24 Writing Prompts about Ex-Lovers

Writing Prompts about Ex-Lovers

We’ve all been there, folks.

Scrolling through Netflix, avoiding that corner cafe where you used to meet, and low-key stalking their Instagram because denial is a river in Egypt, and you’re sailing a leaky boat.


Glorious, messy, tear-jerking breakups.

But hey, guess what?

That tangled web of emotions can be pure writing gold!

So, dust off your notebooks, grab a box of tissues (because let’s be real), and get ready to dive into the world of ex-lovers with these writing prompts!

From bitter breakups to lingering affection, we’ve got something to spark your creativity, no matter the flavor of your heartbreak.

Writing Prompts about Ex-Lovers

  1. The Memory Box: Imagine two ex-lovers who, during their relationship, created a memory box filled with objects representing significant moments they shared. Years after their breakup, they accidentally meet and decide to open the box together. As they explore each item, they recount the story behind it, revealing how their perspectives on their relationship have changed over time. Write a story that alternates between past and present, exploring how each object in the box shapes their understanding of their past relationship.

  2. The Unsent Letters: In this prompt, an individual finds a stack of unsent letters written by their ex-lover, each letter penned at different stages of their relationship. These letters reveal hidden emotions and unspoken thoughts that were never shared. Through these letters, the reader discovers the complexities and unexplored depths of their past relationship. Craft a narrative that unveils the layers of their relationship through these unsent letters, leading to a profound realization about love and communication.

  3. The Parallel Paths: This prompt revolves around two ex-lovers who parted ways to pursue different life paths. Years later, they coincidentally find themselves living in the same city again. Despite their initial reluctance, they start encountering each other in unexpected places, leading to a rekindling of old feelings. However, they must confront the changes they’ve undergone and the separate lives they’ve built. Write a tale of reconnection that explores whether love can be rekindled despite life’s changes and if past lovers can fit into each other’s new worlds.

  4. The Last Dance: In this scenario, two ex-lovers are unexpectedly reunited as they both attend a mutual friend’s wedding. Forced to confront their past amidst a setting that celebrates love and commitment, they find themselves reflecting on what went wrong in their relationship. As the night progresses, they share a dance, filled with unspoken emotions and memories. Compose a story that captures the complexity of emotions during this last dance, symbolizing a final goodbye or a new beginning.

  5. The Secret Recipe: This prompt focuses on a couple who shared a passion for cooking. Post-breakup, one of them becomes a renowned chef, crediting their success to a recipe they developed together with their ex. When the ex, now a food critic, is assigned to review the restaurant, old feelings and unresolved issues resurface. Weave a story where food becomes a metaphor for their relationship, blending flavors of love, creativity, and heartache.

  6. The Digital Diary: Here, an individual stumbles upon an old digital diary or blog kept by their ex-lover, detailing their relationship from the ex’s perspective. This discovery offers a new understanding of their shared past, revealing emotions and events the narrator was unaware of. Narrate a journey of self-discovery and understanding, as the protagonist reconciles the diary’s revelations with their own memories of the relationship.

  7. The Collaborative Art Project: In this prompt, ex-lovers who were once collaborative artists are brought together for a gallery showing of their joint works. As they prepare for the exhibition, they revisit the artworks they created together, each piece reflecting different stages of their relationship. Craft a story that uses art as a medium to explore the evolution and dissolution of their relationship, culminating in a final, reflective masterpiece.

  8. The Cross-Country Road Trip: This scenario involves ex-lovers who, due to unforeseen circumstances, must undertake a cross-country road trip together. Confined in a car for days, they are compelled to confront their past, deal with unresolved issues, and navigate the complexities of their current lives. Write about this journey that serves as a metaphorical road to closure or reconnection, emphasizing the transformative power of shared experiences and conversations.

  9. The Forgotten Playlist: This prompt involves an individual who discovers an old playlist that their ex-lover created for them. Each song on the playlist holds specific memories and emotions tied to different moments in their relationship. As they listen to each song, they are transported back to those times, reflecting on the joys and sorrows they experienced. Create a narrative that uses music as a key to unlock and revisit the chapters of their past relationship, leading to a deeper understanding of their shared history.

  10. The Mystery Gift: Imagine an ex-lover receiving an anonymous gift that unmistakably comes from their former significant other. The gift, a thoughtful item connected to an inside joke or a shared memory, reignites curiosity and unresolved feelings. The recipient is left to unravel the mystery behind the gift and the sender’s intentions, leading them on a journey of reflection and possibly reconnection. Weave a story where this mysterious gift becomes a catalyst for exploring past love, regrets, and the possibility of a second chance.

  11. The Shared Dream: In this scenario, two ex-lovers find themselves sharing a recurring dream about each other, despite being separated for years and living entirely different lives. These dreams prompt them to reach out and explore whether this shared subconscious experience has a deeper meaning. Narrate their journey as they delve into the significance of their dreams and how it affects their understanding of their past relationship and current lives.

