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24 Writing Prompts About and Involving Siblings

Writing Prompts about and involving siblings

Siblings: they’re your first best friends, the ones you fight with over toys (and later, clothes), and your partners in crime (sometimes).

They’re basically always around, messing with you and seeing the world in the same way (well, kind of). They can drive you nuts, but they’re also the ones who crack you up the most.

Authors love writing about brothers and sisters because their relationships are so interesting.

There’s so much you can explore!

Whether you’re a writing pro or just starting out, these prompts will get your brain buzzing with ideas about exploring the relationship between siblings.

So grab your notebook (or laptop, or whatever you write on) and get ready to dive into the messy, funny, and sometimes frustrating world of blood relations!

Writing Prompts About and Involving Siblings

  1. Exploration of the Strongest Bond: Write a story where two siblings, despite growing up in completely different environments (one in the city, the other in a small town), have a connection that neither time nor distance can break. They share a unique bond that’s always been unexplainable. The main focus of this prompt is to unravel the depth of this bond and find the source of their strong connection, even though they’ve led such different lives. The key here is to highlight the strength of their bond despite their contrasting environments and life experiences.

  2. The Family Heirloom: Imagine a scenario where two siblings come into possession of a mysterious family heirloom, which is rumored to hold a secret that could change their lives forever. This object has been in their family for generations but its real significance was lost over time. The focus of this prompt is the journey of discovery these siblings embark on, unraveling family secrets, and the true value of the heirloom.

  3. Sibling Rivalry Turned Business Partnership: Write a story about two siblings who’ve always been fiercely competitive since childhood. Now adults, they decide to put their differences aside and start a business together, combining their contrasting skills and experiences. The goal of this prompt is to explore the evolution of their relationship from rivalry to a productive partnership.

  4. Life After Loss: Picture two siblings who experience the loss of their parents at a young age. They rely heavily on each other as they navigate through life’s ups and downs, their relationship straining and strengthening in turns. The goal here is to delve deep into their emotional journey, exploring how tragedy and grief can bring people closer together and change their relationship forever.

  5. The Sibling Switch: Write about two siblings who decide to switch lives for a week to get a glimpse into each other’s worlds. The older one is a high-powered executive, and the younger one, an artist. Through this experience, they gain a newfound respect for each other. The focus here is to explore how stepping into each other’s shoes changes their perspectives on each other’s lives and strengthens their bond.

  6. Separation and Reunion: The story revolves around two siblings who got separated at a young age due to their parents’ divorce. They meet again after several years, their lives having taken completely different paths. The aim of this prompt is to delve into the reunion of the siblings and how they navigate their relationship as adults.

  7. Shared Dreams: Imagine a scenario where two siblings, despite their age difference, share a dream of traveling the world. They save up and plan for years, finally embarking on an adventure together. The prompt explores the fulfillment of their shared dream and the experiences they gain from it.

  8. The Protector and the Protected: Write a story where the older sibling always played the role of protector for the younger one. However, an incident happens where the younger sibling must step up and protect the older one, changing their dynamics. The main focus of this story is to explore the shift in their roles and how it impacts their relationship.

  9. The Unlikely Allies: Pen down a story where two siblings who never got along are forced to team up against a common adversary. It could be a legal dispute, a school bully, or a corporate enemy. The heart of this prompt is the exploration of how they find common ground, create strategies, and grow together to face this shared challenge.

  10. Parenting the Parent: Write a narrative about siblings who are suddenly faced with the responsibility of caring for an ill parent. They must juggle their personal lives, careers, and new caretaker roles. The main aspect to explore here is the emotional changes and growth they experience as they come together in this challenging period of their lives.

  11. Childhood Pact: Imagine a scenario where two siblings made a childhood pact, a promise they vowed to fulfill once they reach a certain age or stage in life. It could be something as whimsical as finding a hidden treasure or as serious as starting a non-profit organization. The focus of this prompt is the journey of fulfilling this pact, the challenges they face, and how it strengthens or tests their bond.

  12. Tales from the Attic: Write about siblings who find an old, dusty diary in the attic that belonged to one of their ancestors. Reading it, they discover stories of courage, love, and adventure. The core of this prompt is their shared exploration of family history and how these stories impact their own lives and their relationship with each other.

  13. The In-Between Sibling: Center your narrative on a middle sibling who often feels overlooked between an overachieving older sibling and a pampered younger one. Explore how this character navigates through feelings of neglect, carves their own identity, and reconciles with their siblings. The crux of this prompt is the emotional journey of the middle sibling and the evolution of sibling relationships.

  14. The Adopted Sibling: Imagine a story where a family decides to adopt a child, introducing a new sibling into the family. The story explores how the existing siblings adjust to this new dynamic, the love, the struggles, and the bonds formed. The primary focus here is the family’s evolution and the development of sibling relationships in the aftermath of the adoption.

  15. Inheriting the Family Business: Write a tale about siblings who unexpectedly inherit the family business. They have different visions for the future of the company. This prompt explores their negotiations, compromises, and the realization of a shared legacy. The story’s key theme is the transformation of their sibling relationship in the face of a shared responsibility.

  16. Sibling Superheroes: Narrate a story where two siblings discover they have special abilities. They decide to use their powers for the good of society while keeping their identities a secret. The main focus of this prompt is to delve into their thrilling adventures, the moral challenges they face, and how this shared secret impacts their relationship.

  17. The Healing Rift: Write a story where two siblings have a falling out and haven’t spoken to each other in years. An unexpected situation, like a health crisis or an old memory, prompts them to reconnect. The crux of this prompt is to explore their journey of reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing.

  18. Tale of the Twins: Imagine a situation where identical twins use their likeness to trick people around them for fun or advantage. Their antics come to a halt when they end up in a situation that forces them to reveal their secret. This prompt asks you to explore the fun, challenges, and life lessons they experience from this adventure.

  19. Siblings and Succession: The siblings in your story are the heirs to a throne in a modern-day monarchy. Each has different views on leadership and governance, leading to conflicts and alliances. The main focus here is to delve into the political and emotional dynamics between the siblings as they vie for the throne.

  20. The Last Promise: Write a story about two siblings who make a promise on their dying mother’s bedside. The story evolves around the struggles they face to keep this promise and the lengths they go to fulfill their mother’s last wish. The main emphasis of this prompt is on the emotional challenges they encounter and how they support each other during this journey.

  21. Long-lost Sibling: Imagine a narrative where one of the siblings discovers they were adopted and decide to find their biological family. They discover a long-lost sibling in the process. This prompt focuses on the emotional roller-coaster that follows, the formation of new bonds, and the impact on their existing family.

  22. Siblings and the Civil War: Set in the backdrop of a civil war, the siblings in your story end up on opposing sides due to their differing beliefs. The main theme to explore is how they navigate their conflicting loyalties to their cause and to each other.

  23. The Role Reversal: Write a story where a successful younger sibling has to come to the aid of an older sibling who has fallen on hard times. The story should delve into the discomfort, the pride, and the love involved in this role reversal. The focus of this prompt is the dynamics of their relationship during this period of role reversal.

  24. Separated at Birth: The siblings in your story are separated at birth and grow up in different countries, unaware of each other’s existence. A strange turn of events leads them to meet, and they slowly discover their connection. The core of this prompt is to explore their journey of discovery, the cultural differences, and the formation of a bond that was missing all these years.