24 Writing Prompts about Adversity

Writing Prompts about Adversity

Life throws at us a lot of punches, right?

Those tough times are like a giant oven that bakes you into an awesome person. They’re not fun, like being stuck in a downpour, but they make you braver, tougher, and way harder to break.

Stories are full of this stuff too.

The hero always faces a huge challenge, something that makes you want to shout at the book for them to get a move on! But that’s what makes the story exciting, and it teaches us cool stuff about what it means to be human.

So, buckle up, writers!

We’re going on an adventure with writing prompts about facing adversity in our respective lives. They’ll stretch your brain, make you a better writer, and maybe even show you how strong you really are.

Let’s dive into the deep end of challenges and rock this writing thing!

Writing Prompts about Adversity

  1. Childhood Resilience: Explore a scenario where a young character is raised in poverty, but still has an insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn. Despite the harsh conditions and numerous setbacks, this child demonstrates resilience by finding joy in small things and learning from their everyday experiences. Write about their journey and the lessons they learned through their struggle with poverty.

  2. Survival in the Wild: Imagine a scenario where a professional mountaineer gets stranded alone on a mountain after a devastating avalanche. This story isn’t just about survival, but about mental fortitude, the fight against despair, and the determination to hold on to life. Your main focus is on the mountaineer’s emotional journey and how they overcome adversity through their sheer willpower.

  3. Sudden Disability: In this prompt, write about a character who was an athlete but suddenly becomes disabled due to an accident. The story should navigate their life after the accident, and how they cope with this dramatic life change. Your task is to illustrate their journey to acceptance and the eventual discovery of new dreams and aspirations.

  4. War and Its Aftermath: Take your reader through the life of a soldier returning home from a horrific war. The soldier suffers from PTSD and has a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Write a detailed account of how the soldier overcomes this adversity, perhaps through the healing power of relationships, therapy, or newfound purpose.

  5. Overcoming Addiction: Delve into the life of a character battling with drug addiction. The protagonist decides to break free from this self-destructive cycle, embarking on a painful but necessary journey towards recovery. Detail the struggles, setbacks, and victories they encounter on the path to sobriety.

  6. Loss of a Loved One: Describe the life of a person who loses their significant other in a tragic accident. This character, drowned in grief, must find a way to carry on and rediscover the beauty of life. Write about their emotional journey from grief to healing, focusing on how they draw strength from this tragedy.

  7. Career Setback: Write about a highly successful professional who experiences a massive career setback. This could be a job loss, a failed business, or a professional scandal. The challenge here is to detail their path back to success, focusing on the lessons learned, and how they reinvent themselves professionally.

  8. Crisis of Faith: Explore a story of a deeply religious person who experiences a crisis of faith after a series of unfortunate events. Despite feeling abandoned and lost, they begin a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Your focus is on how they rediscover their faith, or perhaps find a new spiritual path, in the face of adversity.

  9. Immigration and Assimilation: Craft a story about an immigrant who moves to a completely foreign country, and must navigate through the culture shock, language barriers, and societal differences. Despite the adversities, they maintain a positive outlook and aim to build a better life. Write about their struggle and eventual integration into the new society, emphasizing their journey to accept and be accepted by this new culture.

  10. Societal Rejection: Describe the life of a character who faces societal rejection because of their unconventional lifestyle or beliefs. Despite the pressure and judgment, they decide to stay true to themselves. The focus should be on their journey to self-acceptance and their struggle to inspire acceptance and change in the society around them.

  11. Redemption from a Crime: Imagine a character who has served time for a crime they committed in their past. Now they’re out and want to reform, but society is not ready to accept them. Write about their journey to redemption, their struggles with guilt and societal judgment, and their fight to reintegrate into society.

  12. Education Against Odds: Set your story in a region where education is a privilege, not a right. Your protagonist is a young, intelligent child who fights against societal norms, financial constraints, and a lack of resources to pursue their passion for learning. Narrate their journey, emphasizing their struggle for education and their determination to improve their circumstances.

  13. Life After a Natural Disaster: Imagine a family who has lost everything in a devastating natural disaster. Amidst the tragedy, they must find a way to rebuild their life from scratch. Write about their resilience, their courage in the face of adversity, and how they rebuild their home and their lives.

  14. Overcoming Stereotypes: Write about a character who is continuously judged and limited by societal stereotypes related to their gender, race, or social status. Your task is to chronicle their fight against these stereotypes, their effort to break free from societal constraints, and their journey to establish their identity.

  15. Ageing and Loneliness: Delve into the life of an elderly person who, due to the passing of friends and family, feels alone and isolated. Despite the emotional pain and solitude, they find ways to fill their life with meaning. The focus should be on how they navigate their loneliness, find new connections, and redefine their life’s purpose.

  16. Health and Recovery: Write a story about someone who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Despite the initial shock and fear, they decide to fight the disease with all their strength. Your story should revolve around their battle with the illness, how they keep their spirit intact, and their journey towards recovery.

  17. Overcoming an Abusive Relationship: Write about a character who has just escaped an abusive relationship and is trying to rebuild their life. Despite the psychological trauma, they are determined to find peace, regain their self-esteem, and learn to trust again. Focus on their journey from victim to survivor and their transformation into a stronger individual.

  18. First Generation College Student: Imagine a young adult who is the first in their family to attend college. They face financial hurdles, academic pressure, and a lack of understanding and support from their family. Write about their struggle to balance their familial obligations with their academic aspirations and their journey towards personal growth.

  19. Surviving a Financial Crisis: Craft a story about a family that faces a sudden financial crisis due to a job loss or economic downturn. The situation forces them to change their lifestyle drastically. Your task is to detail their path towards financial recovery, emphasizing how they redefine their values and discover the true essence of happiness.

  20. Political Activist in a Repressive Society: Imagine a character who is a political activist in a repressive regime. They face constant threat, censorship, and persecution, but remain determined to fight for their beliefs. The story should focus on their resilience, their strategy for spreading their message, and their fight for freedom and justice.

  21. Breaking Free from a Cult: Create a scenario where a character realizes they’ve been manipulated by a cult they’ve been a part of for many years. Write about their journey of breaking free, their psychological struggle, and their attempts to rebuild their life and identity in the real world.

  22. Adapting to a New Technological Era: Explore the life of a middle-aged individual who struggles to adapt to the rapid advancements in technology. The inability to keep up threatens their job and creates feelings of inadequacy. Your story should emphasize their journey to adapt to the changing times and learn new skills.

  23. Living with a Chronic Illness: Describe the life of a character who has to manage a chronic illness. The story should show the daily challenges they face, the impact on their relationships and career, and how they cope with their health situation. Your focus should be on their journey to find a balance between managing their health and leading a fulfilling life.

  24. Overcoming a Toxic Family Environment: Write a story about someone who grows up in a toxic family environment. Despite the lack of emotional support and love, they’re determined to break the cycle and find their own path. Your narrative should detail their journey towards self-reliance, personal growth, and emotional healing.