24 Writing Prompts About Sharks

Writing Prompts about Sharks

The ocean has always been this super mysterious place, right?

All that darkness down there, weird glowing stuff, and of course, SHARKS!

We all know sharks from movies, where they’re the bad guys trying to eat surfers (sorry, surfers!). But what if we looked at them differently?

Imagine sharks as, like, creative muses! Instead of nightmares, they could inspire us to write awesome stories.

In this post, we are going on an adventure to the deep blue.

We have got some shark-inspired writing prompts that will blow your mind (in a good way, not a great white way).

Writing Prompts About Sharks

  1. Shark Conservationist’s Diary: The life of a marine biologist is filled with endless wonders and challenges, especially if their main study is the magnificent and misunderstood creature, the shark. Dive deep into the diary entries of Dr. Eleanor Martinez, a renowned shark conservationist, as she travels the world documenting her encounters with various shark species. Detail a particular day when she makes an unprecedented discovery about these apex predators.

  2. Mysteries of the Deep: Sharks have thrived in the ocean for over 400 million years, witnessing countless evolutions and changes. Imagine an underwater realm where sharks have developed unique abilities or traits to adapt to a changing environment. Describe a fictional species of shark and its special adaptations that help it survive in its unique habitat.

  3. The Shark Whisperer: Growing up in a coastal village, Lina has always been warned about the dangers of sharks. However, since childhood, she’s had an uncanny ability to communicate and understand these majestic creatures. Narrate an event where her gift plays a pivotal role in averting a disaster at sea.

  4. Historical Encounter: In the 16th century, as seafarers explored new lands, they encountered many unfamiliar species, including the daunting sharks of the vast oceans. Follow the voyage of Captain Nathaniel and his crew as they chronicle their first meeting with these incredible animals. Describe the awe, fear, and fascination they experience, setting the stage for future maritime tales.

  5. A Town’s Transformation: After a shark attack shocks the quiet coastal town of Harmony Bay, the community becomes divided. Some residents advocate for hunting and exterminating the sharks, while others, understanding the importance of sharks in the ecosystem, rally for their protection. Explore the journey of the town as it grapples with fear, knowledge, and change.

  6. Lost and Found in the Abyss: A deep-sea exploration mission goes awry when the submarine’s equipment malfunctions, leaving the crew stranded on the ocean floor. Amidst the darkness and silence, they encounter a rare species of bioluminescent sharks. Detail the crew’s experiences as they find hope and marvel in the mysterious glow of these underwater wonders.

  7. Guardians of the Sacred Reef: Local legends speak of a sacred reef protected by ancestral spirits in the form of sharks. When a corporation plans to exploit the reef for its resources, a young environmentalist discovers the truth behind the tales. Unravel the bond between the village’s ancestors, the sharks, and the fight to save the sacred space.

  8. Life’s Second Chance: After a near-fatal accident, retired marine veteran Alex feels lost and disconnected from the world. On a whim, he joins a shark diving expedition and experiences a profound connection with a great white shark. Delve into Alex’s transformative journey as he rediscovers purpose and passion through his encounters with these majestic creatures.

  9. The Sharks of Silicon Valley: In the business world, “sharks” refer to ruthless entrepreneurs and investors. But in this story, a tech mogul named Adrian finds a parallel between these business sharks and real-life sharks during a diving expedition. Explore how the behaviors and survival tactics of marine sharks provide Adrian with insights into navigating the cutthroat tech industry.

  10. Shark Fin Dilemma: Kelly, a young chef in a prestigious restaurant, faces a moral quandary when asked to prepare a dish using shark fins, a controversial and environmentally damaging ingredient. Narrate Kelly’s internal struggle and the decision she makes, reflecting on the broader implications of tradition versus conservation.

  11. Echoes from the Deep: Marine archaeologist, Dr. Farid, stumbles upon an ancient sunken city where carvings of sharks are found everywhere, from walls to artifacts. This discovery leads him to speculate about the significance of sharks in this lost civilization. Uncover the stories and legends of a people who revered sharks as gods or protectors.

