24 Writing Prompts About Refugees

Writing Prompts about Refugees

Our world’s always on the go, right?

But refugees, their stories are powerful. They show us strength, hope, and that feeling of wanting a place to belong, no matter where you’re from.

We might not get it entirely, what it’s like for them.

But hey, that’s why we read and write, right?

We can dive into their experiences, the tough stuff and the dreams they hold on to.

These prompts about refugees aren’t just boring writing things, they’re keys! Keys to unlock stories that most people miss, but that matter a lot.

So, let’s explore these untold adventures together. There are amazing stories out there waiting to be written!

Writing Prompts About Refugees

  1. After a tumultuous escape from their war-torn homeland, a refugee loses a family heirloom – a silver locket with a faded photo inside. The locket goes on an unexpected journey through different hands, places, and experiences. Write the story of the locket, the memories it holds, and the eventual reunion with its rightful owner.

  2. In a bustling refugee camp, an old man named Jamal sets up a small tent where he tells stories of their homeland to the children who have never seen it. Through Jamal’s tales, the children find solace and dreams. Narrate one of Jamal’s most heartfelt stories, and the impact it has on a particular child listening.

  3. Amina is a linguist who left her country because of a civil unrest. In her new country, she volunteers to teach the native language to refugee children while learning their diverse languages and dialects. Describe the bonds she forms and how the power of language bridges her new world with the memories of the old.

  4. In an unfamiliar land, a refugee named Laila starts a community garden, reminding her of the farm she left behind. The garden soon becomes a symbol of hope and unity for others in her community. Share the journey of how Laila’s garden flourishes and the impact it has on the lives intertwined with it.

  5. Every day, at a bus stop in a foreign city, two refugees from different countries meet. Neither speaks the other’s language fluently, but they share stories of their past through gestures, drawings, and broken phrases. Chronicle their deepening friendship and the lessons they teach each other about resilience and hope.

  6. Before the war, Sara was a renowned violinist in her homeland. Having fled without her beloved instrument, she encounters a street musician in her new city playing a tune she once composed. Dive into Sara’s past, the significance of the melody, and the serendipity of this unexpected reunion.

  7. In a makeshift school within a refugee camp, a teacher decides to have her students pen letters detailing their experiences, hopes, and dreams, intending to send them to world leaders. Write from the perspective of one child and the profound message they wish to convey to the world.

  8. A young architect, displaced by war, uses his skills to design and create innovative shelters and infrastructures within refugee camps. While his creations are practical, they are also deeply symbolic. Explore how his designs not only provide refuge but also send a message about unity and the power of human spirit.

  9. Among the few possessions she managed to bring, a refugee named Mariam has an old family cookbook. She decides to recreate a traditional dish in the communal kitchen of the camp, evoking memories of family gatherings and sparking interest among the residents. Describe the evening where flavors become stories, and Mariam’s dish serves as a gateway to shared memories and solace.

  10. Ahmad, who was once a famed photographer in his homeland, now captures the life, struggles, and beauty of the refugee camp through his old camera’s lens. Through his photos, a story of resilience emerges. Follow Ahmad’s journey and the stories he captures, revealing the heart and soul of a displaced community.

  11. In an adopted country, a teacher discovers that one of her students is a child refugee who’s exceptionally gifted in poetry. The poems, though simple, speak volumes of a world she’s left behind. Narrate the influence of this young poet in the classroom and the ripple effect of her words in the broader community.

  12. An elderly woman named Farida knits blankets in the camp, each pattern narrating a story from her past. As winter approaches, these blankets become gifts of warmth and tales of a time gone by. Write about the recipients of Farida’s blankets and how each one connects to the history woven into them.

  13. Elias, a refugee who once was a celebrated conductor, is now mute due to a traumatic event. In his new home, he communicates through music, forming an orchestra with young refugees. Describe the powerful musical performances they create, uniting people across diverse backgrounds and turning pain into art.

  14. A group of refugee children, intrigued by astronomy, start charting the stars from the camp’s vantage point. This nightly activity not only offers a distraction but also a new perspective on their place in the universe. Tell the story of how looking up brings newfound hope to a community looking forward.

  15. Every weekend, a mini-bazaar is set up in the heart of the camp, where refugees trade not in currency, but in stories, crafts, songs, and skills. Dive into a day in the life of this bazaar, capturing the rich tapestry of cultures, dreams, and memories exchanged.

  16. Layla, a young refugee with a passion for painting, starts capturing the daily life of her community on canvas. Her artwork garners attention, leading to an exhibition that brings global awareness to the plight of refugees. Follow Layla’s artistic journey and how her brushstrokes challenge perceptions and inspire action.

  17. Every week, a boat arrives at the refugee camp carrying not just supplies, but letters from individuals around the world, extending words of comfort, stories, and drawings. Chronicle the impact of these letters on a family in the camp and how they foster a sense of connection and solidarity across borders.

  18. In the open grounds of the refugee camp, young souls come together to play soccer with a makeshift ball. While the game offers a brief escape, each player carries a personal history onto the field. Dive into the intertwined tales of these players and how the sport offers them a semblance of normalcy and camaraderie.

  19. Sami, a refugee with culinary skills, opens a small eatery in his new city, recreating dishes from his homeland. While it starts as a place of nostalgia, locals soon flock, drawn by the unique flavors and Sami’s tales. Explore the journey of this eatery, transforming from a refuge of memories to a cultural hub in the heart of a foreign land.

  20. As a child, Aria heard tales of the boatman who used to ferry people across the river in her hometown, always humming a haunting tune. In her new setting, she hears a familiar melody and traces it back to its unexpected source. Reveal the history behind the song and the reunion it sparks in an unfamiliar land.

  21. In an effort to keep traditions alive and offer a sense of purpose, a group of women in the refugee camp starts a weaving circle, creating textiles that narrate their histories. Detail the evolution of this circle, as their woven pieces become emblems of resilience, identity, and shared heritage.

  22. Amidst the cacophony of the camp, a young boy crafts flutes from the debris and discarded materials. He distributes these to children, and soon, the camp resonates with melodies of hope. Capture the transformation of the camp’s soundscape and how music becomes a beacon of unity and expression.

  23. An initiative is started within the refugee camp to record and preserve the personal stories of its inhabitants. This evolving library becomes a testament to human endurance and dreams. Navigate the tales within this library, spotlighting a few poignant narratives that exemplify the spirit of survival.

  24. Discovering an old radio, a group of tech-savvy refugees manage to broadcast messages, stories, and music from the camp. What starts as a humble endeavor soon attracts global listeners. Unravel the impact of this radio station, both within the camp and in the world beyond its fences.