28 Writing Prompts About Jobs and Work

Writing Prompts about Jobs and Work

Work, work, work – it’s everywhere, right?

Whether you’re a boss lady, a total newbie, or just shuffling through resumes, your job plays a big part in who you are.

But have you ever thought about your job in a totally different way?

Like, forget spreadsheets and interviews for a sec – what if we used stories instead?

That’s what we’re doing here!

We’ve got a bunch of cool writing prompts to spark your imagination and help you create awesome stories, surprising characters, and all sorts of twists and turns in the world of work.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts about Jobs and Work

  1. Job Interview of a Lifetime: Your protagonist is invited for a job interview with a company they have always dreamed of. They’ve been preparing for this opportunity for years, and it’s finally here. But there’s a twist: the company has an unconventional interviewing process. Dive deep into the interview process, emphasizing the peculiar challenges your protagonist must overcome to secure the job.

  2. Workplace Conflict Resolution: The workplace often serves as a microcosm of society, reflecting various interpersonal dynamics and conflicts. Your protagonist is a human resource manager who has to resolve a major conflict between two valuable employees that could potentially divide the entire team. Detail the protagonist’s strategies for conflict resolution and the impacts of their decisions on the workplace.

  3. Changing Careers Late in Life: Imagine a character who, after decades in a high-earning, high-stress job, decides to quit and pursue their true passion: a traditionally ‘less successful’ career. Perhaps they were a lawyer now wanting to be a chef, or a CEO desiring to be a sculptor. Explore the character’s journey of leaving their comfortable but unsatisfying job to embrace a career that truly fulfills them.

  4. Impact of Technology on Jobs: With the advancement of technology, many traditional jobs are becoming obsolete. Your protagonist is someone whose job is on the brink of extinction due to a new technological advancement. Write about their struggle to adapt to this change and the measures they take to remain relevant in their industry.

  5. In the Shoes of a Workaholic: The protagonist is a self-identified workaholic, struggling to find a balance between their personal life and their demanding career. An unforeseen incident (like a health scare or a family emergency) suddenly forces them to reassess their priorities. Discuss their journey towards achieving a healthier work-life balance and the transformations it brings about in their life.

  6. Undercover Boss: Inspired by the television series, this prompt explores the idea of a company’s CEO going undercover in their own organization. Unrecognized by the employees, they get to experience the daily operations firsthand, leading to surprising revelations about the work culture and employees’ morale. Focus on the CEO’s discoveries and the actions they take based on their undercover experiences.

  7. The Non-Profit World: The protagonist is a high-flying corporate executive who decides to leave their cushy job to work in a non-profit organization. This shift from a profit-driven corporate world to a purpose-driven non-profit environment brings about drastic changes in their perspectives. Illustrate the protagonist’s transformation as they adapt to the values and realities of the non-profit sector.

  8. The Life of a Ghostwriter: Picture a ghostwriter who has been writing for years under the names of various famous authors. They’ve started to feel unfulfilled and unrecognized. The story should capture their struggle to come out of the shadows and write under their own name. Center on the ghostwriter’s struggle for identity and recognition in their professional life.

  9. The Introvert’s Dilemma: The protagonist is an introvert thrust into a job requiring constant social interaction, maybe as a public relations officer or a salesperson. Although competent at their job, they often find it draining. Explore their journey towards finding creative ways to balance their need for solitude and the demands of their job.

  10. Immigrant’s First Job: An immigrant gets their first job in a new country. Although qualified, they face various challenges because of language barriers, cultural differences, and potential discrimination. Detail their journey of overcoming these hurdles and finding their place in a foreign work environment.

  11. A Family Business in Transition: The protagonist is set to inherit a generations-old family business. However, they are passionate about another field and find no joy in the family trade. Capture their struggle between preserving family tradition and pursuing personal aspirations in choosing their career path.

  12. Job versus Hobby: The protagonist has a well-paying, secure job but they are more passionate about a hobby that doesn’t pay the bills. After years of juggling both, they are considering transforming their hobby into a full-time career. Write about the protagonist’s decision-making process and the steps they take to turn their hobby into a viable career.

