24 Picture Writing Prompts

Picture Writing Prompts

Been staring at that blank page for longer than you care to admit?


Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark to ignite your creativity.

That’s where picture prompts come in!

These visual jumping-off points can help you craft stories in all sorts of directions.

So grab your pen, fire up your laptop, and let’s get those creative juices flowing! Here are some amazing picture prompts to get you started.

Picture-Based Writing Prompts

Photo of a vibrant underwater city where luminous buildings stand tall and intertwine with each other. Fish of various colors and sizes swim gracefully between the structures, creating a lively aquatic traffic. Seaweed forests rise from the seabed, their leaves swaying with the current, and giving shelter to smaller marine creatures.

1. In this mesmerizing underwater metropolis, marine life and aquatic vegetation coexist harmoniously amidst elaborate architectural structures. Your protagonist is a young explorer, fascinated by the legends of this submerged city. They embark on a daring journey to uncover the secrets and stories hidden within its walls. Describe their underwater adventures, the challenges they face, and the mysteries they unravel.

Photo of a surreal landscape where a floating island hovers in the blue sky, casting a shadow below. The island is lush with greenery and dotted with small huts. A long, intricate winding staircase made of stone connects the floating island to the ground below. Fluffy white clouds drift close to the island, and birds can be seen flying around.

2. Above the clouds, there lies a hidden island suspended in the sky, accessible only by a precarious staircase. Your protagonist, driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure, decides to climb the stairs and explore the unknown. As they ascend, they encounter various obstacles and make unexpected discoveries. Illustrate their journey, detailing the physical and emotional challenges they overcome.

24 Picture Writing Prompts

3. In the heart of a lively metropolis, the city square serves as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. The square is renowned for its giant statue, which magically comes to life at certain times of the day. Your protagonist is a street artist who witnesses the statue’s animation for the first time and is inspired to uncover its origins. Narrate their quest to learn the statue’s history and its impact on the city and its inhabitants.

Photo of a dense, mysterious forest with tall, ancient trees. The unique feature of these trees is that they have intricately carved doors and windows in their trunks, making it appear as though they are homes for magical creatures.

4. Deep within a secluded forest, the trees are not what they seem. Each trunk has a door or window carved into it, leading to unknown realms. Your protagonist stumbles upon this enchanted forest and decides to explore the mystery behind these arboreal abodes. Recount their encounters, the beings they meet, and the lessons they learn on this fantastical journey.

Photo of an ancient library with stone walls and high arches. The atmosphere is dimly lit, with a central chandelier casting a soft glow. Books of various sizes and colors float and flutter around, creating intricate patterns in the air. Some books open to reveal their pages, while others cluster together in harmonious formations.

5. In a hidden corner of the world, there lies an ancient library where the books have a life of their own. They float and dance in the air, creating mesmerizing patterns and sharing stories from ages past. Your protagonist is a bibliophile who discovers this magical place and is eager to learn its secrets. Describe their exploration of the library, the knowledge they gain, and the enchanting experiences they have.

Photo of a vast desert landscape during sunset. The sky is painted in hues of orange, purple, and gold, casting a warm glow over the sand dunes. As the sun dips below the horizon, long shadows are cast upon the sand, revealing the outlines of mysterious creatures. Some shadows are serpentine, while others have multiple limbs or wings, hinting at the unseen beings that roam the desert.

6. As the sun sets over the vast desert, the landscape transforms, casting elongated shadows of mysterious creatures on the sand. Your protagonist is a weary traveler, intrigued by the legends of mystical beings that inhabit the desert. They decide to stay the night, hoping to catch a glimpse of these elusive entities. Recount their nocturnal adventure, the encounters they have, and the revelations they experience.

Illustration of a whimsical garden set against a clear blue sky. The garden is filled with oversized, vibrant flowers that tower over everything else. Giant roses, tulips, and daisies sway gently in the breeze. Among these colossal blooms, enormous insects flutter about: butterflies with wingspans the size of umbrellas, dragonflies darting around, and ladybugs crawling on the petals. The whole scene feels surreal, as if one has stepped into a larger-than-life fairytale.

