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24 Writing Prompts About Luck

Writing Prompts about Luck

Have you ever stopped to think about luck?

That crazy thing that pops up out of nowhere and messes with your life?

Yeah, us too.

It’s like this magical superpower that can totally change your course, sending you on wild adventures you never saw coming.

Whether you believe it’s just random chance or some unseen force, luck definitely shapes how we see the world.

So, we thought it’d be fun to explore that idea through writing!

We’ve got some prompts that’ll get you thinking about all things lucky (and maybe unlucky). We’re talking weird coincidences, chance meetings that change everything, and those moments where it feels like fate just intervened.

Let’s dive in and check these prompts, one at a time.

Writing Prompts About Luck

  1. A Coin with Two Heads Envision yourself as a protagonist who one day stumbles upon an odd-looking coin that has a head on both sides. With this coin, every time you flip it, you are faced with a life-changing decision. Unbeknownst to you, this coin has been manipulated by destiny itself and each flip not only affects your future but also the lives of those around you. How does this ‘luck’ coin shape your life?

  2. The Unlucky Lottery Winner You’ve won the lottery, a prize so big it could change anyone’s life for the better. But for you, things begin to spiral out of control as you start to encounter a series of unfortunate events, making you question if this was a win or a curse. Explore the journey of adjusting to this new reality while trying to understand the true nature of luck and fate. Is the lottery win truly a curse or a blessing in disguise?

  3. The Lucky Pencil You’re a student struggling with school, always ending up with average or below-average scores no matter how hard you try. One day, you come across an old pencil that seems to make your answers correct whenever you use it for tests. Initially, you embrace this newfound luck, but soon ethical dilemmas begin to surface. How do you navigate this conflict between morality and luck?

  4. Serendipity Strikes You live in a world where luck can be bought and sold. You, however, were born with an extraordinary amount of it. People start to notice the effects of your luck and soon you become a target for those desperate to buy it from you. How do you deal with this newfound attention, and what are the moral implications of selling your luck?

  5. The Family Heirloom Your family has an heirloom passed down through generations, rumored to bring immense luck to its holder. You’ve always been skeptical until it becomes your turn to inherit it, and a series of fortunate events starts to unfold. Explore your changing relationship with this heirloom and the concept of luck it brings along.

  6. Lucky Charm You own a charm that brings good luck but only to other people, not to yourself. You have the power to change lives but are unable to benefit from it. Write a story exploring the relationships you form, the power dynamics, and the toll it takes on your life. How does this ‘one-sided’ luck affect your life and the lives of those around you?

  7. The Flip Side of Luck You have always been incredibly lucky. Everything you touch turns to gold, metaphorically speaking. But one day, your luck vanishes abruptly, leaving you to navigate the world as an ‘ordinary’ person. Write about your journey and self-discovery process in this newfound ordinariness.

  8. One Day of Absolute Luck You wake up one morning to find that everything you wish for that day comes true. It’s the luckiest day of your life, but it’s only for 24 hours. What decisions do you make and how do you make the most out of this day? How does this day of absolute luck impact your perspective on life, desires, and fulfillment?

  9. Shards of the Lucky Mirror A fabled mirror in your family supposedly brings good luck to whoever possesses a piece of it. However, when you accidentally break the mirror, you must navigate the consequences of sharing this luck with seven other people who end up with the shards. What happens when luck is spread thin, and how do you manage your piece of the lucky mirror?

  10. Wish Upon a Star Every time you wish upon a star, your wish comes true. But soon, you realize that these fulfilled wishes come with unanticipated consequences. Write about the moral and ethical dilemmas that emerge when your wishes, borne out of luck, start impacting the world in unforeseen ways.

  11. Fortune Teller’s Prophecy A local fortune teller predicts a significant event that will bring you an immense amount of luck. However, as you anticipate this event, your life becomes a series of chaotic circumstances. Explore how the impending promise of luck impacts your daily life and relationships.

  12. Black Cat’s Crossing You cross paths with a black cat, traditionally considered a sign of bad luck. However, this encounter triggers a sequence of events that bring you unexpected good fortune. Write about this ironic twist of fate and how your perception of luck and superstition changes over time.

  13. The Lucky Fishing Rod Your grandfather gives you an old fishing rod reputed to bring luck to its user. It does make your fishing trips extremely successful, but it also starts to affect other parts of your life. How do you manage the luck that seems to flood in, and what lessons do you learn from this experience?

  14. Luck Swapping You encounter a mysterious character who offers you a chance to swap your luck with someone else for a day. You agree and pick the luckiest person you know, only to realize their life isn’t as perfect as it seems. Write about the realizations and challenges that occur when you get to live someone else’s ‘lucky’ life.

  15. The Broken Ladder You unknowingly walk under a ladder, considered to bring bad luck, and immediately face a minor accident. In the aftermath, however, an opportunity arises that would never have come your way otherwise. Write about the journey of understanding that what appears to be bad luck might be a disguised blessing.

  16. Fortune Cookie Prophecy You receive a fortune cookie with a peculiarly specific prophecy about an event that will bring you great luck. As the event transpires, your life changes in unexpected ways. How does the fulfillment of this prophecy affect your beliefs and life trajectory?

  17. The Mysterious Amulet You’re gifted an ancient amulet, said to hold the power of influencing luck. Soon, you realize that with each stroke of luck you experience, someone else suffers bad luck. Write about the journey of balancing the benefits and consequences of using this amulet and the moral questions it brings.

  18. The Immortal Gambler You live in a world where luck is a physical, tangible entity that can be transferred or stolen. You’re a gambler, and you’ve just won a game against an immortal, unknowingly acquiring his eternal luck. What happens when you suddenly become the luckiest mortal on earth, and how does it affect your life and the lives around you?

  19. Lost and Found Every time you lose something, you end up finding something of greater value. This peculiar pattern of luck defines your life, but it also brings along complex challenges and ethical dilemmas. How does this ‘trade-off’ luck affect your life and the decisions you make?

  20. The Unreadable Fortune You visit a fair and decide to get your fortune read. The fortune-teller hands you a piece of paper that’s unreadable. The moment you manage to decode the message, your lucky fortune will come true. How does the journey of decoding the message shape your life and perspective on luck?

  21. The Luck Artist You’re an artist with a unique ability – every piece of art you create brings luck to its owner. But you can’t control whether it’s good or bad luck. Explore the process of managing your career while dealing with the unforeseen consequences of your art.

  22. Good Luck, Bad Timing You have an uncanny knack for good luck, but it always comes at the wrong time. This misaligned timing of luck turns your life into a series of comedic and dramatic situations. How do you navigate life when good luck and bad timing constantly intertwine?

  23. The Well of Fortune You discover an ancient well in your backyard that has the power to grant luck, but it requires a significant sacrifice. You have to give up something you deeply love to receive this luck. Explore the challenges and consequences of making such a trade.

  24. The Clovers Field You own a field where four-leaf clovers grow abundantly, a symbol of good luck. As people come to know about this field, they begin to flock to your land to find their lucky charm. How do you manage this sudden influx of people, and how does it affect your life and perspective on luck?