25 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

Valentine's Day Writing Prompts

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, flowers, and those warm, fuzzy feelings. It’s a day to celebrate love – whether that’s with a partner, your best friends, family, or even yourself!

Writing is a great way to get in touch with all those lovey-dovey vibes.

It lets you dig into your feelings and tell stories that come straight from the heart. Whether you’re a pro at writing or just like to jot down your thoughts, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get creative.

To get those ideas flowing, we’ve got some awesome writing prompts. They’re perfect for getting inspired and writing something that feels special.

Let’s get to it!

25 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts

  1. Retelling Your Love Story: Think back to the moment you first met your significant other or the moment you first realized you were in love. Write about this experience from your perspective, describing the atmosphere, the feelings, the dialogue, and the significance of this moment. Use as much detail as possible to paint a vivid picture, as though you’re re-living that moment.

  2. The Perfect Love Letter: Imagine you’re writing the perfect love letter to your partner. Consider the most important moments, shared experiences, and emotions that have shaped your relationship. Express your deepest emotions and appreciation for your partner, highlighting what makes them special to you.

  3. Valentine’s Day in Another Era: Transport your current relationship to another era. How would your Valentine’s Day look in the Victorian period, the roaring ’20s, or the futuristic 3000s? Describe the unique traditions, dates, and gifts that might be present in that time period.

  4. Creating New Traditions: Write about a new tradition you’d like to start with your partner on Valentine’s Day. It could be something silly, something romantic, or something meaningful to the both of you. What inspired this tradition and why do you think it will bring you closer together?

  5. Letters to Future Self: Write a letter to your future self, discussing your current feelings and hopes for your relationship. Use this exercise to express your hopes and dreams, but also your fears and uncertainties. How do you envision your relationship evolving in the future?

  6. Unspoken Words: Sometimes there are feelings or thoughts we hold back from our partners. Write a piece that articulates these unspoken words. It could be a confession of love, an apology, or a thank you. The aim is to express what you’ve left unsaid for so long.

  7. Re-imagining the First Date: Recreate your first date with an alternate timeline or setting. What if you had met under different circumstances or in a different place? How might it have affected your relationship? Explore this alternate universe where your love story took a different turn.

  8. Love in Adversity: Write about a significant challenge or adversity that you and your partner have overcome together. Describe the issue, how it affected your relationship, and how you both managed to pull through. Highlight the strength of your bond and the growth that resulted from this challenge.

  9. The Language of Love: Write about how you and your partner communicate love differently. Perhaps one of you is more verbal, while the other shows love through actions. Explore these differences and how they complement each other in your relationship.

  10. A Day in Your Partner’s Shoes: Imagine spending a day in your partner’s shoes. What would you see, feel, or learn about them that you hadn’t considered before? Write about this hypothetical day and how it deepens your understanding of your partner.

  11. Love Letter to Yourself: Write a love letter to yourself, highlighting all the things you love about you. This prompt encourages self-love and appreciation. Explore how practicing self-love can positively influence your romantic relationship.

  12. Valentine’s Day Misadventure: Write a humorous story about a Valentine’s Day that didn’t go as planned. Despite the mishaps, make sure to highlight the love and understanding that made the day special. It’s about the laughter and joy that adversity can sometimes bring into relationships.

  13. The Power of Love: Write about a time when the power of love between you and your partner was evident. This could be a moment of forgiveness, a time of selfless support, or an instance of deep understanding. Highlight how this moment reflects the strength of your love.

  14. Romantic Dinner at Home: Create a narrative about a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home. Describe the preparation, the food, the ambiance, and the conversation. The aim is to showcase the intimacy and love that can be found in simple, everyday moments.

  15. Unlikely Love: Write about how you and your partner, despite having opposite personalities or interests, fell in love. What drew you to each other? How have these differences made your relationship stronger or more interesting? Highlight how love can bloom amidst contrasts.

  16. Love’s Lesson: Reflect on the most important lesson you’ve learned about love and relationships through your current or past experiences. This could be about communication, patience, or even about understanding each other’s personal space. Detail how this lesson has shaped your perspective on love.

  17. A Shared Journey: Write about a journey or adventure that you and your partner embarked on together. This could be a physical journey like a trip or a more figurative journey like navigating through a challenging life event. Detail how this shared journey impacted your relationship.

  18. A Gift of Words: Imagine that instead of buying a material gift, you are gifting your partner a story for Valentine’s Day. Write a beautiful, heartwarming story that captures the essence of your feelings for them. The story should serve as a testament to your love.

  19. The Art of Forgiveness: Reflect on a moment where forgiveness played a major role in your relationship. What was the situation? How did you come to forgive, and what did that mean for your relationship? Delve into the power of forgiveness in maintaining a strong relationship.

  20. Portrait of a Lover: Create a written portrait of your significant other, focusing not just on their physical attributes but also their quirks, their passions, their strengths, and even their flaws. This prompt is about celebrating your partner in their entirety.

  21. The Intersection of Love and Friendship: Write about how your partner is not just a lover but also a friend. How do these two aspects intertwine in your relationship? Explore the importance of friendship within romantic love.

  22. A Valentine’s Day Miracle: Write a fictional tale about a Valentine’s Day miracle. This could involve rekindling lost love, receiving a long-awaited confession, or even an extraordinary act of love. Use this story to explore the idea of miracles in love.

  23. Love across the Distance: Write about maintaining love when separated by distance. How do you keep the love alive, and what challenges have you faced? This could be due to a long-distance relationship or a temporary situation. Discuss how love can endure despite physical distance.

  24. An Ode to Shared Passions: Write about something you and your partner are both passionate about. How does this shared passion influence your relationship? Focus on the connection created by sharing interests or hobbies.

  25. A Letter to the Past: Write a letter to your younger self about the love you have now. What would you want to tell your past self about love, heartbreak, and everything in between? Reflect on your growth and the wisdom you’ve gained about love.