32 Supernatural Writing Prompts

Supernatural Writing Prompts

This blog is your one-stop shop for all things spooky, spectral, and seriously strange. We’ll be dishing out supernatural writing prompts that’ll have your characters encountering ghosts with unfinished business, witches with wild schemes, and maybe even a grumpy gargoyle or two.

So, buckle up, brew yourself a potion of inspiration (extra eyeball optional), and let’s get ready to unleash your inner creator on the wonders (and horrors) of the supernatural!

Supernatural Writing Prompts

  1. In a small, seemingly unremarkable town, residents start experiencing vivid visions of their past mistakes, manifested as ghostly apparitions. These apparitions bring unresolved issues to the forefront, causing both turmoil and opportunities for redemption. As the protagonist, a local therapist, delves into the mystery, they discover a deep-seated secret about the town’s history that explains these hauntings. Write a story where the protagonist helps the townsfolk confront and reconcile with their past.

  2. Imagine a world where one person has the power to manipulate dreams. This individual, known as the Dream Weaver, uses their ability to subtly guide people towards better choices in their waking lives. However, when a series of nightmares start affecting the town, it becomes clear that someone else has learned to weave dreams, but with more sinister intentions. Your story should explore the battle between the Dream Weaver and this new adversary.

  3. Deep in the heart of an ancient forest, a hidden realm exists where mythical creatures that have faded from human belief still thrive. A group of teenagers accidentally stumbles upon this realm, only to find themselves entangled in a conflict between these forgotten beings. The story revolves around the teenagers’ efforts to restore peace in the realm while finding a way back to their world.

  4. In a universe where time is a tangible element, the Timekeeper is responsible for maintaining its flow. When time starts glitching, causing historical events to blend into the present, the Timekeeper must identify the cause and fix it. This story follows the Timekeeper’s journey through different eras to restore the proper order of time.

  5. In a modern world where magic has long been forgotten, the last remaining sorcerer is aging and must find a successor. The sorcerer discovers a young, unlikely candidate in a mundane setting, someone completely unaware of their latent magical abilities. Your story should detail the training and challenges faced by this new apprentice.

  6. Some people are born with the ability to communicate with shadows, ethereal entities that exist in a parallel dimension. The protagonist, a young Shadow Whisperer, learns that these shadows hold the key to preventing an impending disaster. This narrative explores the protagonist’s quest to decipher the shadows’ warnings and save their world.

  7. In this world, certain individuals have the power to hear the echoes of voices from the past, especially in places where significant historical events occurred. The protagonist, a historian with this ability, starts hearing a persistent voice leading them to uncover a long-lost secret. The story focuses on the protagonist’s journey to unravel this historical mystery.

  8. An antique mirror possesses the power to show glimpses of alternate lives of its onlooker. The main character, who recently acquired the mirror, begins to see fascinating but disconcerting visions of what their life could have been. Write about how these visions impact the character’s decisions and perceptions of their current life.

  9. In a quaint, old bookstore, a special section exists for items that people have lost and forgotten – keys, letters, photographs. The Keeper, an enigmatic figure, can read the stories behind these items, uncovering deep secrets and tales. When a young woman comes searching for a lost family heirloom, the Keeper is drawn into a mystery that spans generations. Your story should unravel the connection between the lost items and the woman’s family history.

  10. In a world where people receive guidance from the stars, a young astronomer starts hearing direct whispers from the cosmos. These messages foretell a looming cosmic event that could change the course of humanity. The story involves the astronomer’s quest to interpret these messages and prepare the world for what’s coming.

  11. Hidden behind an old, crumbling wall lies a garden where time moves differently. A child discovers this garden and befriends its timeless inhabitants, learning ancient wisdom and stories. However, they soon realize that spending time in the garden affects their real-world timeline. Explore the consequences of the child’s visits to this magical, yet dangerous, garden.

  12. A marine archaeologist discovers a mysterious artifact on the ocean floor that seems to be a relic from the legendary Atlantis. This artifact allows them to see flashbacks of the ancient civilization, revealing insights into its advanced technology and downfall. Write a story about how these revelations impact modern society and the archaeologist’s life.

  13. In a world influenced by lunar magic, a family heirloom – a moonstone – is passed down through generations. This stone grants its holder enhanced intuition and, during full moons, prophetic visions. The latest recipient of the moonstone foresees a calamitous event and must navigate this newfound responsibility. Your story should delve into how they use the moonstone’s power to avert the impending disaster.

  14. A small village is haunted not by ghosts, but by the shadows of its own history. These shadows reenact past tragedies and secrets at night, visible to all. The protagonist, a newcomer to the village, becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind these eerie reenactments. Write about their discoveries and how it changes the village’s understanding of its past.

