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32 Christmas Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Christmas Writing Prompts

Hey everyone, can you smell it?

Christmas is in the air!

That means it’s time to get those writing juices flowing. The season just makes you want to tell all kinds of heartwarming stories.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get creative, check out some of these awesome Christmas writing prompts!

They’re a great way to play around with ideas or even write something special and share it with others.

Let’s see what kind of holiday magic you can whip up with your words!

32 Christmas Writing Prompts

  1. The Unexpected Christmas Gift: Imagine you are a young child who has received a gift that initially seems disappointing. Instead of the toy you expected, you find a simple, worn-out book. As you begin to delve into its pages, however, you realize it’s much more than just a book—it’s a diary belonging to your great-grandparent. Write a story detailing your discoveries from the diary and how they transform your perspective on your family and Christmas. Center your story around the themes of understanding, gratitude, and the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. A Misunderstood Christmas Character: Every year, the community theater puts on a Christmas pageant and this year, you’re playing a character that’s often seen as negative in holiday stories (like Scrooge or the Grinch). Write a narrative where you portray this misunderstood character in a new, sympathetic light, revealing their untold backstory and reasons behind their actions. Explore the complexities of your chosen character and ultimately, how they change throughout the play.

  3. Christmas Away from Home: Imagine it’s your first Christmas away from home. You’re in a foreign country, surrounded by new traditions, customs, and food. Write a story detailing your experiences, encounters, and how you come to find comfort and joy in this new setting. Include how you incorporate your own traditions into this unfamiliar environment. Focus on the themes of adaptation, cultural appreciation, and the universality of the Christmas spirit.

  4. A Christmas Miracle: Write a story about a small town that has been experiencing hardships and struggles, especially as Christmas approaches. However, a series of seemingly ordinary events lead to a heartwarming turnaround for the town and its inhabitants. Detail the “miracle” that brings hope, unity, and holiday cheer back to the town.

  5. The Christmas Truce: Draw inspiration from the historic Christmas truce during World War I, where soldiers from opposing sides laid down their arms to celebrate Christmas together. Write a short story set in a fictional conflict, where the power of the Christmas spirit leads to a similar truce. Explore the themes of peace, unity, and humanity amidst chaos.

  6. The Lost Letter to Santa: Write a narrative where you find a lost letter to Santa, written decades ago by a child who is now an elderly person. The wish in the letter was never fulfilled. You decide to find this person and make their childhood Christmas wish come true. Write about the journey to find the letter’s author and their reaction when their old wish is granted.

  7. The Secret Santa Project: Imagine you’re part of a Secret Santa project, but instead of exchanging material gifts, the participants are supposed to perform a good deed for the person they draw. Write about the deed you choose for your person and why, and how this act of kindness strengthens the bonds within your community. Concentrate on the importance and impact of your good deed and the positive chain reaction it creates.

  8. The Forgotten Christmas Tradition: Your family has a long-forgotten Christmas tradition that you rediscover in an old photo album or a family heirloom. You decide to revive the tradition, and in the process, you reconnect with your family history and heritage. Write about the process of reviving this tradition, its significance, and how it brings your family closer together.

  9. The Unexpected Guest on Christmas Eve: Imagine you’re hosting the traditional family Christmas dinner when an unexpected guest shows up at your doorstep. The guest could be a distant relative, a stranger in need, or someone else entirely. Write a story detailing the interactions, tensions, and resolutions that ensue. Focus on the dynamics of the evening, and how the presence of this unexpected guest changes everyone’s perspective on Christmas.

  10. A Christmas Without Snow: Your small town is known for its beautiful, snowy Christmases. This year, however, there’s no snow in sight, and the townsfolk are feeling disappointed and low-spirited. Write a story about how you and your friends come up with a plan to lift everyone’s spirits and create a memorable Christmas, even without the snow. Detail your innovative plan and its impact on the town’s Christmas spirit.

  11. A Christmas Market Adventure: You’re visiting a bustling Christmas market in a city you’ve never been to before. Among the stalls, carolers, and festive decorations, you find an item that leads you on an unexpected adventure. Write about your journey, the people you meet, and the festive sights and sounds around you. Focus on the unexpected adventure that this item initiates and the discoveries you make.

  12. The Hidden Meaning of a Christmas Carol: A particular Christmas carol has always intrigued you because it seems to tell a story that’s yet to be unveiled. Inspired by its lyrics, you decide to write a story that delves deeper into the carol’s hidden narrative. Detail the unfolding of the carol’s narrative and the rich story behind the familiar tune.

  13. The Mystery of the Christmas Lights: Every year, the houses in your street engage in a friendly competition for the best Christmas lights. This year, the lights on your house suddenly go out, and you embark on a mission to find out why. As you solve the mystery, you also uncover stories about your neighbors and community that you’ve never known. Focus on the mystery of the Christmas lights and the surprising things you learn about your community along the way.

  14. Christmas Through the Eyes of a Shop Owner: You’re the owner of a small shop that’s busiest during the holiday season. Write about the unique experiences, challenges, and joys you encounter during the Christmas rush—from last-minute shoppers to heartfelt gift choices. Describe the interesting interactions, observations, and lessons you learn about human behavior during this festive season.

