40 Journalism Story Ideas To Create News Articles

Journalism Story Ideas to Create News Articles

Ever stared at that blinking cursor, while shifting your focus to write a brilliant news story?

We’ve all been there.

This post is your arsenal of awesome ideas, guaranteed to spark your journalistic fire.

From uncovering hidden gems in your community to diving into the coolest tech trends, we’ve got a story for every interest. 

So grab your notebook, unleash your inner Nancy Drew, and let’s craft some killer content!

Journalism Story Ideas

  1. The “Secret” Lives of Service Animals: Most people understand the crucial role service animals play for those with disabilities. But there’s a whole world of training, personality, and downtime for these dedicated companions. Explore the off-duty lives of service animals—what do they do for fun, how do they relax, and what unique bonds do they form with their owners?

  2. The Rise (and Fall?) of the Gig Economy: More and more, people are ditching traditional 9-to-5 jobs to become freelancers or work for app-based services. Investigate this trend – what are the advantages and disadvantages for workers in the gig economy? Are established labor protections keeping up with these changes?

  3. The Hidden History in Your Neighborhood: Historic buildings get all the attention, but every neighborhood has a story. Investigate the hidden history right on your streets – perhaps there’s a forgotten landmark, a local legend, or the story of a long-time resident who witnessed decades of change.

  4. Tech for Good: Unexpected Innovations: We hear about tech changing everything, but it’s not always about the latest gadget. Profile innovative people using technology in unexpected ways to tackle social problems. Examples might include an app that combats food waste or a social media platform helping isolated seniors connect.

  5. The Psychology of Collecting: People collect all sorts of things, from the typical to the incredibly niche. Go beyond the quirky angle and dive into the underlying psychology: why do we collect, what satisfaction does it provide, and when does collecting cross a line into unhealthy behavior?

  6. “Boomtowns” on the Rise: Certain smaller cities are experiencing rapid growth due to remote work, company relocations, or changing demographics. Explore the impact on one of these “boomtowns” – how is it impacting infrastructure, housing availability, and community dynamics?

  7. Food Trends: Beyond the Fad: From the cronut to unicorn lattes, food fads flare and disappear. Track down a past trend to understand what drove its popularity, and why it faded. Could there be a comeback, or is it destined to be a nostalgic joke?

  8. Reinventing the High School Experience: Rising mental health concerns and evolving career paths are causing communities to question the traditional high school setup. Investigate schools experimenting with alternative models like competency-based learning, later start times, or greater emphasis on apprenticeships and trade skills.

40 Journalism Story Ideas To Create News Articles
  1. The Language of the Internet: Slangs, emojis, and memes shape how we communicate online. Explore the evolution of internet language – is it enriching our communication, harming it, or simply a reflection of how language always changes? Interview linguists and social media experts, and create a light-hearted glossary of the current internet lingo.

  2. Second Acts in Life: The idea of a single career path is becoming outdated. Profile people who’ve made dramatic career shifts in mid-life, perhaps out of necessity or rediscovered passion. What challenges do they face, and what advice might they have for others considering a change?

  3. The Tiny House Movement: Philosophy or Fad?: Tiny homes capture the imagination, but are they a viable solution to housing issues or an unsustainable trend? Investigate the pros and cons from a practical and environmental angle. Profile people choose tiny homes for various reasons – affordability, minimalism, or a nomadic lifestyle.

  4. “Quiet Quitting” – Workplace Trend or Media Hype?: This buzzword describes employees doing the bare minimum, disengaged from their work. Go beyond the headlines – is this a widespread phenomenon, or overblown? Talk to managers and employment experts to understand the potential causes and impacts.

  5. The Power of Public Art: Murals, sculptures, and interactive installations can revitalize communities. Investigate the impact of public art in your city or region. How is it funded, who are the artists, and how do residents interact with these works?

  6. The Loneliness Epidemic: Social isolation is a growing problem, particularly among young adults and seniors. Profile programs are combating this issue in innovative ways. Look for examples of intergenerational connections, online communities, or initiatives to make public spaces more welcoming.

  7. Rewilding Our Spaces: From rooftop gardens to pollinator-friendly lawns, people are finding ways to bring nature back into urban life. Explore the benefits – environmental and psychological – of this “rewilding” movement. Highlight successful projects and how homeowners can get involved.

  8. The Future of Workspaces: Remote work has upended the traditional office. Investigate how companies are rethinking workspaces, from hybrid models to co-working hubs. What do these changes mean for productivity, company culture, and the future of cities?

Journalism Story Idea
  1. The Nostalgia Boom: From retro video games to vintage fashion, there’s a hunger for the past. Investigate the psychology behind this trend. Is it escapism, a search for comfort, or something else? Profile businesses catering to nostalgia and explore why these throwbacks resonate so strongly.

  2. Climate Change Close to Home: Global warming feels abstract, but it’s altering local landscapes. Focus on a specific impact in your region – perhaps it’s changing wildlife migration patterns, coastal erosion, or shifts in agricultural production. Interview experts and locals to make the story tangible.

