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30 Writing Prompts About The Future

Writing Prompts about the Future

We’ve always been obsessed with what’s coming next, from crazy predictions by old-time soothsayers to mind-blowing stories written by today’s brainiacs.

And guess what?

With all this wild tech popping up, the environment freaking out, and society doing its own weird dance, the future stories we tell matter more than ever.

These aren’t just tales to keep you up at night (or make you dream big).

They’re like warnings, cheers for a better tomorrow, and even step-by-step guides for the world we want to build. The stories we spin about the future basically scream about what we’re all about right now: what scares us, what excites us, and what we’re really, really hoping for.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive headfirst into some mind-bending ideas about what the future might hold.

Get ready to explore a whole bunch of possible worlds and see how humanity might deal with all the crazy stuff that’s coming our way!

Writing Prompts and Story Ideas about the Future

  1. Post-Apocalyptic Earth Without Electricity: Imagine a future where a cataclysmic solar event has wiped out all electronic devices on Earth, rendering them useless and bringing humanity back to a pre-electric age. How would societies adapt and thrive in this new world? Consider the implications on communication, transportation, and daily life routines.

  2. The Ethics of Human Cloning: In the not-so-distant future, science has made it possible to clone humans. While the medical community sees it as a breakthrough, there’s a growing debate about the ethics of creating human copies. Explore the complexities of relationships, identity, and the soul as the first human clone confronts societal backlash.

  3. Rise of the Machines: As AI continues to advance, machines have begun taking over most of the jobs, leading to an unprecedented economic shift. Many humans find themselves unemployed and searching for meaning in a world dominated by technology. How would human relationships evolve in such a setting, and what new purposes might people find?

  4. Recolonizing Earth from Mars: Humans have been living on Mars for generations and have completely adapted to its conditions. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they must now return and recolonize a wild and unfamiliar Earth. Dive into the challenges, emotions, and struggles of these Mars-born humans as they re-discover their ancestral home.

  5. The Oceanic City-State: Due to rising sea levels, a future civilization builds an entire city-state floating on the ocean, becoming a refuge for those displaced by the changing climate. Detail the lives of its inhabitants, the technological innovations, and the cultural shifts in this ocean-bound society.

  6. Digital Memories: In a world where technology allows for the transfer and sale of memories, consider the ramifications of such a market. The rich can buy experiences they’ve never had, while the poor might sell cherished memories for survival. Dive deep into the story of a character who makes a living trading these intimate recollections.

  7. A World Without Sleep: Scientists have developed a pill that eliminates the need for sleep, giving people an extra 8 hours every day. As the majority of the population starts using it, consider the long-term impacts on mental health, interpersonal relationships, and society’s structure. Explore a narrative where the protagonist resists the temptation of this sleepless allure.

  8. The Last Library: In a digital age, physical books have become rare artifacts. Libraries are seen as antiquated, and a global decision is made to consolidate all remaining physical books into one final library. Unravel the story of a librarian tasked with curating this collection, facing dilemmas over what knowledge should be preserved in its physical form.

  9. Cryogenic Resurgence: In a society where cryogenic freezing was once a fad, thousands had chosen to be frozen for hundreds of years, hoping the future would be a utopia. Now, as they’re revived, they find themselves in a world not as they expected. Explore the journey of someone from the past trying to integrate into this unfamiliar future.

  10. Virtual Reality Utopias: The real world has become harsh and polluted, leading the majority to escape into VR worlds where they can customize their own utopias. Follow the life of an individual responsible for maintaining and curating these digital paradises and the emotional toll it takes on them.

  11. The Great Silence: Suddenly, all animals on Earth stop making sounds. No birds chirping, dogs barking, or whales singing. Scientists scramble to understand the cause. Narrate the story of a biologist and an audio historian teaming up to decipher this mysterious global quiet.

  12. The Second Moon: Earth discovers a second, smaller moon entering its orbit. As it becomes a permanent fixture in the night sky, delve into the implications it has on tidal patterns, night-time behaviors, and the world’s religions. Central to the story is a child born the night of its appearance, believed by many to harbor a cosmic secret.

  13. Nomads of the Sky: With land resources dwindling, humanity turns to the skies, creating enormous floating cities that travel with the winds. Document the adventures of a family aboard one such city, as they navigate aerial challenges and cultural exchanges with other floating metropolises.

  14. Universal Translator Malfunction: A device that universally translates all languages malfunctions, causing worldwide communication chaos. At the heart of this crisis is a linguist and a software engineer, racing against time to fix the device while navigating the misunderstandings. Explore the beauty and complexity of language amidst global confusion.

