32 Urban Fantasy Writing Prompts

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompts

Okay, so imagine our world, but with a sprinkling of magic on top.

Like, picture a city where warlocks hustle stocks on Wall Street and witches brew lattes at your favorite coffee joint.

Pretty cool, right?

This whole urban fantasy thing is basically taking the fantastical stuff we loved as kids (think dragons and spells) and throwing it into the messy blender of adult life (think bills and traffic).

It’s like “Lord of the Rings” meets your morning commute.

But what if you’re a writer stuck staring at a blank page, begging for an idea to pop out?

Here’s where these urban fantasy prompts come in.

They’re basically magic sparklers for your imagination, ready to light up your story with fantastical twists on everyday things.

Let’s dive in and see what kind of urban adventures we can cook up!

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompts

  1. Parallel Shadows: In the bustling city of Novellum, shadows aren’t just the absence of light. They’re gateways to a parallel world, a city with its own hierarchy, economy, and rules, but for shadows. Protagonist Sam, an ordinary librarian, accidentally stumbles upon this truth when their own shadow goes rogue, making decisions Sam would never dare. Now, they must navigate this mirroring world to regain control before the shadow destroys their life. Sam must regain control of their rogue shadow in a parallel world.

  2. Magical Graffiti: Street artist Elena discovers she’s not merely making art – she’s casting spells with every mural. Each piece of graffiti she paints comes to life in unexpected ways, influencing the fate of the city and its residents. But with a rival artist undoing her work and the city council on her tail, she must choose her artwork wisely. Elena’s graffiti murals influence the city’s fate.

  3. The Urban Mythos Keeper: Every urban legend whispered in the darkened alleys of the city is real, and there’s one person, known as the Mythos Keeper, who ensures these tales don’t spiral out of control. Leo, a skeptical journalist, discovers he’s the next in line for the role when the myths start targeting him for initiation. As the new Keeper, he needs to contain the legends or see his city torn apart by terror. Leo is chosen to contain real urban legends.

  4. Neon Witch: The neon signs of Metro City aren’t just for show. They’re a secret language of witches, and bright neon lights are their source of power. Lina, a young witch in training, has just moved to the city, aiming to master the neon craft. But when a dark force begins dimming the neon lights, Lina must step up to preserve her newfound heritage. Lina must protect the neon signs, a source of witch power.

  5. Dragons in the Subway: Subways are not just transit lines but the resting grounds of ancient dragons, hidden from the modern world. Jay, a subway operator, accidentally awakens one during a night shift, setting off a chain of events where modernity and myth clash. Balancing his mundane job and the world of dragons now intertwined with his life, Jay seeks a way to restore the balance. Jay awakens a subway dragon, clashing myth and modernity.

  6. The Forgotten God’s Café: There’s a café in the heart of the city that serves not only the best coffee but also offers counsel to forgotten gods, myths, and spirits. Run by an immortal barista, the café is a neutral ground where old deities find solace. A young human, Alex, stumbles upon it and gets roped into the celestial politics, becoming the key to a brewing divine conflict. Alex discovers a café that caters to forgotten gods.

  7. The Greening Curse: Urban parks are not just green spaces; they’re the guardians against a curse that turns city dwellers into stone statues. Zoe, a landscape architect, unknowingly becomes the new protector when she redesigns the central park. With the curse threatening to spread like wildfire, she must delve deep into the history of the city and its green spaces to find a solution. Zoe must defend the city from a curse linked to its parks.

  8. Skyscraper Sentinels: The city’s towering skyscrapers are not lifeless structures; they’re ancient sentinels keeping an eye on the balance of urban life. When one skyscraper “falls sick,” the equilibrium of the city is at stake. Architect Neil, who can “communicate” with buildings, is drawn into the challenge of healing the ailing structure and uncovering a larger plot that threatens the entire cityscape. Neil communicates with skyscrapers to save the city’s balance.

  9. Raven’s Delivery Service: Ravens in Metropolis aren’t just birds; they’re the city’s discreet mail carriers for the supernatural community. Riley, a postman, unwittingly intercepts a raven-delivered letter meant for a sorceress. Now, with dark forces mistaking him for an ally, he must navigate the murky underbelly of magical communications to return the letter and restore order. Riley gets entangled in the raven-led supernatural mail system.

