32 Writing Prompts About Kingdoms

Writing Prompts about Kingdoms

Ever dreamed of castles and dragons?

Kingdoms have been the coolest story settings forever, from creepy mountains to sparkly palaces. They’re full of epic adventures, crazy politics, and all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

So, whether you’re writing a whole book or just looking for a fun escape, these kingdom-focused writing prompts are your ticket to a world where anything can happen.

New lands, mysterious prophecies, maybe even a shot at the throne?

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts About Kingdoms

  1. In a land where dreams dictate the future, there exists a kingdom that has lost its ability to dream. The once-prosperous realm is now on the brink of collapse, with its citizens living in a state of perpetual despair. Write a story about a young protagonist who embarks on a quest to restore dreams and hope to this kingdom.

  2. The kingdom of Silencia is ruled by a monarch who has taken a vow of silence. This unique form of governance has led to a society that values actions over words, and where non-verbal communication has evolved into an art form. Explore the challenges and advantages of leading a kingdom without uttering a single word.

  3. Four distinct kingdoms represent each of the seasons, and they rotate power based on the time of year. As the seasons change, so does the ruling kingdom, bringing with it a new set of traditions, festivals, and laws. Delve into the political and cultural intricacies of a world governed by the cyclical nature of time.

  4. By day, the kingdom is a utopia, with citizens living in harmony and prosperity. But by night, it transforms into a realm of chaos and crime. This duality is a well-guarded secret, known only to a select few. Narrate the life of someone who discovers this secret and decides to bridge the gap between day and night.

  5. Deep under the ocean, a hidden kingdom thrives, unknown to the surface world. Its inhabitants have adapted to life underwater, with unique customs, technologies, and beliefs. However, a crisis threatens to expose their existence to the world above. Craft a tale about the intersection of these two worlds and the challenges they face together.

  6. In a realm where light is a scarce resource, the kingdom thrives in darkness. People have learned to harness the power of shadows, using them in ways unimaginable to outsiders. But when a mysterious source of light threatens to illuminate the kingdom, its very essence is at risk. Write about the kingdom’s struggle to preserve its identity in the face of change.

  7. In this unique kingdom, citizens age backward, starting their lives as elderly individuals and growing younger with each passing year. This reversal of life’s natural order has profound implications for society, from relationships to governance. Explore the complexities of a world where wisdom comes first, and youth is the final destination.

  8. Every time a lie is spoken in this kingdom, the speaker loses a fragment of their voice, leading to a society that values truth above all else. However, a silent rebellion grows, where individuals willingly sacrifice their voices for a cause they believe in. Dive into the moral dilemmas and consequences of a society built on absolute truth.

  9. In a realm where mirrors don’t just reflect appearances but also souls, the kingdom has built its justice system around these mystical panes. Crimes are judged not just by actions but by the intent and purity of one’s soul. Craft a narrative around a protagonist who discovers a mirror with unpredictable properties and the societal upheaval it causes.

  10. Built vertically, this kingdom consists of countless staircases, with each level representing a different class of society. The higher one climbs, the more privileged the status. However, the stairs are more than just stone; they’re a living entity, shifting and changing according to the kingdom’s needs. Write about a character’s journey to climb these unpredictable stairs and the revelations they encounter.

  11. Every spoken word in this kingdom echoes for eternity, never fading away. As a result, people have become careful with their words, leading to a society where silence is golden and speech is reserved for the most important declarations. Narrate a tale of a foreigner who, unaware of this custom, speaks recklessly and faces the consequences.

  12. In this realm, dreams are a nightly reality, but they’re devoid of any color. A prophecy speaks of a dreamer who will bring color to the dreamscape, heralding a new era for the kingdom. Delve into the life of a young individual who starts dreaming in vivid colors and the challenges they face in a colorless world.

  13. Trees in this kingdom have the ability to move, leading to ever-changing landscapes and forests. The kingdom’s infrastructure and society have evolved around this unique phenomenon. Explore a story where a sudden halt in the trees’ movement threatens the very foundation of the kingdom’s way of life.

  14. Here, stories and tales shape reality. However, a decree has forbidden the writing of new tales, leading to a stagnant world. Craft a narrative about a rebellious storyteller who dares to pen a new story, altering the fabric of the kingdom’s existence.

