30 Best Friends Writing Prompts and Story Ideas

Best Friends Writing Prompts

Ever stare at that blinking cursor, willing for a story about true friendship to come into existence?

Been there, done that (a million times).

The truth is, even the most magical friendships need a little spark to get the words flowing.

That’s where these prompts come in!

Consider them your personal writing sidekicks, ready to help you craft a tale about the laughter, the tears, and the unshakeable bond between best friends.

So, grab your favorite pen (or fire up your laptop), and let’s dive in!

Story Ideas

  1. The Scavenger Hunt: You find a mysterious note tucked inside your locker—just your name and a cryptic clue. It’s clearly from your best friend, known for their elaborate surprises. This is the start of a scavenger hunt through places filled with shared memories, leading you to an incredible secret or a long-awaited prize.

  2. Trapped!: During a weekend camping trip with your best friend, a freak storm destroys your tent and leaves you stranded miles from civilization. It’s you and your best friend against the elements, working together with ingenuity and courage to find a way back home. Will your friendship be able to endure the pressure and stress?

  3. The Shared Dream: You and your best friend have always shared an uncanny connection. One night, you both have the same vivid dream—a world that seems both fantastical and strangely real. Is it just a coincidence, or is there a deeper meaning, a hidden message you’re meant to decode together?

  4. The Rival: A new student transfers into your school and instantly becomes the center of attention. Your usually laid-back best friend is suddenly obsessed with outdoing this newcomer at everything. This competitive streak threatens to break the bond you share. Can you help your friend before their rivalry destroys everything?

  5. The Road Trip: With just backpacks and a vague destination, you and your best friend embark on the spontaneous road trip you’ve dreamed about since childhood. Quirky roadside stops, unexpected encounters, and the freedom of the open road test your friendship and lead to surprising self-discoveries.

  6. The Time Capsule: When you were children, you and your best friend buried a time capsule packed with mementos and promises for the future. Years later, it’s time to dig it up. As you rediscover the treasures from your past, you can’t help but compare those childhood ambitions to where your lives are now.

  7. The Switch: An urban legend in your town claims two people can switch bodies if they touch a strange stone at midnight. You and your best friend, always up for a bit of mischief, decide to test the myth. Imagine the chaos when you actually wake up in each other’s lives the next morning!

Best Friends Story Ideas
  1. The Secret Society: While exploring an abandoned house, you and your best friend stumble upon a hidden room. Old papers inside hint at a forgotten secret society with ties to your town. Intrigued and a little uneasy, you embark on a mission to uncover its history, discovering hidden truths along the way.

  2. The Pen Pal Mystery: One day, a letter arrives addressed to your best friend. There’s no return address, just beautifully written words describing a life achingly similar to their own. It’s the start of a correspondence that feels deeply personal, but the mystery of this pen pal’s identity gnaws at you both. Could it be someone closer than you think?

  3. The Talent Swap Challenge: You and your bestie are polar opposites; one is creative, the other organized. Bored one afternoon, you challenge each other to create something in the other’s preferred style. This simple dare leads to hilarious trial-and-error and, perhaps, a realization that there’s hidden potential in areas you’ve never explored.

  4. The “What-If” Experiment: What if we’d chosen that other path? This is the question that sparks a day of alternative choices for you and your best friend. You dress as you never would, order food you dislike, and maybe even act a little bolder than normal. This experiment might make you realize your comfort zones are holding you back or bring a much-needed breath of fresh air.

  5. Guardians of the Keepsake: An elderly relative with a touch of eccentricity entrusts you and your best friend with a small, insignificant-looking object. They swear it’s vital that this item is protected… but from what? The responsibility creates a sense of shared purpose, and maybe there’s even a hidden adventure tied to this strange keepsake.

  6. The Double Date Disaster: You and your best friend are set up on a blind double date. It’s a catastrophe from the first awkward introductions. Stuck in this cringe-worthy situation, your friendship and humor are put to the test. Could this night of disaster become the source of your funniest inside jokes ever?

  7. The Fandom Feud: When your favorite band/book series/sports team is the subject of debate, arguments tend to erupt between you and your best friend. A playful rivalry is fine, but what if an online troll warps your enjoyment? It becomes a test of putting your friendship before a fleeting fandom obsession.

  8. The Kindness Project: Tired of negativity in the world, you and your best friend decide to commit a summer to spreading goodwill. You begin with small anonymous acts, leaving encouraging notes in books or paying for someone’s coffee. But as the project grows, you learn an important lesson: kindness can ignite a chain reaction and change your community in unexpected ways.
Best Friends Story Ideas

Writing Prompts

  1. The Laughter Files: Think of the funniest, most side-splitting moment you shared with your best friend. Describe what happened in vivid detail. Why does that memory still make you smile or even laugh out loud?

  2. The Soundtrack of Our Friendship: If you had to create a playlist of songs that remind you of your best friend, which ones would be on it? Explain why those songs capture the essence of your friendship. Perhaps there’s even a song you both consider “your song”.

  3. If We Were Superheroes: Imagine you and your best friend are a superhero duo. What would your superpowers be? How would your powers complement each other, and what kind of awesome adventures would you have?

  4. My Friend, My Mirror: True friends help us see ourselves more clearly. What’s one important thing you’ve learned about yourself through your best friend? Has your best friend helped change you for the better in some way?

  5. When I Need You Most: Everyone goes through rough patches. Recall a particularly difficult time in your life, and how your best friend helped you through it. What did they do or say that had the biggest impact?

  6. A Letter of Gratitude: Imagine you’re writing a heartfelt letter to your best friend expressing everything you appreciate about them. What qualities do they possess that make them an exceptional friend? Let them know how positively they affect your life.

  7. Future Adventures: If you could go on any crazy, once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your best friend, what would it be? Where would you go, and what amazing things would you do together? Let your imagination run wild!

Best Friends Writing Prompts
  1. Friendship Goals: Think about the kind of friend you strive to be. How can you be an even better friend to your bestie? Describe a few specific ways you want to support, encourage, and love your best friend.

  2. The Time Capsule: If you and your best friend created a time capsule to open 10 years from now, what would you put in it? Think about objects, photos, or notes that represent your friendship today and the hopes you have for the future.

  3. Words of Wisdom: What’s the best piece of advice your best friend has ever given you? How did this advice help you or change your perspective?

  4. The Compliment Challenge: Write down as many wonderful things about your best friend as you can. Don’t hold back! Focus on their personality, talents, and everything else that makes them amazing.

  5. The Dream Team: If you and your best friend could start any project together (a business, a creative project, a volunteer initiative, etc.), what would it be? Describe your idea and why you’d be a fantastic team.

  6. Through the Years: Write a timeline of your friendship with your bestie. Mark important milestones, funny moments, and the times that cemented your bond.

  7. The “What If” Game: Ask some silly and thought-provoking “what if” questions related to your friendship. For example: What if you were both characters in a book? What if you had to switch places for a day? What if you could travel through time together?”

  8. Paying it Forward: How did you meet your best friend? Think about the kindness, openness, or shared interest that led to your friendship. How can you pass on that same type of welcoming energy to help someone new feel connected?
Best Friends Writing Prompts
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