  15. Descent into the Earth’s Core: As space exploration wanes, humanity decides to explore inwards, setting expeditions to Earth’s core. Detail the journey of the first crew making this descent, facing extreme conditions and discovering hidden secrets beneath the Earth’s crust.

  16. Age of Empathy: A breakthrough in neuroscience allows individuals to deeply feel and understand the emotions of those around them. This sparks a societal transformation, as conflicts become rare but personal boundaries are tested. Narrate the life of a diplomat using this technology to mediate global disputes, while balancing their own emotional well-being.

  17. The Great Reversal: For some inexplicable reason, all teenagers begin to age backwards once they hit 18, living their lives in reverse until they become infants again. Families and societies grapple with the emotional and logistical challenges. Follow a young adult’s journey as they experience life’s milestones in reverse, seeking to uncover the mystery behind this phenomenon.

  18. Garden Cities: With pollution at an all-time high, cities begin to incorporate vegetation at every possible juncture, turning skyscrapers into vertical forests and roads into gardens. As a botanist in this verdant urban landscape, discover the challenges and joys of maintaining this new balance between nature and civilization.

  19. Echoes of the Past: Archaeologists unearth an ancient device that can project the daily lives of people from thousands of years ago as holograms. As the world becomes obsessed with watching the past, consider the moral and philosophical implications. Center the narrative around an individual who becomes deeply engrossed in the life of an ancient ancestor, blurring lines between past and present.

  20. Sentient Art: New technology allows art to become sentient—paintings can speak, sculptures can move, and songs can evolve. As an artist in this era, explore the implications of creating something that has its own thoughts, feelings, and desires, and the responsibility that comes with giving consciousness to one’s creations.

  21. The Silence of Space: As interstellar travel becomes common, astronauts realize that space isn’t as silent as once believed; it sings, whispers, and sometimes even screams. Unveil the story of a space captain and their crew as they decipher these cosmic sounds, understanding that they are messages from the universe itself.

  22. Memory Healers: In a world where professionals can enter and edit memories, ‘Memory Healers’ are sought after to erase traumatic experiences or add cherished faux memories. Dive into the ethical dilemmas faced by a top healer when a client asks them to erase a memory that holds societal significance.

  23. Endless Horizon: Humanity discovers that Earth is much larger than once believed. Beyond the known continents exists an uncharted expanse filled with unknown species and cultures. Chart the perilous journey of explorers as they venture into this mysterious realm, aiming to map the unmapped and bridge diverse civilizations.

  24. A Planet of Mirrors: Astronauts land on a planet that eerily mirrors Earth in every aspect—geography, cities, and even inhabitants who look identical to people on Earth. Yet, subtle differences in culture and behavior emerge. Narrate from the perspective of an astronaut who meets their doppelganger and strives to understand this parallel universe and its subtle discrepancies.

  25. The Symphony of Minds: A new technology emerges, allowing people to connect their minds in real-time, creating symphonies of thoughts, emotions, and memories. The experience is profound but not without its side effects. Follow the life of a conductor tasked with orchestrating these mind symphonies, navigating the beauty and chaos of melded consciousness.

  26. Chronicle of Shadows: In a twist of cosmic events, shadows become sentient, holding a piece of their owner’s soul and memories. They can communicate, but only to other shadows. Dive into the mystery of a detective whose shadow becomes a vital clue in solving a series of crimes, revealing that shadows have their own agendas.

  27. The Weight of the Atmosphere: Earth’s atmosphere suddenly becomes denser, making the air feel like water. While this has beneficial effects on transportation and energy, it drastically changes daily life routines. Narrate the adventures of a free-diver turned ‘air-diver’ as they explore the depths of this thickened sky, uncovering new species and hidden wonders.

  28. Architects of Dreamscapes: Dreams can now be designed, constructed, and experienced like movies or video games. A young designer creates a dream that becomes incredibly popular, but users start preferring her dream world to reality. As she grapples with her unexpected success, she discovers hidden messages within her own creation that she didn’t design.

  29. The Glass Planet: A transparent planet is discovered in a nearby galaxy, offering a clear view into its core and the life forms within. Expeditions to the planet find that its inhabitants live in complete transparency, both physically and socially, having no secrets. Detail the journey of an anthropologist trying to understand a society where everything is laid bare.

  30. Echoed Emotions: A surge in Earth’s magnetic field causes emotions to become tangible, audible echoes. Strong feelings produce louder echoes, revealing people’s true emotions to those around them. Center the narrative on a diplomat trained to be neutral, as they navigate sensitive negotiations while trying to maintain control over their emotional echoes.