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100 Narrative Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade

Narrative Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade

Storytime is super important for 3rd graders. It helps them get creative, speak their minds better, and even see things from different angles.

Think of these prompts as magic keys that unlock their imaginations and turn them into storytelling ninjas!

We are gonna give them a bunch of ideas to play with, different characters, places, and problems to solve. This will help them build their writing muscles and make their stories super awesome.

So get ready for an adventure!

We are about to turn these kids’ thoughts into stories that will blow everyone away!

Narrative Writing Prompts for 3rd Grade

  1. A Journey to Mars: Imagine you’re one of the first kids to visit Mars. What is it like? What do you see?

  2. Mysterious Box: You find an old, wooden box in your backyard. Describe what’s inside it.

  3. The Talking Dog: Your pet dog suddenly starts talking. What kind of conversations do you have?

  4. The Secret Garden: Describe your adventures in a secret garden that no one else knows about.

  5. A Day as a President: What would you do if you were the President for a day?

  6. The Lost Treasure: You and your friends find a map leading to a lost treasure. Tell the story of your journey.

  7. Invisible for a Day: What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

  8. Dinosaur Land: Write about your adventures after finding a secret door that leads to a world filled with dinosaurs.

  9. The Brave Rescue: Narrate the story of how you saved a little bird that was stuck in a tree.

  10. Meeting an Alien: What happens when you meet an alien from a distant planet?

  11. Superhero for a Day: If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

  12. Living in a Castle: You suddenly find yourself living in a castle. Describe your daily life.

  13. The Magic Paintbrush: Every picture you paint with a magic paintbrush becomes real. What do you paint?

  14. My Animal Friend: You befriend a wild animal. Write about your adventures together.

  15. A Voyage at Sea: You are the captain of a pirate ship. Where do you sail and what treasures do you find?

  16. The Giant’s Playground: You find a playground made for giants. What do you do there?

  17. The Time Machine: You invent the time machine and suddenly end up being in your middle school days. Write how would you feel and what would you do.

  18. Magical Shoes: Your shoes can make you run faster or jump higher. What adventures do you have?

  19. Candy Land: You wake up in a fantasy world made entirely of candy. What is your day like?

  20. Living in the Jungle: You have to spend a week living in the jungle. Describe your experiences.

  21. The Ghost in the Attic: Tell the story of the friendly ghost that lives in your attic.

  22. My Pet Dragon: Write about a day in the life of you and your pet dragon.

  23. A Strange School: Describe a school where the students are animals and the teachers are humans.

  24. The Best Birthday Ever: Narrate the best birthday party you could ever imagine.

  25. Snow Day Fun: It’s a snow day! How do you spend your day?

  26. Visiting Grandma’s Village: Write about your experience visiting your grandma’s village for the first time.

  27. The Chocolate Rain: What would you do if it rained chocolate one day?

  28. Living in an Haunted Castle: Describe your gothic experiences living in a haunted palace somewhere in Antartica.

  29. Robot Helper: You build a robot to help with your homework. What happens next?

  30. Underwater Adventure: You can breathe underwater. Describe your underwater exploration.

  31. Visiting a Volcano: What would you do if you could visit an active volcano?

  32. The Magic Treehouse: Your treehouse is magic and can transport you anywhere. Where do you go?

  33. Harry Potter has just come to meet you: Describe a day in your life when someone from Hogwarts has come to meet just you.
  34. The Mischievous Monkey: Tell the story of a mischievous monkey that you befriend.

  35. The Wonderful Circus: Write about your experience when you visited a magical circus.

  36. Journey to the Moon: You’re on a mission to the moon. What happens?

  37. The Enchanted Forest: Describe the creatures and adventures you encounter in an enchanted forest.

  38. The Greatest Invention: You create an invention that changes the world. What is it?

  39. World’s Biggest Ice Cream Sundae: You get to make the world’s biggest ice cream sundae. Describe it.

  40. The Magic School Bus Trip: Write about an extraordinary field trip on your magic school bus.

  41. The Haunted House: You decide to explore a haunted house in your neighborhood. What do you find?

  42. Life as a Bird: Imagine your life if you were a bird. What would you do?

  43. Finding a Unicorn: You find a unicorn in your backyard. Describe your adventures together.

  44. My Best Friend the Alien: Your best friend is an alien from outer space. What do you do together?

  45. Journey to the Center of the Earth: You journey to the center of the Earth. What do you discover?

  46. The Story of Your Teddy Bear: Tell the story from the perspective of your teddy bear.

  47. The Book That Came to Life: A book you’re reading comes to life. What happens?

  48. The Land of Giants: You travel to a land where everything is giant. Describe your journey and the shift in your mentality.