7. In a secluded part of the countryside, there’s a garden where everything is supersized – the flowers tower above, and the insects are as large as domestic pets. Your protagonist, a young child with a vivid imagination, discovers this garden and is instantly captivated. They decide to explore this surreal landscape, befriending the giant insects and learning the secrets of the oversized flora. Narrate their adventures, the challenges they face, and the magical moments they experience.

Illustration of a bustling space station set against the backdrop of deep space. The station is a hub of activity with sleek metallic corridors and large viewing windows. Various aliens of different shapes, sizes, and colors interact with humans. Some aliens have tentacles, others have multiple eyes, and some float in the air. Humans and aliens work together at control panels, engage in trade, or simply chat. The atmosphere is one of harmony and cooperation, showcasing a future where different species cohabitate and collaborate.

8. Orbiting a distant planet, a space station serves as a hub for intergalactic cooperation, housing both human astronauts and alien beings. Your protagonist is a human scientist assigned to work on the station, eager to learn from their extraterrestrial colleagues. As they navigate the complexities of inter-species communication and collaboration, they uncover a potential threat to the station’s harmony. Describe their efforts to resolve the crisis, build trust, and foster unity among the diverse inhabitants.

Photo of a small, cozy wooden cabin nestled in a clearing. The ground is covered in soft grass and the surrounding area is dominated by giant mushrooms with various colors and patterns. Some of the mushrooms have large caps, while others stand tall and slender. The scene is set at twilight, with a purplish-blue sky and the first stars beginning to appear. Glowing fireflies float in the air, illuminating the area with their gentle light.

9. In a secluded forest, there lies a hidden clearing where giant mushrooms tower over the landscape, and fireflies light up the night with their gentle glow. Your protagonist stumbles upon this enchanting scene, finding a quaint cabin at its center. Intrigued, they decide to stay and explore the wonders of this magical place. Describe their experiences, the mysterious inhabitants they meet, and the secrets they uncover.

Illustration of an old, whimsical bookstore with a vintage wooden facade and large glass windows. Inside, the walls are lined with tall wooden shelves filled with books of various sizes, colors, and bindings. Some books are floating in mid-air, gently descending from the shelves with an aura of magic. Each book has a unique aura and seems to be animated, moving towards potential readers. A few customers stand in awe, reaching out to the floating books with expressions of wonder.

10. Nestled in a bustling city street is an old bookstore known for its unique service – the books float down from the shelves to greet customers, helping them find exactly what they need. Your protagonist, a lover of literature, visits the store for the first time and is captivated by its charm. They soon discover that the bookstore holds more than just books; it holds stories waiting to be lived. Narrate their adventure inside the bookstore, the characters they meet, and the stories they become a part of.

Photo of a hidden, enchanting garden surrounded by tall stone walls. The pathway is paved with cobblestones and meanders through the garden. On either side, there are a variety of luminous plants and flowers that emit a soft, radiant glow. These glowing plants are of different species, ranging from luminous roses to glowing ferns. When a person's hand touches any of these plants, the intensity of the glow increases, illuminating the surrounding area even more. Butterflies with luminescent wings flutter around, adding to the magical atmosphere.

11. Behind an unassuming wall in the heart of the city lies a secret garden filled with plants and flowers that emit a soft, luminous glow. The protagonist, a curious child, discovers the garden and realizes that the plants shine even brighter when touched. Fascinated, they decide to spend their days exploring the garden, learning about the unique flora and uncovering the magic within. Describe their journey, the friends they make, and the lessons they learn in this glowing paradise.

Illustration of a city waking up to the early morning light. The city skyline features an array of architectural styles, from modern skyscrapers to historic buildings. As dawn breaks, the sky is painted in hues of pink, orange, and gold. Above the city, numerous balloons of various shapes, sizes, and colors rise gracefully. Some balloons resemble animals, while others have intricate patterns. On the streets below, people look up in admiration, capturing the moment with their cameras and enjoying the serene view.

