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24 Writing Prompts about Women’s History Month

Writing Prompts about Women's History Month

March isn’t just about going from freezing to flowers.

It’s also Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate all things awesome women!

This is your chance to learn about famous ladies who totally rocked the world, and unsung sheroes whose stories deserve to be heard.

Feeling inspired?

These writing prompts about Women’s History Month will get your creative juices flowing and help you explore the power of women throughout history.

So grab your pen, phone, or whatever you write with, and let these amazing women inspire your next masterpiece!

Writing Prompts about Women’s History Month

  1. Hidden Letters, Revealed Stories: Dive deep into the imagined life of a woman from the past, whose personal letters were recently discovered. Through these letters, you uncover the struggles she faced, her dreams, passions, and the secrets she kept. Your task is to recreate her life’s story, building a world that encapsulates the challenges and triumphs of her time.

  2. Revolutionary Voices: The history books often overlook women who played significant roles in revolutions or uprisings. Imagine you’ve come across a journal from a woman at the heart of a pivotal moment in history. Describe her experiences, feelings, and the change she aimed to drive. Ensure her voice is heard and remembered.

  3. The Scientist’s Diary: Science and innovation have not always been welcoming fields for women. Envision a diary entry from a brilliant female scientist whose groundbreaking discoveries were credited to her male colleagues. Share her frustrations, hopes, and determination to break barriers and gain the recognition she deserved.

  4. Firsts in a World of Seconds: Women have been pioneers in various fields, yet their contributions often remain in the shadows. Write a story about a woman who was the “first” in her domain, capturing the moments leading up to her historic feat and the aftermath of her accomplishment. Highlight the resilience and courage it took to stand out in a man’s world.

  5. Art of Defiance: Art can be a powerful tool for change. Envision a female artist from history who used her craft to challenge societal norms and promote women’s rights. Narrate her journey, from her inspiration to the impact of her work, emphasizing her passion to change perceptions through her art.

  6. Boardroom Breakthrough: The corporate world is filled with tales of women who’ve shattered the glass ceiling. Craft a story centered around a woman in the early 20th century aiming to establish herself in the business world. Explore her daily challenges, dreams, and the defining moment when she proves her worth.

  7. Fighting in the Shadows: Wars and conflicts are often dominated by tales of male bravery. However, numerous women have also shown immense valor. Imagine a tale of a female spy or a resistance fighter, risking her life for a cause. Focus on her determination and the unique challenges she faced, emphasizing how she remained undeterred in the face of adversity.

  8. The Unsung Educator: Education is the cornerstone of progress. Picture a female teacher in a society where women’s education was frowned upon. Narrate her quest to enlighten young minds, her clandestine classes, and the lives she impacted. The heart of your story should revolve around her belief in the power of knowledge and the lengths she went to share it.

  9. Voices from the Silk Road: Centuries ago, along the ancient Silk Road, there were tales not only of traders but of remarkable women who journeyed, negotiated, and discovered. Weave a tale of such a woman, emphasizing the multicultural interactions, challenges she faced, and her unique role in this vital trade route. Highlight her adaptability and resourcefulness amidst diverse cultures.

  10. The Healer’s Touch: Before modern medicine, there were women who held the knowledge of herbs, rituals, and healing practices. Craft a narrative around a woman healer accused of witchcraft due to her skills. Dive deep into her journey, revealing the duality of being both feared and revered, and her struggle to preserve ancient knowledge amidst suspicion.

  11. Dances of Freedom: In many cultures, dance is not just an art but a form of expression. Envision a story of a woman using dance to subtly rebel against oppressive regimes or social norms. Her movements tell tales of resistance, hope, and dreams, making dance her weapon and voice. Spotlight the power of silent protest through art.

  12. Words Behind Walls: Set in a time when women’s literary works were often suppressed or published anonymously, follow the story of a female writer whose works inspire a movement, even though her identity remains hidden. Explore her determination to share her ideas and the underground network that helps circulate them. Emphasize the idea that ideas cannot be imprisoned.

  13. In the Arena: Imagine a world where a woman rises as a champion in a traditionally male-dominated sport or game. Whether it’s ancient gladiatorial combat, chess, or another competition, explore her journey, the adversities she faces, and the societal implications of her victories. The story should focus on her undying spirit of competition and the ripple effect of her success.

  14. Beyond the Sea’s Horizon: The annals of exploration often forget women sailors and explorers. Detail the adventurous life of a woman who defied norms to set sail, discover new lands, or trade routes. Document her encounters, challenges at sea, and the legacy she left behind. Highlight her undaunted spirit of discovery.

  15. Guardians of Tradition: In a rapidly modernizing society, a woman takes it upon herself to safeguard her community’s traditions and rituals. Dive into her endeavors to balance progress with preservation, ensuring the younger generation appreciates their heritage. The narrative should be anchored in her belief in the value of cultural memory.

  16. Echoes of the Ancestors: Grounded in indigenous lore, this story revolves around a woman entrusted with her tribe’s stories and histories. As external threats endanger her tribe’s existence, she embarks on a quest to ensure their tales and wisdom survive for future generations. Center the story on the theme that stories are the soul’s immortality.

  17. Bridges of Steel and Spirit: Dive into the life of a woman engineer responsible for designing iconic landmarks in a time where her profession was overwhelmingly male. Detail her innovative techniques, her challenges in the predominantly male arena, and the enduring legacy of her constructions. Emphasize her unwavering vision and tenacity amidst skepticism.

  18. Songs of the Silenced: Envision a woman with a golden voice, singing songs of protest, hope, and revolution in an era where her gender and messages were suppressed. Document her rise, the influence of her music, and the adversaries that sought to silence her. Showcase the transcendent power of her melodies to inspire change.

  19. Amidst Ashes and Embers: In a society recovering from war, a woman emerges as the beacon of hope, leading efforts for reconstruction, peace, and reconciliation. Narrate her trials, the weight of leadership on her shoulders, and the transformative journey she embarks on. Central to this tale should be her conviction that rebuilding begins with the heart.

  20. Galaxies Beyond Glass Ceilings: Set against the backdrop of the space race, craft the tale of a female astronomer or astronaut marginalized due to her gender. Unravel her clandestine contributions, the discoveries she made, and her eventual recognition. The narrative should revolve around her belief that the universe knows no gender.

  21. The Shadow Maven: In the age of empires and kingdoms, a woman stands as the unseen power broker, manipulating politics and influencing decisions from behind the scenes. Describe her intricate webs of information, her strategies, and the reasons she chose to remain hidden. Emphasize her mastery in understanding that sometimes, power lies in invisibility.

  22. Echoes in Earthenware: Dive into the life of a female potter in an ancient civilization, whose creations not only serve functional purposes but also chronicle history, myths, and legends. Through her art, get a glimpse of the society she lived in, its beliefs, and its stories. Central to this tale is the idea that history can be molded by hands both strong and delicate.

  23. Beneath Veils and Volumes: Set in a period where women’s education is restricted, a woman secretly establishes a library, imparting knowledge and empowerment to other women. Document the growth of this sanctuary, the stories of the women it touched, and the eventual challenges it faces. Highlight the underlying theme that knowledge is the ultimate liberator.

  24. A Lens Against Time: Narrate the journey of a pioneering female photographer who captures pivotal moments in history, societal transitions, and evolutions. Through her lens, witness wars, revolutions, and the everyday life of people. The heart of this story should explore the idea that through her camera, she freezes moments, but ignites thoughts.