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40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts

Ever felt the itch to grab a quill and write your own magical adventure?

Perhaps you’ve got a trunk overflowing with fantastical ideas but don’t quite know where to begin.

We’re here to unleash your inner writer with a world full of Harry Potter writing prompts.

Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or a newcomer to the enchanting era of Hogwarts, these prompts will ignite your imagination and send you soaring through the skies on a broomstick of creativity.

So, dust off your wands, settle into your favorite armchair, and get ready to conjure up some spellbinding stories!

Harry Potter Writing Prompts

  1. The Ministry of Magic has mysteriously lost track of a powerful, ancient artifact. It’s rumored that the artifact reacts unpredictably to the wielder’s magical signature. A new, young team of Aurors is tasked with tracking down this item and determining its true powers before it falls into the wrong hands.

  2. Years after graduating from Hogwarts, you discover that your house elf has led a secret double life. They’ve been far more in tune with the wizarding world than you ever suspected. Now, your house elf claims to have knowledge of a threat looming over the magical community, something not even the Ministry is aware of.

  3. A new decree passed by the Ministry creates a mandatory “Muggle Awareness” course for all young witches and wizards about to enter Hogwarts. A reluctant potions professor, known for their disdain of Muggles, is appointed to teach it. Imagine the conflict within the professor as they navigate this challenging requirement, as well as the potential for unexpected connections to form between them and the students.

  4. A strange shift in the magical balance leads to all wizards and witches temporarily losing their ability to perform nonverbal spells. Panic spreads as the most experienced members of the magical community struggle to adapt. This forces a focus on the raw, instinctual power of magic, offering those usually overlooked due to skill imbalances a chance to shine.

  5. You are a talented Legilimens working for the Ministry when an emergency case arises. A Death Eater has been apprehended and refuses to speak without you present. The problem is, the longer you delve into their mind, the more you begin to see a twisted mirror of your own anxieties and fears reflected back at you.

  6. The line between Muggle technology and the magical world begins to blur. A young, tech-savvy witch, frustrated by the limitations of wands, creates an experimental device that can harness magical energy through coding and circuit boards. Are they a revolutionary genius or have they set a dangerous precedent?

  7. Hogwarts is unexpectedly shut down due to concerns over a magical virus. Students find themselves suddenly quarantined with limited contact with the outside world. Focus on the relationships within a specific House as they find ways to cope, create a semblance of order, and protect themselves from an unknown magical threat.

  8. Imagine a world where Voldemort won the final battle. Years later, a small resistance group made up of both older survivors and a new generation born into oppression begins to form. Center on a young witch or wizard as they navigate this dangerous double-life, struggling with constant fear and uncertainty about who they can trust.

40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts
  1. The Pensieve is discovered to have a mysterious malfunction. Instead of just replaying memories, users now find themselves pulled into the past as a spectral observer within the scene. A team is tasked with figuring out the cause, but some begin to use it for unintended purposes – revisiting regrets, attempting to alter outcomes, or unearthing long-buried secrets.

  2. A potion mishap at Hogwarts accidentally causes students and staff to switch bodies in random pairs. Imagine the chaos: a skilled Quidditch star in the body of a timid first-year, a professor inhabiting a house elf. Focus on the comedic potential while also exploring how this temporary “walk in someone else’s shoes” affects empathy and understanding.

  3. Years after his defeat, it is revealed that Voldemort left behind more than just his Horcruxes. An obscure spell concealed a final fragment of his consciousness tied to a mundane object. A young and unsuspecting witch or wizard stumbles upon it and, unknowingly, begins nurturing Voldemort’s essence back to a dangerous semblance of strength.

  4. Ghosts from different time periods at Hogwarts unexpectedly begin to interact with each other. This disrupts the established order of the spectral realm, revealing past feuds, forgotten alliances, and historical secrets. Choose a specific historical ghost (like the Bloody Baron or Nearly Headless Nick) and explore the ripple effect their newfound interactions have on the timeline.