  12. The Chance Encounter Abroad: Picture ex-lovers accidentally meeting in a foreign country, far from their shared past. This chance encounter in a new setting brings a fresh perspective on what they meant to each other. They spend a day together in this new place, revisiting old feelings while experiencing the novelty of the foreign surroundings. Craft a story that explores how a change of scenery can offer a new lens through which to view a past relationship, leading to unexpected revelations.

  13. The Pet Connection: This prompt revolves around ex-lovers who co-owned a pet. After their breakup, one person took the pet, but years later, circumstances force them to share its care temporarily. As they navigate this arrangement, they are reminded of the love and challenges they faced together, with the pet serving as a living link to their shared past. Write a tale that uses the pet as a bridge between past and present, exploring the nuances of shared responsibilities and rekindled emotions.

  14. The Birthday Message: An individual receives an unexpected birthday message from their ex-lover, years after their relationship ended. This simple gesture sparks a flood of memories and leads to a contemplative exchange of messages where they reflect on their growth and the impact they had on each other’s lives. Create a narrative that shows how a small act of remembering can open doors to forgiveness, understanding, and a respectful acknowledgment of a shared past.

  15. The Stormy Night Reunion: During a severe storm, two ex-lovers find themselves taking shelter in the same place, unexpectedly. Trapped together for the night, they are forced to confront their past, share their current life experiences, and address the unresolved issues between them. Weave a story where the storm outside mirrors the emotional turmoil inside, leading to a night of revelations and closure.

  16. The Co-authored Book: Ex-lovers who were once co-authors are asked to write a new chapter for a special edition of their bestselling book. As they collaborate again, they revisit the experiences and emotions that fueled their writing and relationship. This process makes them question the end of their relationship and whether their creative bond signifies something deeper. Narrate the intertwining of their literary and personal journeys, exploring the complexity of relationships that blend professional and personal elements.

  17. The Lost Camera: An individual discovers a camera they used with their ex-lover, filled with photos documenting their relationship. Each photo tells a story, capturing moments of joy, sadness, adventure, and everyday life. As they view these images, memories and emotions resurface, prompting a reflection on what the relationship meant and how it shaped them. Craft a narrative that uses these photographs as a portal into the past, exploring the visual chronicle of a love story and its lasting impact.

  18. The Time Capsule Reveal: Two ex-lovers come together to unearth a time capsule they buried during their relationship. Filled with mementos, letters, and predictions for the future, the capsule serves as a physical representation of their past hopes and dreams. Opening it after years brings a mix of nostalgia, regret, and insight. Write a story that delves into the emotions and revelations that emerge as they sift through the contents of the time capsule.

  19. The Renovation Discovery: During a home renovation, someone uncovers a hidden message or item left by an ex-lover. This unexpected find transports them back to the time of their relationship, igniting a journey through memories and what-ifs. It also prompts a reevaluation of how that relationship influenced their current life. Weave a tale where this discovery becomes a catalyst for introspection, revealing layers of emotions and the enduring impact of past love.

  20. The Charity Event Encounter: Ex-lovers unexpectedly meet at a charity event they both support. This shared passion reignites old conversations and memories, allowing them to see each other in a new light. As they collaborate during the event, they reassess their past and contemplate the potential for a renewed connection. Narrate how this encounter in a selfless setting leads to a rediscovery of mutual respect and possibly rekindled feelings.

  21. The Unfinished Art Piece: One of the ex-lovers is an artist who left an art piece unfinished when the relationship ended. Years later, the other ex-lover finds this piece and reaches out, leading to a decision to finish it together. This collaboration reopens old wounds but also allows for healing as they both contribute to completing the artwork. Create a story that parallels the completion of the art piece with the resolution of their past, exploring how art can facilitate closure and understanding.

  22. The Shared Business Venture: Former lovers who co-founded a business are forced to reunite for a critical business decision. This reunion brings them into an environment where their shared professional vision and personal history intertwine. As they navigate this complex situation, they confront unresolved issues and the dynamics that led to their breakup. Write about how this professional setting serves as a backdrop for exploring unresolved personal matters, testing the boundaries between past love and current ambitions.

  23. The Echoes of a Song: A musician ex-lover writes a song that becomes famous, clearly reflecting their past relationship. Hearing this song everywhere, the other ex-lover is confronted with public echoes of their private history. This prompts a confrontation between the two, leading to a deeper understanding of their story and its representation in the song. Craft a narrative that explores how art imitates life, and how a song can encapsulate the highs and lows of a relationship, influencing both the creator and the muse.

  24. The Antique Shop Find: While browsing an antique shop, an individual stumbles upon an item that holds significant meaning to their past relationship. This find triggers a flood of memories and leads to an impromptu journey to revisit places and people connected to their past love. Weave a story where this serendipitous discovery initiates a reflective journey, offering a chance to revisit and reconcile with the past.
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