  13. From the Eyes of a Freelancer: Your protagonist is a successful freelancer enjoying the flexibility it offers. However, they often grapple with the unpredictability of work, lack of benefits, and solitude. Focus on how they handle the unique challenges of freelancing and make the most of its perks.

  14. A Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry: The protagonist is a woman excelling in a traditionally male-dominated industry. She constantly faces stereotypes, bias, and the challenge to prove herself. Explore her journey of navigating and breaking barriers in a field where she’s underrepresented.

  15. Artificial Intelligence and Work: In a not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence (AI) has become prevalent in various job sectors. Your protagonist is an AI ethicist who ensures the AI systems used in workplaces abide by ethical standards. Narrate their experiences of dealing with ethical dilemmas and the impacts of AI on the world of work.

  16. The Reluctant Retiree: The protagonist has dedicated decades to a career they love, but now they are at the age of retirement. They grapple with the idea of letting go of a job that’s become a part of their identity. Detail their journey of accepting retirement and finding a new sense of purpose outside of work.

  17. Balancing Act: The protagonist is a working parent juggling the responsibilities of their demanding job and raising a child. An unexpected situation at work and home happens simultaneously, stretching them to their limits. Explore how the protagonist handles this challenging situation without compromising their professional or parental duties.

  18. The Night Shift: The protagonist works a night shift job, a schedule that separates them from the typical day-to-day life of those around them. Write about their unique experiences, challenges, and the different perspective this gives them on life and society.

  19. Green Collar Job: The protagonist has recently started working in a ‘green’ job, focused on environmental preservation. They face opposition from friends in traditional industries and skepticism about the future of their career. Focus on how they advocate for the importance of their job and the role of green jobs in the future economy.

  20. The Unexpected Mentor: An experienced worker is asked to mentor a new, young employee who is nothing like they were at that age. There is initial friction due to differences in work ethics, attitudes, and generational viewpoints. Write about how this mentoring experience becomes a journey of mutual growth and understanding.

  21. Escaping the Golden Handcuffs: The protagonist is stuck in a job they don’t enjoy but pays too well to leave — often referred to as ‘golden handcuffs.’ An event occurs that makes them reconsider their priorities. Explore their decision-making process as they contemplate risking financial stability for career satisfaction.

  22. Rise of a Gig Worker: In the booming gig economy, your protagonist is a gig worker engaged in different jobs on digital platforms. They enjoy the variety and flexibility, but they also face instability and lack of benefits. Describe their experiences, shedding light on the realities of being a gig worker.

  23. The Workplace Renovator: The protagonist is hired to change the toxic culture of a well-established company. They face resistance from employees who are stuck in their ways. Focus on the strategies they implement to transform the workplace culture and the outcomes of their actions.

  24. The Life-Saving Job: Your protagonist works in an emergency service role, such as a firefighter, doctor, or police officer. Their job regularly puts them in high-stress situations where lives are at stake. Focus on a particularly challenging event, exploring how they handle the pressure and make crucial decisions.

  25. Job Sharing Scenario: Two characters are in a job-sharing arrangement where they split the week to perform one full-time role. Their personalities and working styles are drastically different, which impacts their shared responsibilities. Detail their journey of navigating this unconventional work arrangement and finding a harmonious balance.

  26. Ethics Over Profit: The protagonist is a key decision-maker in a lucrative corporation. They discover a business practice that is highly profitable but ethically questionable. Explore the protagonist’s moral struggle and the actions they take, highlighting the conflict between ethics and profit.

  27. The Unintentional Influencer: The protagonist works a standard 9-5 job but in their spare time, they start a blog or social media channel about their hobby. Unexpectedly, they become an internet sensation, leading to new career opportunities. Discuss their transition from a regular job to a life of an influencer, along with its challenges and perks.

  28. Journey of a Whistleblower: The protagonist, working in a major corporation, stumbles upon a massive scandal within the company. They decide to expose it, knowing it might cost them their job and more. Narrate their journey of blowing the whistle, confronting the ramifications, and standing up for what’s right.