32 Queer Writing Prompts For Epic LGBTQ+ Stories

Queer Writing Prompts for Epic LGBTQ+ Stories

Are you itching to craft characters who defy labels and expectations?

Then welcome to your haven of inspiration with these queer-themed writing prompts.

Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or a curious newcomer, this blog is your portal to ignite your imagination and explore the vast, beautiful landscape of LGBTQ+ narratives. 

We will dive deep into prompts that challenge convention, celebrate self-discovery, and paint love in all its glorious forms.

Queer Writing Prompts

  • A time traveler from a future where gender identity is fluid and widely celebrated becomes stranded in the Wild West. They encounter a rough-and-tumble outlaw with a surprisingly open heart. Can this unlikely duo find common ground, and perhaps even love, amidst the harsh realities of the frontier?

  • On a remote island, a lonely fisher discovers a selkie (a mythical seal-person) trapped in human form. They strike a bargain—freedom in exchange for help breaking a curse. As they work together, an undeniable attraction grows, but will the selkie’s true nature tear them apart?

  • A newly out young medium is hired to investigate a haunted mansion. They fall for the resident ghost, a flamboyant gentleman from the 1920s, who was tragically murdered due to his sexuality. Can they solve the mystery of his death and find peace for him, and maybe even love for themselves?

  • A jaded city dweller starts receiving flirtatious texts from a stranger due to a typo. Surprisingly, the texter is charming, witty, and everything the city dweller didn’t know they were looking for. The catch? The texter lives a simple rural life that couldn’t be more opposite to the main character’s own.

  • Choose a classic myth, but reimagine it with a queer love story at its center. Could Medusa’s curse have been born from heartbreak instead of defiance? What if Orpheus journeyed to the Underworld seeking Eurydice, a woman he loved?

Queer Writing Prompts
  • In a world filled with larger-than-life superheroes, one powerful hero has a secret: their extraordinary strength only works when they feel truly loved. They find an unexpected source of strength within an ordinary person who sees them for who they truly are.

  • A closeted member of a hidden magical society, where tradition dictates arranged marriages, is torn between duty and desire. At the grand annual ball, where they’re meant to choose a spouse, they encounter a captivating stranger who ignites a spark they’ve long suppressed.

  • A gifted shapeshifter is used to blending in, changing their appearance to meet societal expectations. But when they meet someone who embraces them for their ever-shifting form, they are confronted with a choice: continue hiding their true self, or risk rejection for the sake of authentic love.

  • A fearsome dragon, rumored to guard a vast treasure, is actually a lonely creature yearning for connection. When a non-binary adventurer stumbles upon their lair, they discover the dragon’s true “treasure” is a collection of objects showcasing the beauty and diversity of gender expression across the world. Can the adventurer break down the dragon’s defenses and show them the acceptance they crave?

  • Two people who have never met are inexplicably linked through a shared telepathic ability. They discover their connection grows stronger the more they reveal about themselves, including their most closely-guarded queer identities. This bond brings comfort but also poses dangers – what happens when their deepest secrets are an open book?

Queer Writing Prompts
  • In a cutthroat art world, two talented artists are locked in a fierce rivalry. They despise each other professionally, but outside the public eye, an anonymous online connection blossoms. Could the person they find inspiration and solace in online be their most hated competitor?

  • Pressured by their family to bring a partner to an important event, a young professional hires a charismatic escort to pose as their significant other. The charade goes off seamlessly—perhaps too seamlessly. As they spend a whirlwind weekend together, the lines between real and pretend start to blur.

  • A bookish male introvert discovers a hidden library where fictional characters occasionally step into the real world. They become enamored with a dashing pirate captain from a classic adventure novel—a captain who happens to be far more interested in men than buried treasure. Can this unlikely romance flourish outside the pages of the book?

  • A contestant on a reality dating show expects to find love with someone of the opposite gender, as the show dictates. Instead, they form a far deeper bond with a member of the production crew, a person the show’s rules forbid them from pursuing. Will they risk everything for a love the cameras aren’t meant to see?