  3. Accessibility Beyond Compliance: Many public spaces meet basic accessibility standards, but true inclusion means going further. Investigate businesses, events, or communities that are models of accessibility in innovative ways. Highlight their practices and the positive impact they have.

  4. Lost Skills and the Resurgence of Craft: As technology advances, traditional skills fade. Profile people keeping these crafts alive – blacksmithing, weaving, boatbuilding, etc. Explore their motivations, the challenges they face, and if they foresee a revival of interest.

  5. When Algorithms Decide: From loan approvals to job recommendations, algorithms influence our lives. Investigate how algorithms are used in a specific sector (healthcare, criminal justice, etc.). Uncover potential biases and explore the debate over how much we should rely on these automated systems.

  6. The Soundscape of Your City: We’re bombarded with visual stimuli, but what about the ‘soundtrack’ of a city? Do an in-depth exploration of the sounds that define your region. Record ambient street noise, interview a sound engineer about how soundscapes affect us, or profile groups working to mitigate noise pollution.

  7. The Mental Health of Athletes: The spotlight is increasingly on the mental struggles faced by athletes. Investigate the unique pressures high-performance athletes face and how they navigate mental well-being. Look at the resources available to them and what more needs to be done.

  8. The Rise of the Citizen Scientist: Amateur enthusiasts are making valuable contributions to scientific research. Profile local citizen scientists involved in projects like bird monitoring, water quality testing, or astronomy. How does their data help professional researchers, and what motivates their involvement?
Journalism Story Idea

Local News Story Ideas

  1. Hidden Costs of Development: New construction promises progress, but what are the hidden costs in your community? Look beyond just economic impact: investigate if development displaces long-time residents, strains infrastructure, or harms green spaces.

  2. “Food Deserts” and Access to Fresh Food: Many neighborhoods lack easy access to affordable, healthy food. Map out the “food deserts” in your area, profile people affected, and explore innovative solutions like urban farming or mobile markets.

  3. Small Businesses, Big Impact: Local businesses are the backbone of the community. Spotlight a long-established small business – its history, its role in the neighborhood, and what challenges current owners face.

  4. Unsung Heroes of Your City: Go beyond politicians and well-known figures. Profile a crossing guard beloved by generations of children, a tireless volunteer keeping a community program running, or a local librarian with a profound impact.

  5. Transportation Woes (and Solutions): Traffic congestion, unsafe bike routes, limited public transit – most places have transportation issues. Do an in-depth series examining a specific problem, interviewing commuters, and exploring solutions implemented in similar communities.

  6. Your Town’s “Quirky Claim to Fame”: Every place seems to have one – the giant fiberglass mascot, the oddball festival, a unique historical tidbit. Do a lighthearted story on your town’s unusual claim to fame, exploring its origins and how locals feel about it.

  7. Schools Beyond Academics: Schools are a hub of community life. Investigate a unique program at a local school – perhaps an award-winning music program, a student-run garden, or an innovative approach to supporting diverse learners.

  8. Debates Over Public Spaces: Controversy often surrounds how to use parks, squares, or old buildings. Is your city debating a new mural, a plan to redevelop a park, or the fate of a historic site? Examine the differing perspectives and what’s at stake for the community.

Local News Story Ideas
  1. The Battle Against Invasive Species: From destructive insects to plants choking out native ecosystems, communities often grapple with invasive species. Investigate a specific threat in your area: are efforts underway to control it, what impact is it having, and how can residents help?

  2. “Before and After” – The Changing Face of Your Town: Find old photos of local landmarks and recreate the shot, showing transformation over time. This could be a series, sparking conversations about progress and what’s been lost.

  3. The “Brain Drain” Debate: Are young people leaving your town for better opportunities? Investigate the reasons behind this trend (if it exists), what local businesses are doing to attract talent, and whether there are efforts to entice people back.

  4. Local Legends and Urban Myths: Every place has its tales. Explore the truth behind a local ghost story, a rumored buried treasure, or an odd landmark with a mysterious history.

  5. Generational Divides (and Bridges): Do tensions exist between different generations in your town? Perhaps it’s about development, changing social norms, or the use of technology. Seek out individuals and projects actively fostering understanding across generations.

  6. The Fight for Affordable Housing: A common problem, but local solutions are key. Investigate the housing crisis in your area: who’s most affected, what innovative programs are being tried, and where the biggest obstacles lie.

  7. Wildlife in the City: Urban areas are surprisingly full of wildlife, from coyotes to rooftop beekeepers. Explore the coexistence of humans and wild creatures – are there conflicts, successful adaptation stories, or citizen science initiatives tracking urban animals?

  8. The Rise of the “Side Hustle”: Many people are supplementing their income with side gigs. Profile local entrepreneurs with creative side hustles – from vintage clothing resellers to those offering unusual services in their free time.
Local News Story Ideas
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