as nature prepares for winter. Write a suspense or thriller story that uses this “October silence” as a central theme. How does the protagonist unravel a mystery or survive a perilous situation by using the stillness and silence of October to their advantage?

  29. Costume Dilemma: With Halloween in October, costumes become a topic of discussion. Write a story about a character who hates wearing costumes but is invited to a must-attend costume party. How does the character come up with a creative solution to this costume dilemma that stays true to their personality?

  30. Ghost Town: Ghost towns have an eerie charm, especially in October. Write a story set in a real or imagined ghost town. The protagonist is an urban explorer or a historian who visits the town in October. What secrets and stories do they uncover in this ghost town? This can be a historical piece, a mystery, or even a ghost story.