30 Writing Prompts About Grief

Writing Prompts about Grief

Grief. It hits everyone at some point, right?

That big, heavy feeling that just sucks the air out of you. It sticks around, changes you, maybe even in ways you don’t notice.

But how do we deal with all that sadness and missing someone so much?

Well, writing is this old-school way of getting stuff off your chest, and it can be a lifesaver when you’re going through something tough.

We’re going to explore some writing prompts about grief, like little questions to get you thinking and feeling.

They might help you understand what’s going on inside you a little better.

So whether you’re grieving yourself or helping someone else who is, these prompts can be like flashlights, guiding us through those dark hallways in our hearts.

Writing Prompts About Grief

  1. After the passing of a close family member, the protagonist discovers an unopened letter addressed to them, tucked away in an old drawer. As they carefully unfold the creased paper, they are confronted with words from the past that hold secrets, regrets, and unexpressed love. Pen down the contents of that letter and its impact on the protagonist’s healing process.

  2. Each year on the anniversary of a dear friend’s death, the protagonist receives a small box with a singular object inside. With no idea who sends it, they begin to believe these objects hold symbolic messages from beyond. Describe the five years of objects, and how each one helps the protagonist navigate their grief.

  3. While grieving the loss of a childhood friend, the protagonist starts hearing familiar laughter in unexpected places — at the park, in a café, or even when alone at home. These echoes become a journey, leading them to revisit shared memories. Craft a tale of how these echoes help the protagonist confront their loss and find peace.

  4. In a world where photographs of the deceased slowly fade over time, the protagonist is desperate to keep memories alive. They go on a mission to recreate the moments before the pictures vanish completely. Write about the encounters and revelations they experience while recreating these memories.

  5. After their spouse’s death, the protagonist plants a garden where each plant represents a cherished memory with their loved one. However, one day, a plant representing a memory they don’t recognize begins to grow. Delve into the mystery behind this unrecognizable plant and the memory it represents.

  6. On the anniversary of their sibling’s death, the protagonist hears a familiar yet forgotten song from their childhood. This song unravels memories and hidden feelings. Detail the journey as they seek the song’s origins and its connection to their grief.

  7. A grieving artist struggles to complete a painting that they had started with their mentor, who passed away unexpectedly. Every brushstroke evokes intense emotions, and slowly, hidden messages start to appear on the canvas. Describe the transformation of the painting and the artist’s path to acceptance and closure.

  8. While walking on the beach, mourning the loss of their partner, the protagonist notices a second set of footprints that appear beside their own, only to disappear just as suddenly. This phenomenon continues over several days. Write about the protagonist’s journey to understanding these mysterious footprints and their significance in their grieving process.

  9. After the passing of their grandmother, the protagonist stumbles upon her old recipe book. Flipping through the pages filled with handwritten recipes and notes, they find a message on the last page written for them. Detail the contents of that message and how it aids the protagonist in their journey through grief.

  10. While cleaning their phone storage, the protagonist comes across a voice recording from a deceased loved one they had forgotten about. The unexpected words provide comfort, but they also unveil a previously unknown story. Narrate the story from the recording and its transformative effect on the protagonist’s perspective on loss.

  11. In the depth of winter, a tree that the protagonist and their late friend had planted together unexpectedly bursts into bloom. Each flower seems to resonate with memories and shared moments. Write about the significance of this winter bloom and its role in the protagonist’s healing.

  12. While packing away the belongings of a recently passed family member, the protagonist finds a journal filled with unsaid words, thoughts, and dreams. Each entry reveals a new layer to the person they thought they knew so well. Describe the protagonist’s emotional journey as they grapple with these revelations and their own grief.

  13. The protagonist begins visiting the cinema where they shared countless movie dates with their late spouse. With each film, memories and emotions surge back. But one day, they find a ticket stub with a note written on the back. Detail the message on the ticket and its significance in the protagonist’s process of remembrance and moving forward.

  14. During a school reunion, the protagonist and their friends dig up a time capsule they buried together. Inside, they find individual notes from a friend who passed away young. Narrate the contents of the note and the waves of nostalgia and grief it triggers in the group.

