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25 Superhero Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Superhero Writing Prompts

Superheroes are awesome, right?

We love watching them save the day, and deep down, we kind of imagine what it would be like to have those powers ourselves. Whether they’re classic heroes like Superman or have totally wacky abilities, they make for some really exciting stories.

That’s where these writing prompts come in!

They’re basically little ideas to get your imagination going. They’re designed to challenge you to make up your own superhero adventures. Some will be full of action, others might make you think about what’s right and wrong.

Okay then, let’s begin.

25 Superhero Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

  1. The Reluctant Superhero: In a world where superheroes are expected to act according to a specific code of conduct, your protagonist, a newly discovered superhero, is trying to resist the call to duty. They possess a unique power they believe is too dangerous for humanity, yet they’re being pursued by both villainous factions and a government organization urging them to join the ranks of the “approved” superheroes. Consider what might happen when the pressure becomes too much and their power inadvertently becomes public knowledge.

  2. Superhero Retirement: Your protagonist is an aging superhero, who after decades of service decides to retire. However, they soon discover that leaving the life of a superhero isn’t as easy as hanging up their cape. What happens when a new threat rises and people start to question their retirement, even accuse them of being a coward? Explore how the protagonist deals with these societal pressures and this newfound threat.

  3. Superpower or Curse?: Imagine a protagonist who has the ability to absorb other people’s illnesses, making the sick person healthy but causing them to experience the illness themselves. How would the protagonist balance the urge to help with the physical toll and the emotional strain of suffering through numerous ailments? Explore how they might handle this power, its implications, and how it affects their relationships.

  4. The Secret Identity Exposed: Your protagonist is a well-known superhero who has always managed to keep their identity a secret. One day, an investigative journalist discovers their secret and threatens to expose them. How will the superhero cope with this threat to their personal life and their superhero duties? Explore their attempts to keep their identity concealed, negotiate with the journalist, and their internal struggle with the prospect of exposure.

  5. The Superhero without Powers: Your protagonist is the only member of a famous superhero team without any actual powers. Instead, they rely on their wit, physical training, and advanced technology to fight against evil. How will they cope when the team is faced with a powerful villain that seems to be immune to their tech? Explore the theme of determination, self-doubt, and the true meaning of heroism.

  6. The Mind Controller: Your protagonist has the power to control minds, which they’ve always used for good, subtly influencing people to make better choices. However, when they discover that their power may have been used without their knowledge to commit a series of crimes, they must investigate who’s behind it and clear their name. Explore their fight for truth, ethical use of their power, and struggle with guilt.

  7. The Antagonist’s Sidekick: Your protagonist is a sidekick to a notorious villain, serving as their loyal aide while harbouring a secret – they possess a powerful ability that could easily overthrow their boss. What happens when the superhero community discovers the sidekick’s hidden power and tries to persuade them to switch sides? Explore their moral dilemmas, their loyalty to the villain who gave them a home, and the potential for redemption.

  8. The Time-Traveling Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero who can travel through time. They’ve been using their powers to subtly alter events to prevent global catastrophes, but one day they return to the present to find the world drastically different. How does the superhero cope with the unexpected consequences of their time-altering actions and try to restore the world they once knew? Explore their journey through time, ethical dilemmas, and their struggle with the power of choice.

  9. The Superhero Healer: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power to heal any disease or injury. However, their power has a unique side effect: they can only heal others by inflicting the same wound or disease upon themselves. How does the superhero decide who to save when every act of healing could potentially kill them? Explore their struggle with this choice, the societal pressure, and how they deal with the physical and emotional pain.

  10. The Forgotten Sidekick: Your protagonist, a loyal sidekick, has spent their life in the shadow of a famous superhero. One day, the superhero dies in an epic battle, and the world mourns their loss while forgetting the sidekick. How does the overlooked sidekick cope with the loss of their partner, their own grief, and the pressure to step up and fill the superhero’s shoes?

  11. The Superhuman Trainer: Your protagonist is a retired superhero who now trains younger generations in harnessing and controlling their powers. They live a peaceful, low-key life until one of their most promising students turns rogue. How does the former superhero deal with the guilt and responsibility, and what measures will they take to stop their former protégé? Explore their personal journey and the complexities of mentorship.

  12. The Involuntary Telepath: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power of telepathy, but they can’t control when or whose thoughts they hear. They’ve been trying to lead a normal life, but their power often puts them in awkward and difficult situations. What happens when they start hearing a plot to murder a local superhero? Explore their struggle with intrusive thoughts, their decision to act or not, and the consequences of their choices.

