40 Autumn/Fall Writing Prompts

Autumn/Fall Writing Prompts

The leaves are changing, there’s a little crispness in the air, and that means autumn is here.

This season has its own special magic, and that makes it an awesome time to get creative. We all know writing can bring that magic to lifeimagine a story about a squirrel getting ready for winter, or a poem about the colors of falling leaves.

It’s all there for the taking!

So, to get your writing juices flowing, here are some amazing autumn writing prompts.

Get inspired by the sights, the smells, the feel of this season, and see what stories and poems come to life.

Let’s dive into the wonder of the fall!

40 Autumn/Fall Writing Prompts

  1. A Lasting Fall Tradition: Think of a treasured family tradition that only happens during the fall. It could be something as simple as drinking hot apple cider on the first chilly day, or as complex as a family-wide pumpkin carving contest. Describe this tradition in vivid detail the emotions it brings, the smells, tastes, and sights associated with it, and how it has shaped your family dynamic.

  2. Life as a Leaf: Imagine you are a leaf changing color during the fall season. Describe the entire process from your perspective: the first chill that signals the coming of autumn, the gradual change of color, the eventual falling from the tree. What emotions and thoughts would you experience as a leaf in the fall?

  3. Festive Farmers’ Market: You are visiting a local farmers’ market in the middle of autumn. The market is bursting with seasonal produce, fall decorations, and the hustle and bustle of people enjoying the crisp autumn air. Write a detailed narrative about your experience at the farmers’ market, paying particular attention to sensory descriptions and the atmosphere.

  4. The Haunted Harvest: Your hometown has an age-old legend that every fall, when the harvest moon rises, something eerie happens. Using vivid and descriptive language, unfold the story of this haunted harvest and how it impacts your town. You could explore the origins of the legend, its effects on the town’s people, and your personal experience with it.

  5. Turning of Seasons: Write a reflective piece on how the transition from summer to autumn affects you personally. It could be how the changing colors resonate with your emotions or how the cooler temperatures influence your daily routine. Reflect deeply on your emotions and thoughts and how they evolve with the turning of the seasons.

  6. Back to School Story: Recreate a significant memory from your school days that happened in the fall. It could be a memorable football game, an unforgettable school project, or even a first love. Describe this memory and how it shaped your school experience during the fall season.

  7. Fall-inspired Fiction: Craft a short piece of fiction where the main events are deeply intertwined with the autumn season. This could be a mystery story about a lost treasure that can only be found when the leaves start to fall, or a romantic tale that takes place at an annual fall festival. The fall season should play a pivotal role in your storyline and characters’ development.

  8. Thanksgiving Dinner Dilemma: You are in charge of organizing this year’s Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family. However, things aren’t going as planned: the turkey isn’t thawing, your cousin just announced she’s vegan, and the oven has stopped working. Write a humorous account of how you navigate this chaotic day, while still keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.

  9. Autumn in the City: Describe what autumn looks like in a bustling city as opposed to the countryside. Think about the changes in the city’s rhythm, the festive window displays, and how city dwellers adapt to the cooler weather. Describe in detail the unique ways city life adjusts to the fall season.

  10. Harvest Time Challenge: You’re a farmer who has just experienced the most bountiful harvest of your career. However, a sudden forecast for an early frost means you need to find a way to protect your crops. Narrate your struggles and strategies during this crucial time, highlighting the perseverance and creativity that farming often demands.

  11. Sweater Weather Conversations: One crisp autumn day, you engage in a deep conversation with a close friend over a steaming mug of cocoa. The conversation drifts towards introspective topics – life, change, dreams, and fears. Write about this conversation and how it deepened your friendship.

  12. Fall Festival Fundraiser: Your local community is organizing a fall festival to raise funds for a charitable cause. You’ve been appointed the leader of this event. Describe the process of organizing this festival, the challenges you face, the triumphs, and how it brings your community together.

  13. Autumn from a Child’s Perspective: Write from the perspective of a young child experiencing autumn for the first time. The bright colors, the falling leaves, the sensation of wearing a jacket for the first time. Capture the sense of wonder and curiosity a child might feel during this season.

  14. A Halloween Gone Wrong: Plan and narrate a quirky Halloween party where everything that could possibly go wrong, does. The costumes are mixed up, the candy is missing, and the scary stories are not so scary. Describe this hilarious misadventure and how it turns into an unexpectedly fun night.

  15. Reflecting on Autumnal Change: As nature transitions through autumn, consider how you have evolved during the past year. Has there been growth, setbacks, or remarkable moments? Write a thoughtful piece reflecting on your personal changes parallel to the changing season.

  16. The Secret Life of Squirrels: Imagine you’re a squirrel preparing for the upcoming winter. Autumn is a busy time, full of collecting food, navigating human obstacles, and facing natural predators. Narrate your adventures and challenges as a squirrel in autumn, bringing the urban wildlife experience to life.

  17. Leaves on the Line: You’re the driver of a local train route that is particularly famous for its stunning autumn views. However, “leaves on the line” is a common phrase that railway operators dread during this season. Write about your experiences navigating the fall season, dealing with delays, but also getting to witness the beauty of autumn every day.

  18. The Migrant Birds’ Journey: Imagine you’re a bird about to embark on your annual migration journey in autumn. Describe your preparation for the long journey ahead, the challenges faced during migration, and the sense of achievement on reaching your destination. Describe the world from the perspective of a migrating bird during fall.