  15. A watch, inherited from a late parent, which never worked for the protagonist, suddenly starts ticking one lonely evening. Each tick seems to resonate with words of wisdom, stories, and lessons from the past. Explore the memories and lessons the protagonist revisits with each passing second.

  16. Every night, a candle in the protagonist’s window is mysteriously lit, despite them never lighting it. They come to believe it’s a sign from a departed loved one, assuring them they’re not alone. Describe the solace this nightly ritual brings and the deeper understanding the protagonist gains about the boundaries between life and death.

  17. Grieving the loss of a mentor, the protagonist discovers a hidden section in their local library named after their late guide. Every book within seems to relate to a life lesson or memory connected to their mentor. Write about the insights they gain while diving into these curated pages and their journey to come to terms with their grief.

  18. The protagonist stumbles upon a childhood teddy bear gifted by their late sibling. Attached to it is a series of notes meant to be read at different life stages. Detail the content of these notes and how they provide comfort and guidance at crucial moments in the protagonist’s life.

  19. In a quaint town, there’s a lake said to reflect not one’s face, but memories with lost loved ones. The protagonist, skeptical yet desperate for closure, visits this lake. Describe what the protagonist sees and the emotional roller-coaster this reflection takes them on.

  20. While driving one night, the protagonist accidentally tunes into an unfamiliar radio channel. The host’s voice eerily resembles their late partner, discussing shared experiences and stories. Narrate their journey to uncover the truth behind this radio channel and the solace it brings amidst their mourning.

  21. In the heart of the city stands a vintage phone booth where it’s believed that if you speak your heart out, departed souls will listen. The protagonist, seeking a final conversation, decides to give it a try. Write about their heartfelt dialogue and the peace it brings in their turbulent journey of grief.

  22. The protagonist picks up a book they had left unfinished due to the trauma of a loved one’s passing. Tucked within is a bookmark with an unfamiliar yet poignant message. Describe the origin and meaning of this bookmark, leading the protagonist to confront and process their pain.

  23. Every night, the protagonist dreams of a serene garden where they converse with their deceased parent. These dreams become a source of guidance, as every visit reveals a new lesson. Explore the teachings and resolutions these nightly encounters offer, helping the protagonist navigate their grief.

  24. Years after their best friend’s death, on the same date every year, the protagonist receives an anonymous letter recounting tales from their shared past. The handwriting is unfamiliar, but the details are too intimate to be from a stranger. Delve into the protagonist’s journey to uncover the sender and the rediscovery of cherished memories.

  25. On the side of an old building is a mural the protagonist and their late sibling painted in their youth. Over time, sections of the mural start to fade, but strangely, not in the order they were painted. Each fading section seems to signify an unresolved emotion or memory. Detail the protagonist’s quest to preserve the mural and confront the emotions linked with each vanishing piece.

  26. Tucked away in a forgotten corner of their attic, the protagonist finds a box of perfumed letters sent by their late partner. Each envelope, never opened before, carries a distinct scent that evokes powerful emotions. Narrate the journey of rediscovering love and loss as they slowly open and read each letter.

  27. A wind chime, gifted by a deceased friend, begins to produce unique melodies on certain nights. The protagonist realizes that these are not random tunes, but songs from their shared past. Write about how these melodies bring back memories, leading the protagonist to find comfort and acceptance.

  28. Every year, on the day of their loved one’s death, the protagonist visits a train station where they had their last farewell. During one visit, they meet others who share similar stories of loss at the same station. Describe the shared tales of grief and the bond formed between these strangers in their collective healing.

  29. After their mother’s death, the protagonist inherits a withered garden she once lovingly tended. Determined to bring it back to life, the protagonist discovers plants that bloom in memory of specific moments from their past. Delve into the memories and teachings each plant unravels as the garden slowly returns to its former glory.

  30. During a city parade, the protagonist distinctly hears the voice of their late child amidst the cheering crowd. They begin a journey to find the source, leading them to places and encounters they didn’t expect. Write about their expedition through the city, unearthing memories and finding solace in unexpected corners.