32 Summer Writing Prompts

Summer Writing Prompts

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to let your creativity loose! Think long days, warm weather, and all sorts of adventures begging to be written about.

This blog post is all about summer writing prompts.

These aren’t your average ‘describe a perfect beach day’ kind of prompts though. We’re going deeper! We want you to write about farmers markets, summer jobs, starry nights, road trips…and most importantly, we want you to write about yourself!

Whether you’re a pro writer or just starting out, these prompts are designed to spark your imagination and help you explore all the awesome stuff summer has to offer.

So grab your journal, your laptop, or whatever you like to write with, and let’s dive in.

This is going to be a summer full of awesome stories!

32 Summer Writing Prompts

  1. Exploring the Secret of a Long-Lost Summer Love: Think back to a love story, real or imagined, that happened over the course of a beautiful summer. This could be a memory or a completely made-up narrative. However, the twist is that the love was lost and has remained a mystery. Now it’s time to delve into this mystery. What caused this summer love to vanish? Was it a misunderstanding, a necessary separation, or perhaps an unexpected event?
    Write a detailed narrative, bringing to life the characters, their emotions, and the events that unfolded.

  2. Journey Through the Vibrant Local Farmer’s Market: Picture a bustling local farmer’s market in the peak of summer. The air is filled with the smell of ripe fruit, the chatter of sellers and buyers, and the vivid colors of fresh produce all around. What if you were to write a detailed sensory diary entry capturing the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings experienced at this market?

  3. Discovering a Hidden Paradise: Imagine discovering a hidden spot that turns into your personal summer paradise. It could be a secluded beach, a serene woodland glade, a tranquil mountain peak, or an enchanted urban rooftop. Write about how you stumbled upon this place, why it became your sanctuary, and what makes it so magical.

  4. The Life-Changing Job: Think of a summer job that at first glance appears mundane and uninteresting, but eventually becomes a transformative experience. It could be anything from a dog walker to an ice cream vendor, a lifeguard to a landscaper. How does this job change the protagonist’s perspective about work, life, or themselves?

  5. The Unforgettable Festival: Summer is a time for festivals—music, art, food, or even local cultural events. Imagine attending such a festival that turns out to be an unforgettable experience. What happens at this festival that makes it so memorable? Is it a chance meeting, an incredible performance, or perhaps something more personal?

  6. The Unexpected Storm: Consider a sweltering summer day that’s suddenly interrupted by a thunderstorm. This isn’t just any storm—it’s an intense, life-altering event that disrupts the normal flow of things. Write about the events that unfold due to this unexpected summer storm. How does the storm influence the character’s actions or thoughts, and what consequences or revelations does it bring about?

  7. The Night that Changed Everything: Think about a story set on a balmy summer night when something extraordinary happens, shifting the course of the protagonist’s life forever. The incident could be as grand as a comet passing overhead, a wildfire, or a community event; or as personal as a deep conversation under the stars, a surprise visit, or a discovery. What happens on this summer night, and how does it change everything for the main character?

  8. A New Friendship Forged: The long, sunny days of summer often provide the perfect backdrop for new friendships to bloom. Imagine a scenario where a unique and deep friendship forms over the summer. What circumstances lead to this unexpected friendship, and how does it evolve over the season?

  9. The Mysterious Visitor: In the middle of a typical summer, a stranger visits your small town, bringing with them an air of mystery and intrigue. This could be an eccentric artist, a solitary traveler, or perhaps a celebrity in disguise. Who is this mysterious visitor, what is their story, and how does their presence impact the town and its residents?

  10. The Season of Self-Discovery: Imagine a summer where the protagonist embarks on a journey of self-discovery. This could be sparked by a personal crisis, a compelling book, a chance encounter, or even a mindful solitude. How does the protagonist transform and grow through this season of self-reflection and revelation?

  11. Unraveling the Family Secret: Every family has its secrets, and they often have a way of surfacing at the most unexpected times. Imagine a family reunion taking place over the summer where a long-held family secret is revealed. What is this secret, who unveils it, and how does it affect the family dynamics?

  12. The Unexpected Road Trip: A spur-of-the-moment decision leads the protagonist on an unexpected summer road trip. It could be solo or with a group, planned or completely spontaneous. What adventures and challenges does the protagonist encounter on the road, and how do these experiences shape them?

  13. The Summer That Time Stood Still: For some reason, during one unforgettable summer, time seems to stand still for your main character. It could be a result of a magical event, a scientific anomaly, or a deeply personal experience. What happens during this timeless summer, and how does this phenomenon affect the protagonist’s life?