  13. The Superhuman Psychologist: Your protagonist is a psychologist who has the unique ability to absorb and manipulate emotions, which they use to help their patients. One day, they come across a patient whose emotions are dangerously overwhelming. How does the psychologist handle this intense emotional surge and what happens when their power starts to affect their own mental health? Explore the ethical dilemmas, the psychological toll, and their drive to help others at the cost of their well-being.

  14. The Uncontrollable Shapeshifter: Your protagonist has the power to shapeshift into any living creature. However, their power is tied to their emotional state, making their transformations unpredictable and often inconvenient. How do they navigate their life and maintain relationships when they could unintentionally turn into a tiger during an argument or a mouse when scared? Explore their struggles with self-control, acceptance, and the quest to master their power.

  15. The Moral Compass: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power to enforce truth – they can make anyone they touch unable to lie. While it’s a useful power for battling deceptive villains, it also brings complications in their personal life. How do they cope when they discover a heartbreaking truth about a loved one that was revealed due to their power? Explore their emotional journey, their struggle with truth and deceit, and the ethical implications of their power.

  16. The Celebrity Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero with a global fan base. They are adored and idolized, but their fame hinders their ability to lead a normal life. What happens when the superhero decides to step out of the spotlight, shocking their fans and leaving the city in a state of panic? Explore the implications of fame, the weight of expectations, and their search for identity beyond their superhero persona.

  17. The Superpowered Refugee: Your protagonist is a refugee from another planet with superpowers unique to their alien biology. Struggling to integrate into human society, they decide to use their powers for good, hoping to gain acceptance. What challenges will they face as an alien superhero trying to find their place in a world not their own? Explore themes of identity, acceptance, and the complexities of cultural assimilation.

  18. The Invisible Superhero: Your protagonist is a superhero with the power of invisibility. They use their ability to do good, unseen and unnoticed by the public. What happens when they start craving recognition and acknowledgment, even as their power keeps them forever hidden? Explore their journey towards self-validation, their struggle with loneliness, and their quest for a visible identity.

  19. The Superhero Therapist: Your protagonist is a superhero therapist who helps other superheroes deal with the emotional and psychological pressures of their roles. Their unique power is the ability to suppress other heroes’ powers temporarily, providing a safe space for therapy. What happens when a superhero patient loses control in a session, and the protagonist’s power fails to work? Explore the challenges of their unique job, the trust between them and their clients, and their quest for a solution.

  20. The Unpredictable Power: Your protagonist is a superhero who wakes up every day with a new superpower. While it keeps their life exciting and unpredictable, it also makes it hard for them to master their powers or lead a stable life. What happens when they wake up one day with a destructive power they can’t control? Explore the thrill and frustration of their ever-changing abilities, their attempts at control, and the unpredictability of their life.

  21. The Silent Superhero: Your protagonist is a mute superhero who communicates through sign language. Despite their disability, they are determined to make a difference. How does the protagonist overcome communication barriers in a high-action superhero world and prove their worth? Explore their struggle with acceptance, innovative ways of communication, and their journey to self-confidence.

  22. The Aged Hero: Your protagonist is a superhero who has been fighting crime for decades. Now in their 70s, their powers are not as potent as they once were, and they struggle to keep up with younger heroes and villains. How do they adapt to the physical limitations of aging, yet continue to contribute to the cause they’ve dedicated their life to? Explore themes of aging, adaptability, and the meaning of heroism.

  23. The Accidental Superhero: Your protagonist is a common citizen who accidentally gains superpowers after a scientific experiment goes wrong. Initially terrified and unsure, they decide to use their powers for the greater good. How do they balance their sudden superhero duties with their personal life, job, and family? Explore the sudden shift in their life, the challenges of heroism, and their personal growth.

  24. The Dual Personality: Your protagonist is a superhero with a dual personality disorder, each personality having a distinct superpower. One personality is a beloved city protector, while the other is a feared vigilante. What happens when the two personalities start clashing over their methods of crime-fighting? Explore their internal struggle, the city’s reaction to their two-sided hero, and the complexities of identity.

  25. The Unseen Power: Your protagonist is a teenager who wakes up one day to find they have the ability to see the future. However, their power is inconsistent and unpredictable, sometimes showing them only minor events, other times revealing catastrophic events. Explore the protagonist’s struggle to understand, control, and use this power to prevent future calamities, while navigating their daily teenage life and keeping their power a secret.