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27 Writing Prompts About Cats

Writing Prompts about Cats

If you love cats – whether you’ve got one curled up next to you or you’re just crazy about them – you’re gonna love this post.

We have got a bunch of writing ideas all about cats, just for fun.

They’re perfect if you need a silly story idea, or even just want to think about cats in a whole new way.

So, get comfy, maybe grab a cat-shaped snack, and let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Writing Prompts About Cats

  1. The Secret Life of Stray Cats: Imagine a world where stray cats have a structured society similar to that of humans. They have a mayor, teachers, law enforcement, and even artists. Consider their daily life, adventures, and problems they solve. How do they interact with humans? Do they have any human allies? Write a story that portrays this parallel society of stray cats, focusing on their interactions, relationships, and adventures.

  2. The Cat Whisperer: You are a renowned pet psychologist with a unique gift – you can understand and communicate with cats. You have an innate ability to decipher their body language, interpret their meows, and comprehend their unspoken needs. This enables you to help many frustrated cat owners. Craft a series of diary entries documenting your day-to-day encounters, challenges, and heartwarming victories as the ‘cat whisperer’.

  3. The Cat That Lived Nine Lives: Cats have always been associated with the idea of living nine lives due to their uncanny knack for survival. Suppose your protagonist is a cat that reincarnates, keeping its memories from its past lives. Each life presents a unique set of challenges and lessons. Create a narrative that explores these various lives and the knowledge the cat accumulates over time.

  4. The Cat Cafe: You own a thriving cat cafe in a bustling city, a sanctuary for people to enjoy a good cup of coffee while interacting with your friendly resident cats. Each cat has a distinct personality, and they form a strong bond with specific customers. Write a collection of short stories focusing on the heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes poignant interactions between the cats and the customers.

  5. The Cat from the Future: A futuristic cat has time-traveled to our present day. This cat has seen a future that can be changed for the better if specific actions are taken today. Although it’s a challenging task for the cat to communicate this to humans, the stakes are too high for it not to try. Describe the cat’s endeavors to change the future and how it manages to cross the language barrier.

  6. The Cat and the Elderly Woman: An elderly woman living alone finds companionship in a stray cat that she takes into her home. This cat has a story of its own, filled with adventures and hardships. Over time, they form a unique bond and become each other’s family. Narrate their shared experiences, focusing on the profound impact they have on each other’s lives.

  7. The Museum Cat: In a prestigious museum that’s home to priceless artifacts, a cat is the unofficial security guard. It has the uncanny ability to detect anyone with malicious intent. Write a mystery novel where this cat helps to solve a potential heist, exploring how it communicates clues to the human staff.

  8. The Cat’s Guide to Human Behavior: Imagine if a cat were to write a guidebook about understanding human behavior from its feline perspective. This guide discusses everything from why humans insist on belly rubs (which most cats dislike) to deciphering the different tones in which humans speak. Write this guidebook filled with humorous, insightful, and sometimes sarcastic observations about humans from a cat’s point of view.

  9. The Cats of the Haunted Manor: In a quaint town, there is a mansion that has been long rumored to be haunted. It is not inhabited by humans but by a clowder of cats, who seem unbothered by the ghostly happenings. Unfold the tales of these brave cats living alongside spirits. Write a series of interconnected short stories that delve into the supernatural occurrences and the cats’ reactions to them.

  10. The Cat’s Healing Purr: There is a scientific study that cat purrs can have therapeutic effects. Imagine a cat that has a uniquely powerful purr, which has the power to heal. The cat is adopted by a doctor who discovers this unusual ability. Create a narrative exploring how the doctor utilizes the cat’s healing powers in his practice and the ethical dilemmas he faces.

  11. The Chess-Playing Cat: A stray cat has an uncanny knack for playing chess. It is discovered by a struggling chess coach, who, in desperation, decides to make this extraordinary cat the center of an audacious publicity stunt. Write a comedic tale detailing the antics of the coach, the cat’s unlikely rise to fame, and the consequent chaos.

  12. The Cat That Sees Ghosts: Imagine a domestic cat with a peculiar ability to see ghosts. The cat belongs to a skeptical owner who has no idea about the supernatural visitors in their home. Through its actions, the cat tries to communicate with its owner about the presence of these entities. Write a thrilling story outlining the cat’s encounters with these spirits and its attempts to protect its owner from them.