  14. The Unusual Tradition: Every summer, your protagonist’s town has an unusual tradition that might seem odd to outsiders but is a source of pride and joy for the locals. This could range from a quirky festival to a unique community project. What is this tradition, and what is its significance to the town and to your main character?

  15. The Summer of Second Chances: Imagine a scenario where your protagonist, due to a series of summer events, gets a second chance at something they’d given up on. It could be a relationship, a dream, a career, or even a personal goal. How does this second chance come about, and what does the protagonist do with it?

  16. Lost and Found Memory: One day, your protagonist stumbles upon an object that triggers a long-forgotten summer memory. This could be an old photograph, a childhood toy, or a letter from an old friend. What is this memory, and how does its recollection impact the protagonist’s present life?

  17. The Endless Summer Vacation: Imagine a world where the summer vacation never ends. The protagonist, initially thrilled, slowly starts to see the downsides of an eternal vacation. How does an everlasting summer vacation affect the protagonist’s life, relationships, and personal growth?

  18. The Summer Environmental Project: Your protagonist takes up an environmental project for the summer, perhaps cleaning up a local beach, starting a community garden, or campaigning for conservation. What challenges and rewards does the protagonist encounter during this project, and how does it influence their relationship with nature and community?

  19. A Story of Survival and Resilience: One summer, an unprecedented heatwave strikes the protagonist’s town, leading to a struggle for survival. How does the protagonist navigate this difficult period, and what do they learn about resilience, community, and climate change?

  20. The Summer of Cultural Exchange: Over one summer, the protagonist decides to host a foreign exchange student, leading to a summer filled with learning, cultural exchange, and deep connections. How does this experience affect the protagonist’s worldview, understanding of culture, and personal growth?

  21. The Abandoned House Mystery: Your protagonist inherits an old, abandoned summer house that holds a mystery waiting to be unraveled. What is the mystery tied to the house, and how does the protagonist go about solving it?

  22. The Magical Summer Night: On a warm summer night, something magical happens to the protagonist. This could involve a meteor shower, a rare astronomical event, or a strange occurrence in their backyard. What is this magical event, and how does it change the protagonist’s life?

  23. The Unexpected Hero: Due to an unexpected event during one summer, the protagonist has to step up and become a hero. What is the event, and how does the protagonist rise to the occasion?

  24. The Lost Diary: The protagonist stumbles upon a diary from an unknown person that documents a single summer of their life. What stories and secrets does the diary reveal, and how does it impact the protagonist?

  25. A Summer of Service: The protagonist decides to dedicate their summer to volunteer work, maybe at a local shelter, a nursing home, or an environmental cleanup initiative. Over the course of the season, they come to know a variety of people and stories. How does this experience of service shape the protagonist’s understanding of community, empathy, and their role in society?

  26. The Story of an Entrepreneur: Think of a scenario where the protagonist starts a small business during the summer. It could be a lemonade stand, an online store, a pet-sitting service, or a tutoring venture. How does the journey of setting up and running this business change the protagonist’s summer and their understanding of entrepreneurship?

  27. The Most Memorable Summer Meal: Recall a special meal during a summer past – a family barbecue, a picnic with friends, a fine dining experience on vacation, or even a meal enjoyed in solitude. How did this meal become a memorable experience for the protagonist, and what makes it a story worth telling?

  28. Lost and Found: During one summer, the protagonist loses something important – it could be an object, a relationship, or even a part of themselves. In the process of dealing with this loss, they find something unexpected. What is lost and what is found, and how does this journey shape the protagonist’s summer?

  29. The Story of the Underdog: Imagine a summer sports event where the protagonist, considered an underdog, decides to participate. They aren’t expected to win or even perform well, but they are determined to try. What challenges does the protagonist face, how do they overcome them, and what is the outcome of this endeavor?

  30. The First Solo Summer Trip: Your protagonist decides to embark on a solo trip during their summer break, perhaps to a place they’ve always wanted to visit, or maybe they’ve chosen their destination on a whim. How does traveling alone shape their summer experience, their self-perception, and their understanding of the world?

  31. The Summer of Silent Retreat: In a bid to find some inner peace amidst a chaotic life, the protagonist embarks on a silent retreat for the summer. In the quiet solitude, they are faced with their thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams. How does this experience of silence and solitude shape the protagonist’s understanding of themselves and their place in the world?

  32. The Summer Camp Transformation: Remember the days of summer camps, full of activities, friendships, and personal growth. The protagonist, reluctant at first, experiences a transformative journey during their time at the camp. What experiences at the camp lead to the protagonist’s transformation, and how do they grow by the end of the summer?