30 Winter Writing Prompts

Winter Writing Prompts

Winter is such a magical time, right?

The way everything gets sparkly with snow, and the air gets so quiet… it makes you want to write a story!

Whether you’re a pro at writing, or just like to try it for fun, winter has something for everyone. There’s just something about the quiet beauty and the holiday rush that makes for some amazing stories.

Let’s check out some awesome winter writing ideas to get you started.

Grab some hot chocolate, cozy up, and let’s see what kind of winter wonderland you can spin up with words!

30 Winter Writing Prompts

  1. The Unexpected Snowstorm: The winter season often brings unexpected surprises and challenges that can dramatically change a person’s life. Imagine you’re a character in a small town that experiences an unexpected snowstorm, cutting off all forms of communication and transportation. In the midst of this isolation, you find an old journal that unravels hidden secrets about the town’s history. Write a story about how you navigate through this storm, both literal and metaphorical, and how these uncovered secrets reshape your understanding of the town and its people.

  2. Last Winter Vacation: Imagine yourself as a young adult on your last winter vacation with your high school friends before you all head off to different universities. Amidst all the fun activities like skiing and building snowmen, emotions are high as everyone realizes that things will never be the same. Explore the dynamics of these friendships, the bitter-sweetness of this transition, and how this experience shapes your character’s perspective on change and growth.

  3. The Winter Ritual: In your fictional world, there’s a unique winter ritual that your community partakes in every year. This could be a festive celebration, a solemn ceremony, or even a fun competition. However, this year, something disrupts the tradition, leaving your community in a state of disarray. Describe the winter ritual, the disruption, and how your character helps restore or change the tradition.

  4. The Time of Discontent: Winter can often symbolize a period of hardship or struggle. Write a personal essay from the perspective of someone who experiences a life-changing event during a particularly harsh winter. This event could be a personal loss, a career setback, or a health issue. Discuss how the harshness of winter parallels their struggles, and how they find strength and resilience in the midst of this “winter of discontent”.

  5. The Winter Gift: Gift-giving is a common practice during the winter holidays. Imagine your character receives a mysterious gift with no sender information. As they investigate the source of the gift, they are drawn into an intriguing narrative that connects them with a part of their past they had forgotten. Write about their journey of discovering the sender and how this mysterious gift changes their life.

  6. The First Snowfall: The first snowfall of the season is often a magical experience, covering the world in a blanket of white and silence. From the perspective of someone who has never seen snow before, describe their feelings and reactions as they witness their first snowfall. Capture the wonder, the surprises, and the lessons learned from this novel experience.

  7. The Rescue: Set your story in a mountainous region during winter. Your main character is part of a rescue team that is trying to find and save a group of stranded hikers amidst a severe snowstorm. Describe the harsh winter conditions, the challenging rescue operation, and the emotional toll it takes on your character.

  8. The Winter Festival: Imagine a unique winter festival in a small, close-knit community. This festival has a significant meaning to the residents and includes various activities like ice-sculpting, storytelling around bonfires, or a lantern procession. However, this year, your character wants to propose a new tradition that doesn’t sit well with everyone. Write about this winter festival, your character’s proposed tradition, and the community’s response to it.

  9. Winter’s Silence: Winter is often seen as a time of stillness and tranquility. Write from the perspective of someone who retreats to a remote cabin in the middle of winter seeking solitude for self-reflection and personal growth. As they spend their days surrounded by the quiet, snow-covered landscape, they are confronted with their own thoughts and feelings. Write about this journey of introspection, the challenges of solitude, and the revelations discovered in the winter’s silence.

  10. The Winter Garden: Your character cultivates a winter garden that thrives despite the harsh weather. This garden holds a special significance to them—it could be a memory of a loved one, a symbol of resilience, or a source of livelihood. However, a sudden winter storm threatens to destroy this precious garden. Describe their effort to save the garden and what this struggle represents in their life.

  11. The Forgotten Holiday: There’s a forgotten winter holiday that your character stumbles upon in an old book. Intrigued by the customs, the history, and the mystery, they decide to revive this holiday in their local community. Write about their journey to bring this holiday back to life, the reactions of the community, and the meaning the holiday takes on once it’s celebrated.

  12. The Winter Solstice: The winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, holds deep significance in many cultures. Imagine your character witnessing the winter solstice in a culture different from their own, and learning about the rituals, legends, and values associated with this day. Write about their experience, the cultural insights they gain, and how this experience impacts their understanding of the world.

  13. A New Life: Your character decides to move to a new city in the middle of winter. Amidst adjusting to the colder climate, the new environment, and perhaps even a new job, they find a sense of belonging and home they didn’t expect. Write about their experience of settling into a new place during winter, the challenges faced, and the unexpected joys discovered.

  14. The Artist: There’s an artist who only creates their art during winter – perhaps using the snow as a canvas, ice as a sculpture medium, or even the winter landscapes as inspiration. However, this winter, they face a creative block that they struggle to overcome. Write about their journey to reconnect with their creativity, how winter influences their art, and the role their art plays in their life.

