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25 Writing Prompts About Birds

Writing Prompts about Birds

Ever watch a bird soar through the sky and think, “Man, I wish I could be that free?”

Well, maybe you can’t sprout wings yourself, but you can definitely capture that feeling of freedom – on paper!

Birds are fascinating creatures, from the tiniest hummingbird to the majestic eagle.

They’ve inspired artists and storytellers for centuries, and guess what?

They can inspire you too.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, these bird-themed prompts are sure to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing.

So grab your notebook, settle in for a comfy writing session, and let’s take flight!

25 Writing Prompts about Birds

  1. An unexpected friendship: Imagine a world where humans have the ability to understand and converse with birds. One day, a young girl befriends a rare bird species which leads her into a path of environmental activism. In your story, explore the development of this unique friendship and how it impacts the young girl’s life and the environment around her.

  2. The silent city: In a bustling city that never sleeps, suddenly all the birds vanish. The once vibrant mornings are now eerily quiet, and people start to notice the absence of their feathered friends. Your task is to delve into the mystery of the disappearing birds and reveal the underlying reason behind this phenomenon.

  3. Memoirs of a migratory bird: Write a story from the perspective of a migratory bird on its first journey across continents. Experience the challenges, the beauty of diverse landscapes, interactions with different species, and the instinctual drive to reach a destination. Your focus should be on the internal and external journey of this migratory bird and how it perceives the world.

  4. The last song of the extinct bird: In a future where a specific bird species has gone extinct, scientists discover a way to recreate their song through pieced-together recordings. This song sparks an emotional reaction worldwide. Your narrative should revolve around the global impact of this last song and how it influences decisions related to conservation.

  5. The Birdman: Consider a story about a lonely man known as the “Birdman” who has the uncanny ability to heal injured birds. His quiet life is upended when a corporation threatens his home, a sanctuary for his avian friends. Examine the struggle between the Birdman’s fight for his friends and the corporate world’s indifference to nature.

  6. Bird-watcher’s discovery: A veteran bird-watcher in a small town stumbles upon a bird species never seen before. This discovery could potentially change the town’s quiet life and bring in scientists, media, and tourists. Your task is to tell the story of this sudden change and how the bird-watcher and townspeople react to it.

  7. The Avian Rebellion: In a dystopian world where humans have become overly dependent on advanced technology, birds suddenly begin to exhibit unusual intelligence and seem to be rebelling against human activities. Craft a narrative around these events, shedding light on the consequences of our reliance on technology and the birds’ fight for survival.

  8. The message carrier: A story set during the time of war where all modern communication methods are inaccessible. A soldier, stranded behind enemy lines, relies on a trained carrier pigeon to deliver a message that could save thousands of lives. Your narrative should focus on the incredible journey of this bird and the suspense around whether it will successfully deliver the message.

  9. The Bird Whistleblower: Picture a corporate employee who, on her daily park visits, starts communicating with a bird. This bird reveals to her secrets about illegal corporate activities harming the environment. Craft a narrative surrounding how she becomes an unlikely whistleblower, using the information given by her avian informant.

  10. The Unheard Chirps: A child has the extraordinary ability to hear frequencies of sound that others can’t. One day, he starts hearing the faint chirps of a bird species thought to be silent. Your task is to elaborate on how this child’s ability affects his life and could potentially rewrite ornithological books.

  11. The Secret Language of Birds: In a world where every bird species speaks a unique and sophisticated language, one scientist makes it her life’s work to understand and document these languages. Your story should explore her arduous journey of learning and the profound knowledge she gains from these feathered creatures.

  12. The Bird that Saw the Future: A mystical bird in a small rural community is believed to possess the power to foresee the future. Its peculiar behaviors and routines are interpreted as omens. Your narrative should focus on how the bird’s predictions influence the behaviors and beliefs of the community.

  13. The Lost Parrot: A parrot who has traveled with a nomadic tribe for generations goes missing. The tribe believes that their fortunes are tied to the parrot and embark on a journey to find it. Write a story about this extraordinary journey, illustrating the deep connection between the tribe and the bird.

  14. The Cursed Crow: A series of unfortunate events befall a town, seemingly triggered by the arrival of a solitary crow. The townsfolk are quick to label the crow as cursed, but a wise old woman suspects there’s more to the story. Explore the truth behind the “cursed crow” and the town’s superstitious beliefs.

  15. The Bird Photographer’s Dilemma: An award-winning wildlife photographer is on a mission to capture the perfect shot of a rare bird. However, she must face the moral dilemma of prioritizing the bird’s welfare over achieving her goal. Your task is to delve into this dilemma and the consequences of her decision.

  16. The Swallow’s Nest: A swallow builds its nest every year in the eaves of an old, abandoned house. When the house is slated for demolition, a young boy takes it upon himself to save the bird’s home. Write about the boy’s campaign to save the swallow’s nest and the impact of his actions on his community.

  17. The Bird of Paradise: In a remote tropical island, a rare bird of paradise is believed to possess magical healing properties. A pharmaceutical company learns about this and tries to capture the bird for its research. Your story should focus on the local community’s effort to protect this sacred bird and their homeland from exploitation.

  18. Bird’s Eye View: An adventure-loving bird has the unique ability to transmit what it sees to a young girl’s dreams, giving her an exciting view of the world from the skies. However, one day, the bird witnesses a crime. Your story should focus on how the girl uses these dream-visions to solve the crime.

  19. The Hummingbird’s Garden: A hummingbird finds a once-lush garden now dying due to negligence. The bird decides to rejuvenate the garden and rally other creatures in this effort. Your story should narrate the challenges the hummingbird faces and how this mission brings the garden’s inhabitants together.

  20. The Falconer’s Legacy: The last falconer in a rural village is eager to pass on his legacy to the new generation. However, he struggles to convince the young people about the importance of this ancient practice in the age of technology. Craft a narrative highlighting the falconer’s struggle to preserve tradition in a rapidly changing world.

  21. Echo the Mockingbird: A mockingbird named Echo has the uncanny ability to mimic any sound it hears. One day, Echo starts mimicking the whispered secrets of the townsfolk, leading to chaos. Your task is to narrate this humorous and chaotic scenario, while also unraveling the deeper impacts of uncovered secrets.

  22. The Owl’s Wisdom: An old owl is regarded as the wise elder in a forest community. When a natural disaster threatens their home, the owl must use its wisdom to lead them to safety. Your story should focus on the owl’s leadership and the various animal charactersroles in this crisis.

  23. The Last Flamingo: In a world ravaged by climate change, a single flamingo’s appearance in a northern city becomes a global sensation. Write a narrative about the various interpretations and reactions this event evokes, underscoring the urgent issue of climate change.

  24. The Phoenix Rising: A small, fire-ravaged town adopts the mythical Phoenix as a symbol of their resilience. A mysterious, fiery bird’s appearance just as the town is rebuilding sparks hope among the residents. Your story should encapsulate the power of hope and symbolism in the face of adversity.

  25. The Peacock’s Pride: A proud peacock, known for its splendid display, loses its vibrant feathers due to an illness. Write a tale about the peacock’s journey of overcoming its vanity, rediscovering its worth beyond physical beauty, and inspiring others in its community.