  10. Mystic Tattoo Parlor: Tattoos at “Inklore Studios” are not ordinary. Each inked design grants the bearer unique magical abilities. Ivy, a newly apprenticed tattoo artist, realizes the gravity of her designs when an unwitting customer gains too much power. Now, she must correct her mistake without causing a magical uproar in the city. Ivy’s tattoos grant magical powers to their bearers.

  11. Clockwork Spirits: The city’s iconic clock tower doesn’t just tell time; it houses spirits from various epochs, ensuring the city’s history remains intact. Clara, a historian, finds herself transported to past eras whenever she hears the clock chime. As she unravels the city’s secrets, someone or something tries to manipulate history, and Clara must set things right. Clara time-travels with the chimes of the city’s clock tower.

  12. Underground Enchantments: Beneath the city’s subway lies a labyrinthine market where mythical creatures trade enchantments. Lila, a geoengineer surveying for a new train line, stumbles upon it and becomes embroiled in a feud between two magical merchants. Navigating this otherworldly bazaar, she must mediate the conflict before it spills into the human world. Lila discovers a hidden market of magical trades beneath the city.

  13. Fae-infested Rooftops: The city’s rooftops are the playgrounds of mischievous faeries, out of sight from the human world. Mia, a parkour enthusiast, discovers this realm while exploring new routes. She’s soon dragged into fae games and politics, with stakes much higher than she initially thought. Parkour enthusiast Mia gets entangled in rooftop faerie politics.

  14. Metropolitan Forest Spirits: Every tree in the city is a dormant forest spirit, awoken only during lunar eclipses. On one such night, Ethan, an environmental activist, witnesses their awakening and is chosen as their spokesperson. Tasked with conveying the spirits’ desires to the modern world, he’s thrust into a role that challenges his activism’s limits. Ethan becomes the voice of awakened city tree spirits.

  15. The Lamplighter’s Guild: Street lamps in the city aren’t electric but are lit by a secret guild of lamplighters who infuse each with protective charms. Nora, a tech entrepreneur, discovers this ancient practice during a city-wide blackout. As she delves deeper, she realizes the vital role the guild plays in keeping dark forces at bay and must aid them in their mission. Nora discovers the protective charms of the lamplighter’s guild.

  16. Bridges to Elsewhere: Every bridge in the city serves as a portal to different realms, guarded by age-old gatekeepers. When aspiring photographer Jack captures an image of these guardians, he’s drawn into an expedition spanning multiple dimensions. But with each bridge crossed, the line between his home city and the myriad realms blur. Jack’s photos reveal city bridges as portals to other realms.

  17. The Midnight Bus Route: There’s a city bus that only runs at the stroke of midnight, and it doesn’t transport passengers to physical locations but rather to memories and dreams. Marc, a night shift worker, accidentally boards this bus and is taken to a forgotten memory from his past. To return to the present, he must navigate through a labyrinth of his own subconscious. Marc boards a bus that transports him to his own memories.

  18. Potion-Infused Bakeries: In the heart of the city, a quaint bakery serves not just pastries but emotion-infused delicacies. Every bite can evoke strong feelings or recall distant memories. Sarah, a food critic, starts investigating when locals report unusual side effects, only to find herself enmeshed in the bakery’s magical secrets. Sarah discovers a bakery selling emotion-evoking pastries.

  19. Urban Elemental Nexus: Each city district is governed by an elemental spirit: Water for the canal district, Fire for the industrial zone, and so forth. Luna, a city planner, uncovers this balance when she proposes a new project that unknowingly angers the elementals. Now, she must broker peace or witness the wrath of nature in urban form. Luna’s city plans disturb the governing elemental spirits.

  20. The Library of Lost Thoughts: In a hidden corner of the city library, there’s a section where lost thoughts, dreams, and forgotten ideas manifest as tangible books. Danny, an avid reader, discovers this section and gains insight into people’s innermost secrets. But knowledge is power, and with it comes responsibility and danger. Danny finds books containing people’s lost thoughts and dreams.

