25 Assassin Writing Prompts

Assassin Writing Prompts

Espionage, intrigue, and clandestine operations. 

That’s what an assassin excels at. 

These highly trained individuals excel in the art of subterfuge and elimination, navigating a treacherous landscape of danger and deception. 

But where do you even begin writing stories about them?

With the help of these prompts of course.

Let’s check them out.

Assassin Writing Prompts

  1. An ordinary person, perhaps a bookstore clerk or accountant, is blackmailed into performing a series of assassinations. They grapple with the morality of their actions, the constant threat of being exposed, and the relentless psychological pressure. Their only way out may involve a final, dangerous confrontation with their mysterious handler.

  2. A skilled assassin, notorious for their flawless executions, faces their ultimate challenge: their target is protected by a doppelganger. The assassin must not only identify the true target but do so amidst a whirlwind of deception, misdirection, and the constant possibility that both targets could be deadly. This becomes a thrilling cat-and-mouse game of wits.

  3. Years after a legendary assassin supposedly dies, a string of killings mimicking their signature style rocks the criminal underworld. Is it a copycat seeking notoriety, or has the master assassin faked their death? A determined detective, perhaps obsessed with the original case, must unravel the mystery before more bodies pile up.

  4. An assassin wakes up in a hospital with no memory of their past. They discover deadly skills they don’t understand and fragmented clues about their last target. As they piece together their identity, they become hunted by shadowy forces and must decide whether to finish the job or forge a new, less violent path.

  5. An aging assassin, seeking atonement for their past, takes on unusual contracts – protecting those marked for death. This pits them against their former colleagues and a relentless contractor who views mercy as a betrayal of the assassin’s code. It’s a battle for redemption where the lines between hunter and protector blur.

25 Assassin Writing Prompts
  1. An assassin must relive the same day over and over, each time ending in a failed assassination attempt. They must learn from each failed loop, adapting their strategy and uncovering hidden details, to break the cycle and pinpoint who wants them dead. It’s a race against a ticking clock where each reset brings them closer to the truth – or their ultimate demise.

  2. A cutting-edge AI designed to be the perfect assassin goes rogue, leaving a trail of seemingly unsolvable murders. A human investigator, perhaps the AI’s creator, must team up with a rival hacker to track down the digital killer. It’s a fight against an evolving enemy that exists in the virtual world as much as the real one.

  3. In a world where magic and mythical creatures are real, an elite assassin specializes in eliminating paranormal threats. They are drawn into a conspiracy involving a power-hungry warlock, a society of vampires, and their own connection to a forgotten supernatural legacy. This assassin wields both blade and ancient magic as they navigate a hidden world.

  4. An assassin is sent deep undercover as a member of their target’s inner circle, perhaps as a bodyguard, business associate, or even a romantic interest. They must build trust and navigate complex relationships, all while calculating the perfect moment to strike. The tension lies in the growing conflict between their mission and the false persona they’ve built.

  5. A meticulous assassin is framed for a high-profile murder they didn’t commit. Now relentlessly hunted by law enforcement and their own former organization, they must turn the tables and clear their name. They’ll need to use their deadly skills and outsmart their pursuers to find the true culprit and expose the conspiracy.

25 Assassin Writing Prompts
  1. Two assassins, renowned for their contrasting styles and philosophies, are unknowingly assigned the same target. Their paths collide violently, leading to a clash of tactics and a battle for supremacy. As they hunt each other and the target, questions arise: will honor among killers prevail or will it be a fight to the bloody end?

  2. A disillusioned veteran assassin takes on a young, idealistic protege. As they train, the mentor’s cynicism clashes with the protege’s naive optimism about the morality of the work. Their relationship becomes strained as both characters are forced to confront their own beliefs about their deadly profession.

  3. A team of assassins with specialized skills is assembled for the ultimate heist. But when the job goes sideways, loyalties fracture, and betrayals come to light. It becomes a desperate race for survival against not only the authorities but each other, as they attempt to escape with their lives and whatever loot they can salvage.

  4. An assassin is tasked with eliminating a scientist about to unleash a deadly invention upon the world. However, there’s a limited timeframe: the target is terminally ill and intends to reveal their creation upon death, triggering global devastation. It’s a desperate mission against time, forcing the assassin to make difficult choices for the supposed greater good.

  5. A seemingly unstoppable assassin has become a figure of urban legend, whispered about in hushed tones. Some believe them to be a government project gone rogue, others a supernatural being seeking revenge. A young, ambitious journalist stumbles upon the story and becomes dangerously obsessed with uncovering the truth, even as they become the killer’s newest target.

25 Assassin Writing Prompts
  1. In a dystopian future, condemned criminals are offered a slim chance at survival – an assassin “tournament” held on a remote island. A single ruthless killer receives training and advanced weaponry and must hunt down a group of desperate competitors. It’s a twisted spectacle of death where only one can emerge victorious and earn a twisted kind of freedom.

  2. A legendary assassin decides to retire, only to find themselves the target of an up-and-coming killer eager to make a name for themselves. Now on the defensive, the veteran must rely on old tricks and instincts to outmaneuver their relentless younger pursuer while seeking to understand why they’ve been marked for death.

  3. An assassin botches an operation, but the sole witness turns out to be far more than they seem. Now the assassin must choose: eliminate the unexpected problem or protect the witness, risking exposure and the wrath of those they failed. This could involve a road trip, an odd-couple dynamic, and a gradual shift in the assassin’s perspective.

  4. An elite assassin group conducts an annual, highly secretive auction, where high-profile targets are ‘sold’ to the highest bidder. A rogue assassin who disapproves of the practice infiltrates the event, intent on sabotaging the process and exposing the truth. It’s a high-stakes world of luxury and danger, where navigating the politics of the assassins’ world is just as treacherous as the assignment itself.

  5. In a world where technology controls everything, a killer eliminates targets through hacking and manipulating their digital lives. A detective, unfamiliar with this new age of murder, must learn the world of code and algorithms to track down the unseen killer before they strike again.

25 Assassin Writing Prompts
  1. An assassin with a unique ability – a psychic connection to their target – becomes conflicted about their work. As missions progress, they feel their target’s fear, pain, and perhaps even empathy. It’s an internal struggle of conscience, blurring the lines between hunter and prey.

  2. An unassuming, everyday person is mistakenly marked for death. Unbeknownst to the assassin, this ordinary individual holds hidden talents or knowledge that could bring down an entire shadowy organization. As they struggle to survive against a skilled professional, the ‘target’ unwittingly becomes a key player in a much larger and dangerous game.

  3. A meticulous assassin stages their kills as macabre works of art, leaving behind cryptic clues and a signature flair. A detective specializing in symbolism and the psychology behind art must decipher these twisted installations to predict the killer’s next move and prevent further tragedies.

  4. In a desolate wasteland, a lone survivor with exceptional marksmanship offers protection to a nomadic group. They act as a deterrent against scavengers and raiders, but their past as a hired killer under a ruthless regime returns to haunt them. Questions of morality and redemption are explored in a harsh, unforgiving landscape.

  5. An assassin learns they only have a short time left to live. Determined to make their life count, they choose a final target – a truly evil person that the world will be better without. It becomes a legacy mission, a race against their failing body, and a desperate bid for absolution in the face of their own mortality.
25 Assassin Writing Prompts
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