  15. The Season’s Healing Power: In the aftermath of a significant personal loss, your character seeks healing in the stillness of winter. Whether it’s through winter walks, meditative moments by the fireplace, or engaging with the local community, they start to find solace in this cold season. Write about their journey towards healing, how the quietude of winter aids this process, and the lessons they learn along the way.

  16. The Last Day of Winter: Your character has a tradition of doing something special every last day of winter. This could be a personal ritual, a family tradition, or a community event. However, this year, unforeseen circumstances threaten to disrupt this special day. Write about their struggle to uphold the tradition, how the last day of winter signifies a transition for them, and what happens when traditions are challenged.

  17. Winter’s Endurance: Winter can often be a metaphor for perseverance and endurance. Imagine your character is an athlete training for a significant event, and they must continue their regimen even in the harsh winter conditions. This struggle is not just physical but mental as well. Write about their journey, detailing their rigorous winter training, the challenges they encounter, and how they overcome them.

  18. The Warmth of The Cold: Winter is typically associated with cold and isolation, but it can also be a time of warmth and connection. Your character organizes a winter event to bring their community together, such as a communal feast, a winter fair, or a holiday celebration. Describe the event, its impact on the community, and how it changes your character’s relationship with winter and their community.

  19. The Winter Escape: Your character plans a daring escape from a high-security facility located in the middle of a snowy, desolate area. They have to factor in the harsh winter weather in their escape plan, which adds to the difficulty. Write about the suspenseful escape, how they use the winter conditions to their advantage, and the aftermath of their daring breakout.

  20. The Winter of Discovery: Winter can be a time of revelation and discovery. Imagine your character is a scientist or a researcher who makes a significant discovery during the winter season. This discovery could be related to the environment, astronomy, or even human behavior during this season. Describe their discovery, its implications, and how it impacts their career and personal life.

  21. Winter’s Embrace: In a world where winter is considered a curse, your character is one of the few who appreciates and embraces it. They see beauty and lessons in the harshness of the season that others fail to understand. Write about their unique perspective, how they try to change the common perception about winter, and the reactions they receive.

  22. A Stranger in Town: A stranger arrives in a small town during the peak of winter. Their arrival brings a wave of curiosity, suspicion, and unexpected change. Write about how the stranger’s presence affects the dynamics of the town, how the townsfolk react, and the secret the stranger carries with them.

  23. The Winter Soldier: Your character is a soldier stationed in a remote and freezing outpost during winter. They must not only battle the harsh winter conditions but also confront their own fears, homesickness, and the realities of war. Write about their life at the outpost, the challenges they face, and how they cope with their circumstances.

  24. The Lost Winter: Due to climate change, your character experiences a winter where it doesn’t snow for the first time in their life. This absence of snow deeply affects them and prompts them to reflect on their relationship with nature. Write about their feelings, their memories of past winters, and how they adapt to this new reality.

  25. The Winter Chef: In your story, there’s a chef who is known for their unique winter cuisine, which brings comfort and warmth to the townsfolk. However, this year, due to a sudden ingredient shortage or a change in circumstances, they need to come up with new winter recipes. Write about their creative process, the struggles they face, and the result of their culinary experiments.

  26. The Winter Quilt: Your character inherits an old quilt that was crafted during numerous winters by generations of their family. Each patch on the quilt tells a story, and as winter settles in, your character begins to uncover these stories. Write about the stories they discover from the quilt, how it affects their understanding of their family history, and the bond they develop with their ancestors.

  27. The Winter Reunion: After many years, a family reunion is organized during the winter holidays. Your character, who hasn’t seen their family in a long time due to past conflicts, decides to attend. This reunion, set amidst the backdrop of a snowy winter, brings up old memories and unresolved issues. Write about the family dynamics, the issues confronted, and how the reunion changes your character’s relationship with their family.

  28. The Winter Carnival: A winter carnival is the highlight of the year in your character’s town, filled with games, food, and winter festivities. This year, however, your character is responsible for organizing the carnival. As they work on setting up the event, they navigate various challenges, from logistic issues to dealing with different personalities in the town. Write about the planning and execution of the carnival, the hurdles faced, and the outcome of the event.

  29. A New Start in Winter: Your character decides to make a significant life change—like starting a new career, ending a long-term relationship, or moving to a different country—right as winter begins. They have to navigate this new beginning while also dealing with the winter season. Write about their transition, the challenges and surprises they encounter, and how they adjust to their new circumstances amidst the winter season.

  30. Winter’s Return: After years of living in a tropical country, your character returns to their hometown in a region known for its harsh winters. As they readjust to the cold weather and reconnect with their past, they have to reconcile their current self with their past identity. Write about their experiences, the nostalgia evoked by the winter season, and their journey of self-discovery and acceptance.