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30 Summer Writing Prompts for 4th Grade Students

Summer Writing Prompts for 4th Grade Students

Sunshine, popsicles, and adventures. Summer is here.

Wanna turn all that summer fun into awesome stories?

Think back to amazing family trips, dream up crazy summer ideas, or just write about the coolest thing that ever happened to you under the summer sun.

These prompts will spark your creativity and get those summer stories flowing!

Let’s get writing!

Summer Writing Prompts for 4th Grade Students

  1. Imagine you and your friends decide to start a lemonade stand for a day. What challenges might you face? Who would be your first customer? Write a story detailing the ups and downs of your lemonade stand business, including how you made your lemonade and any unexpected surprises that came your way.

  2. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and you’re at the beach. What does your perfect beach day look like? Describe the activities you’d do, the food you’d eat, and any interesting sea creatures you might come across.

  3. While at summer camp, you stumble upon a hidden trail that leads to an old, abandoned cabin. Curious, you decide to investigate. What mysterious objects or clues do you find inside? Write a mystery story about what happens next and the secrets the cabin holds.

  4. On a hot summer afternoon, you discover an unusual object in your backyard that has magical powers only during the summer. What does this object look like and what powers does it have? Write a story about how you use this object, and the adventures or challenges that come with it.

  5. While playing outside one summer day, you find a lost animal that isn’t a typical pet. Maybe it’s a raccoon, a deer, or even a turtle. How do you care for and bond with this new friend? Write a heartwarming tale about your summer adventures together and the lessons you both learn.

  6. Your town is hosting a big summer festival, complete with games, food stalls, and performances. You decide to set up your own stall or showcase a talent. What do you choose to do, and how do you prepare for it? Describe your experience from start to finish, the people you meet, and the memories you make.

  7. Imagine waking up one summer morning to find that everything outside is covered in snow. Shocked and amazed, you decide to explore this sudden winter wonderland. How do your neighbors react, and what fun activities do you come up with? Write a story about this unexpected twist to summer, and how it changes your usual summer day.

  8. In certain parts of the world, the sun doesn’t set for days or even weeks during the summer. Imagine your town is having a Midnight Sun Festival to celebrate a day when it’s bright even at midnight. How would you and your friends enjoy this unique event? Write about the games, food, and late-night activities you’d participate in.

  9. While on a family outing, you discover a vast corn maze, said to have mysterious summer treasures hidden within. What challenges or riddles do you encounter inside? Detail your journey through the maze, the friends or creatures you meet, and what you find at its center.

  10. Your local library announces a summer reading challenge: to read five books and write a story inspired by them. What would your story entail? Describe the books you choose, their impact on you, and the adventurous tale you weave from their inspiration.

  11. After learning about the importance of sustainable energy, you decide to create a summer gadget powered entirely by the sun. What would your invention do, and how would it benefit people during the summer? Share its design, functionality, and the fun or challenges you face while making it.

  12. Behind your house, a garden only blooms during the summer, revealing magical plants and creatures. What wonders hide within its confines? Describe your explorations, the magical items you might find, and the timeless bond you form with this secret haven.

  13. You receive a mysterious invitation to a summer camp located on a floating island that drifts with the ocean currents. How do you reach the island, and what unique activities does this camp offer? Chronicle your adventures, the friends you make, and the marine wonders you witness.

  14. One morning, all signs of summer— the warmth, the blooming flowers, the singing birds— suddenly vanish. How does your community cope, and what do you do to bring summer back? Write about your investigative journey, the challenges you face, and the ultimate realization of where summer went.

  15. Every summer, when you visit the beach, the waves seem to whisper stories of ancient civilizations and underwater worlds. This year, you decide to document the tales the waves tell you. Write one of those mesmerizing stories, detailing the characters, the setting, and the adventurous plot they unfold.

  16. During a summer backyard dig, you unearth an old time capsule left by children decades ago. Inside are items and a letter to the future. What do the items reveal, and what does the letter say? Write about your discoveries and the decision to create your own time capsule for future children.

  17. While beachcombing, you stumble upon a bottle with a note inside. It’s a message from someone far away, seeking a pen pal. What tales do they share, and how do you respond? Detail your summer-long correspondence and the bond formed through these letters.

  18. It’s been a scorching summer, and plants are wilting. An elderly neighbor shares an old tale about a rain dance ritual. Could it be real? How do you perform it? Write about your attempt to bring rain and the community’s reaction to your endeavor.

  19. On a clear summer night, you spot a strange light in the sky, and it turns out to be an alien spacecraft. The aliens are on a summer vacation of their own! What do they find fascinating about Earth’s summer? Describe their visit, the cultural exchange, and the fun activities you share.

  20. You hear about a special ice cream that never melts, sold only in a hidden summer shop in your town. How do you find this shop, and what’s the secret behind the ice cream? Write about your quest to taste this wonder and the magic that surrounds it.

  21. A sunflower in your garden grows taller than the house, and its large bloom hides a secret doorway. Where does it lead, and what summer world lies beyond? Chronicle your adventures in this new realm, its inhabitants, and the treasures you discover.

  22. Every summer, your beach hosts a grand sandcastle competition. This year, you decide to build the most epic sandcastle ever. What design do you choose, and what challenges arise during construction? Describe the teamwork, the rivals, and the event’s outcome.

  23. Legends speak of a rare fruit that only ripens on the hottest day of summer and grants the eater a special gift. How do you find this fruit, and what gift do you receive? Write about your journey to find the fruit, the challenges you face, and how the gift changes the rest of your summer.

  24. Your town is in the perfect location to witness a rare solar eclipse this summer. In celebration, there’s a grand Solar Eclipse Festival. What unique traditions and activities occur during this event? Narrate your day at the festival, the wonders of the eclipse, and the memories you make.

  25. One warm evening, as you drift to sleep, you enter a dream world where summer is eternal and magical beings rule. What enchanting creatures do you meet, and what mission do they give you? Detail your nighttime adventure, the challenges faced, and the revelations upon waking up.

  26. Diving into a local pond, you discover an entrance to an underwater palace where merpeople celebrate summer. How is their summer different from yours? Write about the festivities in the underwater world, the friendships you forge, and the cultural treasures you bring back.

  27. The children in your neighborhood decide to have the grandest water balloon fight ever. Forts are built, strategies are made, and allegiances are formed. How do you prepare, and what epic moments occur during the battle? Chronicle the event, the playful rivalries, and the cool splashy finale.

  28. You discover a portal in your summerhouse that leads to a parallel universe where summer has unique and unusual characteristics. What are the striking differences and how do inhabitants spend their summer? Describe your explorations, the peculiar customs, and the lessons you learn about appreciating home.

  29. A local legend speaks of a hidden lagoon that appears only once every summer and holds a secret treasure. Armed with a map and curiosity, you set off with friends. What challenges do you face, and what do you find in the lagoon? Write about the perils and rewards of your expedition.

  30. Every summer, when a particular constellation appears, your town holds a Star Festival. Stars are said to descend and grant wishes for one night. How do you prepare, and what wish do you make? Narrate the festival’s beauty, the magic of the night, and the changes that follow.