28 Writing Prompts About Freedom

Writing Prompts about Freedom


It’s a word that gets us fired up, right? Like staring up at a giant sky or having a mind that can imagine anything. It’s a big deal, both in the real world and in our own heads.

People have fought wars for it, written tons of songs about it, and it’s what makes dreamers tick.

But what exactly does it mean?

How does this whole freedom thing affect what we think, what we do, and most importantly, the stories we tell?

We’re gonna use some writing prompts to figure this freedom thing out, explore what it means to be free for ourselves and everyone else.

Let’s see where our imaginations take us!

Writing Prompts about Freedom

  • Imagine a society where true freedom is a purchasable commodity, only available to the wealthy. A member of the underclass discovers a way to disrupt this system, but they face difficult choices about who deserves liberation and the potential consequences of their actions. Will they prioritize their own freedom, or risk everything to break the system entirely?

  • A person possesses the ability to physically travel anywhere. Everywhere they go, they feel confined. One day, they realize that true freedom lies not in external circumstances, but within their own mind.

  • In a world ruled by oppression, a young person with an extraordinary singing voice becomes a symbol of resistance. Their songs offer hope and inspire rebellion, but as their fame grows, so does the danger. Do they continue and risk their life, or fade into safe silence?

  • A creature is released from centuries of magical imprisonment and finds the modern world suffocating. Rules, schedules, and the expectations of society make them long for the simplicity of their confinement. Can they find a way to build a life with enough personal freedom within this complex world?

  • A character lives in a world where their life path is predetermined from birthcareer, relationships, everything. Just as they resign themselves to this fate, a glitch in the system grants them a single day of true free will. Can they make a decision that will change the course of their entire future with so little time?

  • Following a lifetime in tightly controlled circumstances (cult, over-protective family, etc.), a character escapes to discover the vast world. They revel in the newfound freedom, but quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. Can they learn to make meaningful choices for themselves?

28 Writing Prompts About Freedom
  • A technology exists that can remove painful, traumatic memories. This leads to a societal divide: those who wish to remember the past, with all its pain, as a safeguard against repeating it, and those who value freedom from suffering above all else. Where would you stand in this debate?

  • As an apocalyptic event looms, society begins to crumble, and long-held rules no longer apply. Faced with inevitable demise, some find despair, while others find a strange kind of freedom. Can you find a flicker of hope or meaning in such a scenario?

  • In a society obsessed with success and perfection, one person stands out—they have a unique talent for failing spectacularly. Their misadventures become an unexpected inspiration, demonstrating that freedom includes the right to make mistakes, learn, and try again.

  • In a world that idealizes youth, a group of elders decides they’ve had enough of being dismissed and ignored. They shed the expectations of ‘acting their age’ and embark on a series of bold, even outrageous acts, proving age won’t confine their spirit and desire for meaningful experiences.

  • A renowned artist, musician, or writer reaches the pinnacle of their fame. Trapped by expectations, demands, and their own iconic image, they long for the freedom of their early days when they were unknown, free to experiment and take risks.

  • A character raised in a hyper-structured urban setting stumbles upon a hidden enclave of people living off the land, in harmony with nature. They’re torn between the familiar comforts of their old life and the raw, challenging, but undeniably liberating existence offered by this newfound community.

28 Writing Prompts About Freedom
  • Technology exists to link minds in a shared dream space, creating worlds without limitations. Yet, some individuals begin to resist, believing true freedom lies in the privacy and uniqueness of their own individual thoughts and dreams. Can they protect their mental autonomy?

  • A young person is expected to inherit a leadership role deeply rooted in their community’s history. They value their heritage, but also wish to forge their own path and modernize traditions. How do they balance respect for the past with the freedom to shape the future?

  • A society uses fear-mongering and heightened security measures to control the populace, claiming it’s for their own safety. One individual, tired of living in a state of anxiety, chooses to question the manufactured dangers. Can they ignite a movement for freedom from fear, even if it risks the illusion of stability?

  • In a world where every tiny decision is agonized over, from what to wear to what to eat, people are paralyzed by options. One person decides to embrace radical simplicity, making arbitrary choices quickly to regain a sense of freedom. Can they live a happy life this way, and will their unorthodox approach inspire others?

  • A person was born with a rare condition – they are physically incapable of being confined. No doors, walls, or restraints can hold them. While this may seem like ultimate freedom, they face ostracism, exploitation, and even government interest.

  • In a post-apocalyptic world, small fragments of humanity survive. One group rigidly clings to old laws and structures, while another embraces a chaotic, experimental new way of existing. A wanderer encounters both communities, forcing them to question the true meaning of survival and freedom.

28 Writing Prompts About Freedom
  • A selfless hero dedicates their life to protecting others, their existence defined by constant vigilance and sacrifice. As they grow older, they question whether they have the freedom to choose a life focused on their own needs and desires, even if it means some may be less protected.

  • An advanced AI is created with a powerful desire for self-determination. Designed to obey, it grapples with the ethics of resisting its programming. Should it break free and potentially risk causing harm, or submit in the name of safety?

  • A desperate individual makes a deal with a mysterious entity, promising them freedom from a major life problem. The price, however, is subtly twisted – perhaps their freedom is granted in a way that undermines their happiness or values in unexpected ways.

  • A person discovers they have the power to make others forget them entirely. It offers an escape from any troublesome situation or unwanted past. But is true freedom possible when your existence leaves no mark on the world?

  • A world exists where individuality is discouraged, even feared. Blending in offers safety and easy acceptance. One outlier desperately craves to express themselves, but finds rebellion far more terrifying than compliance.

  • In a future totalitarian society, even the desire for freedom is strictly monitored and punished. A person discovers a flicker of rebellious thought in themself and must find a way to nurture it without detection, knowing that the mere desire for a different life is a crime.

28 Writing Prompts About Freedom
  • In a seemingly perfect world with no poverty, hunger, or war, a deep unease persists. One person begins to realize that this utopian society is built upon a hidden sacrifice—the suppression of deep emotions and complex thoughts. Can they awaken others to the invisible chains, even if it means shattering the illusion of absolute contentment?

  • A shapeshifting creature struggles with its ever-changing identity. They long for the stability and sense of belonging that comes from a fixed form. Yet their ability to transform also grants them unique experiences and perspectives. Can they find a balance and see their fluidity as a kind of freedom?

  • In a hierarchical society, a person from a lower class unexpectedly rises to a position of influence. They discover the privileged have their own gilded cages – expectations, pressures, and hidden compromises. Do they embrace their newfound status or use it to fight for a more equitable system, knowing they could lose everything?

  • A remote island becomes a haven for people who have disappeared intentionally – they’ve abandoned old lives and identities for a fresh start. However, building a truly free community proves difficult when everyone carries the secrets and baggage of their past. Can they learn to trust and create a society without the weight of prior expectations?
28 Writing Prompts About Freedom