  5. Explore the concept of a Squib-led support organization operating in secret. In the wizarding world where magical ability is highly valued, this group focuses on building community, developing non-magical skills, and finding their place in a society that frequently overlooks them. Choose a Squib protagonist and the challenges and triumphs of their role within this group.

  6. The Triwizard Tournament is set to return, but with a significant twist. Due to past safety concerns, teams will now be chosen to represent ideals instead of schools. Imagine teams forming around concepts like Courage, Wisdom, and Ambition, composed of students from different institutions, even rivals, forced to work together.

  7. An undocumented magical creature is discovered deep within the Forbidden Forest. The Ministry scrambles to keep its existence under wraps as rumors and fears escalate within the wizarding community. Focus on a young Magizoologist who bonds with the creature and their fight to protect it, challenging the Ministry’s stance.

  8. Decades after the book’s events, Harry Potter’s iconic scar begins to ache without explanation. It’s a faint sensation at first, but the pain progressively grows. Could this be a sign of a re-emerging threat? Or is it something more ominous connected to Harry’s past?

40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts
  1. A young student discovers a hidden chamber beneath Hogwarts that houses a collection of magical mirrors. However, these mirrors don’t reflect one’s appearance, but instead, show an alternate version of yourself based on what might have been – paths not taken, choices reversed. What happens when students start gazing into these reflections?

  2. The International Confederation of Wizards decides to create a Wizarding Exchange Program. Teenage witches and wizards get the opportunity to spend a year studying at a different magical school across the globe. Imagine a Hogwarts student adjusting to the vibrant spellcasting of Brazil’s Castelobruxo or the ancient traditions of Japan’s Mahoutokoro, and the cultural exchange that occurs.

  3. A new sport emerges in the wizarding world that becomes a global phenomenon, rivaling even Quidditch. It’s a strategic, fast-paced competition that requires skill, teamwork, and perhaps even a bit of dangerous rule-bending. Develop this new sport – its rules, gameplay, and the unique challenges it poses for its players.

  4. The veil in the Department of Mysteries is damaged, causing whispers and spectral fragments from the other side to permeate the living world. These echoes manifest differently for each person, with some hearing whispers of lost loved ones while others are haunted by their greatest fears given a spectral form.

  5. A new law is passed allowing magical creatures to hold seats on the Wizengamot. Imagine the political upheaval this creates. Focus on a newly elected centaur, goblin, or another creature representative as they navigate the complexities of wizarding politics and struggle to have their voice heard in an institution not built for them.

  6. Years have passed, and a beloved Hogwarts professor surprisingly announces their retirement. In their will, they bequeath an enchanted trunk to a former student. Inside the trunk is a map that reveals a network of secret passageways and hidden spaces within the castle, left behind for the next generation to explore.

  7. Explore the concept of a “magical black market” thriving just beneath the nose of the Ministry of Magic. Here, rare ingredients, outlawed spells, and even dangerous artifacts can be found for the right price. Craft a character who operates within this world – are they a desperate buyer, a morally conflicted seller, or an Auror attempting to infiltrate the network?

  8. Something shifts in the balance between the wizarding world and the realm of dreams. Dreams begin to bleed into reality, with both wondrous and terrifying consequences. Is this the work of a powerful spell, a natural phenomenon, or something far more sinister?

40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts
  1. The Sorting Hat malfunctions, placing a student into a House wildly misaligned with their personality. This student must choose between embracing this unexpected placement and the challenges it brings or finding a way to redefine their chosen House from within.

  2. A new generation of Weasley twins emerges with just as much mischief and mayhem in store. Only this time, they have access to both advanced magical knowledge inherited from the original pranksters and muggle technology. Imagine the level of chaos these new pranksters can unleash on Hogwarts and the wizarding world at large.

