22 Funny Writing Prompts For Kids

Funny Writing Prompts for Kids

Feeling a little stuck in a writing rut?

Maybe your stories are drier than a forgotten cracker in your lunch box?

Well, buckle up, because we’re about to inject some serious silliness into your writing life!

Get ready for these prompts that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and have you crafting stories that would make even a grumpy grandpa snort with laughter.

Funny Writing Prompts For Kids

  1. Imagine a group of friendly pandas deciding to throw a grand picnic in the middle of their bamboo forest. They are busy preparing sandwiches made of bamboo leaves, bamboo stew, bamboo salads, and even bamboo cupcakes! But, oops! They have forgotten to invite any guests to their picnic.
    Write a hilarious story about how these pandas scramble to send out last-minute invites and their funny experiences at the picnic.

  2. In the land of Munchkin, there’s a grand race where participants have to eat their way through the track made of different foods – an apple tunnel, a cheese maze, a pudding pool, and many more. But a twist comes when Carl, a Munchkin who only loves sandwiches, joins the race.
    Craft a hilarious tale about Carl’s adventure through the food track.

  3. Bobo, a robot chef, is preparing to compete in the ‘Automated Chef of the Year’ competition. However, Bobo has a slight glitch – whenever he hears a bell, he starts cooking the most absurd dishes like chocolate-covered broccoli or strawberry pizza! On the day of the competition, a truck full of bells parks near the venue.
    Write a funny story about Bobo’s cooking misadventures at the competition.

  4. Imagine waking up one morning to find that your pet has turned into a living, talking cartoon character! This is exactly what happened to Timmy, who found his dog Spot speaking like a superhero and doing all sorts of funny cartoonish antics.
    Write a funny story about Timmy’s day with his cartoon dog.

  5. Imagine attending a school where your bio teacher is a friendly alien named Zork, your middle school classmates are mystical creatures from all around the universe, and the school building floats in a giant bubble in space. The school just announced its annual sports day, and the list of games includes ‘Invisible Soccer’, ‘Weightless Wrestling’, and ‘Telepathic Chess’.
    Write a hilarious story about the crazy sports day at this strange space school.

  6. In the town of Bookville, there’s a magical library where books come alive on a daily basis! The characters step out from the pages, narrating their stories. One day, due to a magical glitch, the characters mix up their stories.
    Write an amusing story about how the characters try to fix their mixed-up tales.

  7. In the heart of Candyville, there’s a magic doughnut shop that sells doughnuts with strange effects. If you eat a blue doughnut, it makes you float. A green one makes you able to talk to animals. One day, a mix-up occurs, and everyone gets the wrong doughnut.
    Write a funny story about what happens when the townspeople eat the mixed-up magic doughnuts.

  8. In the city square, there’s a statue of the city’s founder, General Stoneman. One fine day, the statue starts to sneeze! It sneezes out stories from the city’s past, each funnier than the last.
    Write a hilarious account of how the city reacts to the sneezing statue’s stories.

  9. The Smith family has a unique tradition – they dress up as their clothes on Laundry Day. So, you could see Mr. Smith looking like a striped shirt, Mrs. Smith as a polka dot skirt, and their kids resembling various pieces of clothing. One Laundry Day, they decide to visit the town’s fair dressed up like their laundry!
    Write a hilarious story about the Smith family’s adventure at the fair.

  10. Aliens from planet Zippity have landed on Earth, but they have an odd sense of humor. They find boring things, like doing laundry or filing taxes, to be hilariously funny. On their first day, they decide to visit a tax office!
    Craft a funny story about the aliens’ first day on Earth and their laughter-filled visit to the tax office.

  11. Every morning, when Mrs. Peterson opens her bakery, the smell of freshly baked cakes wafts through the town. One day, all her cakes disappear overnight! The only clues left behind are some footprints made from frosting and a trail of sprinkles.
    Write a detective story where a group of kids form a detective club to solve the mystery and bring the cakes back.

