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5 Minute Writing Prompts for Middle School

5 Minute Writing Prompts for Middle School

Feeling stuck trying to write something awesome?

We’ve all been there (even grown-up writers!).

But fear not, fellow wordsmiths! This guide is here to help you unleash your creativity in just 5 minutes, no matter how busy you are.

Middle school is a wild ride.

You’re facing new stuff all the time, figuring out who you are, and feeling a ton of emotions. Writing is a super cool way to make sense of it all.

So, if you’re a teacher looking for fun class activities, a parent who wants to help your kid be more creative, or a student who just wants to write something epic, this guide is for you!

We’ve got a bunch of writing prompts that will get your brain buzzing and help you fall in love with writing.

Let’s dive in and start telling some stories!

5 Minute Writing Prompts for Middle School 

  1. Alien Interview: Imagine you’re a news reporter who has been given the unique opportunity to interview an alien from a distant galaxy. This extraterrestrial being is peaceful and has come to Earth to learn about us and for us to learn about them. Consider the types of questions you would ask about their life, culture, and technology. What sort of answers might you receive?
    Write a detailed dialogue between you and the alien, highlighting the fascinating differences and surprising similarities between your worlds.

  2. The Unseen World: Microorganisms, the invisible lifeforms, are everywhere around us. They live in the air, soil, water, and even inside our bodies. If you were shrunk down to their size for a day, describe the world from this tiny perspective. What kind of adventures would you encounter? What would the world look like?
    Write a creative, detailed story about your journey in this unseen world.

  3. Time Capsule: Your school has decided to bury a time capsule to be opened in 50 years. You have been chosen to select one item to include in this capsule that represents your current life. Describe the item and explain why you chose it. How do you think future students would perceive it?
    Write a persuasive essay explaining your choice, and a hypothetical reaction of the students who discover it half a century later.

  4. Mysterious Discovery: You find an ancient map hidden in your grandmother’s attic. The map points to a hidden treasure buried somewhere in your town. How does the map look? What unique landmarks does it show?
    Write a thrilling narrative of your adventurous quest to locate this treasure, encountering various challenges along the way.

  5. Future Vision: It’s the year 2130. Technology has progressed in ways we could have never imagined. Cars fly, robots cook meals, and people can travel to distant planets. Describe your typical day in this future world.
    Write a descriptive essay that outlines your futuristic lifestyle and how it compares to life as we know it today.

  6. Animal Perspective: Pick your favorite animal and imagine what a day in its life would look like. Describe its surroundings, the struggles it faces, the joy it experiences. How does it interact with other animals and the environment?
    Write an autobiography from this animal’s point of view, describing a day filled with adventures and challenges.

  7. Superpower Dilemma: Imagine you wake up one morning and discover you have a superpower. However, this power is something quite unusual, like the ability to make anything you draw come to life or to instantly learn any language spoken to you. How would you use your newfound power?
    Write a story about the first day with your superpower, including both the benefits and unexpected complications.

  8. Historical Event: Choose a historical event you’ve recently learned about in school. Now imagine you are an eyewitness to that event. How does it unfold before you? How do you feel being part of such an important moment in history?
    Write a first-hand account detailing your emotions and observations during this event.

  9. Letter to Your Future Self: Think about where you see yourself in ten years. What goals do you hope to have achieved? How has your mentality changed? What kind of person do you want to be?
    Write a letter to your future self, discussing your aspirations, concerns, and words of encouragement.

  10. Fairy Tale Twist: Take a popular fairy tale and retell it with a modern twist. What if Cinderella had a smartphone or if Little Red Riding Hood was a detective? How would these contemporary elements change the story?
    Write a new version of your chosen fantasy tale, incorporating modern technology or societal changes in a creative way.

  11. Inanimate Object’s Tale: Choose an everyday object around you. Imagine that this object has feelings and thoughts, and has witnessed the many events that have occurred around it. What would it say about the world and the people in it?
    Write a story from this object’s perspective, describing its observations and experiences.

  12. Inventor’s Lab: You are a young inventor in a world where science is the ultimate tool for success. You’ve just invented something extraordinary that could change the world. What is this invention? How does it work, and what inspired you to create it?
    Write a narrative detailing the process of inventing and unveiling your invention to the world.

  13. Recipe of Life: If your life was a recipe, what would be the ingredients? What elements, experiences, people, or traits make up who you are? Finally, what would the ingredients be to finish off the garnishing?
    Write a recipe-style guide to your life, including the ‘ingredients’ and ‘instructions’ for each important aspect that has shaped you.

  14. Celebrity for a Day: Imagine you have the chance to become your favorite celebrity for a day. How would you spend this day? What would you do differently, and what would you discover about a life of fame and fortune?
    Write a diary entry documenting your day as this celebrity, discussing the thrills and challenges of their life.

  15. Unseen Hero: Imagine there’s a hero in your town who works secretly, ensuring everyone’s safety and happiness without expecting anything in return. How would this unseen hero operate? How do they impact the lives of the townsfolk?
    Write a narrative about this unseen hero, detailing their secret acts of kindness and courage.

  16. Eco-warrior: The environment is in danger, and you’ve decided to do something about it. Describe a detailed plan of action to tackle environmental issues in your community. How would you convince others to join your cause?
    Write a persuasive essay discussing your plan, its importance, and strategies to mobilize your community toward environmental conservation.

  17. Reality Switch: Imagine one day you woke up and everyone could hear each other’s thoughts. How would your daily life change? How would it affect your interactions with friends, family, and teachers?
    Write a story outlining a day in this new reality, exploring the positive and negative consequences of this change.

  18. Dream Vacation: You have been given an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. Where would you go, and why? What adventures would you embark upon, and what unique experiences would you hope to encounter?
    Write a descriptive essay about your dream vacation, detailing the sights, sounds, and adventures you’d experience.

  19. Lost Civilization: You stumble upon the remains of a previously unknown civilization. Describe the artifacts and ruins you discover. What do they reveal about the civilization’s culture, technology, and their downfall?
    Write an archaeologist’s report about this lost civilization, interpreting the clues left behind and drawing conclusions about their history.

  20. Alternate History: Choose a significant event from history and reimagine it with a different outcome. How would this new result alter the course of history? How would it affect the world as we know it today?
    Write a historical fiction piece about this alternate history and its ripple effects on society.

  21. Music’s Magic: If you could compose a magical song that had the power to influence people’s emotions or actions, what would the song do? Would it make people happy, encourage them to help others, or something else? Describe the music and its magical effect.
    Write a story about the first time you play this song in public and the reactions you receive.

  22. World of Books: Imagine if the world were a giant library, and each country was represented by a different genre of books. What type of book would your country be, and why? Describe the adventures you would have exploring different ‘countries’.
    Write a travelogue detailing your journey through this ‘World of Books’.

  23. Unexpected Friendship: One day, a mythical creature appears in your backyard, scared and wounded. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, a creature from the stories you heard as a child. You decide to help it, and an unexpected friendship forms.
    Write a story about your adventures with this creature and the bond you form.

  24. Dinner with a Historical Figure: Imagine you could invite any historical figure to a dinner at your home. Who would you choose, and why? What questions would you ask them, and how would their answers surprise or enlighten you?
    Write a narrative about this special dinner, detailing the conversations and insights you gain.

  25. Phobia Conquest: Imagine you are a character who must face and conquer your biggest fear to save someone you love. What is this fear, and how do you overcome it? Is it something like facing a cruel villain, or is it something even more gothic? How does this experience change you?
    Write a suspenseful story about this nerve-wracking journey and the steps you take to overcome your fear.