  15. This kingdom exists in perpetual twilight, never witnessing the full brilliance of the sun or the complete darkness of night. Its inhabitants have never known any different. Write about an adventurer from a land of day and night who stumbles upon this kingdom and introduces them to the concept of sunrise and sunset.

  16. In this realm, every individual has a unique melody that represents their life. These melodies play a crucial role in societal functions, from marriages to funerals. Narrate the tale of two individuals with eerily similar melodies and the bond or conflict that arises from their harmonic connection.

  17. Time in this kingdom is measured not by clocks but by the shifting sands of a colossal hourglass at the heart of the capital. When the sands run out, a significant event is prophesied to occur. Weave a tale about the anticipation and preparation as the last grains threaten to fall.

  18. Every citizen is mandated to wear a mask from birth, representing their family’s legacy and status. However, on their eighteenth birthday, they are allowed to craft their own, symbolizing their chosen path. Dive into the life of a young heir torn between tradition and personal identity as their eighteenth year approaches.

  19. Legends say the winds carry the voices of the past, offering wisdom and sometimes warnings. When the winds begin to whisper a foreboding message, the kingdom is thrown into a state of unease. Write about a protagonist chosen to decipher the winds’ message and the journey they undertake.

  20. At night, stars descend as frozen crystals, holding within them the secrets of the cosmos. These star crystals are both a blessing and a curse, sought after for their power. Craft a narrative about a miner who unearths a star crystal with a never-before-seen hue and the intrigue that follows.

  21. The kingdom’s vast library is a living entity, with books that write themselves, chronicling the past, present, and potential futures. A librarian’s role is not just to manage books but to ensure some stories never see the light of day. Explore the moral dilemmas faced by a new librarian who stumbles upon a forbidden tale.

  22. As night falls, shadows come alive, reenacting the day’s events. This nightly performance is both entertainment and a tool for justice, revealing deeds done in secrecy. Narrate the story of a shadow-tamer who manipulates this phenomenon for personal gain and the consequences that ensue.

  23. Flowers in this realm bloom endlessly, each with its own emotion and memory. To gift a flower is to share an experience. Delve into a romance where two individuals communicate and understand each other solely through these floral exchanges.

  24. Gravity in this kingdom can be altered, leading to floating islands and weightless zones. However, with this gift comes a price: emotions are tied to one’s weight, with sorrow making one heavy and joy rendering one light. Write about a protagonist who struggles to find emotional balance in a world where feelings have tangible consequences.

  25. Every structure in this realm is made entirely of transparent glass, reflecting and refracting light in mesmerizing patterns. But this beauty comes with a vulnerability: secrets are hard to keep, and privacy is a luxury. Craft a tale about a conspiracy that tries to exploit the transparency, and the heroes who aim to thwart it.

  26. At the kingdom’s center burns an undying flame, believed to be the source of life and energy for its people. When the flame starts to flicker, panic ensues. Narrate the journey of a chosen group sent on a perilous quest to reignite the kingdom’s heart.

  27. Majestic flying serpents are both protectors and transporters in this realm. Each family has its own serpent guardian, and their status is determined by the serpent’s lineage. Explore the dynamics of a protagonist born into a lowly lineage but destined to change the kingdom’s hierarchical norms.

  28. In this land, compasses don’t point north but towards one’s destiny. On the eve of adulthood, each individual is given a personal compass to guide their path. Write about a young adult whose compass points in an unthinkable direction, leading to uncharted territories and mysteries.

  29. Bells in this kingdom ring on their own, signaling significant events or omens. One day, all the bells fall silent, causing distress and confusion. Craft a narrative around the kingdom’s desperate attempts to understand the sudden silence and the prophecy it might indicate.

  30. Tattoos in this realm come alive, representing one’s achievements, regrets, and dreams. They grow and change as the person evolves. Dive into the life of an individual born without the ability to have tattoos, making them an enigma in a society where life stories are worn on the skin.

  31. The moon in this kingdom is exceptionally close, causing dramatic tidal shifts that influence agriculture, architecture, and daily life. Legends speak of a time when the moon will touch the earth, bringing transformation. Narrate the anticipation and preparations as the moon edges ever closer to the kingdom.

  32. The capital city is a vast, ever-changing maze, with walls that rearrange themselves. Navigating the labyrinth requires intuition, intelligence, and luck. Write about a protagonist who enters the maze seeking fortune but discovers deeper truths about themselves and their society.