24 Writing Prompts About Taking Risks

Writing Prompts about Taking Risks

Life’s full of risks, big and small, right?

From hitting snooze to, well, maybe skydiving (if you’re that kind of daredevil).

And guess what?

That risk-taking stuff makes for awesome stories!

This post is for all you storytellers who want to spice things up with a risk-taking adventure in your writing.

We’ve got a bunch of prompts to get your creative juices flowing and push your story in unexpected directions.

Think of these prompts as launching pads into the wild unknown of your story.

Who knows where they might take you?

That’s the beauty of taking risks, after all!

Writing Prompts About Taking Risks

  1. The Unanticipated Leap: Everyone has their comfort zones, and straying away from them can be daunting. However, consider a situation where your character, living a safe and predictable life, suddenly decides to quit their job to pursue their passion, which may seem unreasonable to others. This isn’t just about them switching careers; it’s about them taking a big risk that might cost them their stability. Write a story about your character’s journey, focusing on the initial decision, the challenges, and the overall impact of this risk on their life.

  2. Daring Proposal: Love, an emotion that prompts people to take some of the biggest risks in their lives. In this prompt, your protagonist is deeply in love with their best friend but is afraid to confess their feelings, fearing that it might ruin their friendship. But one day, they decide to take the risk and express their feelings. Detail the emotional turmoil of your protagonist as they prepare to risk their long-standing friendship for the love they crave.

  3. Stranger in a Foreign Land: Imagine your protagonist moving to a new country where they don’t know the language, the culture, or even a single person. This could be due to a job offer, pursuit of a dream, or escaping past demons. Regardless of the reason, this is a significant risk as they leave behind everything familiar. Craft a narrative around their experiences in the new land and how they navigate through the uncertainties and challenges.

  4. The Startup Gamble: Many individuals dream about starting their own company but never take the leap due to fear of failure. Your character, however, decides to take the risk. With their life savings and a handful of hopeful employees, they launch their startup. Describe their journey of navigating through financial issues, market competition, self-doubt, and how taking this risk reshapes their life.

  5. The Hidden Talent: Your protagonist has a secret talent or passion they’ve never shared with anyone because of fear of judgment or ridicule. This could be something as simple as painting or something as complex as parkour. However, one day they decide to share this hidden part of themselves with the world. Write a story on how revealing this talent and taking this risk changes their life, their relationships, and their self-perception.

  6. A Chance at Redemption: Everyone makes mistakes, but some people make big ones – ones that cost them relationships, trust, or their reputation. Your character has made such a mistake and has been living in the shadows, haunted by guilt. But then, they see an opportunity to make things right. This prompt revolves around your character taking the risk to confront their past, seek forgiveness, and reclaim their life.

  7. Trust Betrayed: Trust is a delicate bond that, once broken, is hard to mend. In this story, your character has been betrayed by someone they trusted dearly, which has made them wary of trusting people again. However, they meet someone who seems worthy of their trust, but the risk is too great. Write a narrative exploring your character’s internal conflict and the journey they undertake to risk trusting again.

  8. High-Stakes Competition: Your protagonist is an average individual with an uneventful life. However, they unexpectedly find themselves in a high-stakes competition that could dramatically change their life – for better or worse. Despite the enormous pressure and the fear of losing, they decide to participate. Craft a story that portrays their decision-making process, their preparation, the competition, and the aftermath of taking such a risk.

  9. Facing the Fear: Phobias can be debilitating, creating invisible barriers that limit us in various ways. Your protagonist suffers from a severe phobia (e.g., agoraphobia, acrophobia, or arachnophobia) that has greatly affected their life. One day, they decide to confront this fear head-on. Write a story that details their process of taking this risk, their struggles, victories, and transformations along the way.

  10. The Rebellious Act: Society often has unwritten rules and expectations that many conform to out of fear of judgment or ostracization. Your character, however, decides to break free from societal norms to live a life true to themselves, fully aware of the potential backlash. This prompt asks you to explore your character’s journey of rebellion, self-discovery, and the consequences of taking such a risk.

