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24 Writing Prompts About Mars

Writing Prompts about Mars

Ever feel like getting your creative juices flowing is as hard as planning a trip to Mars?

Yeah, us too.

Especially when Mars is where your story’s headed.

These writing prompts about the Red Planet are basically your rocket ship, blasting you off to uncharted territories in your brain.

Get ready to explore dusty landscapes, crack alien codes, and write stories that are as mind-blowing as the Red Planet itself.

Let’s go.

Writing Prompts About Mars

  1. A New Hope: The First Settlers on Mars: The first settlers on Mars have just arrived. Write a detailed account of their first day, the challenges they face, and the initial reactions to the red planet. How do they adapt their Earth-bred habits to the harsh reality of Mars? Focus on their emotions, observations, and the technicalities of living on Mars.

  2. Last Transmission: A Mars Rover’s Tale: The Mars rover has been our eyes and ears on the red planet for decades. Write a narrative from the point of view of the Mars rover as it sends its last transmission back to Earth. Consider the rover’s scientific achievements, the loneliness of its existence, and the anthropomorphic qualities we’ve given it.

  3. Eco-Revolution: Terraforming Mars: Imagine that the terraforming of Mars has begun. You’re a scientist working on this monumental task. Describe in detail the process and technology used, the timeline, the potential obstacles, and the expected outcomes. Focus on the interplay between technology, science, and environmental ethics.

  4. A Martian Epic: Olympus Mons Adventure: You’re an astronaut preparing for an expedition to Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in our solar system. Write a gripping narrative of your journey to the peak. Describe the rigorous training, the hardships encountered, and the breathtaking view from the top.

  5. The Martian Utopia: Designing the Perfect Mars City: The colonization of Mars is in full swing and you’ve been tasked with designing a city on Mars. Detail your vision for the ideal Martian city, its unique features, the materials and technologies used, and the lifestyle of the people. Focus on the intersection of sustainability, human psychology, and futurist urban planning.

  6. Mars vs. Earth: The Great Debate: You’re a delegate at the UN debating whether Earth’s resources should be focused on solving problems at home or establishing a permanent human presence on Mars. Write a persuasive speech defending your position. Highlight the ethical, economic, and social implications of your argument.

  7. Lost and Found: Discovering Life on Mars: Write a suspenseful narrative about a scientist who discovers signs of microbial life in the Martian soil. Explore the scientific methods, the doubts and hopes, and the far-reaching implications of such a discovery.

  8. Diary of a Martian Child: Imagine being born on Mars and growing up knowing Earth only from stories and images. Write a series of diary entries from a Martian child’s perspective, documenting their life, dreams, and unique experiences. Focus on the child’s understanding of their identity and place in the universe.

  9. Life in the Shadows: Martian Cave Exploration: Set in a future where scientists have discovered vast cave systems beneath the Martian surface. Write a thrilling account of an expedition into these caverns. Highlight the risks involved, the stunning geological discoveries, and the potential these caves have for supporting life.

  10. A Walk in Martian Shoes: Living with Limited Resources: You’re a member of a small colony on Mars, and an unexpected problem has caused your resource allocation to become extremely limited. Write a narrative about life with minimal supplies until the next delivery from Earth. Focus on the community’s resilience, creativity in dealing with scarcity, and the emotional impact of the situation.

  11. Ancient Mars: The Story of a Lost Ocean: As a geologist on Mars, you’ve discovered evidence of an ancient ocean that once covered the Martian plains. Write about your detective-like journey to unearth the history of this long-gone body of water. Emphasize the scientific methods used, the findings, and their implications for Mars’s past and future.

  12. Unseen Heroes: Mission Control on Earth: While astronauts get all the glory, the team on Earth plays an equally crucial role. Write from the perspective of a mission control officer coordinating a dangerous Mars mission. Highlight the tension, teamwork, and critical decisions made thousands of miles away from the astronauts.

  13. Martian Olympics: Creating New Sports in Low Gravity: In the first Martian city, you’ve been asked to organize a sports event that takes advantage of the lower Martian gravity. Write about inventing and implementing these new sports, and the reactions of the Martian citizens. Explore the physical changes in familiar games and the cultural impact of this Mars-specific event.

  14. Politics Beyond Earth: Governing Mars: With a growing population on Mars, the need for a formal governing system has arisen. Write a proposal for a new form of government, tailored to the unique societal and environmental conditions of Mars. Focus on the principles, structure, and functioning of this new Martian political system.

  15. Dinner on Mars: Culinary Innovations: As a chef tasked with creating nutritious and palatable meals on Mars, you have a unique challenge given the constraints of space and resource availability. Write a story about your innovative culinary journey on Mars. Explore the technological advancements, cultural aspects, and nutritional considerations of cooking on another planet.

  16. The Next Great Migration: Leaving Earth for Mars: The Earth is becoming increasingly uninhabitable and mass migration to Mars is the only option left. Write a poignant account of a family preparing to leave their Earthly home for a life on Mars. Emphasize the emotional journey, the logistics of such a massive operation, and the hopes and fears tied to this new beginning.

  17. Preserving the Past: Martian Archeology: You’re part of a team of archaeologists on Mars, investigating old landing sites and human-made artifacts from early explorations. Describe the process of uncovering, cataloging, and preserving these remnants. Focus on the historical significance, technical aspects of the job, and the reflections it provokes about human legacy on Mars.

  18. Into the Red: Mars and Mental Health: Living on Mars presents unique mental health challenges. Write a narrative about a psychologist developing new therapy methods to help Mars settlers deal with isolation, limited resources, and the alien environment. Explore the psychological impact of space living and the innovations in mental health practice.

  19. Voices from the Red Planet: Martian Journalism: You’re a journalist stationed on Mars, responsible for reporting back to Earth. Write a series of news articles detailing day-to-day life, scientific discoveries, and ongoing challenges. Highlight the importance of honest and engaging journalism in connecting two vastly different worlds.

  20. Martian Art: Creativity on the Red Planet: Mars’s unique landscapes inspire a new form of artistic expression. Write about an artist’s journey to create a Martian art movement, reflecting the realities and dreams of Mars settlers. Explore the interplay of the unusual environment, limited materials, and human creativity.

  21. Mars EDU: Education in a Martian Colony: As Mars’s first teacher, you’re shaping an education system that prepares children for life on a different planet. Write about your curriculum, teaching methods, and the challenges and rewards of teaching on Mars. Emphasize the intersection of standard Earth education, Martian-specific knowledge, and the practical skills needed for survival.

  22. Justice on Mars: Establishing a Legal System: With the growing population, Mars requires its own legal system. Write about the process of creating a fair legal system on Mars, including laws, enforcement, and how it addresses the unique circumstances of Martian life. Focus on the complexities of jurisprudence in a colony far from Earth.

  23. Bioengineering for Mars: Modifying Life for a New World: As a bioengineer, you’re tasked with modifying Earth plants to survive on Mars. Write about the trials and tribulations of your work, the ethical considerations, and the joy of witnessing the first sprout on Martian soil. Highlight the scientific challenges and the transformative potential of your work.

  24. Surviving Solitude: Mars’s First Hermit: Tired of communal living, a Martian settler decides to live alone in the vast Martian wilderness. Write about their experiences, the challenges they face, and the profound solitude of being the only human for hundreds of miles. Focus on the psychological journey, the survival tactics, and the beauty and harshness of the Martian environment.