  49. Fairy Godmother’s Visit: Your fairy godmother gives you three wishes. What do you wish for and why?

  50. Befriending a Mermaid: You befriend a mermaid in the sea. What adventures do you share?

  51. The Invisible Friend: Write about your adventures with your invisible friend.

  52. A Toy’s Adventure: Write a story from the perspective of your favorite toy.

  53. Visiting the North Pole: Describe your visit to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole.

  54. The Magical Mirror: Your mirror can take you to different places. Where do you go?

  55. Adventures in a Video Game: You get sucked into your favorite video game. What happens next?

  56. The Best Field Trip Ever: Narrate the best field trip you could ever imagine.

  57. The Caring Witch: You meet a friendly witch who shows you magic. What spells do you learn?

  58. Life in a Snow Globe: Imagine living in a snow globe. What is it like?

  59. A Year as a King: You spend an entire year as the king of a humongous kingdom. Now you must write a biography showcasing your achievements and challenges along the way.

  60. Living in a Treehouse: Describe what it’s like living in a treehouse in the forest.

  61. Magical Music Box: Your music box has the power to take you back in time. Where do you go?

  62. The Golden Goose: You find the golden goose. What happens next?

  63. Traveling with a Circus: You join a traveling circus for a summer. Describe your experiences.

  64. Meeting Your Favorite Book Character: You meet your favorite book character. What do you do together?

  65. The World’s Biggest Pizza: You get to eat the world’s biggest pizza. Describe the experience.

  66. A New Planet: You discover a new planet. What is it like?

  67. The Flying Carpet: You find a flying carpet. Where do you go?

  68. The Magic Pot: A magic pot in your home produces any food you want. What do you ask for?

  69. Life as an Ant: Imagine a day in the life of an ant. What would you do?

  70. The Day it Rained Cats and Dogs: Write a story about the day it actually rained cats and dogs.

  71. The Magic Glasses: You find glasses that let you see into the future. What do you see?

  72. The Dream House: Describe your dream house. What makes it special?

  73. The Helpful Ghost: You meet a helpful ghost who assists with your homework. How does it help?

  74. The Secret Door: You find a secret door in your house that lead to a villainous place. Where does it lead?

  75. The Magic Library: In a magic library, every book takes you to its story. Which book do you choose and why?

  76. The Day I Became a Millionaire: You win a million dollars in a lottery. What do you do with the money?

  77. The Great Detective: You become a detective for a day. What mystery do you solve?

  78. The Desert Island: You are stranded on a desert island. How do you survive?

  79. The Magic Pencil: You have a pencil that can bring to life whatever it draws. What do you draw?

  80. The Day Earthlings Met Martians: Aliens from Mars visit Earth. Describe the encounter.

  81. A Day Without Electricity: Imagine a day without electricity. What would you do?

  82. Meeting a Fairy: You meet a fairy in the forest. What wishes do you make?

  83. The Magic School: Describe a school where students learn magic instead of regular subjects.

  84. The Day Toys Came Alive: Your toys come to life for a day. What do they do?

  85. The Adventure in a Hot Air Balloon: Write about your adventures in a hot air balloon.

  86. My Day as a Zookeeper: You become a zookeeper for a day. Describe your experiences.

  87. The Lost City: You discover a lost city. Describe what you find.

  88. My Life as a Fish: Imagine your life if you were a fish. What would you do?

  89. The Snowman Came to Life: Your snowman comes to life. What adventures do you have?

  90. Living in a Toy Store: You get to live in a toy store. What is your day like?

  91. The Day My Teacher Turned into a Frog: Your teacher turns into a frog. What happens next?

  92. The Visit to Candy Land: Describe your visit to a land made entirely of candy.

  93. My Secret Superpower: You discover you have a superpower. What is it and how do you use it?

  94. The Day I Turned into My Parent: You turn into your parent for a day. What do you do?

  95. The Adventure on a Magic Broomstick: You fly on a magic broomstick. Where do you go?

  96. The Spooky Night: Describe the spookiest night you’ve ever had.

  97. The Day I Became My Pet: You switch bodies with your pet for a day. Describe the experience.

  98. The Haunted School: Your school is haunted. What do you do?

  99. The Giant Vegetable Garden: You have a garden where vegetables grow to giant sizes. What do you grow?

  100. The Magic Pillow: Your pillow gives you dreams of the future. What do you dream?