32 Writing Prompts about Belonging

Writing Prompts about Belonging

Humans have this super strong need to feel like they fit in, wherever they are in the world.

This feeling of belonging has been a huge theme in stories forever, from old legends to fancy books we read today. Even though we’re all so connected online these days, feeling like we truly belong to something real is more important than ever.

It can be about family, friends, a community, or whatever makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger.

So, we put together some writing prompts to get you thinking about this whole belonging thing in a new way.

Let’s explore what it really means to belong!

Writing Prompts about Belonging

  1. You finally get the chance to visit the place where your family originated. Despite knowing the language and a bit about the culture, something feels off. Write about your conflicting emotions as you try to find a sense of belonging in a place both foreign and familiar.

  2. A shapeshifter finds it difficult to belong in any one community. They are too much of an outsider in every form. Explore how they try to navigate this loneliness and where they might search for acceptance.

  3. Imagine you’re a newly adopted puppy in a home with multiple established pets. The other animals are friendly, but you can’t shake the feeling of being an outsider. Write a story about how you find your place in the pack.

  4. A new student at school always sits alone, never engaging with anyone. They seem withdrawn and out of place. Explore this character’s inner struggle and what it might take for them to feel connected to their new school environment.

  5. You attend a close-knit family reunion for the first time. Everyone seems to know each other well while you’re clearly the newcomer— a feeling highlighted by shared stories you weren’t part of. Describe this experience and how you try to make a connection.

  6. Imagine your favorite character from a book, TV show, or film suddenly placed in an entirely different setting. They’ve been plucked from a place they belonged and thrust into an unfamiliar world. Write their story of finding acceptance, or lack thereof, in this new environment.

32 Writing Prompts about Belonging
  1. An elderly person moves into an assisted living facility. It’s a difficult adjustment as they long for their home and independence. Write about their journey toward establishing a sense of belonging within this new community.

  2. On a crowded subway train, you notice a teenager with unique style and dyed hair clearly feeling uncomfortable. Most passengers give them strange looks or ignore them entirely. Write about a moment of connection and belonging you could offer this person.

  3. Imagine you’ve always been a bit of a loner and somewhat of a social outcast. One day, a group of people who seem even more eccentric than you reach out and invite you into their circle. Explore the conflict between your desire for belonging and your fear of not fully fitting in with their unusual group.

  4. A young person on the autism spectrum deeply desires friendship and connection. Social situations are complex and overwhelming for them. Write a story focusing on this experience and the challenges faced in trying to build meaningful relationships.

  5. You’ve recently joined a sports team known for a close-knit group of players. As you try to become part of their inner circle, you realize some of their traditions and behaviors are morally questionable. Write about the struggle between your desire to belong and your discomfort with the group’s actions.

  6. After a tragic accident, an orphaned child is taken in by distant relatives they’ve never met. They are safe and cared for, yet a fundamental sense of belonging eludes them. Explore this emotional landscape and how they might begin to forge a connection within this new family.

32 Writing Prompts about Belonging
  1. You arrive as the new employee at a workplace with a distinct culture and established hierarchies. You desperately want to make a good impression and become part of the team. Write about the challenges you face, the compromises you consider, and how you attempt to find your place.

  2. Imagine a world where everyone is assigned a social score based on popularity, looks, and conformity. A low score means being ostracized and denied opportunities. Explore the life of an individual struggling against this system who values individuality and rejects rigid social hierarchies.

  3. A character moves to a country where they don’t speak the language fluently and struggle with cultural differences. This experience fuels a profound feeling of isolation. Write about their journey toward finding pockets of belonging and building a sense of community in a foreign place.

  4. You stumble upon a hidden online forum dedicated to an obscure topic you’re passionate about. For the first time, you feel totally understood by a group of people. Explore your excitement at discovering this community, the potential pitfalls of online groups, and what true belonging feels like to you.

  5. Picture a close-knit community shaken by a divisive scandal. Suddenly, neighbours turn suspicious, friendships shatter, and lifelong residents feel like outsiders in their own town. Tell a story about a person trying to find belonging and restore a sense of unity in this fractured environment.

  6. You’ve discovered you have a long-lost sibling. Eagerly, you reach out and begin building a relationship with them. However, you find they have vastly different beliefs, values, and a lifestyle that clashes with your own. Explore the complex desire for familial connection and the question of whether belonging is possible with someone so fundamentally different.

32 Writing Prompts about Belonging
  1. Imagine a beloved pet, used to constant attention and love, experiences a decline in affection when their owner brings a new baby into the home. Write from the pet’s perspective, describing their feelings of displacement and the struggle to find their place in a changing household.

  2. Imagine a highly intelligent and ambitious individual forced by circumstances to live and work in an environment where their talents are unappreciated and their aspirations mocked. Write about the internal conflict between their thirst for belonging and the desire to embrace their true potential, even if it means isolation.

  3. A character who deeply loves nature finds themself transplanted to a bustling megacity where concrete and crowds dominate. The absence of natural spaces creates a constant ache for something missing. Write about the struggle to satisfy a longing for a connection to the natural world in an overwhelmingly urban environment.

  4. You’ve always been part of a religious community, where you found comfort, tradition, and a sense of place. However, as you grow older, your faith wavers and doubts emerge. Write about the painful process of leaving a community that was once home and the search for belonging in a new, uncertain belief system.

  5. As a member of a marginalized group, you’ve often felt invisible or misunderstood within the larger society. Then, you discover a welcoming community of individuals who share your identity and experiences. Explore the powerful feeling of finally being seen and the complexity of belonging to a group defined by a shared struggle.

  6. A group of childhood friends, once inseparable, have drifted apart after years of changed interests and different life paths. One friend decides to organize a reunion. Write about the awkwardness, the nostalgia, and the yearning to recapture a sense of belonging that might no longer exist.

32 Writing Prompts about Belonging
  1. You’re a passionate advocate for a cause considered fringe or unpopular by most. Your unwavering belief in this cause often leads to social exclusion. Write about your determination to find a community of like-minded individuals and the challenges of belonging to a group that wider society marginalizes.

  2. A talented athlete suffers a career-ending injury. Their entire identity and sense of belonging hinged on their athletic achievements. Explore the emotional process of rediscovering themselves and finding a new path where they can feel they belong.

  3. Imagine a world where everyone’s deepest fears and insecurities are visible for all to see. A character with a particularly shameful or troubling fear desperately tries to hide it in a society where belonging relies on full transparency. Write about their struggle to feel accepted.

  4. An elderly person who has always been independent and self-sufficient is diagnosed with a condition that requires increased care. They must now rely on others, which challenges their sense of belonging and place in the world. Explore their journey of accepting help and finding new ways to contribute and feel valued.

  5. While volunteering at a community event, you encounter a refugee from a war-torn country who has recently resettled in your area. They appear isolated and disconnected. Write about how you try to bridge the divide and create a small sense of belonging for them in an unfamiliar environment.

  6. You’ve recently undergone a major physical transformation, such as significant weight loss or a gender transitioning process. These changes alter the way others perceive you and challenge your own long-held self-image. Explore this shifting sense of identity and the process of finding belonging in a newly transformed body.

  7. Within a tight-knit group of friends, a new person appears, quickly becoming popular and disrupting the established dynamic. While you want to welcome them, you feel a sense of unease and the fear of losing your place within the group. Write about the conflict between wanting to be inclusive and the desire to protect your own sense of belonging.
32 Writing Prompts about Belonging
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