  3. A muggleborn student’s parents receive an unexpected invitation to visit Hogwarts. They arrive utterly unaware of the magical world and the extraordinary school their child has been attending. Write from the perspective of bewildered parents navigating talking portraits, moving staircases, and their child suddenly levitating objects.

  4. Years after the Battle of Hogwarts, a small contingent of Death Eaters resurfaces, but their focus is shifted. Instead of seeking pureblood supremacy, they aim to hoard and control potent magical artifacts, disrupting the balance of power. A new Order of the Phoenix must rise to meet this different but equally dangerous threat.

  5. The wizarding world faces an ecological crisis as an invasive species of magical plant threatens delicate ecosystems. A Herbologist discovers this plant releases a subtle charm that inhibits magical intervention and thrives on the ambient magic of its surroundings. Can a solution be found before it disrupts the entire magical world?

  6. Imagine a powerful wizard or witch who chooses to live in complete anonymity among Muggles. They have no wand, practice no overt magic, and conceal their identity. Explore the reasons behind this choice – are they disillusioned, hiding from something, or is there a greater purpose to this self-imposed exile?

  7. Someone finds a way to “bottle” the joyful feeling evoked by a Patronus charm. This bottled emotion quickly becomes a popular but controversial commodity. Should it be freely available to bring a little light into everyone’s lives, or are there dangers in exploiting and commercializing such a powerful emotion?

  8. An investigative journalist for the Daily Prophet suspects that someone high up in the Ministry of Magic is secretly corrupt. With limited proof yet a strong sense of foreboding, they must expose the truth while protecting themselves against the very institution they’re investigating.

40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts
  1. Thestrals, the creatures that can only be seen by those who have witnessed death, become agitated and restless across the globe. This points to a major catastrophe about to unfold, but its form and origin are unknown. A diverse team assembles, including seers and naturalists, to decipher the Thestrals’ warnings and find a way to prevent the impending disaster.

  2. A new spell is invented that creates a temporary bond between two people, allowing them to share thoughts, emotions, and even a glimpse of each other’s memories. Intended for therapeutic purposes, the spell inevitably finds its way into more chaotic uses – students attempting to cheat, rivals becoming unwitting allies, and strangers forced to confront each other’s deepest truths.

  3. An ancient prophecy is unearthed, speaking of a “bridge” that will appear between the wizarding and Muggle worlds. This bridge could mean potential understanding and connection, or an invitation to conflict and destruction. Focus on the diverse perspectives within the wizarding world – those eager to embrace this change versus those determined to maintain separation at all costs.

  4. The Hogwarts Express breaks down in a remote location due to a mysterious magical interference. Stranded students, professors, and magical creatures must cooperate to troubleshoot, survive, and potentially overcome a threat lurking in the surrounding wilds.

  5. A witch or wizard discovers they are distantly related to one of the Hogwarts founders, but the family line was disowned centuries ago for practicing a forbidden branch of magic. This forgotten legacy calls to them, promising power and secrets but also the potential for isolation and turning against the values they hold dear.

  6. Instead of being destroyed in the Battle of Hogwarts, a fragment of Voldemort’s soul latched onto an unexpected object instead of a living being. This object, seemingly innocuous, begins to exhibit subtle dark magic, influencing those around it. Is there a way to detect and permanently destroy this final piece of Voldemort?

  7. An influx of ghost students begins to appear at Hogwarts, tied to a recent surge in magical energy. Unlike traditional ghosts, these new arrivals are sentient and confused, able to interact with the living world in ways never seen before. What caused this phenomenon and how can the living students and established ghost community help these spectral newcomers adapt?

  8. A young, idealistic witch or wizard becomes disillusioned with the politics and bureaucracy of the Ministry of Magic. Inspired by figures like Dumbledore, they rally a group of like-minded individuals to operate outside the established system, using their magic to bring justice and aid to those overlooked by official channels.
40 Creative Harry Potter Writing Prompts