40 Writing Prompts For KS2 Students

Writing Prompts For KS2 Students

Stuck in a writing rut?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us (even grown-up writers sometimes peek at a blank page and wonder where to start).

But fear not, fellow wordsmiths of KS2!

This blog is here to be your brainstorming buddy, packed with fun prompts to spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing.

Let’s check the prompts out.

Writing Prompts For KS2 Students

  1. Imagine you have a time machine that can take you to any period in history. Write a story about where you would go and what you would see. Consider the sights, sounds, and experiences of that time. Describe how this journey changes your perspective on history.

  2. You’ve found a hidden door in your school that leads to a magical garden. Write about what you find in this garden and the creatures or plants that live there. Think about how this garden is different from a regular one. Explain why this garden is a secret.

  3. Write a story about a day when you become the principal of your school. What changes would you make? How would you handle the responsibilities? Describe the reactions of students and teachers to your new rules. Discuss the lessons you learn from this experience.

  4. You discover an old treasure map in your attic. Write a story about your adventure to find the treasure. Think about the challenges you face and the people you meet along the way. Describe what the treasure is and why it’s important.

  5. Imagine your neighbor is a secret superhero. Write a story about how you discover their identity and the adventures you have together. Consider what powers they have and the villains they face. Explain how this experience changes your daily life.

  6. Write about a journey to space you take with a team of astronauts. Describe the planets and stars you see, and an unexpected challenge you face in space. Think about the technology that helps you on this journey. Reflect on how this trip changes your view of Earth.

  7. Imagine visiting a zoo where all the animals can talk. Write about your conversations with different animals. What stories do they tell? What do they think about the world? Discuss what you learn from these talking animals.

  8. You and your friends decide to investigate a rumored haunted house in your neighborhood. Write a story about your adventure inside the house and the mysteries you uncover. Think about the clues you find and the house’s history. Reveal the truth behind the haunting.

  9. Imagine one morning you wake up and realize you’ve shrunk to the size of an ant. Write a story about your day as a tiny person. Think about the challenges you would face and how everyday objects look from this new perspective. Explore how this experience changes your view of the world around you.

  10. You discover a hidden city beneath the ocean waves. Write about your underwater adventure to explore this city. Describe the sea creatures you meet and the ancient ruins you find. Reflect on the mysteries and history of this submerged city.

  11. You find a paintbrush that brings whatever you paint to life. Write a story about the things you create and the adventures or problems they cause. Consider how you would use this paintbrush responsibly. Explain the biggest challenge you face with your magic paintbrush.

  12. Imagine spending a day as your pet. Write about your experiences from your pet’s perspective. Consider how the world looks, sounds, and smells. What adventures do you have? Reflect on how this experience helps you understand your pet better.

  13. An alien lands in your backyard and they are friendly! Write a story about your day with this alien. What do you show them about Earth? How do they react to different things? Discuss what you learn about the alien’s world and culture.

  14. You find a mysterious door at school that’s never been there before. Write about what happens when you open the door. Where does it lead? What do you find there? Describe how this discovery changes your ordinary school day.

  15. You grow a plant in science class that starts talking! Write a story about your conversations with this plant. What does it say? How do you keep it a secret or do you tell others? Explore the bond you develop with this extraordinary plant.

  16. You are invited to a grand festival where young inventors showcase their creations. Write about the invention you create and present at the festival. Describe the other inventions you see there. Reflect on the importance of creativity and innovation.

  17. You stumble upon a bookshop where each book transports you into its story. Write about your adventure in one of these magical books. Describe the characters you meet and the challenges you face. Explain how you return to the real world and what you learn from this experience.

  18. Imagine finding a lost dinosaur wandering in your city. Write a story about how you help the dinosaur find its way home. Consider the reactions of people and how you communicate with the dinosaur. Describe the journey and the bond you form with the dinosaur.

  19. You find a forest where the trees can whisper secrets and stories. Write about your exploration in these woods and the tales the trees tell you. Think about the mysteries and history they share. Reflect on how these stories change your view of nature.

  20. You wake up one morning and discover that you’ve become invisible. Write about your day as an invisible person. What would you do? How do people around you react when they can’t see you? Discuss the challenges and advantages of being invisible for a day.

