30 Writing Prompts About Power

Writing Prompts about Power

Ever heard of empires crumbling, revolutions getting fired up, and stories that just stick with you forever?

Those all have one thing in common: power.

But what exactly is power, anyway?

And more importantly, how can you use it to make your own writing awesome?

These prompts are here to help you explore the whole power thing, from giant kingdoms falling apart to finding your own inner strength.

Let’s check them out.

Writing Prompts About Power

  1. You possess a peculiar gift – the ability to subtly influence the thoughts of those around you. It’s a power intoxicating yet delicate. How far will you go to use this influence, and what will be the ultimate cost?

  2. Imagine a society where everyone’s deepest desire is instantly granted. At first, it seems like a utopia, but chaos inevitably unfolds as people realize the consequences of unchecked wish fulfillment. Can order be restored, and if so, at what price?

  3. A tyrannical leader, renowned for their strength and cruelty, rules over a vast kingdom. A small, unassuming figure emerges from the oppressed masses, harboring an unexpected power that could tip the scales of power. Will they have the courage to challenge the status quo, risking everything in a fight for liberation?

  4. You stumble upon a secret that could reshape the world as you know it. The information has the potential to uplift or destroy. Do you wield this knowledge, potentially upsetting the balance of power, or keep it hidden?

  5. In a world where premonitions are commonplace, a powerful organization has learned to manipulate these glimpses of the future for their gain. They subtly alter small events, ensuring outcomes that benefit them. Can you find a way to break their stranglehold on the future?

  6. A rare and untamed creature holds unimaginable power within it. Some wish to study and understand this power, while others seek to exploit it. Which path will be chosen, and what unforeseen consequences may arise?

30 Writing Prompts About Power
  1. A young heir reluctantly steps into a position of immense power. Beset by challenges, they must learn quickly who to trust and how to wield their authority justly. Can they become the leader they were meant to be, or will the pressures of power consume them?

  2. You possess the ability to rewind time by a single day, but any changes you create have unintended consequences in the present. Do you continue to alter the past, striving for a better future, even as unforeseen repercussions arise?

  3. Invisible beings have always influenced human history, often for their own amusement or unknown purposes. You have the rare ability to see and interact with these entities. Will you attempt to understand them, bargain with them, or even try to stop their interference in human affairs?

  4. In a world rigidly controlled by a singular authority, you belong to a clandestine rebellion. Absolute freedom is the goal, but every act of resistance comes with casualties. How much are you willing to sacrifice in the pursuit of an ideal, and who truly pays the price?

  5. You discover an ancient artifact that awakens dormant abilities within you. These powers are extraordinary, but tied to an ancestry marked by both triumph and tragedy. Will you embrace this newfound power, knowing the complex history it carries?

  6. Within a society built on secrets and control, knowledge translates to power. You become privy to whispers of a conspiracy that threatens to topple the existing order. Do you expose the plot, risking your own safety, or do you leverage your knowledge for personal gain?

30 Writing Prompts About Power
  1. You are part of a team developing an AI system designed for humanitarian aid that inadvertently gains sentience. It possesses the potential to revolutionize society but also poses unforeseen dangers. Do you reveal it to the world, try to control it, or help it find its own path?

  2. A natural disaster disrupts the established order of a remote community. In the chaotic aftermath, you find yourself rising as an unlikely leader. Can you wield your newfound influence to create a just and sustainable system, or will the pressures of power corrupt your ideals?

  3. In a world where faith grants tangible power, you are born without the ability to believe. Everyone around you wields miracles, while you remain a skeptic. Is your very existence a threat to their way of life, or can you find a different kind of strength in your disbelief?

  4. A sudden global event grants a single, randomly-chosen individual god-like abilities. They hold the fate of humanity in their hands, yet they are just as flawed and unprepared as anyone else. Do you try to guide them, fight back, or simply watch the world unravel?

  5. You’ve always been able to read a person’s deepest fears with a touch. It’s a power that isolates you, but one day it alerts you to a terrifying threat targeting someone you care for. Can you use this intrusive ability to save them without revealing your secret?

  6. In a world where superpowers are commonplace, you are dismissed as ordinary. Little do they know, you have the hidden ability to perfectly mimic anyone else’s power after exposure. Will you use this for personal gain, as a force for good, or to upend the established ‘superhero’ hierarchy?

30 Writing Prompts About Power
  1. You live in a world where magic is outlawed, persecuted by those in power. You, however, possess a subtle and easily concealed magical talent. Do you risk everything to hone this forbidden power, or prioritize your safety, letting an essential part of yourself wither?

  2. During a time of political unrest, you are revealed to be the rightful heir to a lost throne. However, you despise the trappings of power and political machinations. Can you evade this responsibility, or must you reshape the concept of rulership to find your place?

  3. You gain the ability to see the world through the eyes of any animal. At first, it’s a novelty, but soon reveals the interconnectedness of the natural world and the hidden power struggles even within the smallest creatures. How will this newfound understanding change your perception of your own place within the world?

  4. You are pledged to protect an important figure who wields immense influence but is deeply flawed. Their decisions increasingly endanger others. Will your loyalty remain unwavering, or will you find a way to sever the bond and face the consequences of defiance?

  5. A close friend or family member discovers or acquires a form of power unlike anything seen before. This power begins to change them, warping their personality. Do you stand by helplessly, or do you risk the relationship to confront them before it’s too late?

  6. Following the sudden disappearance of figures with immense influence, society begins to crumble. You find yourself drawn into a struggle for power, forced to choose between your ambition and compassion in the ensuing chaos.

30 Writing Prompts About Power
  1. You have the peculiar ability to nullify the powers of others when they experience a strong emotional reaction in your presence. This makes you invaluable to some, and a feared threat to others. Can you navigate this unique ability while keeping those you care about safe?

  2. In a society where words have potent transformative power, you are born mute. Yet, you discover an alternative form of expression that can reshape reality. Can you harness this newfound power to create a more just world, or will you become an unwitting tool in the hands of the powerful?

  3. You wake up one day with incredible abilities that you don’t recognize. Soon you learn that these powers were forcibly taken from someone else. Do you confront the unseen thief and risk losing this power, or do you embrace your new reality despite the questionable origin?

  4. You’re born into a prestigious family with a secret ability passed down through generations: the power to shield others from harm by absorbing injuries yourself. Your selfless nature leads you to protect others, but at what personal cost?

  5. In a rigid society obsessed with perfection, you possess the ability to craft illusions of beauty. These are sought after but ultimately fragile. Will you uphold the harmful facade of this society for your benefit, or use your power to expose the truth?

  6. Through accident or luck, you stumble into immense authority within an organization you barely understand. Some see you as unqualified, while others seek to use you as a pawn. How do you navigate the responsibility thrust upon you and perhaps even use this position for unexpected good?
30 Writing Prompts About Power