  15. Deep in a mystical forest lies a library housing books that contain stories never written by authors – ideas that remained in their minds. A young librarian discovers that they can enter these books, experiencing the stories firsthand. The narrative should follow the librarian’s adventures within these unwritten books and the consequences of meddling with unfinished tales.

  16. An artist in a small town discovers they have the uncanny ability to paint people’s dreams onto canvas, bringing them to life in vivid detail. However, when they start painting nightmares by accident, the town is plagued by these terrifying visions. Your story should focus on how the artist deals with this newfound, unsettling power.

  17. In a futuristic society, there exists a profession known as Memory Collectors, individuals who can extract and store memories from people. The protagonist, a skilled Memory Collector, stumbles upon a conspiracy when they extract a memory that holds a dangerous secret, capable of toppling the government. The story unfolds as they decide what to do with this volatile information.

  18. An antique clockmaker in a small village crafts a magical clock that doesn’t just tell time; it also reveals pivotal moments in the future that can alter a person’s fate. The protagonist, upon inheriting this clock, must navigate the ethical dilemmas of knowing—and possibly changing—future events. Your story should explore the impact of this foresight on the protagonist and those around them.

  19. A mystical bridge appears in a city, visible only to those who have lost someone dear and are seeking closure. The bridge allows them a final conversation with the departed. The protagonist, a journalist, sets out to document the stories of those who cross the bridge and encounters their own unresolved grief. Write about their journey of emotional healing and the stories they uncover.

  20. In a world where physical and emotional pain manifests as visible scars, there exists a healer who can mend these scars. The protagonist, a young healer, discovers that the process also transfers the pain to them temporarily. The narrative follows their struggle with the burden of healing and the search for their own relief.

  21. A botanist discovers that plants can communicate and hold centuries of wisdom. They find themselves able to understand this language and learn of an impending ecological disaster. Your story should focus on the botanist’s race against time to use this knowledge to save the environment.

  22. A scientist invents a mirror that allows people to see into parallel universes, where different choices led to different lives. The protagonist becomes obsessed with a happier version of their life in another reality and seeks to find a way to switch places. Explore the consequences of tampering with the fabric of reality.

  23. In a world where music is magic, a legendary melody has been lost to time, said to hold the power to bring peace. A young musician, who hears fragments of this melody in their dreams, embarks on a quest to piece it together. The story should reveal the journey of rediscovery and the impact of the melody on the world.

  24. In a city where lost souls wander, unable to move on, a Curator is tasked with helping these souls resolve their unfinished business. The protagonist, a new Curator, discovers a soul with a mysterious past that challenges everything they know about life and death. Write about their journey to help this soul and the truths uncovered along the way.

  25. In a quaint village, the old clocktower rings a unique chime at midnight, which has the power to transport listeners to a parallel dimension for one hour. The protagonist, a curious teenager, decides to explore this alternate world, only to uncover secrets that could alter the fate of both worlds. Your story should delve into the mysteries and challenges they face in balancing these two realities.

  26. A dense forest is rumored to be alive with ancient spirits that communicate through whispers. A group of friends camping in the forest start to hear these whispers, leading each to confront personal fears and secrets. The narrative explores their journey of self-discovery and the mystical power of the woods.

  27. In a world slowly being consumed by darkness, the protagonist is the last remaining Lightkeeper, a guardian who can control and create light. They embark on a journey to reignite extinguished lighthouses across the land, facing both physical and existential challenges. Write about their quest to bring light back into the world and the forces they encounter along the way.

  28. An ancient book is discovered, which contains stories that change every time it is opened. The protagonist, a librarian, becomes entangled in these shifting narratives, which start to manifest in reality. The story should focus on their attempts to control the book’s power and the unpredictable outcomes of these ever-changing tales.

  29. A linguist discovers a potion that allows them to speak and understand lost languages. As they delve into forgotten texts, they unearth a prophecy that predicts a catastrophic event. Your narrative should explore their race against time to decipher the prophecy and avert the disaster.

  30. Hidden in the heart of the city is a mystical market that appears only at dusk, where one can buy and sell intangible items like dreams, talents, and even emotions. The protagonist, a regular visitor, accidentally trades away a crucial memory and must navigate the market’s enigmatic rules to retrieve it. Write about their journey through this mysterious marketplace and the characters they meet along the way.

  31. An artist discovers they can paint portraits that capture the very essence of a person’s soul, revealing their deepest emotions and secrets. This gift becomes a curse when their paintings start to affect the subjects’ real lives. The story revolves around the artist’s struggle with the ethical implications of their ability.

  32. A hidden garden is found where all four seasons exist simultaneously in different parts of the garden. The protagonist, an environmental scientist, discovers that this anomaly is linked to the earth’s climate balance. Your narrative should explore their efforts to understand and preserve this unique ecosystem, amidst growing environmental threats.
32 Supernatural Writing Prompts
32 Supernatural Writing Prompts
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