12. As the first light of dawn breaks, the city skyline is transformed by the sight of countless balloons of various shapes and sizes filling the sky. Your protagonist, a balloon artist, is preparing for the grand balloon festival, an annual event that brings joy and color to the city. They create a special balloon with a unique story behind it, hoping to share its tale with the world. Explore their preparations for the festival, the unveiling of their masterpiece, and the impact it has on the community.

24 Picture Writing Prompts

13. In a distant land covered in snow, there lies a village where the houses are carved from ice, creating a shimmering, ethereal landscape. Your protagonist, seeking refuge from a snowstorm, finds themselves in this icy haven, welcomed by the warm-hearted inhabitants. They discover that the village holds ancient secrets and a unique way of life, preserved through generations. Describe their time in the village, the traditions they learn, and the friendships they forge in this winter wonderland.

Illustration of a mesmerizing floating city above the clouds. Multiple floating platforms at varying altitudes are interconnected with elegant bridges. Tall skyscraper-like buildings made of gleaming materials rise from the platforms. The backdrop is a vibrant blue sky with fluffy white clouds around and below the city structures, casting subtle shadows on the platforms.

14. High above the ground, there exists a city suspended in the clouds, accessible only by airships. The protagonist, a young aviator, ventures to this aerial metropolis for the first time, eager to explore its floating platforms and connect with its inhabitants. They quickly realize that this city in the sky has its own set of challenges and wonders, as well as a tight-knit community that looks out for one another. Narrate their adventures in the sky, the friendships they make, and the lessons they learn about community and resilience.

Watercolor painting of a dense and mystical forest at dawn. The trees are grand and majestic, with deep roots and thick canopies. Uniquely, the bark of some trees has naturally formed faces with wise expressions. As the wind rustles through the leaves, the trees seem to murmur and converse with travelers, sharing ancient tales and secrets.

15. Deep in the heart of the wilderness, there is a forest unlike any other, where the trees have faces and can speak to those who enter their domain. Your protagonist, a nature enthusiast, hears rumors of this mystical forest and decides to embark on a journey to find it. They soon find themselves in conversation with the ancient trees, learning about the forest’s history, secrets, and the wisdom they have to offer. Explore their dialogue with the trees, the insights they gain, and the transformative experience of connecting with nature on a deeper level.

24 Picture Writing Prompts

16. In a dimension beyond our own, there exists a library of unimaginable proportions, with shelves that stretch infinitely in every direction. Your protagonist, a scholar and bibliophile, stumbles upon this incredible place and is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of knowledge contained within. Eager to explore, they delve into the endless rows of books, discovering stories, facts, and worlds beyond their wildest dreams. Narrate their journey through the library, the treasures they uncover, and the impact this vast repository of knowledge has on their perspective and understanding of the world.

Photo of a bustling marketplace in a futuristic city. The sky is dotted with sleek flying cars zooming by. Numerous people of diverse descent and gender walk through the market, looking at the various stalls and shops. Holographic storefronts display vibrant advertisements, and tall skyscrapers loom in the background, their lights shimmering against the dusk sky.

17. The cityscape is alive with activity as people navigate through a bustling marketplace, set against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers and flying cars. Holographic storefronts advertise their wares, creating a kaleidoscope of lights and colors. Your protagonist, a small business owner, is trying to keep their traditional shop afloat in this fast-paced, high-tech environment. Describe their daily life, the challenges they face, and the innovative strategies they employ to preserve their livelihood and traditions.

Photo of a serene park located in the heart of an autumn forest. The ground is covered with vibrant red and orange leaves that have fallen from the trees. A gentle breeze rustles the leaves, creating a soothing sound. There are wooden benches placed around, and people of various descents and genders are seen enjoying the beauty of nature, some taking photos and others simply sitting and relaxing.

18. As autumn arrives, a secluded park becomes a canvas painted with hues of red, orange, and yellow. The ground is carpeted with leaves, and the air is filled with the crisp scent of autumn. Your protagonist, seeking solace and inspiration, frequents this park, finding peace in the changing seasons. Explore their introspective journey, the emotions stirred by the autumnal beauty, and the creative inspiration they draw from nature’s transformation.

