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24 Writing Prompts About Bees

Writing Prompts about Bees


These tiny titans of teamwork keep our world healthy, and they’re also gold for writers.

Forget writer’s block, let’s get our creative pollen flowing!

We’re diving into bee-tastic writing prompts that will help you craft awesome stories, explore big ideas, and build unforgettable characters.

Writing Prompts About Bees

  1. The Secret Society of Bees: Bees are often appreciated for their honey and pollination, but what if there’s more to their hives than we see? Imagine a world where bees have established a complex society inside their hives, with politics, culture, and traditions akin to humans. Write a short story outlining a day in this advanced society of bees, showcasing the roles, relationships, and customs in detail.

  2. The Grand Pollination Expedition: Global warming has caused certain plants to stop blooming, putting the world’s ecosystem at risk. As a last resort, scientists have genetically modified bees to stimulate flower blooming during their pollination process. Write a narrative detailing the first expedition of these enhanced bees, highlighting the perils, adventures, and possible effects on the ecosystem.

  3. Bee’s Perspective: Often times, we view the world from a human-centric point of view, but what if we flipped that perspective? Imagine you’re a bee exploring the world, collecting pollen, and working for the hive. Write a first-person narrative from the perspective of a bee, exploring what life is like through their eyes, emphasizing the daily struggles and joys they experience.

  4. Backyard Beekeeper’s Diary: In recent years, backyard beekeeping has become a hobby for many individuals around the globe. Think about a retiree who decides to take up beekeeping and begins to learn and appreciate the intricacies of maintaining a hive. Write entries in the retiree’s diary documenting their beekeeping journey, the challenges they face, and the unexpected lessons learned about life and nature.

  5. Bee Communication: Bees communicate using a series of movements known as the waggle dance. Imagine a young scientist who has cracked the code to this dance and can now understand and communicate with bees. Write a detailed account of the first conversation between the scientist and a bee, addressing the ethical implications, the awe of interspecies communication, and possible changes this could bring to our world.

  6. Climate Change and Bees: Global warming has been a concern for many species and bees are no exception. How are the bees coping with these changes? Write a science fiction story on how bees have adapted to survive in a drastically warmer world, perhaps evolving in unexpected ways or devising unique survival strategies.

  7. The Honey Heist: While honey is a delicious byproduct of bees’ hard work, it also holds a significant economic value. What if there was an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist, but instead of a casino vault, the target was the world’s largest honey reserve? Write a thrilling story about the planning and execution of this unconventional heist, providing insights into the intricate world of honey trading.

  8. The Bees’ Rebellion: Pesticides and human interference have long affected the health and wellbeing of bees. Imagine if, after years of silent suffering, the bees decided to fight back. Write an action-filled narrative about a rebellion led by bees against human oppressors, drawing parallels with human rebellions and exploring themes of resistance, freedom, and coexistence.

  9. Saving the Bees: Bees are crucial to our ecosystem, but their numbers are dwindling due to various environmental challenges. Imagine a young environmentalist who embarks on a quest to save the bees. Write an inspirational story about their journey, detailing the trials, tribulations, and small victories in the quest to save the bees, and how their efforts inspire a wave of environmental awareness in their community.

  10. The Queen’s Dilemma: In the world of bees, the queen bee plays a vital role in the survival and prosperity of the hive. Now, imagine a queen bee who suddenly finds herself leading two separate colonies. Write a compelling narrative about the queen’s struggle to manage two hives, exploring themes of duty, loyalty, and leadership.

  11. The Bee’s Gift: For centuries, humans have enjoyed honey without giving much thought to the bees who produce it. What if a hive of bees decided to offer a gift to humans, one that could change humanity’s understanding of these industrious insects? Write a magical realism story where bees present a special gift to humans, describing the profound effect this gift has on human-bee relationships.

  12. Bee in the City: More and more people are adopting urban beekeeping, bringing a piece of nature into bustling cities. Picture a lone bee who gets separated from its urban hive and must navigate through the chaos of a big city to find its way back home. Write a heartwarming story about this bee’s adventures in the city, highlighting the contrasts between the natural and urban worlds.

  13. The Ancient Bee Myth: Many cultures have myths and legends about bees. Consider an archaeologist who uncovers an ancient artifact related to a forgotten bee myth. Write a story revealing this ancient bee myth as the archaeologist deciphers it, merging history, mythology, and our understanding of bees.

  14. The Hidden Virtues of Beekeeping: Imagine an emotionally closed-off character who inadvertently discovers beekeeping as a therapeutic exercise. The bees and their hive become a source of solace and wisdom, helping the character to heal and open up. Write a moving tale of emotional recovery centered around beekeeping, showcasing the hidden virtues of tending to these little creatures.

  15. The Bee Whisperer: What if someone had the unique ability to understand and influence bees’ actions? Picture a character who discovers this talent at a young age and grows up to become a bee whisperer. Write a story about the life of the bee whisperer, detailing their relationship with bees, their impact on local ecology, and how they navigate the human world with this extraordinary talent.

  16. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – Bee Edition: Inspired by the classic movie, envisage a group of kids accidentally shrunk to the size of bees, and they’re stuck in a hive. Write an adventurous tale about the kids’ journey through the hive and their interactions with the bees, bringing out the thrills and perils of the bee world from an unusual perspective.

  17. The Bee Time-Traveller: Bees have been around for millions of years, witnessing the evolution of the earth. What if a bee had the power to time travel and bring back stories from different epochs? Write a series of short stories narrated by this time-travelling bee, as it recounts the changing world through the eyes of an insect.

  18. Bee vs. Man: Bees and humans have always coexisted, but what if that relationship became a competition? In a parallel universe, bees are the dominant species and humans are at risk of extinction. Write a dystopian novel set in this universe, exploring how humans navigate a world dominated by bees, and how they fight to reclaim their place in the ecosystem.

  19. The Bee Healer: In many cultures, bee products are used for medicinal purposes. Imagine a character that uses bee products for healing, but with a twist—they have a special connection with bees that makes their treatments extraordinarily effective. Write a story centered around this bee healer and their unique practice, exploring the miracles of bee medicine and the character’s symbiotic relationship with bees.

  20. The Soldier Bee’s Memoirs: Unlike worker bees that are predominantly female, drones are male bees with one main job—to mate with the queen. Think about a drone who decides to challenge the status quo. Write a memoir from the perspective of this soldier bee, chronicling his journey of self-discovery, rebellion, and the struggle to redefine his role in the hive.

  21. The Mysterious Disappearance: Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon where most worker bees in a colony disappear, leaving behind a queen, food, and a few nurse bees. Picture a detective who specializes in solving cases related to the environment getting assigned to a CCD case. Write a mystery novel about the detective’s investigation into the mysterious disappearance of bees, weaving in elements of ecology, suspense, and science.

  22. The Bee’s School: Just like human society, bee society is organized and complex. Imagine a special school inside the hive where young bees learn their roles and responsibilities. Write an imaginative children’s story set in this bee school, bringing to life the teachings, adventures, and friendships formed in this unusual educational setting.

  23. Bee-u-topia: If bees could create their perfect world, what would it look like? What would be their priorities and values? Write a descriptive piece depicting this bee utopia, focusing on elements such as harmony, efficiency, respect for nature, and mutual cooperation, which are characteristics of real-world bee behavior.

  24. The Last Bee: A world without bees is a scary thought, considering their crucial role in pollination. Envision a post-apocalyptic world where only one bee survives. Write a poignant tale of survival and hope centered on this last bee, highlighting the importance of bees and the ecological consequences of their extinction.