  21. You receive an invitation to attend a school of magic. Write about your first day at this magical school. Describe the spells you learn, the magical creatures you meet, and the friends you make. Explain what makes this school different from your regular school.

  22. You build a robot that becomes your best friend. Write a story about the adventures you have with your robot. Consider the unique abilities of your robot and how it helps you in daily life. Explore the relationship between technology and friendship.

  23. You find a recipe book with a recipe for happiness. Write about your quest to gather the ingredients for this recipe. Describe what each ingredient represents and the challenges you face in finding them. Explain what you discover about the true meaning of happiness.

  24. Imagine a supermarket where you can buy anything, from a potion for courage to a jar of laughter. Write about your visit to this supermarket and the items you choose. Consider why you choose these items and how you use them. Discuss the impact of these magical items on your life and the lives of those around you.

  25. Imagine you become a tiny superhero, no bigger than a pencil. Write a story about the adventures and challenges you face at this size. Think about how you would help people and solve problems. Describe the unique abilities you have as the world’s smallest superhero.

  26. Write a story about a secret tunnel that leads to the center of the Earth. Describe the strange and wonderful things you see on your journey. What kind of creatures or landscapes do you encounter? Explain how this adventure changes your understanding of our planet.

  27. You discover an ancient, hidden library with books that hold mysterious powers. Write about your exploration of the library and the secrets you uncover. Consider the different kinds of magical books you find. Describe the most powerful book you discover and its effects.

  28. One morning, you wake up to find that everything in the world is upside down. Write a story about how you navigate this topsy-turvy world. Think about how everyday tasks become challenging. Explore how you adapt to this new way of life and find a way to turn things back to normal.

  29. You create a potion that can make dreams come true. Write about the dreams you choose to bring to life and the consequences of doing so. Consider both the positive and negative effects of making dreams a reality. Reflect on the lessons learned about the power of dreams.

  30. You receive a mysterious music box that can transport you to the place its music describes. Write about the places you visit using the music box. Describe the sights, sounds, and people you encounter on these musical journeys. Explain how each musical adventure teaches you something new.

  31. You and your friends enter a space race across the galaxy. Write about the planets you visit and the challenges you face in the race. Think about the different alien competitors and the technologies used in the race. Describe the final leg of the race and the outcome.

  32. Your school is holding a contest for the most unusual pet. Write a story about the pet you enter and the other unique pets in the contest. Consider the talents or special abilities these pets might have. Explain what makes your pet unique and the result of the contest.

  33. Imagine discovering an island that becomes invisible during the day and only appears at night. Write a story about your journey to this island and what you find there. Consider the mysteries and challenges you encounter. Explain how you solve the mystery of the disappearing island.

  34. You bake a magical cake that can grant wishes. Write about the wishes you make and how they affect your life and those around you. Think about the unexpected consequences of these wishes. Reflect on the lessons learned about being careful what you wish for.

  35. You visit a town where everything happens in reverse. Write about your experiences in this topsy-turvy place. How do people walk, talk, and interact? Describe how you adapt to this backward world and what you learn from this unique experience.

  36. You discover a planet entirely inhabited by lost toys. Write about your adventure on this planet. What kind of toys do you meet? What stories do they tell? Explore the theme of taking care of one’s belongings through this fantastical journey.

  37. You find a shoe that can travel through time with each step. Write about the different eras you visit with this shoe. Consider the historical events and figures you encounter. Discuss how these time-traveling adventures change your perspective on history.

  38. You wake up one day with the ability to understand and speak the language of animals. Write about your conversations with various animals and what they tell you about their lives. Reflect on how this new ability changes your relationship with nature and animals.

  39. A rainbow bridge appears in your backyard, leading to a mysterious new world. Write about your journey across the bridge and the wonders you discover on the other side. Think about the creatures and landscapes you encounter. Explain the most important lesson you learn in this other world.

  40. You find a diary belonging to a famous historical figure. Write about the secrets and stories it contains. What new things do you learn about this person and their time? Discuss how reading this diary changes your understanding of history and the figure’s contributions.
40 Writing Prompts For KS2 Students
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