30 Writing Prompts About Anxiety

Writing Prompts about Anxiety

Anxiety can be a real drag, but it hits everyone differently. Some folks just get a little stressed now and then, while others wrestle with it all the time.

The cool thing about being a writer is that we can use words like flashlights to explore these dark corners. By writing about our anxieties, we can not only understand them better but maybe even find ways to deal with them.

So, grab your pen (or keyboard!), and let’s face our fears together.

One word at a time, we can turn these anxieties into stories of strength and hope. Let’s do this!

Writing Prompts about Anxiety

  1. In a world dominated by social media, individuals often face the pressure to present a perfect version of their lives online. Dive into a narrative about someone who develops anxiety due to the overwhelming need to curate an ideal digital persona. How does the virtual world’s pressure clash with their authentic self?

  2. Everyday situations like grocery shopping or attending a meeting can be nerve-wracking for someone with anxiety. Describe a day in the life of a person with social anxiety, where they have to navigate a series of “normal” situations. Highlight the internal monologue that plays in their mind throughout the day.

  3. Animals have a therapeutic effect on many individuals. Write a story about a person who struggles with severe anxiety until they cross paths with an unexpected animal companion. How does this animal help them manage and confront their anxious thoughts and feelings?

  4. Art can be a way for individuals to express and cope with their emotions. Create a tale of a character who discovers a unique artistic medium (like painting, dancing, or sculpting) that becomes their escape from anxiety. Detail their journey of self-expression and the transformations they undergo through their art.

  5. The end of the world brings a unique set of challenges. Imagine a scenario where a character, already predisposed to anxiety, has to navigate a post-apocalyptic world. While external dangers are a threat, their internal battles with anxiety often pose more significant challenges. How does this character find moments of peace in chaos?

  6. Every person with anxiety has their “trigger” situations. Think of a character who decides one day to confront their biggest source of anxiety. This could be public speaking, interacting with a crush, or facing a past trauma. Describe the build-up, the event itself, and the aftermath. Focus on the emotional roller coaster the character experiences.

  7. Often, we associate anxiety with the younger generation, forgetting that the elderly also grapple with anxieties specific to their age. Dive deep into the life of an elderly person who experiences anxiety related to health, loneliness, or the fear of becoming obsolete. How do they find connection and meaning in their twilight years?

  8. Immigrating to a new country can be fraught with feelings of displacement and heightened anxiety. Narrate the experience of a character navigating their way through a new culture, language, and customs, feeling like a fish out of water. How does the character bridge the gap between their old and new worlds while managing their anxiety?

  9. Marriage is one of life’s most significant events, and it’s not uncommon for it to be a source of intense anxiety. Write a story about a character grappling with cold feet and intense anxiety in the lead-up to their wedding. Unearth the deep-seated fears behind their feelings and how they cope.

  10. There are theories that traumatic memories can be passed down through generations. Explore the life of a character who starts to experience anxiety tied to events they never personally experienced. As they investigate, they discover these anxieties might be inherited memories from their ancestors.

  11. Superstitions can often be manifestations of societal anxieties. Through the lens of a character deeply entrenched in superstitious beliefs, delve into how these beliefs are both a comfort and a source of anxiety. How does the character differentiate between irrational fears and genuine concerns?

  12. On-stage performance, even for seasoned artists, can be anxiety-inducing. Tell the story of a musician battling crippling stage fright before a significant performance. As they navigate this challenge, how do they find their inner rhythm and confidence amidst the cacophony of doubt?

  13. Nature can be both a source of solace and anxiety. Send a character on a solo camping trip in the wilderness, where the silence and solitude amplify their anxious thoughts. Detail their journey as they confront their internal demons amidst nature’s vastness.

  14. Taking inspiration from “Groundhog Day” scenarios, imagine a character trapped in a day where they have to repeatedly face a situation that causes them immense anxiety. As they live the same day over and over, how do they evolve and learn to cope with or even conquer their fears?

  15. Becoming a parent is a joyous occasion, but it’s also fraught with anxieties about being “good enough” and the immense responsibility of caring for a new life. Dive deep into the emotional journey of a new parent as they grapple with sleepless nights, constant worries, and societal pressures. Highlight their growth and the moments of clarity amidst the chaos of new parenthood.

  16. After returning from war, a soldier struggles with the dual battlefronts of external war memories and internal anxiety. Beyond PTSD, they face societal pressures and self-imposed expectations. How do they rebuild a sense of normalcy and peace amidst the haunting echoes of battle?

  17. Being in the public eye can be suffocating. Dive into the life of a celebrity who feels trapped by their fame, always under scrutiny, causing severe anxiety. What choices do they make to find genuine connection and privacy in a world where they’re constantly watched?

  18. Use a unique storytelling device where the protagonist is non-verbal. Show their journey in a world that often misunderstands them, causing heightened anxiety. How do they communicate their feelings and find understanding without relying on spoken language?

  19. Everyone has dreams, but not everyone pursues them. Write about a character who wakes up one day with a sinking feeling of regret, realizing they never chased their dream. The anxiety stemming from ‘what could have been’ becomes palpable. How does this revelation reshape their present and future decisions?

  20. Set in a future where interstellar travel is possible, a character suffers from the anxiety of leaving Earth and possibly never returning. The vastness of space, time dilation, and the fear of the unknown weigh heavily. How do they find solace in the cosmos, a place so different from home?

  21. While traveling, a character finds themselves in a location where they don’t speak the language. The anxiety of not being able to communicate basic needs or understand others is daunting. Detail their innovative methods of connecting and getting by in a world that sounds foreign.

  22. In a world designed to be perfect, one individual feels out of place, experiencing anxiety that they can’t explain. This society doesn’t have a framework to understand or address their feelings. How does this person navigate a world that doesn’t recognize their struggle?

  23. In a rapidly changing world, a character is deeply concerned about the environment. Their anxiety about climate change and the future of the planet affects their daily life, relationships, and choices. Explore the balance they seek between activism, self-care, and the overwhelming weight of the world’s environmental problems.

  24. In a society where it’s customary to know your life path by a certain age, a young adult is overwhelmed by the number of choices before them. Every path feels irreversible, and they are paralyzed by indecision. How does this individual find their purpose and direction amidst the cacophony of expectations and possibilities?

  25. A survivor of a shipwreck finds themselves on a seemingly deserted island. Beyond the obvious challenges of survival, they face the emotional strain of isolation and the anxiety of the unknown — whether they’ll ever be rescued or if they’re truly alone. Describe their mental and emotional journey as days turn into weeks.

  26. Being born into royalty isn’t all about luxury. Dive into the life of a young royal who feels trapped by protocol, expectations, and the constant public eye, leading to crippling anxiety. How does this royal find genuine freedom and self-expression while bound by golden chains?

  27. In a fantasy world, a character has the ability to change forms. But with each transformation, they feel they’re losing a part of their true self, leading to identity anxiety. How does this shapeshifter reconcile with their multifaceted existence and find their core self?

  28. A character possesses the ability to time travel but soon realizes that every journey has consequences. The anxiety of making a mistake that might alter the course of history or their own future becomes a heavy burden. How do they navigate the ethics and implications of their extraordinary gift?

  29. Set in a world where certain species are on the brink of extinction, a character feels a deep kinship with one such species. Their anxiety mirrors the impending doom of these creatures. How do they channel this anxiety into meaningful action, balancing the weight of loss with hope?

  30. After a mishap, a marine biologist finds themselves trapped in an underwater research facility. As oxygen levels start to drop and communication with the outside world is lost, anxiety mounts. Describe their battle against rising panic and the resourcefulness they employ to navigate this dire situation.