  12. From Foes to Friends: An experienced surfer, Maya, has always seen sharks as her biggest threat. But after a chance rescue by a dolphin pod from a lurking shark, she realizes that the ocean’s balance is more intricate than she’d thought. Detail Maya’s evolving relationship with sharks as she learns to coexist and respect these apex predators.

  13. Night of the Shark Stars: Every year, a small coastal town experiences a unique phenomenon: bioluminescent plankton attract a massive migration of glowing sharks, turning the sea into a starry night spectacle. Describe a festival the town holds in honor of this event, capturing both the magic of nature and human celebration.

  14. Shark-Infested Waters of the Mind: After a traumatic shark encounter, Jackson suffers from severe nightmares where he relives the event but with different outcomes. Seeking help, he turns to a therapist specializing in dream interpretation. Dive into the psychological realm where fears are confronted, and healing begins in the dreamy depths of the mind.

  15. The Heartbeat Detector: Inventor Dr. Elise creates a device that can detect and interpret the heartbeat patterns of marine life. When testing it on sharks, she discovers that their heartbeats convey more than just health – they may communicate emotions. Journey with Elise as she decodes the heartbeats, revealing an unprecedented understanding of shark emotions.

  16. Tales of the Shark Guardian: In a world where animals can bestow special abilities upon chosen humans, Kara is granted powers by the revered Elder Shark. These abilities task her with protecting marine life, especially sharks, from looming threats. Narrate a gripping tale where Kara confronts those who harm the ocean, empowered by the spirit of the Elder Shark.

  17. Harbor’s Mystery: The small fishing town of Red Harbor has a peculiar legend. Every fifty years, a ghostly shark appears, leading to bountiful catches for fishermen. As the time approaches, a journalist arrives to document the phenomenon. Chronicle the events as the town prepares for the spectral shark’s arrival and the truths that unravel.

  18. The Classroom Aquarium: Mrs. Wilson’s 5th-grade class is excited about their new aquarium, particularly the baby shark it houses. As the children care for and observe the creature, they each draw personal lessons and parallels with their lives. Zoom into the perspective of one child as they navigate school life, inspired by the resilience and journey of the baby shark.

  19. The Gifted Fin: Leila, an artist, discovers a unique, iridescent shark fin washed ashore after a storm. Using it as inspiration, she crafts masterpieces that seem to come alive, resonating with the spirit of the ocean. Describe the enchanting creations she makes, and how the shark fin transforms her art and destiny.

  20. Between Waves and Teeth: Professional surfer, Ty, always saw the ocean as his playground. But after a close call with a bull shark, his perception changes. Instead of harboring animosity, he embarks on a mission to educate others. Narrate Ty’s evolution from a thrill-seeker to an advocate for harmonious human-shark coexistence.

  21. Guardian of the Lighthouse: Isolated on a rocky island, old lighthouse keeper, Mr. Grant, has only the sea for company. Over the years, he’s formed an unlikely bond with a solitary great white shark, naming it Lumina. Unfold the tales of their unique companionship, against the backdrop of crashing waves and the beacon’s glow.

  22. Song of the Siren and Shark: In a world where mythical creatures exist, a siren named Alaira befriends a giant ancient shark. Together, they navigate challenges, from treasure hunters to other sea myths. Dive into a tale of friendship that proves bonds can form between the most unexpected beings.

  23. The Blue-Eyed Shark: A new shark species with striking blue eyes is discovered near a coral atoll. As researchers study it, they realize the shark might have cognitive abilities surpassing any marine animal they’ve encountered. Embark on a journey of science and wonder as humans attempt to communicate with this extraordinary creature.

  24. Shattered Myths: Dr. Reina is a cultural anthropologist visiting an island tribe with a unique shark-centered mythology. However, as she learns more, she realizes that their myths have a foundation in reality, rooted in ancient practices and mutual respect. Delve deep into a story where myths are debunked, only to reveal profound truths about nature and human interaction.