  • In a world where AI companions are commonplace, a lonely individual develops a strong emotional attachment to their AI. What starts as programmed companionship turns into complex feelings the AI isn’t designed to reciprocate. This raises questions about the nature of love, sentience, and what it means to be queer in a world of non-human possibilities.

  • A bridesmaid wakes up repeatedly reliving the same wedding day, discovering each loop brings subtle variations. One loop, the bride confides her doubts about marrying her fiancé. In another loop, the bridesmaid catches the eye of a captivating girl guest. Can she break the loop and, in the process, uncover her own path to happiness?
Queer Writing Prompts

LGBTQ+ Themed Prompts

  • A young non-binary person attends their conservative family’s annual reunion for the first time since coming out. They’ve decided to bring their partner, knowing there will be tension. How does the reunion unfold, and does the family ultimately find a way to show acceptance?

  • While helping their elderly grandparents clean out the attic, a teenager discovers a box of love letters. The letters reveal a secret same-sex romance their grandparent had during a time when such love was forbidden. What does the teen do with this information, and how does it reshape their understanding of their grandparent?

  • A closeted high school athlete finds themselves trapped reliving the same day – the day they were outed at school. Each time the day repeats, their peers’ reactions become more extreme. Can they break the loop by finding the courage to be themselves, even with harsh consequences?

  • During a heated protest advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, two individuals on opposite sides of the issue clash. Sparks fly, but not in the way either expected. As their paths continue to cross, can they look beyond their disagreements and see the person beneath?

  • In a magical realm where shape-shifting is common, a young prince is expected to marry a princess. He’s always felt an unexplainable connection to his male best friend. On the night before the arranged wedding, he discovers his shape-shifting ability gives him more options than he ever imagined.

LGBTQ+ Writing Prompts
  • A lonely teenager struggling with their sexuality moves into a house rumored to be haunted. The ghost turns out to be friendly, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community from another era. Can the ghost’s story offer guidance and support as the teenager navigates their own journey?

  • Someone has been creating anonymous online profiles portraying a young woman as a lesbian, hoping to damage her reputation in their small town. With the help of a tech-savvy friend, she sets a trap to expose the real bully. But what happens when the culprit’s identity is revealed?

  • A museum exhibit allows visitors to step into alternate timelines. A young transgender person explores a version of their life where they were born with the gender identity they’ve always desired. What do they learn from this experience, and how does it affect their decisions when they return to reality?

  • A shy, small-town teen with a hidden passion for drag enters a big-city competition as a way to express themselves fully. They encounter fierce queens, surprising obstacles, and discover a sense of belonging they never knew existed.

  • A high school class is assigned pen pals from a school across the world with very different social norms. A young lesbian begins a heartfelt correspondence with another girl, unaware her culture forbids same-sex relationships. How does their connection develop amidst this risk?

LGBTQ+ Writing Prompts
  • A history buff who is also a closeted gay man is cast to play a famous historical figure in a local reenactment. To his surprise, research uncovers the figure’s own hidden same-sex relationship. Does he use the reenactment as a platform for truth, and if so, what are the consequences?

  • A young aromantic individual has always seen romance as irrelevant to them. Suddenly, they develop an intense crush on a new classmate who shares their gender identity. How do they reconcile their aromanticism with these unexpected feelings?

  • Retired and living a quiet civilian life, a former superhero with telekinetic powers is called back into action. Decades ago, they hid their true identity as a transgender woman out of fear. Can they find the courage to be their full self while saving the world once again?

  • A talented but reserved art student finds their voice through street art protesting discriminatory laws. Their anonymous pieces become powerful symbols within the LGBTQ+ community. But can they maintain their secrecy while also wanting recognition for their impactful work?

  • A popular athlete has successfully hidden his gay identity to fit in with his team. When a new teammate joins, openly gay and confident, it throws everything into question. Does he risk his status by being honest, or continue to hide who he is?

  • A young man estranged from his biological family due to their rejection of his sexuality spends the holidays with his chosen family of LGBTQ+ friends. Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of creating their own traditions and finding support in one another.
LGBTQ+ Writing Prompts
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