Illustration of an old, haunted mansion perched on a hill. The mansion is decrepit with broken windows and an eerie aura. The full moon casts a luminous glow, illuminating the mansion and the surrounding barren trees. Shadows seem to flicker and dance across the walls, suggesting the presence of ghostly apparitions. Mist rises from the ground, adding to the haunting atmosphere.

19. Perched atop a hill, an ancient mansion stands tall, its grandeur faded by time and tales of hauntings. The full moon casts a pale glow upon the estate, creating flickering shadows and an eerie atmosphere. Your protagonist, a paranormal investigator, is drawn to the mansion, determined to uncover the truths and myths that shroud the property. Narrate their eerie adventure, the spectral encounters they experience, and the mysteries they unravel within the haunted walls.

Illustration of a quaint village blanketed in fresh snow. The village consists of cozy cottages with smoke rising from their chimneys. People of diverse descent and gender are seen walking around, some building snowmen, while others are engaged in snowball fights. In the center of the village stands a large, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, its lights twinkling brightly against the snowy backdrop.

20. Winter has transformed a small village into a picturesque scene straight out of a holiday card. Snow blankets the landscape, cottages emit a warm, inviting glow, and a grand Christmas tree stands proudly in the village center. Your protagonist, new to the village, is experiencing their first winter holiday season in this close-knit community. Describe their journey of making new friends, participating in festive traditions, and finding a sense of belonging in their new home.

Photo of a vast university campus showcasing ancient architectural designs. Stone buildings with intricate carvings stand majestically amidst sprawling lawns. Lush gardens with blooming flowers add to the serene ambiance. Students of diverse genders and ethnicities are gathered in small groups, engaged in discussions, studying, or simply enjoying the surroundings.

21. An esteemed university, renowned for its history and academic excellence, sprawls across acres of land, featuring grand buildings and lush gardens. Students from diverse backgrounds gather, engaging in discussions and collaborative work. Your protagonist, a first-year student, is navigating this new phase of life, seeking knowledge and connections. Explore their academic and social journey, the challenges they face, and the friendships they form in the pursuit of education and personal growth.

Photo of a wild and untamed jungle landscape. Towering trees with thick canopies cast shadows over the forest floor. Dense green foliage covers every inch, making it hard to navigate. Amidst this natural maze, glimpses of ancient stone ruins can be seen, hinting at a lost civilization that once thrived here.

22. Deep within the heart of a lush, untamed jungle, the remnants of an ancient civilization lie hidden, enveloped by towering trees and dense foliage. Your protagonist, an adventurous archaeologist, ventures into the jungle, determined to uncover the secrets of the lost ruins. As they navigate the challenging terrain, they encounter the vibrant and mysterious life of the jungle. Describe their thrilling expedition, the historical treasures they discover, and the connection they forge with the natural world.

Photo of a serene island retreat, with a prominent lighthouse standing at its center. The lighthouse, painted in white and red, casts a shadow over the pristine sandy shores. Surrounding the island are azure waters, so clear that the vibrant coral reefs beneath can be easily spotted. Schools of colorful fish swim around the reef, making it a diver's paradise.

23. Off the beaten path, a secluded island stands, home to a solitary lighthouse and surrounded by crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life. Your protagonist, a marine biologist, arrives on the island to study the vibrant coral reef and its inhabitants. They find solace in the isolation, immersing themselves in the beauty and mysteries of the underwater world. Narrate their marine adventures, the discoveries they make, and the personal transformation they undergo amidst the tranquil beauty of the island.

Photo of a lively urban setting during a cultural festival. The city streets are alive with energy, illuminated by hanging lanterns and string lights. Decorative banners and flags sway in the breeze. People of different genders and ethnic backgrounds are dressed in festive attire, dancing to the rhythm of traditional music. Street vendors offer a variety of local delicacies, adding to the festive spirit.

24. The city comes alive with color, lights, and joy as the community gathers to celebrate a traditional festival. Streets are adorned with decorations, and the air is filled with music and laughter. Your protagonist, a documentary filmmaker, is capturing the festivities, aiming to showcase the cultural richness and communal spirit of the event. Explore their journey through the festival, the stories they uncover, and the impact the celebration has on fostering unity and preserving cultural heritage.

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