  12. What if you attended a school where learning to make people laugh was the most important subject? Your spells always result in ridiculous situations, like making frogs rain from the sky or turning hair into spaghetti.
    Describe a typical day at this school and a funny situation that arises during a major laughter-spell exam.

  13. When a mix-up at the superhero academy leaves the kids with the wrong superpowers, hilarity ensues. The fastest kid in the world now has the power to slow down time, and the strongest kid can now only lift feathers.
    Write about their attempts to manage their new powers and the funny incidents that occur when they try to save the day.

  14. Pete has a peculiar problem – whenever he puts on his shoes, they start to dance uncontrollably to any sound they hear, be it the ring of a phone or the honking of cars. One day, during the school assembly, a marching band starts playing outside the school.
    Write a hilarious story about Pete’s unexpected assembly dance due to his musical shoes.

  15. In the tiny town of Topsy, everything is upside down. The people walk on their hands, trees grow with roots up in the sky, and it rains from the ground to the clouds. The annual Upside Down parade is about to begin, but there’s a sudden glitch in the gravity.
    Craft a funny tale about how the Topsy townsfolk manage their upside-down parade.

  16. Junior spies, Tom and Jerry, have been given a mission to retrieve a secret file. But, the file is not in a high-security vault or a guarded mansion. It’s in Miss Crumble’s kindergarten classroom, the silliest, most unpredictable place in town!
    Describe the funny adventure of Tom and Jerry trying to complete their mission in a kindergarten classroom.

  17. Imagine a fantasy world where the weather is extremely wacky. It rains cats and dogs (literally!), snows popcorn, and sunny days mean rays of rainbow colors. Now, let’s say you’re the weather reporter for this world, and you need to present tomorrow’s forecast.
    Write a humorous piece detailing your crazy weather report.

  18. Merlin, the legendary wizard, is known for his magical spells. But, one day, he sneezes while casting a spell and accidentally turns all the castles in the kingdom into giant jello molds! The king has summoned Merlin to the jelly castle to fix this mess.
    Create a funny story about Merlin’s journey to undo his magical mistake.

  19. Circus clown Jolly Jimmy stumbles upon a time-traveling unicycle, which, with every pedal, takes him to a different era. One moment he’s trying to make a stony-faced Pharaoh laugh in ancient Egypt, and the next, he’s juggling for the stone-cold knights of the medieval times. But amidst all the fun, Jimmy loses his unicycle in the Victorian era!
    Craft a hilarious tale detailing Jimmy’s comic misadventures as he tries to retrieve his time-traveling unicycle.

  20. Chewy’s Chinese Restaurant serves fortune cookies that are not just vaguely philosophical, they are absurdly accurate. Each customer gets a fortune cookie that predicts their immediate future in the funniest way possible. One day, a group of school friends decide to test the accuracy of these cookies and get more than they bargained for!
    Write an amusing story about the funny fortunes the group of friends experience after cracking open their cookies.

  21. In the sweet world of Caramelopolis, there’s a thief on the loose, stealing everyone’s candy supplies. The unlikely heroes of this story are Gummy Bear Gus and Licorice Lily, two amateur detectives armed with bubble gum blasters and lollipop lassos. Their quest to capture the thief leads them through the Cotton Candy Clouds and across the Jelly Bean Jungle.
    Write a funny story about the sticky sweet adventure Gus and Lily embark upon to solve the Great Candy Caper.

  22. Milly and her talking pet parrot, Pippin, discover a treasure map in their attic. Excited, they follow the map only to realize that it’s a bit confused and keeps leading them to the most random locations like a bakery, a library, and even a circus. But each location has a clue for them, even if it involves juggling muffins or reading a book to an elephant. The dangerous part is that before they reach their final destination, an insanely cunning villain is awaiting them.
    Craft a humorous tale about Milly and Pippin’s wild treasure hunt following their misguided map.
22 Funny Writing Prompts For Kids
22 Funny Writing Prompts For Kids