  19. After the Fall Festival: Your small town just hosted its biggest fall festival. As one of the town’s residents, describe the sights, sounds, and emotions that linger after the event. Write about the impact and the memories the festival leaves behind.

  20. Lost in a Corn Maze: You’ve decided to try out the massive corn maze at the local farm for some autumn fun. However, you soon realize it’s more challenging than you thought. Narrate your experience of being lost and eventually finding your way out. Incorporate elements of thrill, humor, and realization in your story.

  21. The Melancholy of Fall: Some people associate fall with a certain melancholy due to the shorter days and the dying off of nature. Write a personal reflection on how the fall season affects your mental and emotional state. Explore the themes of change, letting go, and renewal.

  22. The First Cold Snap: Write about the first cold snap of the season. This sudden drop in temperature often marks a definitive end to the lingering warmth of summer. Describe how you and the people around you react and adapt to this abrupt change in weather.

  23. Autumn Skies: Autumn is well-known for its unique and dramatic skies – the early sunsets, the starry nights, the Northern Lights for those far north. Describe an evening spent under the autumn sky, the thoughts it evokes, and how it feels to observe these cosmic changes.

  24. The Perfect Pumpkin Pie: You’ve been entrusted with the family recipe to make the perfect pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. However, baking is not your forte. Narrate the comedic journey of your baking endeavors, the trials and errors, and the final outcome.

  25. Last Campfire of the Season: As autumn wraps up and winter approaches, your group of friends decide to have one last campfire. You gather around, sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, and cherishing the company. Describe this event and the emotions associated with the end of a season and the camaraderie amongst friends.

  26. Autumn in the Kitchen: The autumn season is synonymous with a variety of unique flavors and dishes. Choose your favorite autumn dish and describe the process of preparing it. Discuss where you source your ingredients, the aromas that fill your kitchen, and finally, the taste. Make the reader feel as though they are in the kitchen with you, experiencing the flavors of fall.

  27. A Painter’s Autumn: You’re a painter trying to capture the essence of autumn on canvas. Write about your process, from selecting the perfect scene to deciding on the colors and textures. Describe your artistic journey as you attempt to do justice to the beauty of the season.

  28. Haunted House Visit: In keeping with the Halloween spirit, you decide to visit a reputedly haunted house in your town. Initially skeptical, you start to experience strange occurrences during your visit. Narrate your spooky encounter in this haunted house while maintaining a suspenseful tone.

  29. Letters of Gratitude: Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude. Imagine you decide to write letters to the people you’re thankful for this year. Detail the process of reflecting on who has made a difference in your life and what you write to them in your letters.

  30. Season of Transformation: Consider autumn as a metaphor for transformation and change. Write a personal essay about a time when you experienced significant change in your life, paralleling it with the transitions that occur in nature during fall. Explore the themes of change, adaptation, and growth.

  31. Autumn Storm: An unexpected autumn storm hits your town, leading to a power outage. With no technology to rely on, you find different ways to spend your time. Narrate the experiences and insights gained during this unexpected situation.

  32. Veteran’s Day Reflection: Veteran’s Day in November offers a time to honor those who have served. Perhaps you have a family member who is a veteran or you encounter a veteran in your local community. Write a heartfelt tribute or story about a veteran’s experiences, incorporating themes of sacrifice, bravery, and patriotism.

  33. The Enchanted Autumn Forest: A local forest near your town is known to transform beautifully during the fall, becoming almost magical. One day, you decide to take a solo hike to experience this autumn wonder. Describe your journey through this enchanted autumn forest and the revelations it brings about nature and your own self.

  34. Fall Scavenger Hunt: You’re in charge of organizing a fall-themed scavenger hunt for the kids in your neighborhood. From items related to nature to some unique fall traditions, the list is full of exciting challenges. Write about the process of creating and executing this scavenger hunt and its impact on your community.

  35. Candlelit Autumn Nights: With the days becoming shorter, you start spending your evenings under the warm glow of candles. Describe a typical autumn evening in your home – the flickering candlelight, the early darkness, the cozy feeling. Make the reader feel the tranquility of your candlelit autumn nights.

  36. Unusual Thanksgiving Guest: This year, a stranger unexpectedly joins your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. This could be someone new to your town, a foreign exchange student, or a person who simply had nowhere else to go. Describe this unusual Thanksgiving and what everyone learns from this new guest.

  37. Falling Leaves, Rising Memories: Every year, the falling leaves of autumn stir up a memory from your childhood. Select a memory triggered by the falling leaves and delve into it. Describe how the sight of falling leaves evokes this particular memory and the emotions it brings up.

  38. Autumn Moonlight: You notice that the moon seems particularly bright and beautiful one autumn night. Inspired, you decide to stay up and observe it, perhaps even write a poem or a song about it. Narrate your night under the autumn moonlight and the creativity it inspires.

  39. Preparing the Winter Garden: As a gardener, autumn means preparing your garden for the upcoming winter. Discuss the tasks involved, such as mulching, pruning, and planting bulbs for spring. Describe your efforts to prepare your garden for winter during the fall and what gardening means to you.

  40. The Comfort of Fall Fashion: Autumn brings a change in wardrobe – out come the boots, sweaters, and scarves. Write about your favorite fall outfit and why it’s special to you. Detail the comfort and joy brought about by your fall wardrobe, tying in memories or feelings associated with these clothes.