  11. The Rescue Mission: Your protagonist leads a normal, peaceful life until they come across a dire situation where a life is at risk – maybe a child trapped in a burning building or a wounded animal in the middle of a busy road. Despite not having any professional training, they decide to intervene. Narrate the story of this impulsive, risky decision, its execution, and the profound impact it has on their life.

  12. The Political Aspiration: Entering politics is a risky endeavor, especially for those who aim to bring about real change in a corrupt system. Your character decides to run for a significant political office to fight against corruption, even though they’ve never held any political office before. Describe their journey through a corrupt system, the challenges they face, and how this risk affects their life and their community.

  13. Against Medical Advice: Your protagonist has been living with a chronic illness, relying on medications and treatments that impair their quality of life. One day, they decide to stop the conventional treatments and take an alternative path, going against medical advice. This prompt involves you crafting a narrative around this risky decision, exploring the physical and emotional journey of your character.

  14. Uncovering the Truth: Your character stumbles upon a secret that could shake up their community or even their country. Bringing this truth to light is a risky endeavor, as powerful individuals or entities want to keep it hidden. Despite the danger, your character decides to expose the secret. Write about the risks involved, the steps they take, the retaliation they face, and how their life changes as a result.

  15. A Life on the Road: Your protagonist, tired of their mundane existence, decides to sell everything they own, buy a van, and start a nomadic life on the road. This is a significant risk as they leave behind security for a life of uncertainty. Tell the story of their life on the road, the challenges they face, the beauty they discover, and how this risk shapes their life.

  16. Return to Education: Education often follows a linear path, but your character, a middle-aged individual, decides to break this convention. They choose to go back to school to pursue a degree, even though they’re much older than their classmates and have responsibilities that could make this journey challenging. Narrate their journey through this unusual path, the trials they encounter, and the rewards of taking such a risk.

  17. The Whistleblower: Your character works in a high-powered corporation, but they discover some disturbing information about illegal practices within the company. They know that bringing this to light could cost them their job or even their safety, but the weight of the secret is too much. Craft a story that describes their decision, the process of whistleblowing, the repercussions, and how their life changes as a result of this risk.

  18. The Lone Protester: Picture a protagonist living under an oppressive regime. They decide to take a stand and become a beacon of resistance, knowing full well the personal risks involved. Write a narrative that explores the journey of this individual, the risks they take to fight for their beliefs, and how this changes their life and the lives of those around them.

  19. Forging a New Path: Your character has been following a pre-determined path all their life – maybe a family business or a legacy profession. But they have dreams of their own, dreams that are entirely different and may not be understood or accepted by their family or community. They decide to take the risk and forge their own path. Detail the emotional and practical struggles of this transition, and the long-term impact of taking this risk.

  20. The Survivor: Your protagonist is the victim of a disaster, natural or man-made, and they are left stranded. Despite the odds, they decide to fight for survival. Write a gripping narrative about their risky struggle to survive, the decisions they have to make, the physical and emotional battles they face, and how this experience transforms them.

  21. Single Parent Adoption: Your character, a single individual, decides to adopt a child. This decision comes with a multitude of challenges and potential stigmas, but the desire to provide a loving home to a child outweighs the risks. Craft a story that delves into the adoption process, the trials of single parenthood, and the impact this risk has on both their lives.

  22. The Comeback: Your protagonist was once at the peak of their career – maybe a professional athlete, a renowned artist, or a celebrated scientist. But after a significant setback, they’ve become a shadow of their former self. They decide to make a comeback despite the odds stacked against them. Write about the risky journey of their comeback, the trials, triumphs, and how this decision changes them.

  23. The Undercover Life: Your character, a journalist or a detective, decides to go undercover to expose a criminal organization. They risk their safety, their relationships, and their sanity for the sake of truth. Write a thrilling narrative about their preparation, their life undercover, the risks involved, and the aftermath of their risky endeavor.

  24. The Alien Encounter: While on a solo expedition in a remote area, your protagonist encounters what seems to be an extraterrestrial being. They decide to interact with the being, risking their safety and potentially their sanity. Describe this surreal experience, the risks they take, and the impact this encounter has on their life.