24 Writing Prompts about Polyamory

Writing Prompts about Polyamory

Forget the tired trope of love triangles!

Do your characters crave more complex, fulfilling connections?

Then dive into the world of polyamory with these writing prompts.

Polyamory, with its emphasis on open communication, honesty, and multiple loving relationships, offers a fresh perspective on love and commitment.

Whether you’re a seasoned romance writer or just curious, these prompts will spark your imagination and challenge you to explore the beautiful complexities of polyamorous relationships.

Writing Prompts about Polyamory

  1. Explore a story set in a contemporary city where a polyamorous family navigates daily life, facing unique challenges and joys. Delve into their dynamics, showcasing how they manage their relationships, parenting, and societal judgments. Focus on the intricate balance of love, communication, and understanding within this unconventional family unit. Your task is to write a heartwarming narrative highlighting the strength and resilience of this polyamorous family.

  2. Imagine a skilled detective who is openly polyamorous, working on a high-profile case. Their personal life intersects with their professional one when their partners inadvertently provide crucial insights into the case. This prompt delves into how personal relationships can influence and aid in professional scenarios, especially in unexpected ways. Write a thrilling mystery that intertwines the detective’s polyamorous relationships with their investigative prowess.

  3. Set your story in a historical period of your choice, where polyamory is practiced discreetly within a community. Explore the societal norms and challenges the characters face, and how they navigate their relationships while maintaining secrecy. This prompt encourages a deep dive into historical research and an imaginative exploration of polyamorous dynamics in a different era. Create a captivating tale that blends historical accuracy with the complexities of polyamorous relationships.

  4. In a futuristic, interstellar setting, write about a crew of space explorers from different planets who form a polyamorous relationship. Explore the challenges they face in terms of cultural differences, long-distance space travel, and the bonds they form. This prompt combines elements of science fiction with the exploration of diverse relationship dynamics. Craft a compelling narrative that showcases the universality of love and connection, transcending planetary boundaries.

  5. Focus on a small, tight-knit community where a group of individuals decides to form a polyamorous relationship. Detail their experiences of coming out, the reactions of their families and neighbors, and the evolution of their relationship. This prompt is about challenging norms, finding acceptance, and the power of love in various forms. Write a story that delves into the dynamics of polyamory against the backdrop of a close-knit community.

  6. Imagine a retreat designed specifically for polyamorous individuals and their partners to explore and strengthen their relationships. Through workshops, group discussions, and personal reflections, characters learn more about themselves and each other. This setting allows for a deep exploration of themes like communication, jealousy, and commitment in polyamorous relationships. Your task is to write a story that explores the transformative experiences of characters at a polyamorous retreat.

  7. Write about three individuals who unexpectedly find themselves in a polyamorous relationship. Each character brings their own fears, hopes, and histories into the relationship, creating a rich tapestry of emotions and interactions. This prompt invites you to explore themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the evolution of relationships. Craft a narrative that captures the complexity and beauty of an unplanned polyamorous relationship.

  8. Create a story about a famous individual or celebrity who openly practices polyamory, focusing on how they balance their public image with their private life. Delve into the media’s portrayal of their relationships, public reactions, and the impact on their personal and professional life. This prompt encourages exploration of themes like privacy, public perception, and the influence of media on personal relationships. Write a compelling story that examines the challenges and rewards of being polyamorous in the public eye.

  9. Write about a therapist who specializes in counseling polyamorous individuals and couples. Through various cases, explore the different dynamics, challenges, and successes within polyamorous relationships. This prompt allows for an insightful look into the psychological aspects and emotional complexities of polyamory. Your task is to create narratives that reflect the diverse experiences and growth of individuals in polyamorous relationships.

  10. Set your story in a multicultural urban setting where individuals from different cultural backgrounds come together in a polyamorous relationship. Explore how they navigate cultural differences, family expectations, and societal norms while maintaining their bond. This prompt offers a rich exploration of cultural diversity and its impact on relationships. Craft a story that celebrates love and unity amidst cultural diversity in a polyamorous setting.

  11. Focus on a single parent who decides to enter a polyamorous relationship and the impact this has on their family life. Delve into the dynamics between the parent, their children, and their partners, exploring themes of acceptance, blended families, and the evolving definition of family. Write a narrative that thoughtfully examines the challenges and joys of being a polyamorous parent.