  15. The Forgotten Recipe: While cleaning out the attic, you stumble upon a recipe for a Christmas dish that was once a family tradition but has since been forgotten. You decide to prepare it for your family, discovering more about your roots and family history along the way. Detail the journey of recreating the recipe, its history, and the memories it brings back.

  16. The Christmas Wish Tree: Your town has a tradition where people write their Christmas wishes and hang them on a large tree in the town square. This year, one wish catches your attention, and you decide to make it come true. Write about the experience of fulfilling this wish and how it affects both you and the person who made the wish.

  17. A Christmas Rescue: Imagine you’re out in the forest to get a Christmas tree, when you come across a lost, frightened animal. You decide to rescue it and bring it home, and the experience becomes a lesson in compassion and care for your entire family. Write a heartwarming story detailing the rescue mission and the bond formed with this unexpected Christmas guest.

  18. The Gift of Time: This Christmas, you decide to give your loved one a gift that can’t be bought—time. Maybe it’s spending more time with your grandparent, helping a family member with a project, or dedicating time to a cause they care about. Write about this unique Christmas gift, how you fulfill it, and the reactions of the person receiving it.

  19. Christmas in the Year 2100: Imagine you’re a writer in the year 2100, and you’re writing a piece about what Christmas looks like now. Describe the traditions that have been preserved, the ones that have changed, and new ones that have emerged. Focus on the evolving practices and the constant elements that continue to define the essence of Christmas.

  20. The Christmas Train Journey: You’re on a long train journey home for Christmas, and the train is full of people with their own stories and holiday plans. Write a series of vignettes, each focusing on a different passenger and their unique Christmas story. Detail the diversity of experiences and feelings associated with Christmas among the train’s passengers.

  21. The True Spirit of Christmas: Imagine your town has become overly commercialized during Christmas, with everyone more focused on gifts and decorations than the holiday’s true meaning. Write a story about how you and a group of friends attempt to bring back the true spirit of Christmas to the town. Center your narrative around the idea of restoring the authentic values and spirit of Christmas.

  22. A Christmas Carol Come to Life: Choose a favorite Christmas carol and imagine the story coming to life, with you as one of the characters. Write about your adventures in this story-world and how it changes your perception of the carol and Christmas itself. Explore the transformation of the familiar carol into an immersive, lived experience.

  23. The Oldest Christmas Decoration: In your attic, you find an ancient Christmas decoration that has been in your family for generations but was forgotten over the years. Write about its history and the generations it has seen, creating a link between your family’s past, present, and future Christmases. Highlight the journey of this Christmas decoration through time and its meaning to your family.

  24. Christmas Eve Volunteer: Instead of the usual Christmas Eve festivities, you decide to volunteer at a local shelter or charity. Write about the people you meet, the stories you hear, and how this experience changes your understanding of giving and receiving during Christmas. Focus on the profound impact of this experience on your perspective of the holiday season.

  25. The Christmas Morning Surprise: You wake up on Christmas morning to find something surprising in your living room. It isn’t a present, but something much more unexpected—maybe a strange, magical item or a person from your past. Write a story detailing the origin of this surprise and its impact on your Christmas day. Focus on the mystery and the ensuing adventure caused by this unexpected Christmas morning surprise.

  26. A Christmas Heirloom Restored: There’s an old Christmas heirloom in your family that’s been broken and unused for years. This Christmas, you decide to have it repaired and restored to its former glory. Write about the process of restoration and the memories and emotions it stirs up in your family. Detail the journey of the heirloom from disrepair to restoration and its significance in rekindling family bonds.

  27. The Story Behind a Christmas Tradition: Choose a unique Christmas tradition from a culture different from your own. Write a fictional story about the origin of this tradition and how it has been passed down through generations. The narrative should highlight the cultural significance and the continuity of this tradition over time.

  28. The Christmas Time Capsule: Imagine that your family has a tradition of burying a time capsule every Christmas, to be opened ten years later. This year, it’s time to dig up a capsule, and the contents lead to a whirlwind of nostalgia and surprising revelations. Write about the experience of unveiling the time capsule and the reflections it triggers.

  29. The Transformative Power of a Christmas Story: A classic Christmas story—be it A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, or another—has a profound impact on a character in your narrative. Write about how the character applies the lessons from this story to their own life and their transformation as a result. Center your narrative around the transformative power of the Christmas story on your character’s life.

  30. An Unlikely Friendship Formed at Christmas: During the holiday season, you befriend someone completely different from you, maybe in age, culture, or lifestyle. Write about how this unlikely friendship develops through shared experiences over Christmas and the mutual understanding and respect that grows between you. Detail the progression of this unlikely friendship and its impact on both your lives.

  31. The Magical Christmas Window Display: Every year, a local store in your town creates a magical Christmas window display that tells a unique story. This year, you notice something peculiar about the display—it seems to be hinting at a real-life story or secret about the town. Write about your investigation into this mystery and what you uncover.

  32. A Charity Event That Changes Christmas: You are part of a charity event organized around Christmas, and during the event, something extraordinary happens that changes your perspective on Christmas and charity. It could be an inspiring encounter, an unexpected turn of events, or a touching moment that opens your eyes. Write about this pivotal event and how it transforms your understanding of the true spirit of Christmas.