  21. Chimera Pets Emporium: Pet stores in the city aren’t just selling cats and dogs. There’s a hidden emporium where chimeras — creatures of combined species — are bought and sold. When Amy adopts a mysterious pet that turns out to be a chimera, she’s thrust into a world of magical creatures and the responsibilities they entail. Amy adopts a creature from a hidden chimera pet store.

  22. Rooftop Gardens of the Gods: The city’s skyscrapers host gardens that are tended to by ancient deities who’ve adapted to the modern world. These gardens have the power to bless or curse the areas below them. Nina, an urban farmer, stumbles upon these divine spaces and becomes the liaison between the gods and the city’s inhabitants. Nina discovers rooftop gardens maintained by ancient deities.

  23. The Echoing Alleyways: There’s a series of alleyways in the city where if you whisper a desire or regret, it manifests temporarily. Tom, a musician down on his luck, serenades these alleys, only to find his music taking on a life of its own, with profound effects on those who hear it. Tom’s music in the echoing alleys influences the listeners’ realities.

  24. The Underground Oracle: Beneath the city’s main square lies an oracle that answers one question per person, but always in riddles. Journalist Eliza, seeking a story, descends into the oracle’s lair and asks about the city’s future. The cryptic answer sets her on a quest to unravel impending events that could reshape the city’s destiny. Eliza seeks answers about the city’s future from an underground oracle.

  25. Harbinger Pigeons: City pigeons are not mere birds; they’re omens of future events. Depending on their color, they herald joy, disaster, love, or change. When Kate, a bird enthusiast, begins understanding the pigeons’ patterns, she inadvertently becomes the city’s soothsayer, a role that draws both reverence and resentment. Kate deciphers future omens from the colors of city pigeons.

  26. Enchanted Billboards: City billboards are now enchanted screens that showcase one’s deepest desires and fears. Max, a marketer, discovers this when a personal secret is unintentionally projected on a main street billboard. Racing against time, he must find the enchanter responsible and prevent the city’s secrets from being laid bare. Max confronts billboards that reveal personal secrets.

  27. Tunes from the Phantom Jukebox: There’s a rumored jukebox in the city’s oldest diner that doesn’t play recorded songs but rather the unsung melodies of one’s heart. Dylan, seeking refuge in the diner, chooses a song and is transported into a surreal musical narrative of his own life, forcing him to confront unresolved issues. Dylan’s life becomes a musical narrative through a phantom jukebox.

  28. The Cobblestone Compass: Certain cobblestone paths in the city move and change direction overnight, guiding or misleading the people based on some unseen logic. Leah, an urban explorer, discovers the paths are sentient, ancient entities. Intrigued, she starts a quest to understand their wisdom and uncover the city’s hidden tales. Leah explores sentient cobblestone paths revealing city secrets.

  29. Mirror Reflections Cafe: At the “Reflections” cafe, mirrors don’t show one’s physical reflection but their inner self or an alternate life. When barista Andy accidentally serves a drink that allows customers to step into these reflections, chaos ensues, with patrons lost in what-ifs and might-have-beens. Andy’s brew allows patrons to step into alternate life reflections.

  30. Waters of the Whispering Fountain: The city’s central fountain, known as the Whispering Fountain, contains waters that, when drunk, allow individuals to hear the city’s murmurs — from its historical echoes to its future whispers. Historian Ava drinks from it, hoping for academic insights but is overwhelmed by voices that task her with preventing an impending disaster. Ava hears the city’s past and future after drinking from a special fountain.

  31. Dances with Ghostly Shadows: Every evening, one street in the city comes alive, not with people, but with dancing shadows of the departed reliving their happiest moments. Photographer Neil, trying to capture this phenomenon, becomes entwined in a love story with a shadow, making him question reality and the realms beyond. Neil falls for a dancing shadow, blurring reality’s boundaries.

  32. The Urban Oasis Mirage: Reports of an elusive, verdant oasis in the city’s concrete jungle spread. It’s said to grant moments of tranquility and insight but disappears without a trace. Emma, a stressed executive, stumbles upon this oasis and is rejuvenated, but when she can’t find it again, she embarks on a mission to relocate the urban mirage. Emma seeks a disappearing oasis in the city’s heart.