  12. Imagine a world where polyamory is still widely misunderstood and stigmatized. Your characters are part of a group advocating for polyamorous rights and recognition. Explore their journey through activism, public campaigns, and personal stories. This prompt encourages a deep look into societal change and the fight for acceptance. Create a powerful tale of advocacy, love, and resilience in the face of societal challenges.

  13. Set your story in a dystopian future where polyamory is either the norm or strictly forbidden. Explore how your characters navigate this world, either embracing the norm or fighting against the restrictions. This prompt combines elements of dystopian fiction with the exploration of unconventional relationship dynamics. Craft a gripping narrative that explores the concept of love and relationships in a dystopian setting.

  14. Write about an elderly couple who, late in life, decide to explore polyamory. Delve into their journey of self-discovery, the reactions of their adult children, and the societal perceptions of polyamory among the elderly. This prompt offers a unique perspective on love, aging, and the desire for connection at any stage of life. Create a touching story that breaks stereotypes about age and showcases the enduring nature of love and exploration.

  15. Imagine an artist colony where polyamory is an accepted and celebrated part of the community. Explore the lives of various artists – painters, writers, musicians – and how their relationships influence their art and vice versa. This setting allows for a colorful exploration of creativity, passion, and the intertwining of art and love. Your task is to weave a tapestry of stories that capture the vibrancy and complexity of life in a polyamorous artist colony.

  16. Write about someone who, without initially intending to, finds themselves in a polyamorous relationship. Explore their internal conflicts, adjustments, and eventual acceptance or rejection of this new lifestyle. This prompt invites a journey of self-exploration, challenging preconceived notions, and the fluidity of love and relationships. Craft a narrative that delves into the unexpected twists and turns of discovering love in a polyamorous context.

  17. Create a story about a time traveler who forms polyamorous relationships in different eras. This unique situation allows exploration of how love and relationships are perceived across various time periods, and the challenges of maintaining connections when one partner is not bound by time. Write a captivating narrative that intertwines the complexities of time travel with the dynamics of polyamorous relationships.

  18. Set your story in a fantastical world where polyamory is a norm, perhaps even a requirement, in certain societies or among specific races. Explore the customs, rituals, and politics surrounding polyamorous relationships in this fantasy setting, incorporating elements of magic, mythical creatures, and unique cultural norms. Craft a rich, imaginative tale that delves deep into the intricacies of polyamorous relationships in a fantasy world.

  19. Imagine a secret society where polyamory is not only accepted but celebrated and revered. Members of this society navigate their lives in the outside world where polyamory is misunderstood while cherishing the freedom and understanding within their secret community. Your task is to create a narrative that contrasts the secret society’s openness with the outside world’s prejudices.

  20. In a future where humanity has colonized other planets, explore how polyamorous relationships develop in these new societies. Consider how the challenges of space travel, isolation, and new societal norms shape the dynamics of these relationships. Write a story that explores the evolution of love and relationships in the vastness of space.

  21. Create a story about a group of skilled thieves who are also in a polyamorous relationship. Explore how their romantic dynamics play into their heists, affecting their strategies, loyalties, and the overall success of their missions. Craft a thrilling narrative that blends the excitement of heist plots with the complexity of polyamorous relationships.

  22. Set your story in a future where virtual reality is advanced and commonplace. Explore how individuals in a polyamorous relationship navigate their connections both in the virtual world and the real world. This prompt allows for an exploration of the boundaries between digital and physical realities, and how relationships transcend these realms. Write a thought-provoking tale that examines the impact of technology on human relationships and love.

  23. Imagine a group of revolutionaries fighting for a cause, who also share a polyamorous bond. Explore how their relationship dynamics influence their revolutionary activities, providing both strengths and vulnerabilities. Your task is to create a narrative that intertwines the passion of revolution with the complexities of polyamorous relationships.

  24. In a world where different intelligent species coexist, write about a polyamorous relationship that includes members from different species. Explore the challenges they face in terms of communication, cultural differences, and societal acceptance. This prompt encourages a deep dive into themes of diversity, acceptance, and the universal nature of love. Craft a story that highlights the beauty of love and connection across species boundaries.
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