  13. Cats of the Library: A small town library has become a safe haven for a group of homeless cats. The librarian, an old cat lover, cares for them and has a unique bond with each of them. Write a heartfelt story describing the library, the unique relationship the librarian has with the cats, and the role they play in making the library a special place for the community.

  14. The Cat’s Recollection: Cats have an uncanny ability to find their way back home, even over long distances. Imagine a cat that embarks on a cross-country journey to find its original family after being accidentally separated. Narrate this adventurous journey from the cat’s perspective, describing the challenges it encounters and the friendships it makes along the way.

  15. The Cat Next Door: An elusive and mysterious cat lives in the house next door. It has peculiar habits and an aura of mystery, sparking curiosity and wild rumors among the neighborhood kids. Write a story from the perspective of these kids, revolving around their attempts to uncover the truth about this enigmatic cat.

  16. The Cat Colony of the Island: There’s an uninhabited island that’s home to a large colony of cats. Each cat has a unique personality, and they have developed a well-organized society. A researcher arrives on the island to study these cats and their social dynamics. Write a novel showcasing the researcher’s discoveries, his interactions with the cats, and the unexpected adventures that ensue.

  17. The Cat Food Critic: Imagine a world where cats are renowned food critics. Your protagonist is a celebrity cat food critic who has the power to make or break a pet food brand with his reviews. Write a humorous story detailing the adventures, trials, and tribulations of this feline food critic, including his interactions with pet food manufacturers and fellow critics.

  18. The Cat Detective: Cats are known for their keen observation skills and curiosity. Imagine a domestic cat that uses these traits to solve mysteries in its neighborhood. From missing items to figuring out who spoiled the garden, this cat has a knack for finding answers. Craft a series of short mystery stories featuring this feline detective solving various neighborhood mysteries.

  19. The Cat from the War Zone: A stray cat miraculously survives in a war-torn city. Despite the chaos and destruction, the cat becomes a symbol of hope and resilience for the city’s inhabitants. Write a poignant story that explores the life of this cat and the impact it has on the people amidst the turmoil.

  20. The Cat and the Alien: An alien life form visits Earth and forms a bond with a stray cat. The alien learns about Earth and its cultures through the cat’s interactions with various humans and environments. Narrate a story of this unique friendship, focusing on the alien’s exploration of Earth through the cat’s experiences.

  21. The Cat’s Midnight Run: Cats are known for their nocturnal adventures. In this prompt, your protagonist is a house cat who leads a double life. By day, it’s an ordinary house cat, but by night, it embarks on grand adventures, defending its territory and exploring the city’s hidden secrets. Write a story detailing the cat’s nighttime escapades, encounters, and discoveries.

  22. The Wise Cat of the Monastery: A cat lives in a secluded monastery, surrounded by monks. Over time, the cat has absorbed wisdom from the monks’ teachings and has a profound understanding of life. Craft a series of parables where this wise cat imparts its wisdom to other animals in the monastery.

  23. The Cat’s Love Story: Cats have their own unique ways of showing affection. Imagine a romantic love story between two cats living in the same neighborhood. They face their own set of challenges and adventures, but their bond is strong. Write a heartwarming love story from the cats’ perspective, focusing on their interactions, courtship, and shared experiences.

  24. The Guardian Cats of the City: In a world where cats are the protectors of their cities, each cat has a specific district to guard against mystical creatures only they can see. These guardian cats have special abilities that aid them in their duty. Write a fantasy novel detailing the adventures of these guardian cats, their battles, their unique abilities, and their sworn duty to protect their districts.

  25. The Time-Traveling Cat: A cat possesses a strange ability – it can time travel. It can’t control when it happens, but it always ends up in a significant historical event. How does the cat impact history? Does it make changes or just observe? Write a series of stories about the cat’s historical adventures, detailing its impact and experiences in different periods.

  26. The Cat’s Journey to Self-Discovery: Cats are known for their independent nature. Imagine a house cat that decides to venture into the wild to discover its true nature. It faces challenges, makes new friends, and learns important lessons about survival and self-reliance. Write a coming-of-age story about this cat’s journey to self-discovery, focusing on its transformation and the wisdom it gains.

  27. The Cat of the Opera: In a grand old opera house lives a resident cat, known for its remarkable musical abilities. The cat has an uncanny ability to assist the orchestra, pitch in at just the right moments, and even influence the performances. Narrate a story detailing the cat’s interactions with the performers, its contributions to the opera, and how it became a legend in the world of music.